Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode Five: Sinners and Saints

Devina and Elijah are talking and she tells him that he is the one they call honorable. When she says that he doesn't look well, Elijah points out that he did have a mystical dagger shoved in his chest.  Elijah quickly moves to the heart of the matter - ending a war between the witches and the vampires before it truly begins. Devina wants to know why she should trust him and Elijah says that even though he is starving, he would not feed on a child.  Devina then cuts her hand and waves the blood under Elijah's nose.  He simply takes a drop from the knife and his colour comes back.

Klaus grabs Sophie and accuses her of allowing Haleigh to be attacked and almost killed by a gaggle of "lunatic witches." Sophie reminds Klaus and Rebekah that she is linked to Haleigh and therefore would never do anything like that.  Sophie tells them that Sabine told the witches about a vision she had about Haleigh.  Apparently, the vision was interpreted to mean that the baby would bring death to all of the witches. Rebekah asks how extreme the faction is and says that she promised Elijah that she would protect the baby while he worked on Devina. 

We get a flashback to 8 months ago and Sophie partying at a bar. Sophie says that her upbringing was very traditional and that the minute she turned 21, she left the Quarter to travel. Sophie returned to Rosseau's because she wanted to be a chef. Upon her return, Sophie learned that the ancestors had made the decision to go ahead with the harvest - a ceremony which links the witches to their ancestors and in the process, keeps their magic flowing. At the ceremony, a group of witches is lined up and Sophie interrupts it  and calls it ridiculous. 

Klaus gets a call from Marcel, who says that he just heard about a bunch of dead witches in the bayou and the wounds look werewolf inflicted, though there wasn't a full moon. Marcel asks Klaus to come with him to investigate but Klaus says it doesn't sound like a problem and should be something they celebrate.  Marcel replies that something is out there and because Klaus's blood is the only cure for a werewolf bite that he would love for him to accompany him.  Klaus agrees to go but what he does not know is that Marcel has been looking at a picture of the house where Klaus, Rebekah and Haleigh live throughout the conversation.

Sophie tells Klaus that she has to gather the witches remains and consecrate them before sundown or they will lose the link to their magic. Klaus reminds Sophie that the witches tired to kill Haleigh and he doesn't want Marcel's informant to find anything that would lead him back to them.  It's quite telling that Klaus refers to the fetus as, "that". Klaus leaves and tells Sophie not to finish her story until he returns.

Marcel enters St. Anne's and Father Kieran questions if he is there to move his prisoner.  Marcel tells him that Devina is not a prisoner and adds that he is moving her tonight because too many people know where she is. Kieran is not impressed that Marcel has been using Devina to stop the witches from doing magic and Marcel quickly cuts him off because he is not interested in witches rights.

In the attic, Elijah holds up a fiddle and asks Devina if she plays.  When Marcel enters, Elijah disappears.  Marcel informs Devina that he is moving her tonight and she is quite excited about the prospect. Marcel asks how Elijah is doing and she tells him not to disturb the body because she has a spell in progress.  Marcel tells Devina to pack up what she needs and promises to buy whatever else she wants before leaving. 

Elijah appears again and is surprised that Devina didn't reveal the fact that he is awake.  Devina simply says that they are not done talking yet.  Elijah comments that she seems very close to Marcel and Devina calls Marcel her family.  Elijah points out that Marcel delights in tormenting the witches but it seems that Devina thinks that they deserve it.  When Elijah asks why, Devina says that the witches made her and her friends do this harvest ritual.  The elders said their participation would bring their families strength and health. Devina left when she realised that they wanted was more power and since she left, they cannot complete the reaping.  Devina adds that soon all of the witches in the Quarter will start to lose their powers. Elijah asks what it takes to complete the ritual and Devina reveals that she has to die.

Sophie is at the graveyard gathering supplies to head out to the bayou when she is met by Haleigh.  Haleigh makes it clear that she is coming with her because what killed those dead witches, could still be out there. Sophie says that she is not buying Haleigh's sudden concern for her family.  Haleigh makes it clear that she came to New Orleans to find out more about her family and she is pretty sure that some guardian angel wolf saved her life last night.  Rebekah appears and calls them both idiotic and reminds them that both Klaus and Marcel are going to be there.  Haleigh will not be deterred. 

