Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Human U.K., Season Four, Episode Six: Puppy Love

This episode begins with Tom's morning being juxtaposed to that of  young girl.  At the cafe, Hal's OCD has gone into overdrive and he has made sure that everything is symmetrical.  Hal asks if Tom could be like Leo and set the tasks that Hal needs to do for the purposes of routine to keep him on task.  Hal notices a young girl standing across the street reading a book, but when Tom calls after her, she runs away.  They chase after her and Tom admits that he is a werewolf.

They take Allison back to the house and she admits that she hunted him down after seeing the video of Tom and George on youtube.  The first thing she wants to know is what sort of idiot exposes himself on youtube. When she shows Tom the video, he is shocked. Apparently, a ton of people have seen it and believe that it is fake.  When Eve starts to cry, Annie leaves to check on her.

Allison says that she believes that someone is trying to break the news about werewolves.  Hal says that the vampires have been keeping the secret for years and Tom backs him up by saying that Hal is not involved in vampire politics anymore.  Allison suggests that Hal should go undercover and seek information over a pint of blood, which sends Hal rushing out of the house.

In a warehouse, Cutler is watching the video online when Golda of the U.K. operations shows up.  Cutler tries to counter, saying that Griffin left him in charge, but Golda is not convinced that he has everything under control. Cutler tells her that he met a werewolf, but all Golda can think about is setting up a cage fight, though Cutler says he needs Tom for something else.  Golda demands that he bring Tom to her.

Back at the house, Eve is having a fit and the doorbell rings  A man threatens to knock the door in because the crying baby is disturbing him. Annie opens the door and uses her powers to force him back but when she turns to grab a stake, an old man is standing next to her.  When she looks on the ground, she realises that the man knocking was human because his dead body is lying on the cement out front of the house.

Allison and Tom argue about approaching a vampire and she refuses to stay quiet.  As they hunt for him, Allison argues that humanity is ready for supernaturals "to be out and proud." Uh huh. This is clearly yet another GLBT reference on a show that has had one gay couple in four seasons, which resulted in murder and let's not forget the whole pretend to be gay, for the purposes of throwing off questions about Eve.  The track record for GLBT representation is abysmal on Being Human, but they don't seem to have any problem with appropriation. Tom tells her to be quiet and she is snarky about him being the chair person.  The vampire attacks Allison from behind, but Tom separates them and stakes the vampire.  Allison is pissed that he killed the vampire, claiming that they didn't learn anything and that Tom didn't give her a chance to talk to him. Allison goes to leave in a huff, until Tom says that he might know someone they can talk to.  

It has been less than half an episode and I already know that I don't like Allison in the least little bit. She is clearly smart, but in this situation out of her depth and refusing to admit it.  She placed herself in danger, forcing Tom to save her.  This is quite common treatment of female characters in this genre, but it is still irritating every time a spunky agent enters the picture.

Back at the house, Annie is dealing with Emrys who is pissed that his death has been declared natural causes.  Annie tries to explain that he is not really of this plane anymore and promises to help him fulfill the task that her killing him stopped him from accomplishing.

Tom takes Allison to meet Cutler, who wants to know if she plans to stick around for awhile.  She admits that she wanted to be a barrister but that a university campus is out of he question.  When she asks about the video on youtube, Cutler claims that he is just learning about it and that recently there has been a vampire minority who is keen to reveal the existence of werewolves. He takes his lie one step further and claims that Golda is the ringleader and that because she has protection that there isn't much that he can do on his own. I am curious to know what Cutler's end game is.  Each week we see him making plans but there has been no larger objective identified. Cutler asks for Tom the vampire slayer to get involved, which causes Allison to become upset and ask how many vampires he has killed. Allison says that she is surprised that Cutler is condoning the murder of vampires.  Tom replies that they are not normal people, because they are werewolves. Allison agrees to participate, if Tom teaches her how to kill a vampire.

At the cafe, Hal is mopping the floor and singing when a young woman walks in to order five teas. Alex tries to flirt with Hal but he says that he was just being friendly. When he admits to not having a girlfriend or a boyfriend she asks if he is a religious because of his sexual repression. As she leaves he tells her that it was nice to meet her.

At the house, Emrys starts listing pranks that he wants to do in the neighbourhood. Tom and Allison return but before she can tell Annie about their day, Tom cuts her off.  When they ask who Annie is talking to she tells them a ghost but that they cannot talk to him, or ask him how he died.  Allison and Tom go to his room and he says that it is not a good idea to tell Annie about the killing.  Allison decides that she is going to help Tom learn how to argue intelligently, in exchange for him teaching her how to kill werewolves.  Clearly, as the days go by, chemistry is building between Tom and Allison. 

Back at the cafe, Hal offers to help Tom with his investigation saying that it would be a good way for him to keep his cravings in check, but Tom says no, because this is a good way from him and Allison to spend time together alone. Hal asks if they are officially courting now and suggests that Tom declare his intentions. He goes on to say that Hal should write her a poem and talk to her father, but Tom responds that Annie says that he should get drunk and try to kiss her.  Hal is not impressed and feels that this is brutish and that he preferred the dowry system. Tom suggests that Hal get back out there and start dating himself.

