Monday, June 11, 2012

True Blood Season Five, Episode One: Turn! Turn! Turn!

I am not going to do a recap this week because so much happened that I really need to talk about.  I love True Blood dearly, but it continues to fail, and in some cases fail huge.

When we last saw Jason,  Steve Newlin had shown up at his door as a vampire.  Steve glamored Jason tied him up and said that the reason he has been all murderous, is because he was jealous that Jason slept with his wife. Apparently, becoming an immortal gave Steve the freedom to admit that he is a gay American.  He then doubled down on this revelation by admitting to be deeply in love with Jason.  To his credit (a phrase I don't normally associate with Jason) Jason said that he was flattered and said that he isn't gay.  This was not what Newlin wanted to hear and he immediately became angry.  If Jessica had not shown up declaring Jason hers and reminding Newlin that she is the older vampire.

I loved seeing Jessica come blasting in and rescuing Jason.  It really shows how much she has evolved since becoming vampire and gaining her freedom from her restrictive family.  My excitement over seeing Jessica be powerful could not overshadow my disgust at what they did with Newlin's character.  He decided to hate on vampires and become a fundamentalist preacher because he was a closeted gay man?  Really?  I would say that I am shocked that they literally turned him to the predatory gay male, but this is after all True Blood we're talking about.  Despite the whining and complaining, True Blood isn't nearly as GLBT positive as some believe

The next night, Jason showed up at Bill's were Jessica was having a party.  It seems to me that he only showed up there because he was rejected by Hoyt and his friends.  I love that Jessica told him that nothing had changed.  When Jessica was paying attention to another man, Jason tried to get in the middle but she was not distracted.  Seeing that he wasn't going to get anywhere, he took off with one of the co-eds.  Jessica was clearly surprised but didn't go after him.  I really hope that they don't put Jessica in a serious relationship with Jason.  For his part, Jason decided to take the co-ed home rather than sleep with her because he is suddenly trying to be a good guy. 

When we saw Sam, he was surrounded by werewolves who wanted to know what happened to Marcus.  He stripped out of his clothes and flew away to Luna's to warn her.  She recommended that he tell the pack about Alcide but Sam suddenly found his nobility and remembered that Alcide tried to keep his brother Tommy alive and saved his life.  Was this a sudden flip of the switch?  Last year he was dealing with rage issues but all of a sudden he is noble again?

So at the end of last season, 2/3 of the GLBT and cast of colour for that matter were dead.  Pam showed up and Lafayette begged her to turn Tara, which Sookie at first resisted.  In the end, she backed up Lafayette and Pam turned Tara.  There was much suspense about whether or not the change worked. I don't think that Tara's character has ever had much respect from the fan base and I believe that this has everything to do with the fact that Tara is a Black woman. It's bad enough that we lost Jesus, but as much as I love True Blood, if they had gotten rid of Tara permanently, we might have had a parting of ways. I was not at all pleased with the flashback, in which even as children, we learned that Tara was always looking out for Sookie.  Her entire life has been spent devoting herself to Sookie, who has to go down in media as one of the worst friends ever.  I do have to add that seeing Pam in that God awful yellow Walmart track suit gave me tons of giggles.  No one should have to appear in something that ugly publicly.

Sookie can't possibly be in jeopardy and at the news that Russel Edginton has broken out of the cement, Alcide of course had to rush to her protection. Is there any man in Bon Temps who is not obsessed with this woman?  When Alcide becomes insistent, Sookie begins to tell him that she killed Debbie Pelt, but before she can get it out, Lafayette comes rushing down the stairs and actually gets in Jesus' face. I did not see that coming.  He makes it clear that they don't want anything to do with the supernatural anymore. Poking a werewolf is not a smart action but once again, someone steps up to the plate to save poor ol Sookie from herself.   

It seems now that Bill and Eric have both been rejected by Sookie that they are suddenly buddies. It will be interesting to see how long this keeps up.  I do want to throw in that it didn't take Eric long to hop right back in the saddle. 

For me the line of the night has to be tie between Lafayette and Pam.

What were your thoughts on this episode.?

I am going to give this episode  4 fangs but I am sure that the long withdrawal has something to do with this decision.