Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode Eight: The River in Reverse

This episode begins with Rebekah making confession to Father Kieran.  Kiernan asks if she is even Catholic but Rebekah claims that she needs absolution and declares herself a liar and a betrayer. 

The scene switches to 24 hours earlier, with Rebekah and Klaus at the breakfast table.  Klaus asks about Marcel and Rebekah says that she hasn't seen him.  Rebekah tries to play innocent but Klaus accuses her of giving him the devil's eye.  Rebekah says that she is afraid to voice her opinion for fear that Klaus will bite her.  Klaus defends his actions by stating that Elijah made inflammatory comments about his intentions towards his child. Klaus tells Rebekah that his preferred method of punishment for her indiscretions is the dagger.  Rebekah replies that there is something fundamentally wrong with Klaus before leaving.

In the bayou, Haleigh is taking care of a very sick Elijah, in a cabin, in the swamp. Haleigh has gone through the bible which was left for her, with an entry which may refer to her.  Elijah points out that he will soon start to hallucinate and become unstable and so suggests that Haleigh leave him there. Haleigh declares that she is not leaving Elijah like this.  In the woods, a woman with the same birthmark as Haleigh watches the cabin. 

Back in the quarter, Marcel makes his way into the bar and introduces Tyler to his vampires. Marcel informs the vampires that by staying to hear what Tyler has to say, they are signing up for battle. No one leaves and Tyler begins to talk about Klaus and his hybrid abilities. Tyler tells them all about Haleigh and her pregnancy.  Tyler then speaks about Klaus turning a group of werewolves into hybrids, as well as how they broke free of Klaus's compulsion and were slaughtered.  Rebekah enters the room and all the vampires turn and stare at her.  Rebekah tells them that the baby will allow Klaus to sire more hybrids, which means that vampires won't stand a chance.  Rebekah adds that Klaus is a crap individual and that the last thing he needs is to sire a superior species. Rebekah then snaps Tyler's neck and says that they are not going to harm the baby because Klaus is the one they are putting a stop to.

Klaus is dictating his memoir to Camille and complains that his siblings are as deceitful as his parents ever were.  Camille asks what the point is of writing this because all Klaus repeatedly says is that everyone is out to get him. Camille adds that she wonders if Klaus trusts his own reflection.  Klaus replies that if the daggers weren't missing, he would put one in each of their hearts.  Camille tells him that he is the architect of his own misery. On the desk, Klaus finds a paper with a weird sign and Camille tells him that it is a tattoo design.

Rebekah and Marcel are down in the garden with Tyler and they decide to keep Tyler locked up until Klaus is taken care of.  Rebekah then asks where they are going to put Klaus and Marcel says a that picked out a spot in the back, where Klaus will reside for 52 years. Marcel has picked this number to match the years Klaus had Rebekah daggered in the 1800's. Rebekah reminds Marcel that he let Klaus keep her daggered.  Rebekah suggests that Davina should put the odds in their favor but Marcel believes that they cannot risk getting Devina involved because she has less and less control over her magic recently. Rebekah says that they are going to need Marcel's best warriors and Marcel assures Rebekah that what they are doing is nothing Klaus hasn't done to Rebekah or Elijah repeatedly. The two kiss.

Back in the swamp, Elijah screams in pain and Haleigh goes rushing into the cabin.  When Haleigh puts her hand on Elijah's head, she gets a vision of Celeste.  Elijah tells Haleigh that he thought that she was someone else and is shocked that he allowed her into his thoughts.  Haleigh says that it's fine and that she is taking care of him.  Elijah sits up and says that they are being watched.  When Haleigh heads outside, she sees the woman but the woman takes off quickly.

Klaus heads to a garage where he meets up with Josh.  Josh then heads to Marcel and reports that Klaus wants him to steal a dagger.  Josh believes that this is a test and adds that Klaus knows that he is working for Marcel now. Rebekah calls Klaus a bastard, quickly realizing that Klaus means the dagger for her.  Marcel tells Josh to calm down because if Klaus knew, he would have ripped out Josh's spine by now.  Marcel instructs Josh to say that he couldn't get the dagger but that he saw it on Marcel.  

Josh then reports to Klaus that Marcel is clearing out the compound for a date.  Klaus tells Josh that when he runs New Orleans that there will be a permanent daylight ring for him.  Klaus however warns that if Josh ever betrays him, he will spend the rest of his eternal life in agony wishing for death before leaving. 

