Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Continuum, Season Two, Episode Seven: Second Degree

This episode starts with a flashforward of Julian in a cell when guards enter, order him to his feet and instruct him that it's time.  In the present, Julian is in a cell when a guard enters, and handcuffs him.  Both future and present Julian are being led out and it appears as though future Julian is being led to his death, as his fellow soldiers bang on their cell doors.

Kiera and Carlos are at Helena's grave site and Kiera says that Helena was braver than her because she made a life for herslef in this time and forged connections.  Kiera notices that the grass at the grave site has been disturbed and so she uses her tech to discover that someone has removed Helena's body. Carlos asks why someone would want to steal a corpse and Kiera suggests that only someone who knew Helena  was a time traveler would want to do this. Carlos says that he has to leave for a court date and Kiera tells him that she is going to look into two more bodies that might be next in line.  What neither of them know is that they are being watched by Gardiner.

Kiera heads to the morgue where she scares the attendant. The attendant tells her that Agent Warren signed for the bodies of two people from the future and removed them. When Kiera asks about agent Warren, the attendant tells her that ze is from section six.

Carlos is at the courthouse where he has a conversation with Jim Martin about the fact that Julian Randall's sentence was reduced to time served plus three months.  While Carlos feels no sympathy for Julian, he understands that because Julian was driving around a vehicle with empty barrels that it would have been impossible to get a terrorism conviction on him. Jim says that he hopes that the attempted murder charge will stick because he feels that will be the only way the city will  get any justice. Carlos points out that Julian shot him and says that should pull some heavy freight.  When Carlos moves to leave, Jim says that he knows that he let Carlos down and while he cannot change the past, he hopes to changes the future.  Carlos asks if Jim is trying to politic him and adds that the people want a mayor who works for their interests not his own.

Alec is working on some new tech when he is interrupted by Kiera saying that someone claiming to be section 6 just took the two liber8 bodies from the morgue.  Kiera adds that Helena's body has also been removed from her grave. Before Kiera can finish, Agent Gardiner interrupts her to say that he saw her and Carlos at Helena's grave today and that he plans to recover the casket. Kiera surprises him by saying that it's a good idea because she has a feeling that something is up.  Agent Gardiner asks Kiera if that is it and she tells him that someone impersonating section 6 was at the morgue today.  Gardiner replies that there is someone impersonating section 6 but believes he and Kiera are talking about different people. Kiera tells him that whoever it was illegally removed two liber8 bodies from the morgue and she suggests he do his job and help out for a change.

Kiera heads to the courthouse where she sees Sonya.  Kiera yells to have the exists closed and gives chase but when she heads outside, the Sonya is gone.  Back in court, Carlos testifies that he identified himself to Julian as a police officer, as Kiera enters the courtroom. Kiera looks over the jury and notices that at least one of them has an elevated heart rate.  The witnesses stand up and chant "free Julian Randall,"  and the judge orders the court room cleared.

Jim is in a parking garage and as he walks to the car, he is clearly giving a quote to a newspaper on the phone.  Before he can get in his car he is accosted by Travis, who says that he wants a mayor in his pocket. Jim says that he can't do that but Travis tells him that he heard he was bought and paid for.  Jim denies this claiming to just be an advisor, so Travis tells him that whatever he lacks in Sonya's financial leverage that he more than makes up for that in organization. Jim promises Travis that he will be one of his first targets when he gets into office. Travis accuses Jim of wanting to hide his treachery behind a tough on crime agenda because it has worked for a lot of people.  Travis suggests that Jim keep Sonja's money but run by every move he makes by him first. Travis tells him that he had better do this because they are everywhere and can always get to him.  Travis then walks away telling Jim that he had better win.

At the courthouse, Kiera tells Carlos that Sonja was there but managed to slip away.  Carlos believes that Sonja must have an interest in the trial. Kiera agrees and says that at first she thought it was the protesters but there was a juror who was anxious.  Kiera adds that Julian has a lot of value for liber8.

Gardiner is reviewing footage of the two bodies being removed from the lab but is unable to get a clear image of their faces.  He manages to catch the image of a face in the review mirror and calls Kiera. Kiera answers and says to tell Gardiner that she is not available.  When Carlos asks who she was talking to, Kiera says no one, so Carlos reminds her that she is not supposed to lie. Kiera tells him that she is using Gardiner to track the dead time travelers.  Carlos asks about the nervous juror and Kiera tells him that Carson works in real estate and is a member of the rotary club. Carlos points out that none of that screams liber8 sympathizer. Kiera says that she agrees and Carlos whispers for her to call section 6.  Kiera picks up the phone for the purpose of pretend and calls Alec.  He checks Carson's family and notices that there has been no electrical or internet usage since the trial began. There also has been no debit card, cell phone or credit card usage in the last 48 hours. Carlos asks if section 6 has been Alec the whole time and when Kiera says yes, Carlos replies that Alec is good.  Kiera then asks what Carlos thinks is going on and Carlos suggests that Carson's family could have been kidnapped. Kiera adds that if this is indeed the case that Sonya is setting up Randall's trial to fail.

