Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beauty and the Beast, Season 2, Episode 4: Hothead

Vincent and Catherine have broken up last episode!

Place your bets now on how quickly they get back together! I am betting on no more than 3 episodes!

For now Cat is relationship free – which means she and Tess are going out for the night and Cat is determined that she is now “over it.” Tess tots up the lying amnesiac boyfriend who is killing people, the dead father who isn’t really her father and the sister who is moving away and expresses doubt that Cat is, indeed, “over it.”

Meanwhile Vincent is impatient. On the phone to his boss, Reynolds (who is still disguising his voice) he wants to know the full list of Beasts he has to kill (is there any questioning whether any of these Beasts deserve to die or not? Or who is controlling them – since Vincent is no better off himself) so he can get through them as soon as possible. Reynolds suspects Cat is the reason why Vincent is suddenly gung ho and Vincent tells him about his suddenly returning memories. Reynolds tells him to avoid her, she’s a distraction from his mission and Vincent wants his mission done since it’s a distraction from Cat.

Elsewhere, a building is burning in a raging inferno – and a man is just walking through the flames. The news reports that this is just one of several arson attacks that burn incredibly hot and are set by hand – but miraculously the arsonist escapes each time. Gabe, watching the news, mutters that the arsonist isn’t human. And that he isn’t wearing a special fire-proof suit – he is a special fireproof suit. With this revelation (I’m going with revelation even though I’m more inclined to label it a strange, solo game of madlibs) he wants to speak to Cat

Cat is aggressively playing pool with Tess and pretending absolutely nothing’s wrong which is not convincing anyone. A guy starts hitting on her – and won’t take no for an answer; he tries to hug her and she pushes him back – other people object to the disruption and she takes out a few more people on general principles. Including a judge.

When she and Tess arrive at the police station, Gabe is not happy with them and after ranting takes Cat aside to discuss the Arson Beast – why exclude Tess from this? Anyway, Gabe has a theory that Muirfield created specially tailored fire-resistant Beasts to shut down oil rig fires, possibly part funded by Big Oil. He wants Cat to get Vincent involved. Cat is suspicious – Gabe wanting to send Vincent on missions doesn’t seem very good to her; but Gabe claims he wants to capture the Arson Beast and cure him just like Gabe was – despite it being a rather extreme and difficult process. Cat thinks she has far too much going on in her life to think about rescuing other people: and this is the Arson department’s case not hers. She walks out.

So Gabe decides to go to Vincent’s boat to see him on his own; Vincent doesn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat. He doesn’t remember Gave which could have been a good thing but Gabe is honest from the start and introduces himself as the man who tried to kill Vincent. He tells Vincent about being a Beast and losing control before Catherine found a way to save him – all said with Vincent’s hand wrapped round his throat. Gabe tells Vincent he wants to capture a Beast to test his cure – so Vince needs to capture one and refrain from the killing. Vincent tries briefly for a “kill beast? Me? Why I never would!” but Gabe isn’t such a fool. He also sweetens the ide with the fact that if Vince weren’t a Beast he and Cat could totally be playing happy families now.

Last I check, Vince being beasty wasn’t the thing keeping Cat and Vince apart.

Vincent is happy to take the news that the arsonist is a Beast – and sets off to kill it. He’s not interested in a cure. He sets out and uses his super senses until he smells fire

He arrives in a burning building, calmly ignoring all the flames (hey great tactics – let’s confront the fireproof creature in the middle of an inferno), to find ArsonBeast happily planting his devices . he attacks ArsonBeast and knocks him down. Arsonbeast notes that Vincent is faster and stronger – but Vincent can’t run leaving a trail of fire behind him which he then launches at Vincent…

…Really? Really really? Pray tell what member of the animal kingdom Murifield mixed DNA with to produce a Beast that THROWS FIRE?

With Vincent rolling desperately to put out the flames, Arsonbeast follows up by kicking Vincent repeatedly until he stops moving then leaves him as the smoke billows around him.

Tess and Cat go to a spa for some more of that “me time” but Cat can not only not drop the issue but keeps talking about Vincent, Beasts and flatlining Beaty cures in front of the masseuses. This is why Cat doesn’t do undercover guys. And Gabe keeps calling while Tess tells her to ignore his calls (ok Gabe is annoying beast obsessed person but he is also your boss and, last I checked, you were still both cops? Right? Right they are still cops?) Gave responds by calling Cat again and Tess and the owner of the spa (which is creepy in the extreme).

The news is that Vincent is in hospital since the powers that be found him before he was crispy crittered. Cat is amazed that Vince is that reckless – which means she must have had a memory lapse as well –seriously Cat? Since when has Vince NOT been reckless? This is the man who jumped off tall buildings because he couldn’t be arsed with the stairs! She’s not amused with Gabe for getting Vince involved and not amused with Vince for fighting the fireproof beast in a towering inferno. Vince pouts about Gabe giving up his secret mission – I’m sorry, was his mission to kill Beasts supposed to NOT be common knowledge? Really? I know Cat isn’t exactly the brightest spark, but she is a detective. I’m sure, given enough times, you repeatedly hunting and killing Beasts MAY have given her a clue.

More moping bonding between them with Cat saying her life is too messy for the messy Vincent and Vince saying he wants to kill all his victim quickly (to the police detective. Can we double check she’s still a cop?) so he doesn’t have to lie to Cat about his murders any more and they can play happy blood-stained-families. Yay!

