Monday, November 25, 2013

Lost Girl Season Four, Episode Two: Sleeping Beauty School

Trick cleans off a picture of Bo saying that he remembers her now and needs her back.  Dyson is back at the scene where he crashed. He remembers going over the cliff and shifting.  He hears a noise in a bush and approaches cautiously.  Dyson announces that he is not going to hurt the person and pulls out a little girl from the bushes.

Kenzi has created a sort of shrine for Bo. Dyson arrives and Kenzi talks about all of the things she has gathered for Bo, saying it's a matter of time before Bo is found.  Dyson reveals that they have managed no leads thus far despite both Hale and Trick putting out feelers. Kenzi is still holding out hope believing that Bo is sucking to death the person who took her.   Dyson and Kenzi head downstairs where Dyson shows Kenzi the little girl he found.  Dyson believes the girl was in the crash and adds that Valkyries have many lives.  Dyson points out that Tamsin was the last person to see Bo alive and maybe she knows something about Bo's father.  Kenzi reminds Dyson that Bo doesn't even know anything about her father.  Kenzi suggests that they interrogate little Tamsin and find out what they can.

At Rony's bar, Lauren hangs up her phone after failing to contact Kenzi. Crystal puts a name tag on Lauren and she heads off to work.

Trick has joined Dyson, Kenzi and baby Tamsin at the apartment.  Trick says that at this age, valkyries are vulnerable and invaluable.  Dyson asks if Tamsin's memories will come back and Trick says that Valkyries deal in the souls of the dead and so they sometimes repress their memories in the next. Baby Tamsin is busy playing with Kenzi's phone.  Dyson asks if Tamsin is really their last chance of finding Bo and Trick replies that there is one other.  Before Trick can finish, Dyson notices the wounds on Trick's arm.  Trick says that they need the compass and Kenzi tries to bolt saying that she doesn't babysit. Dyson tells Kenzi that he and Hale will find Bo. Finally in frustration, Trick yells for quiet and says that Bo is no longer on this physical plane.

Bo awakes on a bed and sits up too quickly.  Bo looks out a window and realizes that she is on a train.

Dyson asks Trick to tell him what really happened adding that he can smell Aife's blood on him.  Trick says that Aife was wounded by him.  Aife was driven back to insanity when the spell was broken because all she could remember was the loss of her child. Trick tells Dyson that Bo must never find out. They start talking about trackers and come up with Amdemian, who unfortunately is very elusive. Trick holds up a card saying that Selene is the only one who will be able to tell them where he is.

Vex is tied to a bed and he is bleeding.  A creature asks what Vex did with the Morrigan's body and Vex reveals that the Morrigan was behind a portrait above his desk but escaped.  Vex declares that the Morrigan is alive and swears upon the graves of his family. Vex is told that though he is he last Mesmer that it was a mistake that he was kept alive. Vex begins to plead and promises to give them what they want.  They agree to release him but not before implanting some kind of creature in Vex.

Dyson and Hale are a the studio and while Dyson is lead away, and Hale tries to use the computer. Hale is interrupted by Clio, who informs him that Selene will string him along but won't give him any information. Clio suggests that Hale see Astrid and give her a message which is written in Hindi.  When Hale tries to talk to Clio she disappears.  Dyson returns and Hale tells him that he has a lead, so they decide to leave.

Back at the apartment, little Tamsin wants to know if Kenzi has a boyfriend and Kenzi explains that she is single and wonders if it is worth loving again.  Tamsin asks about Hale and Kenzi explains that Hale is a friend.  Tamsin runs into Bo's room and Kenzi follows, instructing her to stay out of the room and out of Bo's things.  Tamsin heads to the bathroom and tosses Kenzi's fae makeup down the toilet.  Tamsin starts to cry when Kenzi starts to yell and so to calm Tamsin down, Kenzi shows off some of her power, which essentially means some sparkling light. 

Hale shows his hand with the message to Astrid, who informs him that the person who wrote this message wants his memories erased. Astrid notes their frustration and reveals that she has no mouth. Dyson asks why she didn't erase their memories and Astrid says that the women who work at Selene's are evil incarnate. Hale asks Astrid to help and she hands Dyson a potion and then taps Hale on the forehead suggesting he return to the one he loves.

Back at Selene's Clio makes another appearance and tells the girls to feed on Hale and Dyson.  The girls grow claws but suddenly become enchanted with Hale's smell. Dyson breaks away from the crowd and Hale instructs him to go and do what he needs to do.

