Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode One: Always and Forever

The Originals begins with Elijah talking about the fact that he believes that they are bonded to people with who they share blood with. Sailors find a ship floating and decide to go and investigate.  Unfortunately for them, they are met by Elijah, Klaus and Rebecca.  The group is slaughtered save one, who is ordered to take the supplies of the originals to shore. They are informed that they have landed in the French colony of Louisiana, along the shores of New Orleans.

In present day New Orleans, Elijah is at a bar having a drink and he says that he is there to visit his brother, who has a tendency to get into trouble.  We then get flashes of Klaus slaughtering people as Elijah goes on about the fact that he and Klaus do not share the same father and how this has been difficult for him. Was all of this backstory really necessary? Camille, the bartender, suggests that Elijah has a long history of getting his brother out of trouble and asks what kind of trouble his brother is in. Elijah tells Camille that he is looking for someone who might shed some light on the mess that Klaus is in now- a Jane-Ann Devereaux.  Camille says no but that she knows someone who might.

Elijah is now stalking a woman who is giving a tour through the streets.  She quickly confronts Elijah and reveals that she knows exactly who he is.  Elijah learns that Jane-Anne is dead and that her sister Sophie wants to talk to him.

There is a vigil for the slain Jane-Anne, who is lying dead in the street. Elijah points out how public this is but is told that the only people who come around there are the witches. Apparently, Jane-Anne's spirit cannot rest until she is laid properly in the cemetery.  Elijah wonders if Klaus had anything to do with this and is told that Jane-Anne died because she got caught doing magic. Marcel approaches and Elijah is told that things have changed since the original family left and that if Marcel finds out that a witch lured The Original family back into town, they will all be slaughtered.

Marcel approaches with his vampires and tells Sophie that this is an area which is not providing a lot of luck for her family.  Sophie says that they are putting Jane-Anne to rest and asks to be left alone.  Marcel says that he left the body there for a reason and that his rules state that witches cannot practice magic.  Marcel wants to know why Klaus showed up asking for Jane-Anne.  Sophie says that she doesn't know and that witches don't get involved in vampire business.  Marcel takes Jane-Anne's body until someone can remember why Klaus wanted to see Jane-Anne. Sophie pleads but Marcel says that this is not his problem.

Elijah gets on the phone to tell Rebecca what is going on. He says that Marcel now runs a menagerie of savage vampires who kill in public.  Isn't it interesting that it's the vampires of colour who savage, given all of the things we have seen Klaus do. Elijah adds that he doubts that Klaus had any idea what he was walking into.  Rebecca however is not interested in anything to do with Klaus and reminds Elijah that Klaus has worked hard to ensure that they have had no happiness. Elijah reminds her that they swore always and forever but Rebecca says that Klaus daggered her and she is not interested.  Elijah says that whatever is going on with the witches, they risked luring back the originals, which means that Klaus must be in trouble.

Sophie is standing above a circle of candles asking her sister for the strength to continue.  The door slams and she realizes that she is not alone.  Two vampires appear and accuse Sophie of doing magic.  They ask why the hybrid was looking for Jane-Anne. Elijah kills the vampires and asks Sophie what business her family has with Klaus. Sophie then leads Elijah to a cemetery and says that it's sacred ground, which means that vampires have to be invited in.  Elijah again asks what Jane-Anne wanted with Klaus. Sophie says that they have a vampire problem and that the witches have been trying to fight back, until Jane-Anne met a werewolf, who has a special connection to Klaus.  Sophie reveals that the werewolf is now pregnant with Klaus's child. When Elijah protests that this is impossible, Sophie reminds Elijah that Klaus is a hybrid.  Elijah asks for a moment alone with Haleigh.

