Friday, June 29, 2012

Bedlam, Season 2, Episode 4: Jude

We have new residents - Scott and his young brother Jude, a child who doesn’t talk. Max, being the super-nice guy he is, helps Scott move in since the lifts are broken. And Jude wanders off into the no admittance super spooky area, the old medical wing to the background of creepy flickering lights (welcome to your new home! The first murder attempt will be in, oooooh, 15 minutes).

And his little toy phone starts ringing. Which we’ve already seen has no batteries in it. A child’s voice in the phone whispers to him in Latin – which he then speaks aloud.

Well that was some early creepy well established.

Ellie wants Max to help her find the staff records for the bald guy with the Bedlam symbol on his head who she is sure did something to Eve; though Max is working. But he has got a contact with photos to help her – and she touches his wrist, just in time for Dan to come into the room and see them being close. We’re also reminded that Ellie is living on sick pay (since she’s on paid leave from being a paramedic).

And Ellie spots Jude with his Scott, scribbling randomly with crayons and she has a vision – of a child in ye olden times being taken to the Bedlam hospital. Ellie leaves, disturbed by the vision and Jude continues not to talk and to randomly scream and whisper under his breath.

Dan and Ellie have an Awkward Moment and then Dan goes to interrupt Keira and Warren’s “meeting.” Dan instantly steps waaaay into the out of line territory by telling Warren he thinks Kiera is after Warren’s money and how generally what a bad idea she is – something Warren slaps down before leaving. He leaves his phone and Dan starts poking around in it.

Max is the Nice Guy to new resident Scott – bringing him a beer and looking after Judge while he gets a pizza, and trying to question the silent Judge about being haunted. Jude doesn’t say anything but he does make the lights flicker and make unplugged in appliances work (this would be menacing if the appliance weren’t a whisk. It’s hard to be menaced by a whisk). Of course, making everything else electrical in the flat go on and off while chanting Latin – that’s considerably more menacing indeed. Scott comes back and the creepy light show ends (see, the ghost just wants pizza. Perfectly understandable)

When Max leaves, Jude continues to ramp up the creepy with electronics and Latin on the tape recorded. Creep factor rising to critical levels – why is it children make the spookiest ghosts?

Max goes to explain this to Ellie – but Ellie has another concern – she’s pregnant (of course she is. She had casual sex with Dan and in TV land, consequences must be shown!) naturally she shuts down Max’s information and slams the door on him.

Later he gently asks if she’s ok and gives her the history notes she was asking after; but she (obviously) has other things on her mind. At this point Scott arrives with his tape recorded full of Latin to show to Max. Scott is happy that his brother is finally speaking! Max is a little more concerned that he’s apparently reciting the Last Rites in Latin. Then the tape devolves into him protesting “it wasn’t me” and then screaming. Throwing Ellie into a vision where she sees a small boy in past Bedlam being subjected to electroshock therapy. Scott is worried someone tried to hurt Jude – but Ellie says it wasn’t Jude that was hurt, and then the recorder starts making death threats while Jude gives Scott an evil little glare.

Dan and Max have a run in and I cringe waiting for the emotional drama about Ellie – but they actually talk sensibly (and mock Dan’s taste in music). How Dan is always playing a role and an act, and how Max doesn’t pretend to be Ellie’s friend – he just is her friend, but has trouble being considered for something more. But then Dan gets angry because the Bedlam Ghost website is back up, which he rants about to Max (who, of course, writes it).

Ellie, meanwhile, is using photo imaging software (which, of course, she has) to examine the 1958 Bedlam photo Max got her – and after some enhancement, catches sight of a man in the background of the picture who may be who she’s looking for.

Scott, inadvisably, gets into a lift with his possessed little brother (needs a warning sign “don’t use lifts, the murderous ghosts will eat you), Jude leaves the lift at the last minute, says goodbye, and Scott plummets nastily to the bottom floor. Which sets him up for Ellie to treat him until an ambulance arrives – and have another vision of the boy being electroshocked. Creepy Jude arrives in time to smile menacingly at his fallen brother (this actor gets a star for being one of the creepiest kids on TV).

Speaking of creepy – Warren passes out at his laptop after looking for Kate and has another of his dreams – featuring bald man from Ellie’s photo, dogs eating a body and blood on his hands.  He wakes up in the Spooky Wing of the building. Maybe he’s being haunted by an interior decorator who is pissed he still hasn’t fixed up this wing?

Max has been analysing the tape of Jude’s creepiness and hears him using the names of staff members from 1958. Following up research on the bad doctor, they found he was struck off for randomly and excessively using electroshock – and that most of his victims were violent and disturbed afterwards, those who survived.

Scott is clearly feeling a little worried by all the spooky and locks Jude in while he takes a bath – the baths in Bedlam need their own warning label. And sure enough, once Scott’s in the bath the lights start flickering (that’d be it, I’d be out of there) and the door opens. In comes Jude with a light to throw in the bathwater – it’s unplugged but that’s not going to stop the spooky child. Thankfully, Scott has awesome reflexes and gets out just in time.

