Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season Two, Episode One: And She Will Come to You

Zeb and Mike are sitting on a beach drinking beer and Zeb says, "among all the other weird things, somewhere there's a woman for you." He reminds Axl that Frigg is out there and that he will find her, or his name isn't Frekki.  Apparently, Zeb has decided to take that name after he discovered that Frekki, is Odin's lone wolf.  Zeb promises to be there for him, unlike his brothers, who are useless for Gods.  Axl defends his brothers saying that they're busy and Anders is just useless.

We flash to a scene with Axl asking Anders for help, but he says that he is on a quest and it is on a need to know basis.  Anders says he is going away somewhere cold and has grown a horrible beard.  When Axl says he needs him, Anders says he takes his good advice and spoons it.

We get a flash to Ty who is busy moving.  When Axl tries to remind him that if he dies they die, Ty says, "trust me Axl, you'll out live me."  Eva grabs Ty by the arm saying that she wants to christen their new home.  Stacey asks what they were doing last night, and Eva yells, "that was the kitchen." Zeb asks if their house warming party will turn into a God orgy.

Zeb feels that Mike has been the most disappointing because he has been to busy hustling people.  Axl says that they can find frigg without the help of his useless brothers.

At Axl's, some angry man knocks on his door and it turns out he lost his girlfriend in a bet to Mike.  Axl points out that Mike is bringing danger into his house and Zeb points out that he used a woman in a bet he knew he couldn't lose. I really like that Zeb pointed this out to him because it wasn't that long ago that Mike was critical of Anders for using his powers to take advantage of women.  Zeb tells him that as God of the Frigg hunt that he is off the team because every time they look for Frigg, they always end up in a bar. Mike says that he needs a scent, a starting point

At Anders office, Dawn answers the phone, and it is Anders saying that he is at the airport and that he needs her to feed his fish.  It turns out that Anders is headed to Norway.  Anders asks her to tell Ty that he won't be at his house warming party and when Dawn refuses, he points out that she has been stalking him.  Anders asks her to stay at his apartment and then hangs up claiming that the plane is about to board. Would it really kill Anders to treat Dawn like she is a person of note considering how dependent is upon her?

Eva and Colin are bickering about the ownership of the house.  Colin asks that Ty knock her up so that the hormones will calm her down.  I get that Loki is an ass but really, did he have to use sexism?  It is however a switch to suggest that pregnancy hormones would level someone out, rather than make them go insane as it were. When Colin hands over the paperwork, Eva looks it over and Colin asks if she trusts him. 

Ty walks into his carving room and Colin follows to tell him he spent a fortune getting it installed.  Collin says that a God who is happy at home, isn't sticking his dick where it ought not to be.  Ty promises that he would never cheat on Eva. Colin hugs Ty and says welcome to the family.  Obviously the relationship between Eva and Colin is quite complex. They love each other but seem to loathe each other at the same time.

Mike is looking at horse racing trying to figure out how he can place a bet and win.  It seems that unless he is in direct competition with man or machine, he cannot win.  Axl suggests that Mike take up golf, but he says it's too lame.  Yeah, I know that this word ubiquitous but it's still ableist as hell. Axl asks about building houses and Mike says he is resting from that part of his life.  Axl suggests that Mike take the fact that he has been fired from the quest as challenge to straighten out his shit.  

Mike suggests that they go hunting. They walk around for awhile before Mike picks up a scent and starts running. He walks into a bar and Axl says that he is not seeing anyone who fits the general description of a Frig. It turns out that Mike has hunted down Olaf and Ingrid and that Olaf has been smuggling drugs.  

Dawn is on the phone, when Agnetha shows up saying that she is family friend and that Anders asked her to keep an eye on things.  There is clearly friction between Dawn and Agnetha.  Agnetha asks if Dawn is going to the house warming and Dawn says that she is not going and then rambles on about it not being appropriate.  Dawn gives Agnetha a present to pass on to Ty.

Mike tells Zeb that he is not wearing the Frekki shirt to the party to which Zeb says that he deserves to be respected.  Mike is anxious to get to the party because it started at 8 and it's now 8;30. Axl tells him that he has been living in the suburbs to long.  As the party gets going, Ty and Eva are all over each other.  Ty tells Mike that when he is with Eva it's like it burns. Olaf simply points out that married life has changed Ty.

When Michele shows up, she is surprised to see that Stacey is still acting as a hand maiden.  Apparently, Stacey thinks it sucks but she cannot stop herself and has resorted to spitting on the food. Colin comes in and asks for a word with Axl to ask how the quest is going.  Colin offers to help them with the search and claims that he is not the enemy.  Axl asks if he knows anything about Frigg and then Colin asks why he should help and then laughs in his face. This makes no sense to me because as Loki, it's in Colin's best interest to help Axl find Frigg so that he can become a full God.

Michele approaches Mike to ask where Anders is and when it is clear that he is not there, she begins to dance with Colin.  Suddenly the power shorts out and when his brothers try to talk to Ty, it is clear that he is higher than a kite.  Agnetha hands Ty Dawns house warming present and tells everyone that Anders is in Norway.  She gives Ty a necklace given to her by Elna their grandmother.  This is the first time that the boys are learning that Agnetha is their mother. When they doubt who she is, Agnetha tells them to ask Anders.  They call Anders and he says he knows it's true.

Mike takes off to talk to Agnetha and Axl pulls Zeb out of the party because he starts talking about Gods walking amongst humanity.  When Mike finds Agnetha, he tells her that she is not his mother.  Agnetha reminds him about the ceremony of how he became a God. Agnetha said it was good being a tree for a few years but when an opportunity arose she was getting a bit bored.  A man choked his girlfriend to death in the woods and she took over her body and then killed the abuser.  She says that they are wasting their lives on a search for a goddess who doesn't exist, but Mike is not excited at the idea of living on her generosity. 

It turns out that Dawns gift was a little statue of a girl in a grass dress.  When Ty and Eva walk into their bedroom, they find Michele and Colin having sex on her bed. She grabs the doll Ty is holding and throws it at them.  After Eva chases them out, Ty grabs her and holds out a closed fist, and this excites Eva so she tells him to do it and they end up having sex.

When Mike returns, Axl wants to know what happened because if Agnetha is his mother, she tried to kill him.  Axl is not all cheered by the notion that this is the way of gods.  The next morning, Olaf points out that the good side of this is that they will be living in peace and harmony.  Mike says that at the end of the day, he'll do whatever Axl wants.  They decide to go Frigg hunting and they end up at the same bar as yesterday. Kvasir comes into the bar and Olaff chases him down with Axl and Mike following.  Apparently Kvasir is made from all of the Gods and he has to answer any question posed to him by a God. It seems that he and Olaf have had a falling out over a truck that Kvasir burned to the ground.  Mike is forced to pull Olaf out of the alley.  Axl asks Kvasir where Frigg is and he says that if Axl is truly Odin, she will come to him. Kvsair says to become a God, you must first become a man and when the man is man, the man will become a God and then the Goddesses will make her appearance. Kvasir says he needs to go the bathroom and so Axl turns his back and Kvasir begins to disappear.

It turns out that because Kvasir was created from the salvia of all of the gods, he can turn himself into a liquid at anytime.  Back at the beach, Zeb and Axl try to figure out what Kvasir meant.  They jump on fights and feats of strength as the answer.