Sunday, October 27, 2013

Revolution, Season Two, Episode Five: One Riot, One Ranger

In Willougby Texas, Rachel and Monroe are on a roof staring at the patriot troops who are standing guard over the town. Charlie attempts to leave and enter the town and Monroe has to tell her that the patriots have the town and therefore they should think before they act.  We're not five minutes into this episode and already we have a male character encouraging a female one to act rationally. 

Inside the town, Ed Truman sees the burned bodies of the men from the train yard for the first time.  He learns that not only were the men horribly burned, they can find no trace of accelerant. Ed orders the bodies to be sent away.

Rachel and Miles are talking and he is concerned about a blow back from Ken's death. Rachel tells him that he Ken is buried deeply and that she scrubbed the scene of blood. Miles informs her that she is a complicated woman. They are interrupted by a knock on the door and it turns out to be Aaron. Aaron wants to know if Miles was at a railroad and jumped a chain link fence last night.  When Aaron brings up the two men who burst into flames, Miles closes the door and asks Aaron how he knows that.  Aaron explains that he saw it and probably did it.  Miles asks what he is saying and Rachel explains that it could be the nanotech.  Miles ask them to dial back the crazy.  Suddenly the bells outside start to ring.

Outside, more armed troops are entering on horseback as the town gathers. It turns out that the men are Texas Rangers and they are looking for Truman. John Franklin Fry, the secretary of the interior of the sovereign state of Texas informs Truman that the patriots are an armed force on their sovereign soil.  Fry asks for a reason why he shouldn't cut him down where he stands. Both sides draw their weapons as Miles looks on.  Truman orders the patriot to put down their weapons and informs Fry that he is the one who wrote the letter informing the Texas government of their presence. Truman says that they saved the town from the Andover clan on only wants a chance to explain.

As Fry dismounts, Rachel asks if Miles knows him and Miles reveals that he once tried to kill Fry. Miles says that Fry is their best shot of starting a war with the patriots and hopes Fry is over the past.

Neville watches as people struggle trying to get on a wagon.  Neville heads over to Allenford to find out what is going on and is informed that the Patriots have built a new settlement up in Perrysburg. Allenford informs Neville that he is going to accompany her to D.C. as part of her security detail.  When Neville tells Allenford that he is glad to have her trust, she makes it clear that he has her orders but not her trust.

In a meeting, Truman asks Fry to spend a few days with them and see that their intentions are pure but Fry says that he would rather crawl naked through cut glass. Fry says that he is leaving for Austin and will talk to the general before leaving. Truman orders the gates opened and the patrols stopped while the rangers are there. He also orders that the person who broke into the train yard last night be found before they can talk to Texas.

On the street, Fry is handed a badge and is told that it is from a friend.  Fry goes to see Miles, who immediately raises his arms. Miles tells Fry that it would help if he was called Stu Redman and Fry informs him that he could have Miles executed on the spot. Miles offers Stu a drink and Fry says that Patriots claim that they will be moving back north once everything is settled. Miles tells Fry that this is complete and utter crap. Miles says that Patriots are not Americans and dropped the bombs on Atlanta and Philadelphia. Miles suggests that Fry tell the general to send everything that he has got because the Patriots are an invading force but Fry wants proof. Miles asks what proof because the Patriots are there.  Fry argues back that they have 70% of their troops deployed on the southern border and that it is sketchy to open a second front on the say so of a war criminal. Fry says that the Patriots are land grabbing but the general wants a treaty not a war and says again that he needs hard proof.  Miles tells him to meet him at the railway at midnight and warns that the Patriots have eyes and ears everywhere. 

Miles is walking the streets when a can is kicked in front of him. When he turns the corner, he finds Charlie waiting for him. Charlie shows him the wanted poster for Rachel and says that she found it on a bounty hunter in the Plains Nations. Miles questions if the patriots want Rachel why they haven't grabbed her yet. Mile says that they are in real trouble and Charlie says that this is why she came back. Miles says that they should go and see Rachel but Charlie tells him that she wants to show him something.

We get a flashback to six months ago when Aaron first arrived in town.  He is applying for a job for a teacher and says that he used to run a schoolhouse in a settlement in Wisconsin.  Aaron says that he has four degrees but he is turned down because he smells like liquor and did not smile during the interview.  He is told that he might scare the kids but Aaron says that he has not had a lot to smile about and if he doesn't do something, he is going to lose it.  Aaron begs saying that he needs this job. In the present, Aaron starts packing up his things.

Charlie is leading Miles through a swamp and promises to try and play nice when she sees Rachel. Charlie then asks Miles to make a promise not to go crazy. Miles charges Monroe and asks why Monroe did to Charlie.  Charlie interjects and tells Miles that Monroe didn't touch her. Monroe tells Miles that he saved Charlie's life and Miles ordered Charlie to leave. Monroe calls out that he is there to help because of the Patriots but Miles doesn't want Monroe's help. When Mile threatens to kill Monroe, Monroe reminds him that he has never been able to pull the trigger. Miles tells Monroe to go away and Monroe calls out that they nuked their city and are trying to pin it on him.  Monroe argues that he wants pay back and that the best way to get it is for them to work together.  Monroe asks if they can have a truce.

Charlie suggests that if they after Rachel that they should just grab her and go but Miles points out that the Patriots are everywhere. Charlie says that Miles is talking about starting a war and Monroe pipes up to say that this is a good idea. Monroe suggests that they should let Texas fight the battle for them. Miles tells them that they need proof for Fry by tonight and Miles promises to come through with some.

Cynthia finds Rachel on the street and tells her that Aaron packed his bag and is now gone. Cynthia tells Rachel that she has to find Aaron and that he told her all about their insane little mission. Cynthia says that Aaron is seeing things and are scared.  They agree to split up and look for Aaron.

