Sunday, November 24, 2013

Haven, Season 4, Episode 11: The Monster's Ball

Seth and Anderson, inept paranormal researchers, have arrived in Haven. Let us hope a Trouble turns them inside out very very soon. Though I do have to laugh at the “how many gas leaks does a small fishing village have to have before they get new pipes?!” Perfect, A+ self-aware lamp shading!

They hear a scream and a roar from a house and see the door is ripped off – they go to investigate. Inside the house is ransacked and there are large claws marks marring the walls – and then something chases them, something that growls and roars.

A Haven werewolf?

To the police with Dwight and Gloria (who is absolutely awesome and delivers some quality snark, as ever) describing how the dead had been found with its heart eaten out of its chest: and all of this is witnessed and heard by the two useless researchers with a direction microphone. They’ve just annoyed Gloria. I have pity for them now. The researchers call it a Rougarou (Loup-Garou – basically a werewolf). They’ve now heard about the Troubles and wish to research more – before Dwight comes in to try and move them on.

Back to the actual plotline – Audrey is apparently not dead but is presumably receiving medical attention. Duke decides to be a rock for Nathan while sending Jennifer to see if Vince and Dave have any idea about Audrey’s connection to William.

Audrey is in the hospital, as is William and there’s a suspicious doctor who really should have seen enough weird things in Haven without this being surprising. Duke and Nathan are with them and Nathan thinks they can just keep William sedated (at what point does an injury cross the line? I mean, wouldn’t eternal sedation make Audrey sleepy?). Vince arrives to ask Nathan to help with their heart-eater and the paranormal researchers. Duke mocks the whole idea – no-one takes these researchers seriously, but Audrey points out that’s because the researchers never find anything real. If they did, in Haven, they could attract unfortunate attention. She sends Duke and Nathan out to help, it’s not like they can heal her wound anyway.

With them gone she talks to Vince about her connection and causing the Troubles – Vince promises her they know nothing about it and doesn’t believe Audrey is the cause of the Troubles.

Duke and Nathan go to question a relative of the last victim and run into the researchers who, of course, won’t turn off their camera. A squabble follows – and all the lights spark and go out. They hit the back and plan to sneak out the back (Nathan gives Duke a tiny gun, he draws a much bigger one). They’re all very quite – until something large and growly moves into the store. There’s a tense, really well shot scene of them dodging around in the dark, dodging the barely seen creature and firing at it until they finally hit the lights. The creature is gone – but Gemma, the relative of the last victim – is dead, with her heart eaten out of her chest.

The researcher, Austin, claims he didn’t get any footage – and Duke doesn’t check. But alone he shows Seth the film he took (shows little more than shadows though).

To Gloria who confirms that the only non-defensive injury to the victims are the lost hearts. She finds some kind of nasty sticky residue from all the victims that she’s testing and she snarks at Duke a little – because she’s Gloria. And Seth shows up again to taunt Nathan and Dwight with all the recordings he’s taken. He wants to tag along or they’ll play the recording of Dwight discussing  cover up: Dwight’s counter offer includes smashing all their stuff, burning their van and, perhaps, leaving them in said van; but all their footage is uploaded onto a cloud.

Nathan eases Dwight away to give him chance to calm down – but Dwight’s calm (Dwight is always calm – he never loses his temper). He just pretended so he could get the guy to admit they had a cloud – now Jennifer can burrow into it and have everything erased. Easy mode. Oh, he’s good. And I like the line “Jennifer can do that?” “As far as I can tell, anyone younger than me can do that.”

Nathan has an angst moment about Audrey’s connection to William while Duke points out Audrey loves him and was willing to sacrifice herself for him so there’s no need to feel threatened. Also forgetting that William is actually a dangerous, murdering monster. Just saying.

They find a connection between all the victims – they were all born on the 12th June, 1981, when the Troubles started up last time. That’s also Jennifer’s birthday. They hurry to the Haven Herald where Jennifer was heading and find it ransacked, but no bodies or blood. Without other options they go to see the annoying researchers to see what footage they have.

Except the footage is worthless. When they zoom in on the image it’s just a shape of black pixels, like a bad fake. Duke realises they’re black orbs – like the ones William used. To the hospital to question William

In the hospital, Audrey’s heart monitor flatlines briefly – she opens her eyes when it’s back to normal, and her wound has gone. And William has escaped. Nathan arrives and they conclude that if Audrey’s fine then he is as well.

Jennifer calls Duke from a warehouse Vince and Dave own where Vince sent her when the creature attacked. Duke asks her to write down a description which she does – and the camera focuses on the book she’s reading “Unstake my heart”. Which I assume is relevant.

Dwight gets a text from Gloria examining the sticky residue saying “rougarou not human. Transdimensional trouble? Good luck”. Did I mention Gloria is awesome? Out of options Dwight has Seth run the stuff through all of his weird equipment (and we learn Seth is into this because he visited Haven as a child and saw the weirdness). One of his weird babble devices lights up so they assume it will warn them when the Rougarou is close – rather than argue with him Dwight takes him along.

Everyone gathers with Jennifer at the warehouse and the box lights up. Everyone draws guns, Dwight nicely asks them not to (since he’s a bullet magnet) though the chances are guns won’t work anyway. The box silences then makes a different noise – Jennifer is giving the opposite reading to the Rougarou. But Audrey sees the book; Jennifer claims she found it at her birth parent’s house but Audrey remembers giving it to Agent Howard way back in season 1. It was also owned by the Real!Audrey. When she picks it up the beeping box goes silent.

Then the Rougarou arrives and we start seeing things through Austin’s camera for extra artsy tension, Blair Witch-esque but also so they don’t actually have to spend money on decent CGI. Dwight’s knocked out, lots of running and hiding and shaking cameras and no actual sign of the beast just lots of noise and me tutting about them being tight with the special effects.

Jennifer grabs the book and when the Rougarou hits her it dissolves into tiny black balls that disappear. The front of the book changes –instead of a moon, there’s now a golden symbol – the Guard symbol, glowing brightly.

Seth makes his goodbyes – Nathan praises him for saving Jennifer’s life – and Seth tells them he’s not going to spill their secrets even if the Teague’s net security is laughable – because their coverups are important and they won’t expose it. He’s not going to turn a bunch of innocent people into sideshow attractions.

Jennifer can see the symbol on the book – but no-one else can. Not even Audrey. There’s also a new riddle in the front of the book: “The child of ruin must fine the heart of Haven and summon The Door.” They assume Jennifer is the Child of Ruin who will summon the door where they can send William back to where he came from.

The Book is relevant now? And golden symbols – is that the guard symbol? And how is that linked to William and the black goo and agent Howard and and and… AAAAAARGh! Haven! So many questions but never ever ever any answers!