Warren is having a hard time, he’s convinced Kate is in trouble (Dan is quick to say she’s out enjoying herself on Warren’s money) and, to make things worse, Keira runs in panicking because her dad has found out about her and Warren. Turns out that her dad received a text from Warren that was meant for her (which is what Dan was doing with his phone) all the while Dan looks on, smiling. Kiera’s father is completely cutting her off – and is further stunned and hurt that Warren isn’t close to as upset about it as she is. She leaves, hurt, while Warren looks for his phone. Dan catches up with Kiera to comfort her – offers her a room at their places and points out her dad will calm down and come round (once he’s proven himself as “Mr. Big Bollocks” which I liked – since it showed what such control actually amounts to).

Warren, however, has been thinking. He accuses Dan of sending the text, how Dan has been separating him from everyone else, accusing them as just trying to take his money and not to be trusted (Kate, Kiera) and making himself indispensable at the same time. He accuses him of being a con artists and starts to chuck him out – until Dan drops the bombshell – Warren is Dan’s father. Warren, naturally doubts it, is stunned that Dan can be his son; Dan counters, he’s mixed-race, his mother was Aisha, a nurse in the 80s and she believed Warren when he said she’d take her away from her husband. But when the hospital closed, Warren left – Aisha died last year telling Dan the truth.

Dan does want Warren’s money – but at the same time is determined to earn it and be part of Bedlam as well – and he wants Warren to be his father.

Max and Ellie are preparing for that wonderful conversation “there’s a ghost in the building and it’s trying to kill you” with Scott – because it’s gone so well in the past, as Ellie points out (and for once I agree with her). But Scott is already severely perturbed – he’s finding it hard enough giving up his life to raise his little brother and that’s without the kid trying to fry him in his bath water. Since Ellie was in care herself as a child, she is confident that being in care isn’t the best thing for Jude – especially since the possessed monster child isn’t Jude.

Max explains the whole “your brother is possessed” to Scott. The toy phone starts ringing (still with no batteries) and Max urges Scott to pick it up – there’s breathing on the other end which Max takes to be Jude – the real one – and he urges Scott to talk to him and reassure him.

Ellie talks to Jude. Or, Robert, rather, the ghost possessing him. He was a 9 year old sent to the hospital in 1958. By vision and interview we find out that Robert’s brother beat up another boy – maybe killed him – and blamed Robert; who was then sent to Bedlam. This is why he hates his brother – which, of course, he sees as Scott. While she tries to convince him Scott’s not the bad brother, she also asks him about Joseph Bayle – the man from the photograph, the man with the Bedlam symbol on his head. Robert knows Bayle as a bad man you had to hide from – and if you see the B you have to hide. To which Ellie thinks it’s a great idea to show him her Bedlam mark – which causes him to run away.

He runs to a fuse box and rips out a wire – his eyes going ghostly black from edge to edge. Scott follows and is shocked. Jude leaves the building and Scott (who gets better quickly), Ellie and Max run after. Ellie takes the opportunity to fill Max in about the “B” group who were behind the abuse in Bedlam – and to tell Max she’s pregnant. Max asks questions without judging.

Jude/Robert runs out to the gardens, a large open space of grass during the storm and chants the Last Rites in Latin while Scott, Ellie and Max try to catch up – and lightning strikes Jude, repeatedly. But he keeps getting up – the child’s body is charged with electricity and he advances menacingly on Scott. Ellie gets another vision – Robert dying during electroshock and a Catholic priest being hurriedly called in to give the Last Rites. Ellie tells Scott to speak to Jude, not the ghost; Scott talks to him, asking him to come back, apologising for resenting him and saying that he loves him.

Awwww, love conquers all. Yes I’m far too cynical for such a twee ending.

Post action round up. Max offers to stay with Ellie and the baby no matter what and no matter what Dan decides, but Ellie doesn’t know if she wants to keep it with the ghosts and everything. Kiera and Dan meet in the room he offered her – she bitter about Warren – and they kiss, strip and have sex (of course they do). Warren, meanwhile, is sobbing over the pictures Dan gave him, of Aisha.

Ellie has another vision of Eve and what the “B” symboled people did to her and starts crying from it – but Max comes in to hold her, always.

So, pregnancy for Ellie? Oh that’s going to go to unpleasant places, it so often does. I predict a demon pregnancy.

Ok Warren as Dan’s father? Did not see that coming. I’m glad of it because it makes Dan’s manipulations far more than simple malice. And it must hurt to see Kate and Kiera, rich young things with so many advantages – the wanted child and Warren’s young lover – who enjoy his attention and his wealth, who are missed when they’re gone, when his mother and himself were completely ignored and cast aside. It adds a much heavier dimension to his actions.