We get a flashback to Aaron's first day as a school teacher and Cynthia giving him a pair of chattering teeth to improve his smile.  Cynthia's boyfriend Carl enters and is extremely hostile to Aaron.

Miles, Charlie and Monroe are at the rail station and find it completely abandoned. Monroe says it's not surprising that the scene was scrubbed and Miles replies that he was hoping for some sort of lead.  Monroe again says that they will get Fry his proof.  Miles asks if Monroe is having fun and Monroe tells him not to flatter himself.  Miles makes it clear that they are not going to play Butch and Sundance because Monroe is nothing more than a dark pit that he spent many years trying to crawl out of. Charlie finds wagon treads and they agree to follow them and see where they lead.

Neville is escorting Allenford when they are stopped by Patriot troops.  Neville is immediately wary and starts moving away, taking his backpack off. When the Patriot draws his gun claiming that he was sent to meet Allenford, Neville quickly shots.  Allenford crawls over top of the wagon and ends up in Neville's arms. The two take of running bu Allenford is shot in the stomach.

Rachel finds Aaron holding onto the chattering teeth.  Rachel tells Aaron that Cynthia is worried but he says that he is not coming back.  Aaron tells Rachel that he killed those soldiers by thinking. When Rachel questions how he could know this, Aaron tells her that when the soldiers were going to kill Miles her felt a flash of anger and the soldiers burst into flames. Aaron asks what happens if someone else gets hurt and Rachel points out that Aaron saved Miles.  Aaron tells her that this is not the first time this has happened.

We get another flashback of Aaron catching Carl, Cynthia's boyfriend being unfaithful.  Carl knocks Aaron to the ground and threatens to kill him if he tells Cynthia. Carl gets back into the car with the woman he was having sex with as Aaron walks away.  The green mystery bugs appear and the car bursts into flames with Carl and the woman inside. Aaron rushes forward but he is unable to save them before the car explodes.

Aaron tells Rachel that everyone thinks that a lantern started that fire but now he knows it was him. Aaron is worried that he cannot control it and worries that he will do something like that to Cynthia. Rachel assures Aaron that he would never do anything like that but Aaron still believes that it would be better for everyone if he left. Rachel argues that Cynthia needs Aaron and that she needs him.  Rachel promises that they will figure this out and asks Aaron to come home.

Neville is helping Allenford in the woods and tells her that the bullet has to come out. When Allenford hesitates, Neville tells her that this would be a very bad time not to trust him.  Neville stands and turns around so that Allenford can take off her top and asks about what happened back there. Allenford reveals that she wrote a letter to high command that the wagons back in Savannah were only letting on the healthy and the young and they weren't going to a new camp.  When Neville asks where, and Allenford says a reprogramming centre. Apparently the camps are about behavioral conditioning accompanied with a heavy, steady diet of LSD and so she protested.  Allenford suggests that this was their answer and Neville quips that they don't take criticism well.  Neville tells Allenford that he hitched his star to the wrong wagon and gets up to leave, saying that he is trying to be a Patriot not a fugitive.  That's when Allenford tells Neville that they have Jason at a center and promises to take Neville there if he gets her out of there.

Monroe, Charlie and Miles are continuing to follow the trial, completely unaware that they are surrounded by armed Patriot troops. A gunfight starts and Monroe quips that they are Butch and Sundance after all. Monroe brings up Southbend and Miles confirms that this will work.  Charlie is frustrated because they are not communicating a plan but just saying the name of a city. Miles and Monroe take off running and tell Charlie to cover them. Monroe and Miles sneak behind the lines and kill all of the Patriots and take the man who worked for Titus as prisoner to offer proof to Fry.

Rachel and Aaron are walking through the wood when Aaron suddenly collapses. Aaron gets a flash of Charlie, Monroe and Miles and then tells Rachel that he saw something.

Charlie is guarding their prisoner and Monroe goes to see Miles and tells him that he had fun. Rachel and Aaron walk in and Rachel grabs a gun and points it at Monroe. Miles stands in front of Rachel and says that they don't have time for this because Fry is going to be there any minute. Rachel demands to know why Miles is protecting Monroe and Charlie steps forward to say that Monroe is helping them. Charlie reveals that she is the one who brought Monroe there.  When Rachel asks why, Miles grabs Rachel's gun and tells everyone to get out of sight.

Upstairs Charlie and Aaron hug.  Rachel and Charlie get into it over Monroe and Rachel is upset that Charlie didn't kill Monroe on sight. Rachel calls Charlie stupid for believing Monroe and Charlie argues that she is stupid for coming back there. Aaron tells them both to be quiet.

Downstairs, Fry makes his appearance and asks what proof Miles has. Miles takes Fry to their captive but when Miles removes the gag, blood pours out of the man's mouth. When Miles checks his mouth, he finds a cyanide proof.  Miles tries to assure Fry that if he could talk, Fry would be blown away.  Fry says that the general is not going to start a war without proof.  Miles walks into the room and shoots Fry dead.  Miles charges Monroe who says that all they have to do is frame the Patriots for Fry's murder and they'll get the war that they want.

Though Revolution has always had it's female characters shooting gun alongside the males the two genders are clearly not equal.  I am tired of the spunky agency women constantly display and then the male characters calming them down and explaining them to be logical. I understand that Monroe and Miles have history but Charlie was turned into support staff during the battle while the menfolk went off to be heroic. Even Allenford who has thus far proven to be an interesting character was stuck begging Neville for help.  Revolution has a gender problem because it cannot stop pushing the theme of hypermasculinity.

Now we are certain that Aaron has a connection to the nanotech.  I kind of like that Aaron was given his own special super power and hope that this means his character won't be ordered around as much.  He is clearly the beta male to just about every other male on the show.