Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode Three: Lovers. Apart.

Dyson and Clio land on the train and she has to calm him down by blowing some sort of elemental air on him. The conductor announces the next stop and says that they should get their tickets ready.  Dyson asks about Bo but the conductor takes off running.  Each time Dyson's says Bo's name, the train shakes.  

Bo is running by herself through a woody area and runs up to the first house she finds. Inside, Bo finds all of the furniture covered in White sheets.  A family brings their things into the house and when they hear a noise, they go searching.  One of the women hits Bo over the head with a cast iron frying pan knocking her unconscious. 

The Morrigan makes her return by draining the life out of a handyman.

At the restaurant, Crystal comes in to find that Lauren has reorganized everything.  Crystal then tries flirting with Lauren but Lauren pulls away saying she cannot do this now.  Their boss calls out that they need to get back to work and Lauren uses this as her chance to escape Crystal's clutches.

A very confused Bo is now sitting with Kathy and her daughter Julia.  Julia believes that Bo is on drugs when she starts asking about the train. Bo asks about Lauren and says that she cannot remember anything. Bo says that she is hungry and her eyes turn blue, while a voice tells her to kill them all.  When Ian enters the room, Bo looks at him like he is on the menu, which Julia finds disturbing. Ian grabs Bo by the arm and says that she needs to go but Kathy and Julia argue that Bo needs help.  When Ian screams, the women go silent as if in fear. 

Dyson is making his way through the train and he finds the room where Bo was kept captive.  He comes across the maid that Bo drained and demands to know where Bo is.  The maid says, "he is going to be so angry when he finds out she's gone."  Dyson screams and the door Bo escaped out of opens. Clio tells Dyson that Bo is going to be very sick and it could lead to death.  When Dyson points out that he is there, Clio reminds him that he is only safe because he is with an elemental.  Clio says that she might be able to save Bo and so Dyson hands her the scrap from Bo's torn nightgown. Together, Dyson and Bo jump off the train.

Bo is now walking through the house and decides to head into the basement where she finds two steel doors.  When she opens one door, she finds it leads to a cell. When Bo turns around, she finds Ian with a gun pointed at her and immediately assumes that he is keeping his daughter prisoner.  Ian makes it clear that Bo does not know anything about him.  Kathy says that they are protecting Julia. Ian reveals that his family is haunted by a ghost who comes after them once a year on this date and that is why they come to this location. Apparently, the family locks themselves in the cells until the morning.  Ian says that everyone in his family died before they could tell him why they are haunted.  Bo offers to help, which causes Julia to call them all psychos because she doesn't believe in ghosts. Ian grabs his gun and tells Julia that it is time for her to get in the cell and adds that Bo needs to leave.  Julia replies that if she gets locked up, then Bo is going to get locked up with her. Bo agrees to go and Ian puts Julia in the cell.

The Morrigan has gone to see The Druid to demand that her eyeball be grown back because she is now wearing an eye patch.  To make her point, the Morrigan kills the nail technician who was giving her a manicure.

Bo opens the door to Julia's cell but collapses briefly with stomach pain.  Bo asks what is going on and says that they are in crazy town.  Julia shows her clippings on the deaths of her family.  One of the clips is of Ian when he was a little boy and he had to watch his father kill his entire family.  Julia wonders if they inherited a thing that makes them do awful stuff. Julia reveals that she has never seen anything strange but worries that one day Ian is going to hurt them.  Bo says that she is going to get Julia out of there and Julia hugs Bo saying that she is pretty cool.  Bo opens the door to the cell and Julia quickly follows.

In the woods, Dyson says that he has lost Bo's scent but Clio replies that she knows the woods because her friend lazy John was buried there.  They find John in the ground with only his head sticking out.  John says that the succubus was in the woods last night.  Clio offers to let John lick one of her toes but John isn't interested in Clio's foot but Dyson's.  Clio and Dyson then head through the woods.

Julia and Bo head outside where Julia informs her that the reason there are shoes hanging on the line out front, is that a ghost cannot enter the house without untying all of the knots and trying on each shoe.  Julia starts to move further from the house and adds that a ghost cannot jump inside you when you are walking backwards.  Bo quickly realises that they are dealing with a body jumper, just as Julia collapses to the ground.

Bo heads back into the house and explains that Julia collapsed outside of the house past the shoes and knots.  Ian holds up his shot gun and reminds Kathy they had promised to kill the person who has been possessed. Kathy starts to beg and Bo says that there is always another way. Ian starts to talk about what the jumper did to his family and reveals that he was the one who killed his family.  The possessed Julia now stands up and declares herself pure evil.  Bo tells Ian and Kathy to go and hide and promises that he has got this.

Lauren is cleaning a table when Crystal drops off her share of the tips.  Lauren explains that she has a lot on her mind and asks why Crystal is there. Crystal says that when someone has had so much bad luck, she can start to think that she is the one causing it. Crystal then shows Lauren a flier for a small farm for sale and talks about how it is her dream.  It seems that Crystal didn't make it as a singer in the big city.  Crystal tells Lauren that she knows she isn't single but tells her that they should grab a beer together some time. 

Possessed Julia is fighting with Bo when Dyson appears and grabs her from behind. Julia comes back to herself and Bo and Dyson embrace.  Clio then walks in the room, and she is now possessed.