Kiernan is sitting in prayer when Klaus shows up. Klaus brings up Camille and that he has been compelling her.  Klaus says he does so for Camille's protection because she won't leave things be.  Klaus suggests that if Camille keeps digging, she will discover about vampires, and witches and eventually go so far that she will get herself killed. Klaus believes that Camille needs to leave because New Orleans will be the death of her. Though Klaus has been compelling Camille, he believes that it needs to be her choice to leave the city.  Klaus admits that has not allowed anyone else to talk to him the way that Camille does.  Because Klaus smells war in the air, he believes that Camille will be the innocent victim if she does not walk away.  Finally Klaus says that if Camille does not leave of her own free will, he will be forced to compel her to go.

Haleigh is still playing nursemaid and Elijah has a flashback to Celeste sitting in the bathtub. Celeste reports that Klaus has been challenging the gentry to duels, as though they have any chance of winning. Elijah says that he tired of sacrificing his joy to temper Klaus's mischief and asks Celeste to cast a spell to put Klaus in his place. Celeste says that it would take 100 witches to put Klaus in his place and adds that Klaus only ever listens to Elijah. Elijah agrees that Klaus does need some discipline and he  kisses Celeste.  

Elijah awakes and asks Haleigh to leave again because he is flooded with torturous memories. Haleigh asks if Elijah doesn't like people taking care of him and Elijah responds that there are consequences for people who care.  Haleigh again affirms that she is staying and Elijah asks about the person watching them.  Haleigh says that the woman might the one who left the bible last night. Elijah points out that Haleigh came here to get information about her family, not nurse a sick vampire with a fever. Once again Haleigh affirms that she is staying.

In the quarter, Klaus arrives at Marcel's compound and it appears deserted.  Marcel makes an appearance and Klaus says that Marcel has something of his that he was wants back.  Marcel pulls out the dagger saying that he cannot do that, as Rebekah joins him.  Rebekah declares that she has had enough of Klaus.  Klaus asks Rebekah how it feels to be in possession of the one thing that can take her down.  Marcel whistles and vampire surround Klaus.  Klaus is not impressed with the number who have appeared and says that he cannot be subdued.  Marcel whistles again and more vampires appear. 

In the swamp, Haleigh continues to care for Elijah, as he calls out for Celeste to forgive him.  In a flashback to the past, Klaus is engaged in a duel and of course kills his opponent. The man is dragged away, as Elijah show up to say that this is enough. Elijah reminds Klaus that word of a city drowning in bodies will get the attention of Michael. Klaus tells Elijah to relax because he has started rumors that the bodies are a result of witches seeking blood sacrifices for their rituals.  Elijah reminds Klaus that Celeste is one of those whom Klaus has pointed his finger.  Klaus replies, "harlots are like rats in the quarter and you trip over one every step you take."  Elijah shoots Klaus and Klaus informs him that the town's witches are being rounded up as they speak. 

Elijah wakes screaming and Haleigh tries to comfort him, he attacks. Elijah strangles Haleigh against the wall and is then daggered from behind by the woman who has been watching him. 

Back at the compound, Klaus reminds the vampires that he a hybrid who cannot be killed.  Klaus says that if one of the vampires released him, he would be eternally in their debt and those who crossed him would have spectacular ends.  Klaus drops a coin and says that whoever picks up the coin gets to live.  Klaus asks who wants to join him and Marcel intervenes and suggests that whoever wants the coin should pick it up now.  None of the vampires move forward.  Marcel gives the word and the vampires attack.  Klaus is at first overwhelmed by the large force and Marcel and Rebekah watch in satisfaction.  Klaus is in chains, when he suddenly looks up having gone hybrid.  Klaus then breaks free and starts killing the vampires, calling out for Marcel to come and finish this.  Marcel moves to join the fray but Rebekah stops him and says that Marcel should take the coin otherwise he will die as well.  When Marcel turns back to Klaus, Klaus is systematically working his way through the vampires.  Marcel shouts enough and picks up the coin.  Marcel is on his knees and he pledges his allegiance to Klaus, declaring that Klaus has the keys to his kingdom. 

Camille is in the graveyard trying to wash the graffiti from Sean's tombstone. Camille says that this is the second time this week and Kiernan corrects her saying that it is actually the third. Kiernan tries to comfort Camille by saying that folks need time to heal.  Camille reveals that she might be losing it like Sean did and shows Kiernan the so-called tattoo that she took out of Klaus's office.  Camille says that it is actually a secret code, which she has no memory of drawing.  Kiernan responds by saying that Camille should put her thesis on hold and leave town for a little while. Kiernan suggests that New Orleans isn't for everybody. 