Carlos gets off the phone with his contact at the Ministry of Justice and tells Kiera that each of the jurors was given a break before they were sequestered. Apparently, Carson used it to check his email. Kiera calls on Alec, who checks the email and Kiera says that since this was the only outside contact that this had to be how they sent the threat.  The email is a video of Carson's family bound and gagged with the word innocent over it. Alec tells Kiera that his mother is due in court and says that he has to go.  Looking at the image, Carlos magically surmises that the family is being held in a fishing boat.  Kiera and Carlos then go to see Inspector Nora Harris, who wants to inform the court that the jury has been compromised. Kiera says that is not a good idea because if the court dismisses the jury for tampering that it will place Carson's wife and daughter in danger. Carlos adds that they should keep up the illusion until they can find the family. Harris instructs them to find the family before the trial is over, adding that otherwise, she will have no choice but to report to the judge because the trial is too important to go off the rails.

Alec's mom is now giving testimony and she tells the story of what happened between Julian and Carlos, suggesting that Julian was just defending himself and did nothing wrong.  Alec is leaving the building and Ann chases after him, begging for a chance to explain. Alec asks her what she wants to explain and adds that she perjured herself.  Ann says that she is not asking him to lie but Alec points out that if he tells the truth, he is sending his mother to jail and if he lies, he is sending them both. Ann says that Julian needs their protection because he has no one else and Alec reminds her that Julian shot a police officer in cold blood and he was ready to blow up a building.  Ann replies that Julian is family and adds that families don't turn their backs on one another.  Alec counters that apparently they throw each other to the wolves and let them fight over the scraps, before walking away.

Alec takes Kiera and Carlos down to the lab to hook up her CMR to a device to look quickly through images.  Carlos asks if it is safe and Alec does not answer. Kiera brings up Ann and Alec apologizes but says that he doesn't want to talk about it. Carlos does not blame Alec but points out that Ann wants Julian out on the street at the expense of public safety.  Alec starts up his invention and after a moment's pause, Kiera says that she is fine and images start to flicker before her eyes and on a screen.  Alec gets a call and it's Emily but he doesn't answer it.  Kiera quickly finds the location of the boat.

Later that night, Travis approaches Rebecca and asks if the protest in the courtroom was the best her people could do. When Rebecca replies that they got attention, Travis tells her that they are going to have to step up their game if this is important to her.  Rebecca says that she believes in this message and that there are underground cells dedicated to this movement. Travis tells her that the movement requires everything from them. including sacrifice. Rebecca nods her head and then follows Travis.

The next morning, Alec wakes up after spending the night with Emily.  She tells him that he doesn't have to be in court for another couple hours and asks if he has thought about what he is going to say.  When Alec doesn't answer, Emily assures him that it is going to be okay.  Alec says that it's not okay because if he tells the truth, he will be sending his mother to prison for perjury. Emily tells him that whatever he decides that there is no shame in it and that she will be there to support him. Alec gets up and says that he has to get going to work and rushes out the door.

Emily is in bed by herself when she hears a noise and runs downstairs believing that it's Alec.  She starts to move slowly when she sees that her front door is open and does not get a response to her call for Alec.  Emily then calls out for Ricky but still gets no answer. A man sneaks up behind her and asks where Alec is. Emily says that Alec is not there and when the man moves towards him her, she manages to get him down on the floor and twists his arm to get information. When he refuses to say who he is, Emily kills him then calls for a clean up on location one and adds that she has something Usher might want to see.

Kiera and Carlos are at the police station and Carlos says that he is being spoiled by her future tech wizardry.  Alec tells Kiera that finding the boat is 100 years old will be difficult to trace. Harris walks over to ask if they have anything on the family and Carlos reports only that they know they are on a fishing boat, which they assume is on the lower mainland. Kiera adds that most of these boat graveyards don't have an online presence and it's mostly scanned paperwork with no organizational system. Carlos adds that they cannot call them for fear of alerting the criminals, so they are stuck chasing paper.  Harris then asks how they uncovered the boat and Kiera lies and says that Carlos had a hunch. so she called a contact of hers at the coastguard and they got lucky.  Harris points out that you have to be good to be lucky before walking away.  Carlos says that Kiera has become a pro at lying and adds that it could not have been easy to lie to protect herself and others. Kiera replies that it wasn't.

Kiera goes back to looking through the paper and she thinks that she has found a lead. Kiera and Carlos head to the boat and she says that she has two heat signatures on the deck and two below.  Carlos comments that if there are two on the deck that they will see them coming.  Kiera takes off her clothing revealing the suit and Carlos asks if all cops look like her in the future. Kiera says that it is standard and lasts 65 years.  As they board the boat, Carlos points out that since Kiera is theoretically not born yet, she could meet herself as a baby. Kiera tells him to try not to get hung up on the details. They walk until someone approaches from behind and orders them to drop their guns. They turn and Kiera makes herself invisible, and Carlos uses the distraction to disarm the guy.  Kiera makes herself visible again and says that it looks like they are at the right place.  Carlos approaches two men above deck and an invisible Kiera fights one off and once again, Carlos uses the distraction to take the other out.   They head to the hold and see the two women who have been kidnapped.

