Friday, October 4, 2013

Revolution, Season Two, Episode Two: There Will Be Blood

Aaron takes a deep breath and Rachel begins CPR.  Gene states the obvious, "this isn't possible."  Somewhere in the Plains Nation, a man is looking over an ancient issue of Penthouse (notice how the important things survived) and is attacked from behind by Charlie.  She sneaks through the camp and peers down at an unconscious Monroe. 

Miles and Mason (the poc sidekick) are trapped in a cage when Mason sees Sarah - a woman he knows.  Mason asks what's behind the red door and Sarah tells him that people go in but they don't come out. Miles asks Mason how he ended up sheriff and Mason tells him that his father used to tell him stories about a ranger from Dallas Ft Worth.  It turns out the stories that Mason heard were of Walker Texas Ranger. Okay, huge pause.  We have an indigenous sheriff looking up to a White hero ranger?  Really? I guess they were going for comedy but it's some pure bullshit.  Their little tête-à-tête is broken up when their captors barge in and forcibly take a blood sample. From the results, the captors  decide to shoot Mason. Wow, he didn't even make it two entire episodes but then, that's par for the course for Revolution's treatment of POC. They better work some weird fire fly stuff and bring Mason back to life.

Aaron is looking at his bloodstains in the carpet, when Rachel joins him to ask how he is feeling.  Aaron says that he is fine for a dead guy and makes a zombie quip. He asks how long his heart stopped and Rachel says 2 1/2 hours.  Aaron realises that this is impossible and says that Cynthia (nice that they got around to giving her a name) won't stop crying. Aaron asks if it's the nanotech that did this and Rachel replies that it's the only thing that she can think of. Aaron wants to know why this happened and if someone programmed the nanotechs.  He is clearly scared and confused and Rachel has to admit that she doesn't know. 

Mason is barefoot and appears dead on a horse at the camp. This puts people into a panic.  Aaron has gone back to his lecturing of the children.  He is telling them the story of the ghostbusters.  Rachel is trying to talk her father into saving Miles and he insists that no one is going anywhere.  Rachel insists that Miles took care of Charlie and saved her. Gene says that he just wants to keep what Miles gave him and apologises.

Charlie awakes to find herself tied up and in captivity with Monroe.  She is told that she is going to be patched and instructed not to try anything. Her captor wants to know how Charlie found Monroe but says that he understands why Charlie wants to kill him. It seems that he is under the impression that Monroe is responsible for the nuke. Adam says that they are taking Monroe to their employers which turns out to be the U.S. government.  Charlie asks that they put a bullet in Monroe's head and suggests that he will escape and slit Adam's throat.  Apparently, Adam is under strict instructions to bring Monroe in alive.

Miles is working on his chains and of course manages to get loose.  He gets the cage open and is about to leave, until Sarah says wait.  He decides to go back for her and has almost gotten the cage open, when he is attacked by his captors and informed that Titus is going to want to have a word with him.

In the Savannah refugee camp, Neville has taken on the name Edgar Cray and made friends with the U.S. military.  He sits down and tells Jason that before the blackout that Allenford was on Meet the Press and probably knew Randall. Neville surmises that the Pollyanna that the rebels have been fighting for is not what the patriots want.  Neville believes the military is running a "star spangled mass" and are the people who dropped the nukes.  Neville makes it clear he is going to assassinate Allenford.

Cynthia and Aaron are discussing with the pastor his miraculous healing.  Aaron is not pleased with the sentiment that God has touched him.

Monroe asks Charlie where Rachel and Miles are but she does not answer.  He then points out that she was in the tower the night the bombs dropped and questions whether Randall pushed the button.  It seems that Monroe has some guilt about aiding Randall, particularly because people depended on him to protect them.  Charlie snarks that Monroe sucked at his job but Monroe tells her to watch her mouth.

Rachel seeks out help from Ken and he says that he just a butcher. Ken points out that they don't have enough guns or guys who can shoot to protect the town or the kids.  When he walks off, Rachel follows. Why does it always come down to able bodied men protecting women and children? Also, Ken is played by Ricard Jones, so they better do more with his character than what I have seen thus far.