Rebekah calls Klaus and says that Sophie is on mission and his "baby momma" is joining them.  Rebekah suggests that Klaus keeps Marcel occupied for awhile.  Klaus heads into a bar where Marcel is waiting and asks where the informant Thomas is.  Klaus brings up Elijah and questions whether Devina has grown partial to his company.  Marcel asks why Klaus is so curious about Devina and adds that he is never going to get her.  Klaus switches tactics and asks how Marcel met Devina.  Marcel says that it was eight months ago and though the relationship wasn't perfect, some of them were not divided.

We get a flashback to Sophie and Marcel as lovers.  Sophie is upset that they have every 16 year old girl dying in their coven.  Klaus calls Marcel a hypocrite but Marcel says that it was a mutually satisfying hook up.  We learn that Sophie went to Father Kieran to intervene with the elders. The elders makes it clear that they have to do this because the vampire presence in the Quarter is growing too strong. Sophie tells Jo-Anne that this is a myth.  Father Kieran points out that what the witches are planning to do is immoral and murder.  He adds that the humans have an arrangement with the vampires just like they have the witches. Father Kiernan says that if the witches go through with the harvest that they will be facing the vampire without him.  The conversation is interrupted by Sean, and Kieran tells him that they were just finishing.  It seems that the witches put a hex on Sean to make it appear as though he was slowly losing his mind, while they continued to prepare for the harvest. This is how Sean ended up killing all of his fellow seminary students and himself.  Klaus says that he must of read about it in the news and Marcel adds that Sean had a twin sister.

In the attic, Elijah questions why it is that Devina has to die.  Devina says that this is what the harvest wants and that the leaders promised to put them into a state of peaceful limbo and at the reaping they would awaken and be reborn.  Devina says that the reaping is around the corner and all she has to do is wait it out and the witches will be punished and she will be free.  Devina adds that all of the power will drain away and she will be normal.  Devina reveals that she cannot control her magic sometimes and that she hurts people, even when she doesn't meant to.  Elijah asks about her friends and Devina brings up Tim and her best friend Monique, who was a part of the harvest as well.  Devina brings up Sophie fighting to save Monique because she is her aunt.

Rebekah, Haleigh and Sophie are in the bayou and have found the remains of the witches.  Haleigh finds larges print on the ground and they hear a sound.  A person sees Rebekah and takes off after saying that Rebekah is an Original.  Rebekah gets on the phone with Klaus and warns him that she has been spotted and Klaus is not impressed that Rebekah let the vampire get away. Klaus says that he will handle it but will need a distraction.  Rebekah promises that she will handle it. Klaus turns to Marcel and tells him to get on with the juicy bits.  Marcel points out that he has done a lot in his day but does not mess with children.

Back in the attic, Devina tells Elijah that no one but Sophie ever questioned the harvest, including her own mother.  Devina says that she thought it was an honour.  Elijah asks how it began and she says that she they were led out like princesses.  Bastiana called upon the four elements to bind their magic. They were told that at the reaping, they would all awaken and be more powerful than ever.  Sophie appeared but they silenced her.  The tributes were lead one after another to be slaughtered and Sophie screamed as Monique was killed.  Devina points out that even her own mother turned away.  The ceremony was stopped when vampires led by Marcel ended the ceremony.  It seems that Kiernan put Marcel up to stopping the ceremony. 

Marcel says that there was something about seeing Devina fight and that she didn't just go along with the slaughter. Marcel adds that she felt like a kindred spirit with with Devina.  Because all of the girls died except Devina, she suddenly acquired all of the power that was supposed to be released back into the earth. Devina says that she knows that she was supposed to be killed but is upset that that they lied and now she questions whether they were going to be coming back.  Devina adds that mostly, she just didn't want to die.

Klaus tells Marcel that he is quite the knight in shining armor but points out that Devina must realise that he owes her, as much as she owes him. Marcel says that he is protecting Devina. Rebekah shows up and comments that this is like old times.  Klaus excuses himself to go the bathroom and Marcel questions if Rebekah is there to make sure that he doesn't spill secrets between the two of them, which are better left unsaid. Rebekah tells Marcel that he doesn't want to be on the wrong side of her and Marcel threatens her right back. Outside, Klaus confronts Thomas about what he saw, and Thomas spills everything about Haleigh. Klaus makes quick work of Thomas.

In the attic, Elijah has fixed the violin and the room starts to shake.  Elijah tells Devina that she needs control and the power she has gained is too much for her. Elijah adds that he still has his mother's grimoires, which contain all the information Devina needs to control her magic. Elijah promises to give them to Devina but says that if she leaves with Marcel, they will never see each other again. Devina replies that the witches manipulated her and Elijah argues that this is not manipulation but one thing in exchange for another.

