Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Misfits Season Four, Episode 6

Finn is walking and he is joined by Rudy, who informs him that he is wearing the wrong pants because they are headed to an insane house party.  "Strangers are going to fuck strangers," Rudy says.  Apparently, they are going to Richard Saunders party.  They meet up with Jess and Finn gives his big doe eyes.  This has all been interspersed with a man watching video and doing what I assume is acid.

The three head up in an elevator and Finn tells Jess that he likes her top. Clearly, Finn is still refusing to take no for an answer.  When the elevator arrives, Alex is waiting for them. They arrive at the correct door and Rudy tells them to brace themselves but when they enter the apartment, it is filled with older people and it looks more like a wake than a party.  Rudy says that they just need to get themselves a drink. Jess tells Rudy that they are at a wake and Rudy starts to cry and says that Saunders is his best friend.  Jess says that the wake is for an old woman called Glenda and Rudy instructs everyone to get their shit. Alex suggests that Rudy just call Saunders.  

As they get to the party, a couple is arguing outside and the man asks the woman how many people she has slept with.  The number 11 appears on her forehead but she tells him only 4.  The Misfits open the door and they all have numbers on their forehead.  Finn has a 1, Jess has a 2, Rudy has 99 and Alex has the number 46 on his head.  It turns out that it is the exact number of people that they have slept.  Finn says that he was in a long term relationship to explain his low number. Alex asks if this is some kind of power thing. The Misfits are stunned to learn that Alex knows all about the storm and the powers.

Jess is in the bathroom trying to rub the number off and Finn walks in and of course has to comment on Alex's number. Jess does not want to talk about it and suggests that they go.  Finn goes to talk to Rudy and says that it is not about numbers and  that it's about the quality.  Rudy suggests that Jess is never going to respect him with that low number on his head but Finn says that Jess respects morals.  Rudy plans to enter the hundred club and takes off with a woman.  Rudy start to have sex and pushes her off and says that he is not really feeling it and that his hundredth fuck has to be very special. They hear a noise in the closet and when Rudy opens the door, he finds Saunders.  

The elevator opens and inside is a large White rabbit with electric eyes.  Alex approaches Jess who wants to talk about his number. Alex says he is not that person anymore and Jess suggests that they keep drinking.  She heads to the bar where Finn is and he points out that they have something in common because neither of them are sluts.  Finn suggests that they find out if two should turn into one.  Jess says that would mean her penetrating him and of course we cannot have that.  Finn admits that he knows that she would rather spend her evening talking to Mr. HIV (read: Alex), but Jess cuts him off. 

Rudy makes his way back out the party and Finn approaches him.  Rudy believes that Finn is sulking because he has been blown out of the water by the sexy man and so he suggests that Finn find someone else to make Jess jealous.  A young woman leaves the party and waits for the elevator as a golf ball rolls across the floor. When she bends to pick it up she sees the freaky rabbit.

Back at the party, Rudy suggests that Finn have his way with a drunk woman but thankfully Finn says no.  Rudy believes that there is no harm in having sex with a wasted girl and that "it's a bloody loophole." Finn says that it's against the law.  Rudy says he needs a party where all of the girls are desperate and emotional, so they decide to head back to the funeral. In the hallway, they come across a passed out girl but Finn rejects Rudy suggestion to leave her there as the freaky rabbit looks on.  They had back to the party where they deposit her in the bathtub.

Alex and Jess head into a room alone and they start to kiss.  Alex says that he doesn't think that they should do this but Jess takes off her top and pushes him on the bed.  When she runs her hand down his body, he stops her before she can touch his genitals.  Jess stands up asking what is wrong with him and says that she has had enough of him and his bullshit head games, before leaving the room. Jess starts to chat up another man.

Finn and Rudy are back at the funeral, where Rudy encourages him to get "sweet bereavement pussy." Finn tries to chat up two women but they are clearly not interested in him.  Rudy takes his turn and he actually comforts a grieving woman. She asks why he has a number on his head and introduces herself as Nadine.  Finn says that it is a long story and that he missed the funeral because he was working at the community center. When she sees the time Nadine says that she has to go and then rushes out the door.  

Abbey gets out bathtub gets up and starts to wander through the party.  She pours herself a large drink and is clearly feeling much better.  Back at the funeral, Finn is making himself a plate of food and Rudy approaches him to say that he met a girl, who was really nice. Rudy realizes that he didn't get Nadine's number and heads into the hallway, where he finds a dead woman with a golf ball in her mouth with the number 11 on her forehead.  The rabbit grabs Rudy and pushes him to the ground. Rudy just manages to get into the elevator in time.