Haleigh reveals that the witches lured her out to the bayou and did a bunch of tests on her. Haleigh says that she doesn't know how this could happen because vampires are dead.  Elijah asks Haleigh to open her mind to his and says that in he beginning their family was human.  We get a flashback to a thousand years ago, where their youngest brother was killed by werewolves.  We learn then that Michael forced Elijah's mother to use her blackmagic to protect them.  Apparently. no one felt the hunger more than Klaus and when he killed for the first time, they learned what he really was.  In that moment, Klaus began to change and Michael declared him a beast and an abomination.  Micheal demanded a spell be cast to deny Klaus a connection with his werewolf self, as Klaus begged Elijah for help. Haleigh declares Michael a dick and introduces herself to Elijah. Elijah adds that Michael hunted them for centuries and after Klaus defeated Michael, Klaus became angrier than ever. Elijah wonders if the baby will be a way for Klaus to find happiness. 

Sophie appears and tells Elijah that she is glad he feels this way.  Sophie again says that they want to run Marcel and his vampires out of town and that the baby is the key to Klaus. Sophie points out that anything Marcel knows about being a vampire he learned from Klaus.  Because Marcel trusts Klaus, he won't see the betrayal coming. Elijah reminds Sophie that Klaus won't like being told what to do. Sophie says that Marcel drove the werewolves out decades ago and won't like a hybrid baby being around.  Sophie suggests that no one has to know about the newest member of the original family. 

Elijah goes to see Klaus, who says that he is not going anywhere until he finds out who is conspiring against him.  Elijah then takes Klaus to see Haleigh and Sophie, where he learns about the baby. Klaus calls the pregnancy impossible.  Haleigh says that she would have fessed up if Klaus wasn't the father.  Sophie threatens to kill Haleigh if Klaus refuses to help and adds that they have a clear plan which they must follow.  Klaus loses his shit and says that he won't hear anymore lies.  Elijah instructs Klaus to listen and when he does, he hears the baby's heartbeat. Klaus tells the witches to kill Haleigh and the baby and leaves.  Elijah tells Sophie that no one is touch Haleigh and follows Klaus.  Elijah finds Klaus and promises to stand by him if he saves Haleigh and the child. Klaus says no before storming off.

Sophie says that Marcel and his vampires are out of control and the witches question her decision to bring in original vampires and if she can control them. Elijah appears and says that Sophie cannot control Klaus and neither can he. Elijah asks what is stop Klaus from murdering them.  Sophie then pricks her finger and Haleigh is the one who feels the pain.  This means anything that happens to Sophie happens to Haleigh.  Sophie tells Elijah that he has until midnight to get Klaus to change his mind.

Klaus is at Marcel's club and he asks what  Marcel has over the witches. Marcel says that this is his business and that he controls the witches in his town. Klaus does not take this news well and reminds Marcel what he was one hundred years ago when he left.  Marcel accuses Klaus of being jealous and reminds Klaus that he ran from New Orleans. Klaus asks what happens if someone breaks the rules and Marcel says that they die.  Marcel then announces that he is the King and demands some respect.  Klaus then bites one of Marcel's vampires and says that he has broken one of Marcel's rules and cannot be killed. Klaus asks who has the power now. What they don't know is that Elijah is watching.

Elijah calls Rebecca and tells her that Klaus is spiraling out of control and that the last time he saw Klaus like this it lasted 200 years. Rebecca instructs Elijah to leave Klaus to his own destruction. Elijah says that when Klaus heard the baby's heart beat that Klaus was close to capitulation and even if he were to return to sanity, Klaus has lost Marcel's trust.  Elijah believes that he is running out of time to get Haleigh and Rebecca wonders if they are running an orphanage now.  Elijah declares that he is not letting anything happen to the baby.

Marcel is on the phone and declares that he knows how to deal with Klaus.  Elijah appears and says that it is time he and Marcel have a little chat. Marcel says that Elijah and Klaus have gotten cocky, showing up like they own the place. Elijah asks how Marcel controls the witches and Marcel says that everything in the quarter is his business. Elijah reminds Marcel that Klaus's blood will cure his injured friend.  Elijah demands the return of Jane-Anne's body and Marcel wonders why Elijah cares about the witches.

The time is up and Sophie is questioned as to what she is going to do next.  Elijah appears with Jane-Anne's body and says that it is proof that he intends to help.  Elijah says that Klaus will agree to Sophie's terms and that he just needs more time. Agnes declares that Elijah is out of time but Sophie tells her to be quiet.  Elijah tells the witches to accept the deal, or Klaus will kill them all with his help.

