Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode Three: Tangled Up in Blue

The Originals begins with Haleigh reading a diary entry by Elijah from August, 1359.  Elijah writes that he has noticed that each day that passes, his siblings move further from the humanity they once had. He says that Rebekah has grown indifferent to the violence and adds that Klaus is the real problem because he hides his loneliness with inhumanity.  Haleigh then steps outside to see Klaus pouring gasoline on a bunch of bodies.  In the background, we hear Elijah talking about his hope that he can unite his family and his fear that the Michaelson legacy will head into darkness.  Haleigh turns and heads inside and picks up the diary again.

Later, Rebekah tells Klaus that she cannot believe he disposed of the vampires without her but Klaus says that they were his responsibility because "they attacked the helpless pregnant girl," who is carrying his child.  Rebekah snarks that she is moved by Klaus's new sensibilities for the werewolf girl who is carrying his hybrid bun in her oven. Haleigh enters the room carrying Elijah's diary and says that she wants to know what the plan is.  Klaus wants to know if Haleigh means his plan for global domination, or Rebekah's plan to find love in a cruel, cruel, world. Haleigh makes it clear that she is interested in rescuing Elijah - the good brother. Klaus declares that Marcel is not his enemy but a friend - a friend he plans on sabotaging. Klaus adds that he daggered Elijah in order to gain Marcel's trust but had he known that this would place Elijah under the control of a nasty witch, he never would have done so. Rebekah informs Haleigh that Klaus is going to ask Marcel for Elijah back.  Klaus adds that this is plan A but plan B is war.

In the quarter, Marcel is being fitted for a suit and the news is airing pictures of the two people Marcel had kidnapped and turned last week. Thierry tells Marcel that he plans to have his man on the docks claim that he saw the two victims falls into the Mississippi drunk. Thierry adds that he sent for vamps to look into a werewolf sighting in the corridor and has not heard from them since. Marcel states that this makes ten dead vampires in the last week. Marcel asks Thierry if the werewolves are back in town causing trouble and Thierry begins to blame it all on the Originals but before he can finish, they are interrupted by Klaus. Klaus asks Thierry if he is still upset about the little werewolf bite he gave him and reminds Thierry that the Michaelsons built this place.  Marcel quickly stops the squabbling and says that Thierry is a part of his inner circle and that Klaus is his friend and sire. Marcel asks Klaus what he needs and Klaus asks for Elijah.  Thierry asks if they are going to have three Originals walking around town and adds that half of their guys think that Rebekah killed the vampires. Klaus asks Thierry if he is making an accusation against an Original and begins to charge Thierry but is held off my Marcel, who reminds both Klaus and Thierry that they are supposed to be at peace.

Marcel instructs Klaus to follow him.  Klaus complains that Thierry lacks a sense of humor and Marcel says that he saved Thierry's life and that Thierry would kill for him and die for him.  Marcel then asks if Klaus plans to come to the party he is holding and Klaus agrees to attend to see the city councilman accept Marcel's large charitable donation.  Marcel says that the councilman is a schmuck but lets them do their thing.  Marcel adds that handing Elijah back would give the wrong impression about who is really in charge.

Later, Rebekah calls Klaus and demands to know what is going on.  Klaus tells her that Thierry is suspicious and thinks she kills 9 vamps and therefore Marcel will not hand over Elijah.  Klaus adds that they cannot kill Thierry, because Marcel will catch on to him.  Klaus tells Rebekah that she is to take care of Sophie and that he will handle the next step. Klaus then turns to Josh who is awkwardly stabbing at a body to drain it of blood. Josh says that he is no medieval torture guy, so Klaus brutally stabs the guy and then compels Josh to drive a pitchfork through the guy's torso.  Josh is amazed and adds that he didn't want to stab the man and Klaus replies that he used mind control on him. Klaus informs him that vampires can compel humans, Originals can compel humans and vampires but no one can compel Originals. Klaus informs him that this is how a brand new vampire is here doing his bidding.  Josh says that he never had his blood drained and so Klaus informs him that he got to Josh before he had a drop of vervain in his system which blocks compulsion.  Klaus adds that Marcel has had his whole crew taking vervain since he arrived in town and that is why they are draining this vampire.

