Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teen Wolf, Season 2, Episode 5: Venemous

Jackson is still trying to work out his new found super-strength and trying to lift an unreasonable amount of weight with Danny there to help. It doesn’t seem to be going according to plan for poor Jackson. Danny goes to take a shower while Jackson struggles to find some werewolfness, which seems now to be giving him super hearing – but Erica is there to help. And by help we mean kidnap him and take him to the werewolf base.

Derek has some questions for him about what happened to Jackson on the full moon – it seems Derek may suspect he’s the Kanima. Jackson offers to go get the video to prove nothing happened while Derek toys with a sharp shard of broken mirror to freak him out. The glass has some of the Kanima’s venom on it – and, working on the assumption a snake can’t be poisoned by its own venom, he drips some into Jackson’s mouth. Hmm, we’ve seen the venom is touch sensitive – so why drip it into his airways? Doesn’t seem like the best idea unless you want to kill him – which, hey, not the worst plan. Still better to kill and Argent instead.

The poison works and he is paralysed – so he isn’t the Kanima (maybe a bit of an assumption – what if it’s only immune in animal form?) but Isaac takes the opportunity to have Jackson go to the police (Stiles father) and say he didn’t see Isaac and his dad arguing – so Isaac can stop being a fugitive. And yes he’s back in class.

Stiles has done some online research for the Kanima and found only legends of a werejaguar from South America – which doesn’t fit at all. And Jackson’s super hearing continues – letting him overhear Isaac and Erica plan to test Lydia. He also asks Scott and Stiles what the Kanima is and that he has been tested – and that Lydia’s next (since she’s virtually carrying a Kanima sign around). Of course they have this discussion in class and teacher/coach is less than impressed. Stiles is convinced it’s not Lydia – because he’s looked into its eyes and it’s pure evil. Lydia is only 50-60% evil (yes, I laughed).

Lydia is not having a fun time either – hallucinating in class about the old Alpha appearing again. She wakes up at the front of the room crying, after writing “someonehelpme” on the blackboard, backwards. There follows plans to keep Lydia safe from Derek and crew while the science teacher seems to have adopted a policy of experiments based on speed dating (don’t even try to understand it) – and Erica makes moves on Scott, while Allison is shockingly unjealous (Allison, it’s Teen Drama! He even stands within 11 feet of another woman you’re supposed to explode into jealous pieces!) and tries to convince Lydia not to talk to Derek or Erica. More hurried threats and advice. Oh and it’s a science experiment you can eat as well – someone call health and safety. But this gives Derek’s Wolfies chance to put the venom on the crystal which does not work on Lydia.

This causes Scott, Allison and Stiles to fret because it means Derek and the Wolfies will kill Lydia (because killing the out of control weregecko is bad, folks). So it’s all hands on deck to prove Lydia is not the weregecko – by the end of school, because Derek’s lurking outside ready to kill her. The plan? To translate the 900 page bestiary that’s written in archaic Latin. Perhaps not the best plan. Scott also wants to protect everyone since he can heal – so everyone call if they need help. Allison  tries but rather badly fails to shoot this down and claim she can protect herself by brandishing the illegal medieval weapon she’s managed to bring to school. Uh-huh. If you’re going to sneak a crossbow into school you may as well have brought a gun. As if to underline this – Stiles plays with it and accidentally shoots Scott in the back of the head, though he turns in time to catch the bolt in mid-flight (this is supposed to be comic relief. I think it also serves to show how useless Allison’s weapon choice is).

Lydia, meanwhile, is having therapy and being very uncooperative. Allison then turns to said therapist to translate her medieval Latin cheat sheet on the weregecko (she’s a linguist familiar with romance languages, apparently). Apparently the Kanima just wants to be friends.

Scott goes to talk to Derek (and has a little set to with the last of his Wolfies, Boyd, who I can’t help but notice is considerably lower profile than the other Wolfies) to make excuses for why Lydia isn’t the weregecko. Derek says that sometimes when you are bitten you change to what you are inside – and even Stiles says Lydia is cold booded. Scott cites Jackson as someone else who is immune to the bite which goes against everything they’ve been told that the bite either changes you or kills you (which makes Boyd uncomfortable, I guess the “kills” wasn’t explained to the Wolfies) and that Derek basically has no clue what he’s doing.

