Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season One, Episode Eight: I Can Give You Frigg

Anders has a brand new plan to find Frigg. Instead of having Axel sleep with anyone who seems pretty enough to be a Goddess, he has placed an advertisement in the paper claiming to be looking for the descendants of the ship that the Gods and Goddesses came to New Zealand on, because he has found a treasure chest. The Goddesses realize quite quickly that this is Anders' work.  

Michele and Anders meet in the woods to taunt each other about how close each side is to find the Frigg.  Michele believes that when they have found the Frigg that they have won, but Anders points out that unless they plan on locking her in a closet for the rest of her life, they have actually won nothing.  Michele replies that all they have to do is to keep her from the Gods and Anders tells her that this plan is "lame," because Michele has no idea how to accomplish this, because she is not in charge. He goes on to say that if they find the Frigg and they kill her that she will still be a minor Goddess, with limited power and an overworked baby doctor. Anders suggests that if they find her that minor will become major. He promises that if Odin meets Frigg that he would share the love with anyone who helped him and he asks her to think about it.

Mike is called to the hospital by Valarie because Rob is missing.  Mike is shocked, but Valarie says that he is recovering quickly and has even learned to walk again already. Mike uses his power to find Rob at a bar having a beer.  Umm yeah, where did he get the money and the clothing? Mike has a flashback to the day that Rob got hurt. Rob is overwhelmed with all of the changes like large televisions and cell phones.  

Back at the house, Valarie recommends that Rob be allowed to move into Axel's old room. She is going to put a hold on her IVF treatments until the summer, so that she can help Rob with his rehabilitation. When Mike brings up Olaf, Valarie says that he can sleep anywhere.   Clearly, this is something that Mike does not want to do, but when Valarie says that they have so much and Rob has nothing, he gives his consent. 

Olaf is not pleased with getting the boot and says that he cannot stay with Anders because there is only so much of him that he can take and Axl is quick to point out that they don't have a spare room. When Rob arrives, he tells Mike that it was good of him to agree to letting him stay, but Valarie says "nonsense, it was the least we can do.

At Anders', Olaf is going through the responses to Anders advertisement. Ingrid calls Olaf to say that she has to cancel their surfing plans because she cannot get away. Apparently, they are both chained to the computer.  The conversation is halted quickly when Agnetha enters the room.  It turns out that the goddesses are the ones responsible for all of the responses that Anders has been receiving. They are purposefully sending the Gods on a wild goose chase. Ingrid says that she feels like they are tampering with fate and that something this big will be.  Ingrid believes that if you push fate that it will push you back, but Agnetha simply rolls her eyes.

Stacey walks into a butcher and sees Eva for the first time and is so overwhelmed, she instantly runs out of the store.  On the window is a flier for a concert that Eva is going to perform that night. Stacy calls Michele, who gives her something for the nausea.  When Michele asks how Stacy knows that they have found the Frigg, Stacy responds that she has only experienced this feeling once before - the first time she met Agnetha. When Stacy suggests telling Agnetha about their discovery, Michele responds that it should just be the two of them, because Agnetha will be a bitch to them if they are wrong.

When Mike gets home, Valarie tells him that Anders is meeting with Rob because apparently, Rob has been getting a lot of interest from media people. Anders believes he can get him tv coverage, magazine stories and maybe even a book. Mike reminds Valarie that she is talking about Anders, but Valarie says though she is not wild about him, if it helps Rob that it's a good thing. When Anders and Rob leave the bedroom, Valarie suggests hauling out the old photographs and Anders says he has to go.  Rob follows him to the car believing that he is up to something.  Anders says that he is all about family, even when his family does not appreciate him. 

That night at the bar, Stacey and Michele bicker. Stacey is upset that Michele never asks her anything about herself, and Michele reminds her that she is just a handmaiden. When Eva walks on stage, Michele is instantly struck by her presence and spills her wine on the floor.

Rob and Mike sit down and Rob starts asking things like when the bought the house, and when he and Valarie got married.  Valarie puts in a dvd of their engagement party.  As they sit on the couch together and hold hands, Mike is clearly not impressed. Mike leaves claiming to have things to do, but they barely notice that he is gone.

Ingrid sneaks Olaf into Agnetha's office. He thanks her for diner and when Ingrid comments about how much he eats Olaf replies, "that's because I am Baldr and I have to be reborn everyday." Finally, we have an explanation as to why Olaf seems to be constantly stuffing food in his mouth. We learn that Ingrid was hospitalized at one time and has a son, though she hasn't seen him in ten years. Apparently, when she finally did admit to hearing voices, that only confirmed the doctor's diagnosis.  She still blames her husband for having been institutionalized. When Olaf lights a match for his spliff, he accidentally drops it and all of Ingrid's research goes up in smoke, with the exception of a page on Colin Gunderson.  Immediately, Olaf and Ingrid realize that they have been given a sign.

At the bar, Eva's music is decidedly emo. They pull her aside and she says that when she turned 21 her life changed over night and she started having dark thoughts. Eva says that her mother is dead and that she and her father don't speak. Eva says that she feels a force between herself, Michele and Stacey. Eva asks "are you like dykes or something?"  Okay, pause, "dyke" is a slur and her protestation that it doesn't bother her if they are, does nothing to reduce the harm of her language. Eva is also quick to say that she is straight. It's amazing how much homophobia they managed to squeeze into a short conversation.