Rebekah meets with Sophie in the quarter and tells her that Haleigh was attacked last night because someone told them that there is a werewolf in the quarter.  Rebekah adds that she only made one stop and points to the store where Haleigh bought her abortion elixir. Rebekah says that whoever saw her here ratted her out.  Rebekah and Sophie enter the store and see Katie.  Katie immediately tries to sell Rebekah a love potion but Rebekah quickly switches the topic to wolfsbane and attacks Katie, as Sophie looks on. Katie tells Rebekah that all she did was sell Haleigh some herbs and so Rebecca continues the pressure.  Katie finally admits that she told someone, and adds that is because she loves him. Rebekah throws Katie across the room and asks who the vampire romeo is.

Klaus continues to have Josh drain the vampire and he gets a call from Rebekah saying that he was right about the traitor. Rebekah tells him that Katie is in love with Thierry and that Thierry is fraternizing with the enemy. Klaus suggests that this makes Thierry the key to their plans. Klaus quips that this is very tragic for the lovers.

Rebekah and Sophie are back at the house and Rebekah asks Sophie to perform a tiny locator spell to help them find Elijah. Sophie reminds Rebekah that witches who practice magic in New Orleans are caught and killed.  Klaus adds that she left out a crucial detail when they made their deal - Marcel's secret weapon.  Sophie asks Rebekah where she has seen Devina and Rebekah responds that she cannot remember because Devina erased her memory. Klaus says that Devina has Elijah and assumes that the witches wants to get Devina away from Marcel. Rebekah suggests that they should get the traitor Katie to perform much more powerful magic at the same time to create a smokescreen.  Sophie replies that Katie doesn't deserve to die but Klaus replies that they cannot win a war without a few strategic losses.  Klaus then asks how many times the vampires have been one step ahead and knew something they shouldn't.  Klaus asks if her sister attempted to flee, though she knew what she did was a death sentence.  Sophie says her sister was caught hiding in a cargo ship at the dock and so Klaus questions who handles Marcel's business at the dock. Of course, the answer is Katie's boyfriend Thierry.

Thierry is playing his trumpet and Klaus tells Marcel that Thierry is indeed good.  Marcel agrees and points out that though the ladies love Thierry, he is attached to a pretty little witch. Klaus points out that Thierry is fraternizing with the enemy but Marcel replies that Thierry is a grown man and he gets some good intell out of the deal. Marcel believes that Thierry won't do anything to jeopardize what they are doing.  Klaus says that Marcel should be weary of letting a witch get too bold since a tip about a werewolf in town lead to the disappearance of a bunch of vampires.  Klaus questions if Marcel has considered the possibility that it could have been a trap.  Marcel instructs Thierry to take a group of vamps to The Cauldron and send a nasty message to the witches.

Later, in the quarter, Rebekah is sitting down with Camille saying that she moved back to town for her brothers.  Camille asks Rebekah if she has ever been in there before because her face looks familiar.  Rebekah says that she must have seen her around and asks if Camille is dating Marcel.  Camille tells her that Marcel is trying to woo her but she is being cautious because she senses that Marcel is trouble.  Rebekah admits to being in an on again off again thing at the moment and Camille commiserates with her. Rebekah tells Camille that she likes her and says that she is supposed to go to a posh thing tonight and asks Camille to come along.

Klaus is back home and he gets a call from Rebekah saying that Marcel will be distracted tonight because Camille will be attending the party.  Klaus says he is preparing insurance against the tender hearted - meaning motivation for Katie to cast a spell tonight.  Klaus tells Rebekah about Marcel's order to roust the witches and that he has arranged for things to go terribly wrong.  The vampire that Klaus has compelled is going to escalate the situation.  Thierry has gone to see Katie and tells her that Klaus has convinced Marcel to roust the witches because he believes the witches are going to make a move.  Thierry destroys some of her things saying that he cannot play favourites because he is in love with a witch. Klaus suggests that there will be crimes Marcel will not be inclined to forgive.  When Klaus's man attacks Katie, Thierry grabs him and stakes him. Klaus says that if Katie wants to save Thierry, she must perform a powerful spell.