Alex walks in and leaves her phone number for Hal and Tom suggests that she join him Allison and Hal for a date. Hal was hiding under the counter the whole time.   Hal is not impressed, but Tom persists that it will be good for him to go on a date.

Back at the house Allison lets out a piercing scream when she discovers that Emrys has been watching her in the shower.  Annie is forced to admit that she killed Emrys.  Downstairs, Annie says that she needs to figure out his unfinished business and move him on. Hal says that he knew a ghosts unfinished business was to castrate her brother in-law.  Emrys admits that he is still there because he has never kissed when he was alive. He asks Annie for a kiss and says that he is an old man who cannot even defend himself. Annie sets the ground rule of no tongues, but when he puts his hand on her knee, she discovers his wedding band.

Annie takes Emrys to see his ex wife and instruct him to tell her that he is still in love with her. When Emrys tells Leslie that he forgives her for running off, Annie spies a door but it turns out that it is only a door to a cupboard.

Alex meets them at the museum and is clearly not excited by this prospect.  She asks Hal if museums are his thing and he says they are romantic and educational.

At vampire headquarters, Cutler suggests a peace offering to Golda. He tells her that he needs her help and that the werewolf that he told her about is hiding out in a warehouse by the docks. Cutler says that he cannot get Tom on his own and suggests that with the help of her pawn Cain, that they can get him.  He promises to share the credit, but Golda says that Cain and handle it on his own and that Cutler will not be getting any credit.

At the museum, Tom tells Allison that he likes her and believing that this is all a part of making Allison believe that they are on a double date, Allison declares that she likes him as well. Hal pulls Tom aside saying that he wasn't supposed to leave him alone with Alex. Behind them, Alex asks Allison if Tom and Hal have separate bedrooms.  Allison sees this as he cue to pull Tom aside, giving Hal and Alex some privacy. 

Tom gets a call from Cutler telling him that they have set another vampire off after him.  Hal is shocked but Tom tells him to focus on the matches and Allison says, "no glove no love," before leaving.  Alex says that she is only in town for a couple of days and that he cannot hurt her, but Tom starts to fixate on the pulse in her neck and leaves her standing in the museum.

Allison holds a stake to Cain, but he quickly knocks it out of her hand. Tom says that Cain isn't going to stake her because werewolf blood is like acid to vampires. Allison wipes the blood off her face and smears Cain and when he is distracted by the pain, Tom stakes him.  Allison get so excited by the kill she jumps on Tom kissing him. Back at the house, Allison is trying to initiate sex but Tom stops to ask if she is okay but Allison says, "he got what he deserves." Tom does not want to have sex and says that "it's not supposed to be like this in the middle of all the violence," before walking out of the room.

Downstairs, Tom tells Annie that Allison has changed.  Emrys shows him the newspaper when he discovers an appeal from Allison's parents for her safe return. Spunky Allison has gone to the vampire warehouse and when she sees Golda with Cutler assumes that she and Cutler are on the same side. Allison holds up a crucifix and asks Golda whey they are planting stories in the press.  Cutler says that she is lying, as Golda knocks the crucifix out of her hand.

At the house Eve is crying and Emrys announces that things are going to have to change if he is sticking around. In frustration, Annie tells him that she is sorry but Emrys says that he enjoys being dead.  Hal walks in and Annie hands him the baby and announces that she and Emrys are going out.

Golda and Allison get into a fight and Allison actually gets the upper hand.  Tom stops the fight telling her that if she kills Golda that she won't be herself anymore.  When Golda struggles, Allison threatens her with her blood.  Tom tells her that her parents want her back and that she belongs there. Allison lets Golda go saying that it doesn't have to be vampires against werewolves and that Tom and Cutler are proof of that. When Allison offers Golda her hand, Golda starts to squeeze and so Cutler stakes her.

Back the at the house Hal is reading about the Box Tunnel Coroner who has been found dead, when Allison and Tom return.  Allison tells him to relax and that everything is over. Allison says that they only took out the woman involved today.  When they ask about Alex, Hal says that she tried to kiss him and Tom accuses him of being scared.  Tom dials her number and gives the phone to Hal, who leaves a very archaic message on her machine asking her out to dinner. 

Upstairs, Allison suggests another double date but Tom says that she has a degree to finish and that she can teach him how to email and use a webcam.  Tom says that she is perfect and that he doesn't want to change that. Allison says that she is her own person and that she wants him.  Tom tells her to just go and she says fine and grabs her things. Tom sits down on his bed and starts to cry and I for one hope that this is the last we are going to see of Allison. 

Emrys and Annie head back to Tom's ex wife's house and they knock things off of bookshelves and turn the lights on and off scaring them out of their home.  As soon as they are done, Emrys door shows up. He tells her, when your time comes up, remember that it might not be a good thing you have to do.  Before the door disappears, a mature Eve opens the door and tells Annie that she has to come with her.