Finn manages to have sex with a grieving woman and the number on his head shifts from 1 to 2.  Rudy appears and tells him that they have a problem. Rudy takes Finn into the hallway and tells him about the rabbit and says that they have to find the others.  Back at the party the man Jess is talking to has no number on his head.  Alex interrupts the conversation to say that he needs to talk to her. Jess says that she had Alex wrong and that he is just like all of the others.

Finn and Rudy arrive back at he party and run into the girl they had put in the bathtub.  Abbey accuses them of touching her, which freaks Finn out until she says that she is joking.  Saunders overhears Rudy and Finn talking about the rabbit and admits that he dropped some acid and it got bad.  Finn says that the rabbit is a hallucination which has become real.  Alex says that they need to find Jess who has stormed off.

Jess is in the hallway by herself crying. The guys look around and cannot find her.  Finn and Rudy decide to go back to the funeral.  Jess is still in the hallway and the white rabbit is standing a few feet from her. Jess looks up, just as the rabbit swings his golf club.  Abbey looks through the peek in the door and sees the white rabbit. Abbey decides to venture into the hall and sees the rabbit standing over Jess.

Finn and Rudy make their way back to the funeral and the woman he slept with pretends not to know him.  Not seeing Jess they leave.  Abbey tries to tell people about the rabbit and in desperation she turns off the music and announces to the room that the white rabbit has a girl.  This gets Alex's attention and he learns that the rabbit dragged Jess into the elevator.  The crew head out in search of Jess.  They head down to the basement and Finn tells Abbey to stay there because this is dangerous and mans work.

Rudy and Finn walk in one direction and Alex heads off in another. Finn finds Jess on the ground and when he turns to tell Rudy, he is assaulted by the white rabbit.  The rabbit is about to take a swing at Jess, when Alex jumps him from behind.  Alex is overpowered and so the rabbit lifts his golf club to strike and Abby stabs the rabbit with a screw driver.  Abbey asks matter factly if they are going out for a drink.

The crew leave the party and run into Saunders. They tell him that he had a shit party and as a parting shot, Jess tells him next time to buy some snacks.  Back at the community center, Rudy says that he cannot stop thinking about the girl from the funeral.  Abbey says that if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Finn is concerned about the number on his head and wonders if it will come off.

Alex is in the bathroom cleaning up when he is joined by Jess, who wants to know what is going on with them.  Alex turns undoes his pants and pulls them down.  It seems that Alex has a vagina and he sees that he wanted to tell her but didn't think she would understand.  Jess asks what happened and if he was born like that.  Alex says that he was in a club and that a transgender bloke who wanted to be a man stole his penis. Alex says that his penis is out there somewhere and he wants to get it back. He tells her that this is why they cannot be together and Jess steps forward and kisses him. 

Okay, so this week's manifestation of the storm was a murdering White rabbit.  Ha ha one long acid trip.  I don't think that it really moved the plot along.  This feels like a let down after the fascinating story last week, which involved the right to die.  Misfits could be so much more, if it would stop leaning on the ridiculous and offensive week after bloody week. 

What the flying fuck?  I am seriously stunned beyond words.  I suppose the Misfits have made it their goal to target the entire GLBT community. For the sake of accuracy, a trans man doesn't want to be a man because he already is, regardless of genitalia, but heaven forbid that Misfits show any kind of respect to margnalized people. Misfits has once again located a trans person as deceptive and absolutely "othered" a trans person's body. They could have used a multitude of reasons for Alex not wanting to be sexual that actually would have been progressive but to have his penis stolen by a trans man is just absolutely hateful.  I fear for what will happen to the trans man once Alex finds him.

It was further problematic that the moment it was revealed that Finn had only slept with one person that he was encouraged to increase his numbers.  So from this we learn that for Misfits "real men" not only all have penises, they are also very sexual active.  There is the issue that Alex had 46 on his forehead and had to explain away that number to Jess but I don't think that it reached the level of slut shaming. This is backed up by the fact that in an earlier scene, a man was disgusted to find out that his girlfriend had 11 previous numbers.  I do believe that 11 is smaller than 46 and yet Alex faced no real censure for his number.

I know that in the end that Abbey ended up saving Alex from the rabbit but it does negate the fact that she was instructed to wait behind because saving Jess was man's work. The very fact that Finn had to argue with Rudy about not raping Abbey speaks volumes.  Why was this even a conversation?  Having it come from a man who won't act in this situation but clearly won't stay away from Jess, works to sort of redeem his character, which is disgusting considering that Finn kept his girlfriend tied to a bed for weeks. 

Misfits has failed so often that it has moved from a show that I watched and giggled about, slightly embarrassed that I laughed in the first place to outright being disgusted with.