The party is now in full swing and Klaus is escorting Rebekah. Klaus says that this is a fitting backdrop for tonight's events.  Camille is dressed like an angel and Rebekah says that she will be the perfect distraction for Marcel.  Rebekah and Camille are chatting when Klaus approaches and compliments her.  Rebekah leaves Camille with Klaus and heads to the bar where she is joined by Marcel.  Marcel asks Rebekah if she is being cute, by inviting Camille to the party.  Rebekah replies that she knows Marcel has a thing for Camille and Marcel believes that Rebekah is jealous. In the meantime, Klaus informs Camille that things are over between Marcel and Rebekah.  Klaus leaves and Marcel approaches Camille.

Haleigh is walking around the property when she sees a wolf. Sabine approaches from behind and says that Sophie asked her to keep her company while everyone is out.  Sabine tells Haleigh that the wolf is drawn to her because the child she is carrying is part vampire and part werewolf. Haleigh brings up Elijah and says that she doesn't even know what the baby is.  Sabine tells her that they can find out if the baby is a boy or girl.  Haleigh points out that witches aren't supposed to do magic but Sabine claims it's a trick that her grandmother taught her.

Back at the party, Marcel and Camille are dancing, as Klaus and Rebekah look on.  Camille asks if Rebekah is one of his donors and Marcel calls Rebekah an old friend. Marcel tells Camille that he doesn't want to talk about Rebekah.  Klaus calls Rebekah an evil little thing and Rebekah claims that Marcel and Camille are perfect for each other.  Diego enters the room and interrupts Marcel.  When Rebekah sees this, she says that it is her cue to leave. Marcel makes his excuse and heads over to Theirry as Klaus looks on.

Katie is crying over Theirry and Sophie tells Katie that because Thierry broke Marcel's biggest rule that she will never see him again unless they do something.  Sophie says that she wants to save her people and Katie wants to save Thierry and so there is only one way they can do both. Katie and Sophie are now at a cemetery and they begin a spell.  Devina is in bed rolling back and forth and suddenly sits up saying Marcel's name. Devina gets out of bed and heads to her easel to draw.  She gets a faint glimpse of Sophie and a clearer image of Katie. 

Thierry explains that a vampire attacked Katie and Marcel informs him that the vampires name was Max and that he didn't need a reason because Katie is a witch and Max was a vampire. Camille is watching from a distance as Marcel reminds Thierry that he broke his most important rule.  Thierry tells Marcel that he has been loyal to him all of this time and that nothing has changed.  Klaus approaches Camille and asks her if she is fine.  Camille says that this is the moment that she remembers that she knows better and leaves.  Marcel hands a note to Josh, who takes it to Marcel saying that he found it at Katie's place.  Marcel is enraged because it is a spell that he keeps locked away and Thierry claims that he has never seen it. Marcel points to Theirry's daylight ring and asks why Thierry would want the spell to make more unless, Thierry and Katie were going to leave and start their own little kingdom. Thierry says no and Marcel tells him that friends don't lie to him, break his rules, or steal what is his. Marcel passes sentence on Thierry and demands he be placed in the garden for 100 years

Sophie and Katie are working on the spell, when Rebekah approaches and says that this is the only way to find Elijah.  Thierry is being escorted out of the party by Marcel and the other vampires as Kattie approaches.  Thierry tells Katie no but she attacks as Devina draws furiously.  Each time Marcel stands, Katie uses her magic to toss him on the ground.   Just as Katie is about to stake Marcel, Klaus breaks her neck.  Sophie realies that Katie's magic has stopped before she has located Marcel and adds she just needs another minute.  Rebekah pulls the spell away from her saying that Haleigh and the baby will die with her if she is caught. Rebekah adds that Elijah will never forgive them if Haleigh dies and that rescuing him will be for nothing then.  Rebekah tells Sophie that they failed.

Thierry crawls over to Katie and starts to cry, as Marcel makes eye contact with Klaus.  Thierry is now in locked up and Marcel asks him if Katie was worth it and Thierry says that he loved Katie.  Marcel orders Thierry to be sealed up and left to rot.

Marcel and Klaus share a drink and Marcel asks how much Camille saw.  Klaus answers that Camille only saw an argument and asks if Marcel really likes her.  Marcel replies that he likes that she is not a part of any of this and that it's good to see the world the way the humans do.  Klaus says that he is sorry about Thierry and Marcel responds that his trust was misplaced and that he made Thierry what he was.  Klaus says that this doesn't make it easier.  Marcel tells Klaus that he owes him one and so he will return Elijah.