Jackson’s story continues with him trying to figure out who has edited his camera – and he comes to the conclusion that it could be Lydia. Oh and Danny the Maris, his eternal servant, may have a crush on Matt who is, of course, obsessed with Allison. Teen Drama incoming (A sexual gay man on a teen show? be still my heart. Now if he can actually crush on someone available or dig up his now disappeared boyfriend he may even be allowed to have a relationship. If he can finish all his Jackson duties). Matt’s also going through his many pictures seeing that Scott’s eyes continually cause lens flare. And Wolfie #1 and Wolfie #2 are looking for Erica – but she has been spirited away by Stiles, Allison and Jackson to Scott’s house.

Jackson, recognising the many, traumatic experiences that Lydia has faced has decided to have a very close, private conversation about something that really matters. Getting his keys back. Oh Jackson, stay classy. She shouts him down but he’s adamant – and she says she doesn’t have the key – but to his super senses she’s sweating and her breath speeds up – he thinks she’s lying. He accuses her angrily of editing the tape with more of his bitter venom. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but gives him back the key – of course she kept it, she still has a crush on the guy. She tells him she hates him – which he denies. She says she should – which is certainly true – but he kisses her and she goes all melty. Oh and he is going all scaley

Meanwhile, Scott drops off Danny’s mysteriously shredded lacrosse pads (hey, how about we have LESS gay jokes involving Danny and more of him doing shit that doesn't involve doing Jackson's bidding? Yes/no/maybe?) – and while they’re talking they miss the video’s restored data that shows Jackson sit up with glowing, golden eyes. They don’t get to examine it because Allison calls Scott home – Derek and the Wolfies have gathered outside the house. Allison is torn over whether to call her father and the Evil Argents to save Lydia (eerrr, Allison, they’ll also kill Lydia, remember? And Scott? And Scott’s mother? And maybe anyone else within a 5 mile radius just for shits and giggles?)

Stile and Allison discuss actually defending themselves from the Wolfies – but Isaac has already broken in, starts knocking them about and breaking stuff – Lydia runs to call the police and Stile and Allison run to different rooms throwing deadbolts and chains (yes, on interior doors). And Jackson goes all weregecko.

Allison shows some sense (yes, I was shocked too) and coats her bolt in weregecko poison – so when she shoots the ever-so-unpleasant Erica, who catches it, she gets poisoned.

Outside, Derek and Boyd (why are they spectating) listen to the chaos and conflict inside the house before the door opens and the prone figures of Isaac and Erica are thrown out. This vexes Derek. Scott steps out with Allison and Stiles and Derek says Scott isn’t an omega – he’s an Alpha of his own pack. Then the weregecko leaves – while everyone watches it. Then Lydia comes out the house, proving it isn’t her and proving it is Jackson. Poor Lydia.

Closing credits time -  but first we see the weregecko find a parked car and have a moment looking through the window at the person inside – awww he found a friend!

Ok… while I don’t think Derek’s test is conclusive, I also don’t think testing Lydia to see if she’s the Kanima is actually all that bad. This is the ongoing theme of antagonism between Scott’s team and Derek’s team that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. If they’d perhaps have been a little more co-operative they could have worked at testing and watching Lydia without the whole killing thing. Then they could all bond together and kill some Argents. Won’t someone please kill the Argents?

And speaking of convoluted conflicts – Erica and Issac seemed like pretty decent people before becoming werewolves. At least no worse than usual. Scott didn’t turn into bratty teen from the black lagoon when he became a wolf (and so far neither has Boyd), so why have these 2 become so objectionable? Is it to deliberately make any kind of reconciliation impossible? Again, it feels contrived.

Points to me – told you it wasn’t Lydia. It was far too obvious. I do hate hate hate Lydia’s ongoing love of Jackson no matter how vile he is – but at least she recognises that she SHOULD hate him. Damn, girl, try harder! Hate looks better with a swift knee to the yin-yangs.