Klaus is wondering around with a bottle when he hears a sound. It turns out that it's Elijah again and Klaus wants to know why he keeps harping on about the child.  The brothers start to fight and Elijah says that he won't stop, even if he has to beat Klaus like Michael used to, to remind him of his own humanity. Elijah asks if he is pathetic, if he sees hope to make his family whole.  Elijah admits that he failed Klaus by not protecting him from Michael. Klaus has tears in his eyes, as he help Elijah off the ground, calling him a sentimental fool.

Elijah calls Rebecca again, but this time she doesn't answer.  The witches begin the funeral service for their fallen member. Sophie kisses her sister goodbye as Haleigh looks on. Klaus says that New Orleans was his home once and in his absence, Marcel has gotten everything that he ever wanted. Klaus adds that he made Marcel in his image and Marcel has bettered him.  He adds that he wants what Marcel has and wants to be king.  Elijah questions if this is all Klaus wants and adds that the child could offer Klaus the unconditional love of family.  Klaus asks Elijah to tell Sophie that they have a deal.

Haleigh and Elijah are in a place they call a sanctuary.  Elijah says that Haleigh is the most important person in their family and questions if anyone has asked her how she feels. Haleigh brings up that she is pregnant by a one night stand with a psychotic man. Elijah asks how she feels about motherhood and Haleigh says that she abandoned when she was born and her adopted parents kicked her out the second she turned into a werewolf.  Haleigh doesn't know how she feels about being a mother because she never had a good one.  Elijah vows that he will always protect Haleigh. Klaus makes his appearance and says that his underhanded deal with Marcel went well.. Klaus is concerned about the witches and Elijah says that Marcel has something that they need. He is curious why they don't want Marcel dead.

Devina is lighting candles with her magic when Marcel enters the room. Devina says that the witches know better than to use magic and questions the arrival of the originals.  Marcel assures Devina that because she is so powerful, the originals don't stand a chance.

Elijah says that Marcel has assembled a small army of vampires and that if they work together, they can destroy them from inside.  Klaus asks about Rebecca and Elijah says that Rebecca has made her disinterest very clear. Klaus suggests Rebecca does not believe that he can be saved. Elijah reminds Klaus that they all swore the same vow.  Klaus wants Rebecca to stay away because he has realised that he has a weakness which Marcel can exploit.  When Elijah asks what, Klaus daggers him saying that if he is going to win this war, he has to do it alone.

Well that was the season premier of The Originals.  Those who watch The Vampire Diaries will have recognized that much of the footage which aired is from episode twenty from last year. This served as a nice reminder for those who didn't see that episode and gave us some background scenes involving Elijah.

It looks like this season is going to deal with the dethroning of Marcus.  Obviously, The Originals could not have been filmed in New Orleans without racial inclusion but it is telling that Marcel is framed as the big bad, who has gotten a little uppity for his own good. They have not gone as far as to make Klaus a good guy yet but how long before they start retconning his character?

The acting in The Originals is a huge leap from that of The Vampire Diaries and that is because of Joseph Morgan, and Daniel Gillies. These two actors shared some charged scenes and unlike anything else on The CW, managed to do it without tons of angst.  The love between them as brothers felt very real.

Much of this story has to do with the magical baby that Haleigh is carrying.  The only person that addressed how Haleigh feels about being a mother was Elijah.  It's telling that no one considered that she might want an abortion or to simply hand the baby over and leave. The only discussion involved getting Klaus to accept his paternity.  This is a problem and women should absolutely have options. At present, Haleigh is little more than a walking womb to service  the plot.

Sophie is a very strong character and I very much get the sense that Klaus will not be able to rule over her.  It will be interesting to watch them dance.  As for Camille, as I remember from episode twenty, she is clearly going to be a love interest for Klaus.  We certainly cannot have him with anyone who isn't blonde.  We don't know much about her yet, but I hope that she is less irritating than Caroline and she is at least a grown woman.

I have hope for this series largely because it isn't centered around teenagers.  This is however airing on The CW, so my hope is tempered with very realistic expectations.  We will just see how far this series can move away from The Vampire Diaries.