Some fire investigators want to talk to Vince about being the guy on the fire scene and Gabe provides a cover story that “Victor” is working under cover for the DA’s office. On the fires. Without involving the Arson squad. Oookay. Gabe falls back on the amnesia excuse. And the very excitable arson investigator is Aaron Keller – the son of Vincent’s brother who died in 9/11. Vincent has a full blown panic attack and flashbacks to being a firefighter. Gabe clears out the investigators and Vincent beasts-out and jumps out the window.

Reynolds calls Vincent about what happened and he tells him he had a complete memory overload; but Reynolds just urges him to get it back together, focusing on killing off the last of the list and then he can return to his normal life (hah, right). Speaking off – the Arsonist is Eddie Long, created when Muirfield decided to experiment on a convicted arsonist and pyromaniac because… Reasons. He wants Vincent to stay away from anything memory triggering

Which means Cat being at his home waiting for him (Vincent, lock your doors!) is probably not good. Cat asks about his flashback and she’s as confused as I am – since when is Vincent a fireman? She assumes he was but just didn’t tell her before.

At the police station Tess smacks down Gabe when he orders her around (“I’m not your secretary, I tolerate you.”) Gabe wants to be ready to test his flatline/cure idea and Tess pokes him that if the cure does work he’s just going to make it easier for Cat and Vincent to be together which makes Gabe and Catherine being together all the less likely.

Cat and Vincent go to see the arson investigators because there’s lots of angst fodder there. Pooling knowledge, they learn that Eddie apparently has a grudge against a certain company and narrow down the buildings he’s likely to hit while Aaron leaps around like an over-eager puppy. Which means when the big alarms go off, Aaron has already run off on his own because he’s clever like that

They arrive at the burning building and, of course, Vincent has to go in alone to help save his silly silly nephew – he kisses Cat before he goes. Gabe joins Cat with his full resurrection Beaticure kit

Aaron enters the building and is promptly knocked unconscious. Vincent confronts Eddie and Eddie is doing this because he blames the people who funded Muirfield’s research. Battle ensues  and Vincent manages to counter Eddie’s fire with a burst water pipe. They split up and Vincent has some flashbacks to when he rescued his brother from a fire, risking his own life – and his brother then insisted he return to medical school and become a doctor. He then hallucinates his brother in the present before finding Aaron. He carries him outside, rescuing him.

In the building Eddie climbs some stairs, not looking so good – and Catherine (inside the burning building?) is there waiting – she shoots him. Twice. Gabe hurries over and they try the resurrection beasticure. It doesn’t work, the man is well and truly dead.

At the police station Gabe again repeats his plan to save Vincent (has anyone asked Vincent if he wants to be saved?) Aaron drops in to thank Cat for all she did and to wish he got to pull the trigger – which she refutes, it’s not his job and not a happy fun thing anyway.

Cat and Vincent walk down the street discussing his memory coming back and how Catherine’s whole “I need space” thing didn’t last very long. The go to the 9/11 memorial and Vincent wonders about stopping being a firefighter and how he could, possibly, have saved his brothers and she reminds him that he could just as easily be dead. They end hugging

And I think my “3 episodes” was kind of ridiculous – 1, 1 episode apart. And not even that

So, Beasts are immune to fire now? We’re going with specialist Beasts with special powers? Oh gods are we heading towards Beast of the week? This feels like Dark Angel Season 2

And, really Gabe comes up with this theory? Why is “Muirfield made super special fire proof beasts” more plausible than “man in fire proof suit”? Have we seen ANY indication that Beasts are tailor made towards special situations?

And if he’s fire proof, how come the Arson Beast’s clothes survived the fire? Does he go to the Human Torch’s tailor?

Are we going to get an explanation of these Beasts? Where did they all come from? Who is controlling them? Is anyone controlling them? Why are they all dangerously unstable murderers? I mean, Vincent when out of control, was bestial and angry – same with Gabe. They were never calculatingly sadistic, murderous or cunningly malicious. They were animalistic.

And why is Vincent doing this? Seriously, he’s killing any and ALL beasts. Not just ones on the list. He heard the arsonist is a beast so sets out to kill him. Does he even know if his bosses want him to? And if it’s safe for him to assume his bosses want all Beasts dead, why doesn’t he twig that that may make them very unhealthy people to work for?

Vincent was a firefighter alongside his brother? Wait, what? Vincent was a doctor who joined the army after 9/11 and his brother’s death, have they just retconned his character? Just thrown in this whole new backstory for some extra angst?

Is it common for District Attorneys to take over the running of police departments in the US? And if so, doesn’t that end up with a whole load of police who could have been promoted into the role giving the “civilian” 8 kinds of shit over it?

I actually support Cat realising she needs to focus on herself and get her highly messed up life together rather than getting ensnared with Vincent and Beast issues again – especially based on Gabe’s incredibly dubious plan based on a huge assumption that they’re dealing with a beast. Self-care is not selfish – and I like that message sine so much fiction in general, let alone the genre, promotes a level of selflessness that is impossible to achieve. I just wish it had been maintained and she’d continued telling Gabe “totally not my problem, sell your half-assed logical leaps to someone who cares,” and Vincent that she is actually really truly over him