Back at the apartment, baby Tamsin asks about the nature of Kenzi's relationship with Bo. Kenzi explains that they are BFF's.  Tamsin finds a card for the wanderer and drops it when it bursts into flames.  Kenzi puts out the fire and Tamsin reads the words MXXV on it.  Tamsin wonders if Bo is stuck in the card.

Dyson  rips away the wallpaper on a panel on the wall and reveals a heavily locked door.  Dyson rips he door off of its hinges and finds Eddie in bed appearing to be dead.  Selene pops into bed next to Eddie and says that he is not dead, just fast asleep.

At the restaurant, Lauren drops a tray of dishes and Crystal heads over to help with the mess. Lauren says that she doesn't know what happened and Crystal tells her that it's because she has never waited tables a day in her life, despite what her resume says. Lauren stands and quickly changes the subject by claiming to have lost her name tag. Crystal grabs Lauren's arm and tells her that everyone is running from something.  Crystal puts the fake tag on Lauren and tells her that she is cute, funny and sexy.  Crystal asks Lauren to have a drink with her tonight but Lauren replies that she cannot before walking away.

Dyson is still trying desperately to wake Eddie and Selene says that only she can do that.  Dyson grabs Selene and threatens to tear her to pieces with his teeth if she doesn't wake Eddie.  Instead of frightening Selene, it seems to turn her on. Selene asks Dyson to spank her first and adds that that the wolf is in.  Selene asks Dyson for a kiss and so he sprays Selene with concoction he got from Astrid and demands that she kiss Eddie.  When Selene complies, Eddie wakes and knocks her out, calling her a harlot. Dyson tells Eddie that he needs his help and Eddie agrees though he asks Dyson to help him tie up the trollop (read: Selene).  Dyson tells Eddie that he needs help finding the woman he loves.

Bo is on the train and when she tries to pick a lock, she remembers Kenzi.  Bo knocks on the door and a maid rushes in to warn Bo that she will awaken him.  Bo uses her succubus powers on the maid and the maid says that Bo is the one. Bo asks what this place is and who she is.  The train starts to shake and maid says that Bo has made him angry.

Eddie, Hale and Dyson are walking as Eddie asks about Bo.  Dyson reveals that Bo has a girlfriend and Eddie declares that they are on the trail of a strumpet.  Dyson threatens to rip out Eddie's tongue and so he apologizes and asks if Dyson has a frame of "these transgressions." Dyson shows the image of the wanderer card and says that he got it from Kenzi.  When Eddie asks if Kenzi is another lover, Hale quickly declares Kenzi his but then clarifies to explain that they are friends. Eddie says that if that is Bo on the card, then she is in a heap of trouble.  Eddie walks away talking about mutton and Dyson calls out that Bo has the most beautiful heart, which breaks every time someone she loves is hurting. Dyson lists all of Bo's good qualities and adds that he cannot do any of this without her.  Hale says that professing one's feelings like that is hard.  Dyson then suggests Hale tell Kenzi how he feels.  Hale argues that they need to find Bo but Dyson points out that though there has always been something, he has been longing for Kenzi for three years. Hale hugs Dyson and takes off. Dyson tells Eddie that they have work to do.

Lauren delivers a plate of liver and onions to a customer and he comes onto her in a crass manner.  Lauren then sits next to a clearly upset Crystal. Crystal says that she puts up with rude customers and rude staff.  Lauren starts to apologize if she was rude earlier and Crystal informs her that no good apology ever included the words if or but.  Lauren refers to herself as an egocentric jerk and Crystal tells her not to be too hard on herself of the customer.  When Lauren looks over her shoulder, the customer is choking. Lauren rushes over and applies the heimlich maneuver. The customer continues to choke so Lauren and Crystal get him on he ground.  Lauren grabs a knife and cuts a straight line down the customer throat and realizes that he is a diversity fae.  Lauren pulls some kind of insect out of his throat and when she stands, Lauren discovers that Crystal has recorded the whole thing.

Eddie and Dyson continue to walk as Eddie blathers on.  Dyson asks how they move between dimensional shifts and Eddie pulls out three tiny tiger heads from his pocket. Dyson realises that they are being followed and that a man is appearing in two different places at the same time.

Hale has gone to see Kenzi's and practices his declaration of love for a few minutes before Kenzi walks in.  Hale hands the flowers to Kenzi and she immediately comments that they will be great in Bo's room.  Kenzi asks if he has any leads for Bo and Hale finally declares that she is all he can look at every time he walks into a room.  Kenzi says that she wants to be a part of him too and kisses Hale.  Kenzi pulls back momentarily and says that this is weird.  Kenzi then knocks things off the table and she and Hale end up making out on top of it. Hale finally pulls away, realising that Kenzi is reacting this way because of the perfume.