At court, Alec is asked what his relationship is with Julian and Alec replies that Julian is his brother.  He is then asked to tell them what happened the day Carlos and Kiera came to the farm. Alec tells the truth and says that Julian shot Carlos and knew he was a cop when he did so.  The judge gets a message and puts the court in recess. Kiera and Carlos tell the judge about the kidnapped family and the judge says that he will oversee the remainder of the case as a bench trial.

Outside of the courtroom, Alec approaches Anne and says that he had to tell the truth.  Anne replies that it was wrong of her to expect Alec to lie. Anne adds that she lost Roland, is losing Alec and doesn't want to lose Julian.  Alec apologizes and says that maybe if he didn't lock himself away in the barn but is cut off by Anne who tells him not to apologize and adds that Alec is too damn smart for his own good. Anne tells Alec that he has the ability to change the world and a call goes out that the court will resume in five minutes. Anne tells Alec she loves him and walks away. 

Back in the courtroom, the judge asks Julian to stand and the scene switches to a fast forward where he is found guilty of high treason, mass murder and civil insurrection in a flashforward.  Julian is told that the maximum sentence is death.  In the present, the judge says that the police failed to follow proper procedure in identifying themselves and finds that Julian was acting in self defense and is therefore not guilty. In the past, Julian learns that he is to be transferred to corporate detention and Julian says that this is not the plan and adds not him, as future Alec looks on.

On the courthouse steps, Jim is having a press conference and says that if he is elected mayor that he will investigate the obvious corruption of their court system. When he is done, he catches up with Carlos and Carlos says that someone got to the judge. Jim replies that if it's true that there's a paper trail and they just have to find it. Carlos says that it was probably liber8.  Jim adds that it's possibly someone on the inside as well and adds that he will help however he can but he is not in office yet. The two shake hands and Jim gets into a limo.

Sonya is in the limo with Jim and he says that the groundwork has been set and that Julian won't have anywhere to hide. Jim adds that he expects Julian to crawl into her arms in the next couple of weeks. Sonya tells him that his judge performed brilliantly and adds that it's too late for Jim to have regrets. Jim give Sonja a stern look and declares that he has no regrets.

Back at the station. Carlos tells Kiera that the ministry of Justice is going to launch a full investigation. Kiera says that Sonya planned to be seen at the courthouse. so they could discover the kidnapping and maneuver the judge into making a bench judgement. Carlos says that it doesn't make a difference because with Julian out on probation that it's only a matter of time till he messes up again. Carlos leaves with Betty and Kiera gets an email showing an image of Travis in a rear view mirror. Kiera then meets up with Agent Gardiner  and he tells her that the man is a ghost but he has dug up a possible address for him. Gardiner asks Kiera if they are going to do this and Kiera says that they have nothing to lose.

The judge is leaving his chambers where he is met by Rebecca, who thanks him for his sacrifice for the cause.  Travis approaches dressed as a sheriff and forces the judge back into his chambers, as Rebecca puts on headphones so she won't have to hear the judge being killed.

Well the meta is moving along.  We know that Usher is going to be playing a major role this season. He previously tried to recruit Kiera, beat out Kellog for a scientist and now has arranged for the highly skilled Emily to be Alec's lover. I am not pleased that Alec was given a love interest who clearly has ulterior motives. It reads like a typical geek misogynist fantasy where the only woman who can be interested in them is working an agenda. 

There were a lot of irritating errors in this episode.  Let's start with the fact that a mayor in a Canadian city cannot decide as being tough on crime.  No mayor has that kind of power and that is why that line of thinking would have to come from a premier or a prime minister. Furthermore, no mayor can promise to run and investigation into a judge because he doesn't like the decision. The crown would refer the case to a governing body and they would investigate.   No person could stand up in court and protest like Rebecca's group did without finding themselves in contempt of court and spending some time in a jail.  Another thing, if you enter a Canadian court, it's necessary to bow to the judge out of respect and tradition but no one did this. Also, have they ever been inside a Canadian courtroom because the setting they used certainly did not look like one, especially for to federal crimes.

Alec expressed shocked to learn that Alec is section 6. I am happy someone mentioned how ridiculous this is.  Alec might be a genius but they have him doing catchall work as though the databases he investigates aren't at all secure.  It's a ridiculous premise from start to finish.

This week, Kiera finally showed Carlos her tech.  It had me wondering why they didn't do this during the big reveal that she is a time traveler, rather than having Carlos take a leap of faith because Kira is a good person.  Another thing, obviously, Kiera has no problem lying because she does it all of the time.