Klaus has made his way back into the bar to find Rebekah alone and Marcel gone.  Rebekah wonders if Marcel realised that they were stalling him.  Klaus points out that Marcel could have been stalling them.  Marcel has made his way back to the attic to pick up Devina and suggests leaving Elijah behind as a parting gift to his siblings. Devina takes one last look back and heads out of the room.  Downstairs, Devina stops moving and is suddenly overcome with the magic.  Devina says that there is something dangerous before passing out. Marcel tucks Devina back into bed and leaves. 

We get a flashback to Marcel bringing Devina into the attic for the first time.  He promises to bring her anything she wants and Devina says that what she really wants is vengeance.  In the present, Devina sits up and asks for Elijah. Elijah promises to give Devina the grimoire and adds that he values his family above everything. Devina points out that Klaus handed him to Marcel in a box but Elijah says that he will fight for his family until his last breath.  Devina replies that she will fight the witches until her last breath.

On his way out, Marcel is confronted by Father Kiernan, who wants to know if Devina is going to be left there until the witches find her.  Kiernan adds that Marcel was supposed to get her out of New Orleans and that they failed the other three girls.  Marcel says that the plans changed but Kiernan suggests that the plans changed because Marcel now knows how powerful Devina is.  Marcel tells Kiernan that he has been running the town just fine and doesn't need him in his business. Kiernan yells that he calls the shots with the humans and adds that Marcel doesn't want to make any enemy of him.  Kiernan tells Marcel to stay away from Camille and Marcel walks out of the church.

In the Bayou, Haleigh is horrified that all of the witches died.  Sophie calls Sabine the witch equivalent of a drama queen. Haleigh asks Sophie if she was right about the harvest ritual not working and Sophie replies that she saw with her own eyes that it was working.  Haleigh questions how Sophie can be sure that Sabine's vision isn't right.

Klaus confronts Marcel about distracting him and Marcel makes it clear that he will not take Devina from him.  Marcel replies that the law of nature states that the strong always take from the weak.  Marcel says that if Klaus was so strong, he wouldn't have run away from New Orleans like a little bitch, all of those year ago. Klaus punches Marcel in the face and tells Marcel not to mistake him for one of his nightwalker lackeys.  Klaus makes it clear that he can take Devina any time he likes. Elijah intervenes and tells Marcel that if anyone is to teach Klaus a lesson, it's him.

In the house, Rebekah is pouring drinks and informs Haleigh that this was her last trip to the Bayou. Rebekah questions what is up with Haleigh and the wolves and Haleigh replies that maybe it's just a pipe dream of find a connection to her real family. Rebekkah says that family is a pain in the behind and makes it clear that Haleigh is not in this alone.  Klaus and Elijah come charging in the house and Rebekah runs to Elijah. Elijah excuses himself to go and talk to Haleigh, who had gone to sit outside. Haleigh slaps Elijah across the face and tells him not to make promises he can't keep.

They all gather in the study and Elijah says that everything that brought them here to New Orleans is lie.  He says that the war between vampires and witches was about Devina.  We get a flash to Sophie talking to her aunt about Devina.  Sophie promises to find a way to get Monique back, and finish the ritual once and for all.  Elijah says that this is not about power but family.  Elijah believes that Sophie is more dangerous than anyone because she wants Devina to die, so that Monique may be brought back to life.

Sophie is in cemetery at Jane-Anne's tomb.

I am truly tired of the scheming Klaus and want to see him act like the Original vampire that he is.  Marcel charging him was ridiculous and it made him look like a child throwing a temper tantrum.  Klaus is an Original and a hybrid at that.  If Marcel is so smart and capable what sense did his attack on Klaus make?  I don't understand this continued disrespect for the Originals are the power that they are capable of wielding.  Rebekah in particular needs a moment on screen where she actually kicks ass, rather than continually being removed from the fight. It is bad enough that Rebekah is as old as she is, and is constantly a needy, desperate person.

Elijah is finally out of he coffin and while he may be the honourable one, he is entirely too trusting.  It's a facet of his personality that I find irritating considering his age.  Also in what world does it make sense to give a 16 year old girl who cannot control the magic she has by giving her more power by giving Esther's grimoires?

This week saw the shift that will probably eventually make Marcel into an ally of the Originals.  Now Sophie is the big threat and the witches are the problem.  I understand why people would be horrified about the reaping but let's face facts - these aren't people; they're vampires.  How many deaths are they responsible for but what the witches are doing is so terrible?  I don't see this as compelling television but oh well.