Camille is drinking in a bar, when Klaus enters and heads straight for her.  Camille tells Klaus that she understands that he is there to smooth things over for his friend. Klaus replies that she has been hurt before and will not be taking anymore chances.  Camille says that the guy she saw tonight is not the guy she thought he was. Klaus says that someone must have broken her trust and then tells her that she needs to give Marcel another chance.  Camille tells him that she misread him but Klaus tells her that she read it correctly but they all have their roles to play.  Klaus then glamors her into believing that she went to Marcel's party, danced and feels badly that he had a fight with his friend.

Rebekah is playing the piano, when Klaus enters the house and informs her that what happened was a masterpiece.  Klaus adds that Katie had planned to kill Marcel and he saved Marcel's life  and in doing so, now has Marcel exactly where he wanted him. Rebekah points out that both she and Sophie trusted him.  Klaus tells Rebekah to wake up and points out that the witches are on no ones side but their own. Klaus points out that when the witches have Devina that they will use her power against all of them.  Rebekah points out that if Klaus is right, then the plan was to find Elijah and he failed.  Klaus says that protecting Marcel means that Marcel has agreed to return Elijah. Klaus adds that when Marcel has told Klaus everything about Devina that he will have her for himself.  Rebekah tells Klaus that she has faith that he will get what he wants, no matter what it costs the rest of them.

Marcel heads to see Devina and tells her that whatever she did helped in.  Devina accuses the Originals and Marcel says that Klaus is the one who saved him. Marcel tells Devina that he is going to hand over Elijah but Devina says no and that she won't hand Elijah back until she knows how to kill and Original because they are dangerous.  It looks like Marcel doesn't have as much control as he thinks he does.

Haleigh is in the study reading Elijah's diary when Klaus tells her about Elijah's impending return.  Haleigh congratulates Klaus saying that being diabolical has it perks. Klaus points out that Haleigh hardly knows Elijah, yet misses him and asks what it is about Elijah that always inspires instant admiration. Haleigh tells Klaus that Elijah was kind to her.  Klaus starts to leave the room but Haleigh stops him to say that the baby might be a girl.

Rebekah is walking when she sees Marcel.  Rebekah attempts to go the other direction when Marcel suddenly appears and backs her into a wall saying that maybe she is in his way.

Sophie is in possession of Katie's body and the witches say that no good will come of her unholy alliance with the vampires.  Sophie says that at least she is doing something before walking away. Sabine then tells them that Haleigh is pregnant with a girl. We get a flashback to her performing the trick on Haleigh and her body stiffening as she says, "Nos omnia perdetu el eam." Later, Haleigh tries to use a google to translate the phrase but strikes out.

This week, the Originals had a convoluted plan to gain Marcel's trust.  The longer this goes on, the more ridiculous it becomes.  All Klaus has to do is kidnap Marcel and drain his blood then compel him to do his bidding.  It's not like he doesn't get a lot of time alone with him.  Klaus is a bloody Original and he has destroyed all of the stakes which can kill him.  I don't understand all of this plotting and hatching.  It's tiresome really.

Also borrowing from The Vampire Diaries, we now have the good brother bad brother dynamic going on.  Elijah is the kind brooding brother that everyone likes and poor Klaus is the bad brother just wanting someone to love him and see him for he is, though Klaus is the bad.  Really Originals?  I suppose the fact that Elijah and Klaus are not in love with the same girl yet is something we should be thankful for but I am certain that Haleigh is going to lead to at least some problems between the vampire brothers.

I wasn't surprised to see Katie bite the dust as the people behind The Originals, are the same as those behind The Vampire Diaries.  Of course she was the sacrificial lamb.  Oh I know what about Marcel? to worry, he will meet his end soon enough.  If not, they are going to have to keep coming up with convoluted reasons for Klaus not to simply rip his head off.

Something is up with the magical baby and I find myself not caring unless it used as a path to develop Haleigh's character.  She needs to do more than simply sit there and be pregnant.  The idea that a pregnant woman should just sit there and be pregnant just because is problematic and reductive.