Lauren shows up with some beer and a pizza at Cyrstal's.

Bo and Dyson now have Clio against a wall but he entity jumps back into Julia who calls out for her mother claiming to be hurt.  When Kathy walks into the room, possessed Julia stabs her. Ian rushes in and puts down his gun to embrace Kathy.  Clio says they need the peony plant to stop the bleeding and heads into the forest to get it. 

Bo starts to scream in pain and Dyson tells her that she needs to get out of there because she is dying but Bo is more concerned with what is happening with Kathy.  Dyson explains that when Bo jumped from the train that she got sick and needs help.  Bo begs for help to fix Kathy and Ian asks Bo and Dyson to get Julia because he cannot lose them both.

A drunk Lauren is sitting with Crystal. Lauren brings up the master who kept her in indentured servitude but then blames it on the beer. Crystal and Lauren start to kiss and quickly end up in bed together.  Crystal jokes that she would have been fine with just beer and pizza.

Julia is stumbling through the woods screaming when Bo and Dyson find her.  Bo uses her power to take from Julia and finds herself suddenly in a different area confronting a Jumbee.  Bo demands that the Jumbee stop torturing innocent people and the Jumbee takes her back in past to when she was alive.  Apparently she was thought of as a witch and on her wedding day, the Jumbee was thrown into water in front of her fiancee.  When Noah (her fiance) saw what she really was (an elemental), he still loved her and took a bullet in the abdomen to protect her.  They both ended dying in the mud and so the Jumbee declared that she was never going to stop until every last Jenkins was dead.

Bo sits up suddenly and tells the Jenkins that their ancestors killed the Jumbee.  Ian wants to know why the Jumbee is making him pay for what they did and Dyson replies that the past always comes calling.  Bo starts to groan in pain because the Jumbee is now trying to take her over. Dyson encourages Bo to fight.

The Morrigan has her new eye and tells the Druid he did good work for a human. The Morrigan kisses the Druid and says that when she was in a cell behind Vex's desk, she realised that she has been far too nice.  The Morrigan believes that Bo was behind her capture and the Druid tells The Morrigan that he helped Tamsin get rid of Bo for her. The Druid suggests living with The Morrigan but she is not amenable to the idea and simply leaves.

Bo is still fighting the Jumbee and she tells Dyson that they need to bury the Jumbee with her love Noah.  Bo demands that Julia, Kathy and Ian lock themselves up downstairs and asks Dyson to go and find the Jumbee and Noah's remains.  Dyson says he is not leaving until Bo grabs him and kisses him.  Bo promises that she can fight the Jumbee but tells him that he has to hurry. 

In the woods, Clio and Dyson are tossing the bones together.  Dyson has the wedding rings in his hand when Bo comes charging over.  Clio grabs Bo and Dyson says that the Jumbee is still stuck in limbo because she never married Noah.  Dyson decides to marry them and slips a ring on Bo's finger and the other on his.  Dyson says that he takes her to be her lawfully wedded wife.  The spirit leaves Bo after she agrees to take Noah as her husband and the two spirits meet and embrace before disappearing into the ground. Bo comes back to herself and Dyson helps her to her feet. 

Lauren shows up at the restaurant and the owner tells her that someone has been calling about a Karen saying that there is a big reward for information. The phone continues to ring and Lauren excuses herself to go the bathroom.

The next day Bo tells Julia that she is going to be okay because she has big balls.  Bo tells Julia not to be hard on her parents but then gives Julia her card.

Lauren heads to Crystal's and says that she needs to leave town now. Crystal offers to come with Lauren but instead, Lauren asks Crystal to pretend that she never knew her if anybody comes looking. Crystal promises and they kiss.  

Clio, Dyson and Bo are walking down the street.  Clio then holds a knife to Bo saying that Vex has paid for Bo.  Clio then says that if Dyson tries to stop her, or tries to follow, that she will let the sickness have Bo.  Dyson tells Clio that she should walk away from Bo because Jumbee's are elementals too.  Bo spins around, grabbing Clio's arm and explains that the Jumbee already healed her and when she was inside Clio, saw what Clio was plotting. Bo tells Clio that she picked the wrong girl to screw over before beating her up and sucking chi from her body. Dyson and Bo walk together down the street and Bo snarks about Vex needing to pick a team.  

Later in a car Bo snuggles up to Dyson saying that she cannot wait to see everyone.  Dyson says that they are going to have to talk about what happened on the train and Bo asks what train.  Bo promises to figure out what happened to her.  

Lauren has her thumb out to hitchhike when Crystal drives up. Lauren hops in the car and tells Crystal that she is really happy to see her.  Crystal says that she is sorry and Lauren is attacked from behind.  Bo and Dyson just happen to drive by the car with Lauren in it and when Bo wonders if they should stop, Dyson says that he just wants to get her home.

Well that's episode three and so far the season feels like one hot mess.  It doesn't feel like it's going anywhere at all.  It just jumps back and forth between the characters with no real sense of cohesion.

We managed to leave the slut shaming behind this week which was a relief but I didn't like the Jumbee storyline.  There were a lot of racial under pinnings to the story.  So we have a Black woman wronged running around killing White people in revenge.  It says that we cannot let things go and are always holding onto things from the past.  Dyson did say that history always come back except in the real world, we all know that Black people are still waiting for justice.