Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Witches of East End, Season 1, Episode 2: Marilyn Fenwick, RIP

Ingrid, with all kinds of revelations dumped on her, hurriedly pulls out her mother’s hidden bag o’ magic tricks. Which she then has to open by saying “open” causing it to both magically open and continue the glorious theme of skewering silly tropes that seems to be such an excellent part of Ingrid’s character. Inside is all kinds of shinies, including photographs of her and Freya in different fashions through the ages, and a great big Grimoire. She looks for a spell to free Freya and finds a resurrection spell – perfect for her recently stabbed Aunt Wendy

Freya is still trapped in the painting, the guests to the 1920s party completely ignoring her as she moves through the room pursued by her murderous ex from a different life. She tries to chant the spell that trapped them to get rid of him but it’s not so simple to escape – as murderous ex says since he was captured in a painting for decades. He tells her his knife is the only escape from the painting

He manhandles Freya, ties her to the bar and kisses her (she bites him). He pours alcohol on the bar and sets it on fire before going to chip his way out with his knife. In terror at the approaching fire, Freya’s magic kicks in, smashing glasses and unravelling her bonds, giving Freya chance to smack the murderous ex on the back of the head with a big heavy statue and take his place chipping at the wall with the magic knife.

At the police station, Adam questions Joanna about the murder of her neighbour and shows her a picture of the symbol the survivor, Maura, said Joanna had drawn in the ground. Joanna denies everything and asks for a cigarette, chanting over the lit match while Adam is distracted by a phone call. The spell confirms for Joanna, by witchy smoke ring, that “she” is alive (Freya or Wendy I don’t know).

Joanna calls for her lawyer – Harrison. Apparently another immortal who she hasn’t seen for 50 years. She fills him in on the situation and he promises to get her free – which he comes through on, getting her bail on a murder charge by calling on one of his shady clients (he doesn’t have magic himself but he knows people who do); but Joanna is convinced that, as an innocent woman, she doesn’t need shady dealings just a good lawyer. And, apparently, $1,000,000 bail. It also seems that Harrison and Joanna’s long history isn’t exactly all rosy when she gives him a code to pass on to Ingrid without telling him what it means.

Ingrid’s spell seems to work and Aunt Wendy is restored to life – and sickness and she runs to the bathroom to be sick and naked, shifting back from cat form. Freya isn’t pleased about being resurrected since she would have been resorted anyway – hut being quickly filled in on Joanna’s arrest and Freya still in the painting she leaps to action. And resurrection is bad because it comes with a price –if  you resurrect someone you love, someone you love has to die (though she blames Joanna for keeping Ingrid ignorant). While driving to Freya’s rescue,  Wendy quickly gives Ingrid a brief idea of all the women in the family being cursed, of Ingrid and Freya having lived many lives and how the women in the family have really bad luck with men (not a curse, they’re “just really stupid that way.”)

At Freya’s bar, Killian and Dash snark back and forth revealing lots of bad blood between the brothers.

The smoke alarm goes off and the 1920s painting is on fire, setting fire to the wall around it, Freya is unconscious in front of it. Killian picks her up, lays her on the pool table and kisses her (hey, I hate to break up the romance love triangle, but the wall is actually on fire, you might want to do something about that). Then the scene shifts and it’s not Killian, it’s Dash, she only imagined it was Killian. Freya is confused about what caused her to pass out and puts the whole picture scene down to being a dream. They kiss again. As far as I know, the bathroom is still on fire. No-one seems to care.

Ingrid and Wendy arrive and don’t see Freya is out and safe, and run to the smoke filled bathroom (some passing good Samaritan put out the fire). Unfortunately resurrection spells make Wendy ill and she turns into a cat against her will – and stuck in that form, leaving Ingrid to handle the spell alone. She starts chanting in front of the picture which begins to move (I think she may have just let the guy out again) and Freya comes in, confused how Ingrid knows about her dream. Ingrid grabs her and Wendy and they leave –just missing the Murderous Ex escaping the picture (told you).

In the car, Freya is shocked that Ingrid of all people is telling her they’re witches (poor Ingrid), Wendy and Ingrid work together to uber-info-dump all over poor Freya. Add in a voice mail from Harrison and the code, interpreted by Wendy, seems to be that she has a load of money buried in a grave. Nice.

Murderous-ex did get out the painting, now badly burned and murders a random woman to steal her car and phone can tell his boss, whoever they are, that he’s still going to kill Freya.

To the grave and shovels – and everyone marvelling at crafty Joanna inventing an aunt, bringing the girls there as children so they’d remember her and using it as a place to stash money in case of emergencies. Wendy also reveals magic doesn’t create something out of nothing so you can’t just conjure money –if you made money appear, it would have come from somewhere and would have been stolen. Wendy also fills them in on their personalities in the past – both are very similar but Ingrid wasn’t so scared and timid as she is now. Ingrid still isn’t happy being a witch and Freya isn’t happy Joanna kept the truth from them.

The coffin is full of money – a whole lot of money. Watching in a scrying pond, the shifter fake!Joanna snarls

Dash and Killian have another brotherly-not-quite love moment at Killian’s boat. They don’t like each other, in case you missed it.

Back to the house with all four witches reunited and Joanna and Wendy (mainly Wendy) let slip that there are a few magical immortal beings out there and that Joanna is ancient and powerful and made enemies - downplayed by Joanna who is more concerned with Freya and Ingrid keeping their magical status hidden. But Freya is furious – she’d always sensed the truth and Joanna had made her think she was mentally ill, even sending her to therapy over her accurate feelings. She is not happy and she kinda has a point.

Freya, angry, goes to Killian’s boat to see Killian for more sexual tension and insistence of platonicness.

At home, Ingrid and Wendy discuss Ingrid’s resurrection spell and her horror over one of her loved ones dying – because she loves so many people. Wendy calls her Ingrid, but she cries because she doesn’t want to be, she doesn’t want magic, she doesn’t want any of it. Looking at the pic where Murderous Ex (Doug) was imprisoned, they realise they don’t know what happened to the painting in the bar – and quickly hurry to be extra, specially sure. They go to the bar

And Freya returns home to an empty house and an overflowing bath tub. Doug forces her into the tub and uses magic to turn the water into ice. Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid arrive and knock away his candle, unfreezing Freya – Ingrid goes to help her while Joanna wrestles with Doug – and beats him handily. Go Joanna! Wendy gets the candle, Joanna grabs a painting and Doug becomes artwork again

They bury the painting in their fictional Aunt’s grave (they could burn it but they don’t kill people. Any more. I note the “any more”)

They go home and Dash is waiting for them, giving Freya chance to reaffirm their love and how he’ll stay with her even if she’s a mess.

Joanna keeps dealing her tarot spread, getting the same answers, desperate for a way. Freya and Ingrid have never lived this long before and she can’t lose them again. And Wendy promises to stay

Fake!Joanna, outside, paints the symbol she used at the murder scene on a tree in her blood – it turns black and the tree dies. I think she did it for foreshadowing

Another episode and I don’t really have much to say. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s funny and it has some awesome characters with some excellent connections. I am intrigued.