Tamsin screams and Hale and Kenzi go rushing in the room to find that Tamsin is now a teenager.  Hale tells Tamsin that as people grow their bodies change and it's all natural.  Tamsin realizes she has breasts now. Hale leaves but tells Kenzi that they are no done talking.  Tamsin looks in the mirror and says that she feels bizarre.

Dyson and Eddie are at a junk site and Dyson finds a machine.  Eddie reveals that he has been asleep for a few hundred years at Selene's.  Dyson declares Eddie obsolete because he does not know what the machine is. Eddie moves toward the machine and is tackled by Clio who tells him that if he opens the gate to another dimension without a ticket, they will all blow up.  Dyson yanks Clio off of Eddie and she tries to attack him.  Dyson knocks out one of Clio's teeth and when she cries, Clio attacks again.  Dyson asks why she is so determined to stop him working with Eddie and Clio declares that she is Eddie. Clio explains that while Eddie was in between Selene's legs, she took on the requests for his services. Clio says that all Eddie was doing was making babies but she is an elemental who communes with all of the elements. Clio marches Eddie towards train tracks and announces that she knows that a train is coming.  As Eddie tells Clio she is mistaken for crossing him, a train appears and runs Eddie over as Dyson and Clio watch.  Clio says that the next train is quarter after eight and that they are going to need a train ticket.

Back at Kenzi and Dyson look at the wonderer card and surmise that it must be a ticket. Kenzi points out that no on can touch the card without it burning.  Clio steps forward and says that she can because she is an elemental. Clio brings up her price and Dyson promises that she will get whatever she is owed.  Kenzi asks for a moment with Dyson and reveals her suspicions.  Dyson again tells Kenzi that she has to stay there because Tamsin might remember something and because Hale wants to talk to her about something. Dyson asks Kenzi to please try and listen to what Hale has to say.  Dyson then leaves with Clio.

Clio tells Dyson that once they do this, there is no going back and adds that she cannot promise to protect him.  Dyson asks why she tried to save him at Emeralds and Clio claims that she saw a chance to make a buck or possible potential competition in her territory.  Clio puts the card in the machine and expresses surprise that it worked.

Dyson's phone rings and it's Lauren asking about his incision and saying that she want to come home. Dyson informs her that it is not safe because a group is still looking for. Lauren says that she is scared and Dyson tells her that she is smart and resourceful but she is on her own. Lauren tells Dyson to take care of Bo, then hangs up.

Vex is trying to break into a car and is on the phone with Clio, claiming that he will pay her triple  what she is being paid. Vex asserts that Bo must be alive and in one piece and Clio agrees to the deal. Clio hangs up the phone and Dyson asks what deal. Clio tells Dyson that he has her blood oath to find Bo, as the train pulls up. Clio and Dyson walk hand to hand to the tracks and when they stand on the train, Clio tells him that it is a death train. When the train pulls up, Clio and Dyson disappear.

Kenzi is on the phone and she says that she is out of her magic fae make up. Kenzi says that she can pay and grabs some sort of artifact out of a drawer.  Kenzi leaves the sleeping Tamsin in bed.

Lauren and Crystal have a drink and when Crystal excuses herself, Lauren goes through her bag and pulls out Crystal's phone.  Lauren quickly discovers that the phone is password protected. Lauren is caught red handed by Crystal and Lauren claims that she was looking for her weather app.  Crystal says that this is about the alien video. Lauren explains that it wasn't an alien and that the people who are after her will come there if the video is released. Crystal erases the photo and Lauren hugs her in thanks. Lauren introduces herself to Crystal.

On the train, Bo has drained the maid.  Bo then kicks the door of her compartment open and leaps.

This episode had absolutely no cohesion and felt like it simply bounced from place to place.  At times it was hard to wonder and I found myself losing interest. We did however get some fan service as people have wanted Hale and Kenzi to get together for quite some time.

For a show that has some pretty strong empowered female characters, Lost Girl has a history of slut shaming and misogyny. Eddie was absolutely casual about knocking Selene out and calling her a whore. It is only when the slut shaming was aimed a Bo that Dyson had something to say. The misogyny and the slut shaming add nothing to the plot and yet Lost Girl constantly includes it.

We also had the introduction of another GLBT character in Crystal.  We don't know much about her yet and I am hoping that we are not going to end up with yet another love triangle between Lauren, Bo and Crystal.  I do however think it is worth noting that Lost Girl has always been good with GLBT inclusion from the first season even if the portrayal sometimes leaves something to be desired.