When Mike returns, Valarie is in bed crying. He asks how her walk down memory lanes was and she says, "pretty emotional but good."  Valarie tells him that the newspaper people called and want to do a story about Rob coming home and she believes it would be good for him, as long as he has the right support. Mike is not pleased that Valarie is going to put off her IVF treatment to go on a publicity tour, but she counters saying that it is to help Rob. She reminds him that he does things all of the time without telling her and says that she needs a break and storms out crying.

In the park the next day, Stacey and Michele talk about Eva. Stacey is convinced that Eva is Frigg, but Michele is uncertain.  Stacey replies that she would love to serve her and wouldn't want to do that if Eva wasn't Frigg.  Michele responds, "because you fancy her and like her gloomy music."  Michele says that Eva won't be around for her to serve, because the point of find the Frigg is keeping her away from Odin.  Stacey is shocked and asks if Agnetha would hurt Eva and Stacey responds, "no, she would get you to do it." Stacey begs Michele not to tell Agnetha, and Michele responds,"I won't if you won't."  It seems to me that Michele is up to something. 

Back at the office, Ingrid tells Agnetha about the fire and shows her the surviving info with Colin's name on it. Ingrid goes on to say that Colin has a daughter and that Stacey and Michele went to check her out.  Ingrid then admits that she was not the only one who saw the sign.  When all of the goddesses are back at the office, Agentha says that she is not happy with goddesses fraternizing with the enemy.  Ingrid tries to defend Olaf and Agentha reminds her that when they met, things were not going well for her.  The goddesses revolt saying that Agentha is controlling and not any better than the Gods that they are fighting against.  They leave with their bags packed. 

Mike is working in his garage when Anders confronts him about his displeasure regarding the road trip. He believes that Mike is jealous because Rob and Valarie are acting like they used to.  Anders suggests that Mike go with them if he so jealous. When Mike asks why he is so happy, Anders says that he is happy because he finally has a chance to get Valarie off his plate.  Mike counters saying that he loves Valarie, but Anders answers that "it was never love, it was guilt."  Apparently, Andes slept with Valarie years ago to keep them them from coming together and instead it brought Mike and Valarie together. Okay, yet another break, if Anders used his powers to gain Valarie's consent which he clearly did because she says she doesn't know why she did it, then this amounts to rape.  The All Mighty Johnsons likes to pretend that Anders powers are just harmless persuasion but if he uses them to coerce a sexual situation, then it is rape. Anders believes that Rob and Valarie finally get together that Mike can give up on all his pain and guilt, and finally be the God that he was meant to be.

Ingrid goes into the butcher to see Eva and as she is placing her order, promptly passes out.  Stacey and Michele watch from across the street as Ingid is tended to.

Mike and Rob have a little heart to heart, in which Rob admits to being angry with Mike.  Rob says that there's no point in the rage because no one can turn back the clock and says that they have to move forward. Uh huh, and by forward, I do believe that Rob means him and Valarie moving forward.  

At the hospital, Michele arrives to check on Ingrid, who confirms their suspicions that Eva is indeed the Frigg.  When Michele notices a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Ingrid is forced to admit that they are from Agnetha. It seems that Agnetha is Ingrid's emergency contact and when she apologized and was being so nice, Ingrid told her about Eva.

Michele rushes off to see Anders and demands that he cut himself to make an oath that they will be equals in the new order because she knows who the Frigg is.  Anders swears and clearly they both feel something as their blood mingles.

Valarie goes to the garage to say goodbye to Mike.  She says that she really loves him and that she feels like a weight has been lifted, now that Rob is awake and that when they try for IVF in the summer that it will work. 

Axel is just sitting down for diner when Anders walks in saying, "good evening, you, we need to go now."  Axel does not want to go because he made dinner but Anders says that they will save him some and reiterates that they have to go. As Axel walks away from the table, Anders tells him that they found the Frigg.

At the bar, Stacey approaches Eva and tells her that they have to go because there are people who want to harm her. Stacey professes her love for her and says that she has to go with her now. Before Stacey can get Eva out of the bar, Agnetha shows up asking for a word in private about her music. Stacey says that Agnetha is trouble and has never even heard Eva's music, but Eva says that she is fine. Alone, Agentha asks where Eva would go if she could go anywhere, where would it be and Eva says Seattle or maybe Austin.  Agnetha says that this can be arranged and starts going through her purse to grab her checkbook. Eva is not impressed and says she got enough of that treatment at home and will not be bought off.  

When Eva storms off back to the stage, Stacey tells her that she is safe for now but that there are things that she needs to know about who Agnetha is and who she is and blames her father for not telling her in the first place. Stacey says that she is an actual true goddess and that her name is Frigg.

Agnetha makes her way to Colin's house and says that they have a common interest. When she speaks in old norse, he lets her into the house. Agnetha tells him that she is there about his daughter and that she believes that Eva is special, to which Colin agrees.

Back at the bar, Anders and Axl arrive. They are confronted by Stacey who tells them to leave her alone. When Eva and Axl make eye contact, a small electrical backfire happens.  Anders asks if she is the Frigg and Axl simply nods his head.

A lot happened in this episode and if Eva really and truly is the Frigg, then things are going to change for the Johnson brothers.  I feel the need to reiterate that though Mike called Anders a jerk and an asshole, what he should really be calling him is a rapist.  Being Bragi, does not excuse Anders' behaviour.