Miles is finally face to face with Titus, who points out that if Miles hadn't gone back for that "whimpering slut," he would have gotten away.  Titus informs Miles that his actions are outdated and Miles suggests that Titus is creepy sounding.  Apparently, the night of the blackout, the police were headed to arrest Titus and because everything collapsed, Titus was supposedly born anew. So, Titus is a pedophile and the boys he groomed are now men,  and are still with him.  Titus then brings in the rider who came to beg for Miles. Miles is unconcerned and instead wants to know what Titus is really up to. Titus refuses to reveal his reason but takes a hammer to Miles' s hands.

Neville is following Allenford and it seems that he wants to kill her but instead, he sets up Jason's friend for attempted murder and kills him.  It looks like Neville has found a way in.

Aaron is drinking by himself when he sees a dead rat.  Aaron nudges the rat but it doesn't move, so he says that the rat isn't as lucky as he is.  Suddenly, there is a shot and when Aaron walks into the corridor, he finds a dying Ben.  When Cynthia finds him, she is shocked that Aaron is kneeling on the floor and of course, Ben is gone.

Adam frees Charlie's hands, saying that he doesn't like killing unless he has to.  Monroe is in the back of a wagon that Adam is directing when he escapes his bonds.  Monroe gets his cage open, hops out and starts running through the woods.  His escape is quickly discovered and Adam and his henchman are on Monroe's trail.  Charlie hears the struggle and takes off running in the direction of the sound.  By this point, Monroe has killed Adam's henchman and is in the middle of a fist fight Adam. Charlie intervenes and slashes at Monroe with her sword but Monroe pushes her out of the way and takes off.  Monroe makes it back to the wagon and takes off before Charlie can catch up with him. 

Rachel is saddling a horse when her father appears.  It seems that Gene has decided to accompany Rachel on her rescue mission and has even managed to rope in a few people to join them. Gene asks if Miles is worth it and Rachel simply nods her head yes. 

Aaron is crying while telling Cynthia about Ben.  Cynthia suggests that this is a miracle and that just because she believes in God does not make her a whack job. Aaron believes that what happened to him is not magic, though he cannot explain why he came back from the dead.  Aaron then admits that he knows what caused the Blackout.  We get a flashback to Aaron trying to stop the bombs but his computer crashed before he could turn the power back off.  Neville breaks in and then shoots all of the computers, as Miles, Aaron, Charlie and Rachel make their escape.

Miles is back in his cage and in a lot of pain, so Sarah reaches over and tries to help him.  Miles looks up at the red door.  Behind the door one of Titus's men sits and writes something on parchment paper before sealing it with wax.  The wax symbols is that of a triangle (hmmm is this a Masonic triangle?).  Later, we see the letter opened and read by Allenford before being burned.  Neville is ushered into Neville's tent and makes it clear that he was purposefully following the man because his gut told him that the man was a problem.  Monroe then admits that he worked security for Monroe and says that he wants to help Allenford.  Allenford asks why she should trust him and Neville says that he was born an American and did what he had to do to survive.

Rachel is riding through the woods and stops to ask for a torch.  With the light she can see that she is in a field of dead rats. 

Miles is being dragged towards the red door and though he tries to resist, he is overpowered.  When he enters, a music box is playing You Light Up  My Life, which is at odds with room, because the room is filled with what appears to be dead bodies.

Well as we can see, the government is the new big bad.  I'm actually finding the plot interesting.  I think government corruption and a dystopain world really go good together. Also I am really curious about the triangle and what it represents.  That couldn't have been without meaning.

In this episode, we have Rachel going off to save Miles.  All I can say is thank goodness for that.  I was about done with the moping passive Rachel, though she had good reason for her depression.  It is also good to see Miles, who has been the shows main rescuer, in need of a little rescuing himself.  Charlie has also gotten active again and of course, they couldn't refrain from turning her into a spunky agent.  I get that she wants revenge for Danny's death but would it really be that hard to have her think for a moment or two, before charging in without any backup? They also finally got around to giving Cynthia a name and I do like that while she is happy that Aaron is alive, she made it clear that she would not put up with any kind of disrespect.  The most interesting female character to date is of course Allenford but this is largely because we know so little about her.  I think Neville may well have met his match with her and it will be interesting to watch these two dance this season.

I was very upset with the death of the Sheriff and quite frankly surprised that they killed him off so quickly, given the fact that Adam Beach is not a nameless actor.  It's typical that Aaron could be brought back from the dead but not him.  I will however say that given that they had Beach waxing on about Walker Texas Ranger, this may be a blessing in disguise.