Haleigh is now sitting with Eve, the woman who was following her. Eve reveals that she is following Haleigh because she brought an Original to werewolf country. Eve says that Marcel killed most of the people in the family tree and the ones who escaped, were cursed to remain in wolf form except for one day a month.  The werewolves are apparently hunted by the marks they carry and this is why Eve has damaged hers. Elijah interrupts them carrying the dagger he was stabbed with.  Haleigh tells Elijah that she got this and adds that she has to get him home.  Eve tells Haleigh to keep the mark covered up and leaves.  Elijah asks what happened and Haleigh declares that she has just met part of her family.

In the quarter, Diego and the other vampires are holding a somber ceremony for the vampires who died at Klaus's hands.  Klaus approaches Marcel, who says that if Klaus is going to kill him that he should just get it over with.  Klaus reminds Marcel that he picked up the coin and that there are rules of engagement in battle.  Klaus brings up that Marcel's living quarters used to belong to him.  Marcel tells Klaus that he can have the house but will never have the loyalty of others because it comes out of love and respect.  Marcel points out that he learned this himself and that it is something that Klaus will never know.  Marcel leaves telling Klaus to enjoy his kingdom and Diego sets fire to the vampire remains. 

The next day, Haleigh and Elijah have returned to the house.  As they sit in the car, Elijah apologizes for trying to hurt Haleigh. Haleigh asks what happened to Celeste, pointing out that it is important because she is who Elijah fixated on.  Elijah touches Haleigh and we see Celeste dead in a bathtub.  Elijah pulls Celeste out of the water, caressing her face crying. Back in the present, Elijah says that it was a bad time to be a witch. Haleigh replies that Celeste died because of Klaus but Elijah argues that Celeste died because of him, because he cared too deeply for her.  Elijah believes that Klaus slipped through his grasp because Celeste consumed his every moment.  Elijah adds that Celeste paid the price because he had abandoned Klaus in the name of his own happiness. Haleigh questions why Elijah is trying to put his family back together when it is so clear that one part of it is broken. Elijah responds that broken suggests that it can be fixed and that he believes that he has eternity to be Klaus's salvation. Elijah tells Haleigh that she has seen what happens and then gets out of the car.

In the house, Rebekah enters a room with Klaus, and  announces that Elijah is home.  Rebekah asks which one of them is going to be punished today. Klaus wraps his arms around Rebekah with a dagger in his hand saying that Rebekah, his own sister betrayed him.  Elijah enters the room and tells Klaus to stop. Klaus accuses Elijah of stealing his child away with every moment of tenderness he shows to Haleigh. Elijah declares that this has nothing to do with Haleigh. Klaus screams that that it does because Haleigh has adored Elijah since he has arrived.  Klaus believes that his child will grow up to call Elijah father. Rebekah asks if Klaus is worried that he will be left behind and adds that what happens is Klaus drives people away.  Klaus asks what he has done lately and says that he has done nothing but cooperate with them.  Klaus even argues that Rebekah has once again fallen for a man she shouldn't be with. Klaus then says he makes no excuses for past sins but says that they could have chosen to stand by him and believe that his intentions for his child were pure. Tears roll down Klaus's face and he says that he wanted their home back and now that he has it, the two of them can stay there together and rot. Klaus hands Elijah the dagger and walks out of the room. 

Klaus walks outside and informs Haleigh that she is coming with him. When Haleigh asks why she would go anywhere with him, Klaus informs her that the child is the only thing that matters to him. Klaus says that if Haleigh fights him that she will lose along with anyone else who tries to stop her from getting in the car.  Haleigh gets up and heads towards the car.

In St. Anne's, Camille has figured out the note she left herself.  Camille reveals that the note said Klaus.  Camille then shows Kiernan clippings from 1919, which include photos of Marcel and Klaus. Camille declares that she knows both men.

This episode was long over due.  I have been bored with the ridiculous twists and turns that The Originals have engaged in considering what Klaus is. It is long over due for the audience to have a reminder of exactly what Klaus is.  What I don't understand is all the time The Originals has spent beating around the bush when Klaus could have done this in episode one and achieved everything he wanted.

That being said, Joseph Morgan continues to be the best actor on this show.  Never for one moment do I doubt the character he is portraying.  Despite all of Klaus's tears he and angst, he is not a sympathetic character.  He complains that everyone is out to get him but refuses to acknowledge the harm he done to those around him.  It's quite telling that in his defeat, Marcel brought up loyalty - something Klaus will never know. 

Speaking of Marcel, we knew that eventually he would have to capitulate to Klaus but I certainly didn't enjoy seeing him on his knees before him.  It reads at the uppity negro being pacified by the righteous White man.  In Black victimhood this week we also had the fridging of Celeste.  Celeste's only reason to exist is to remind us that Elijah is a tortured martyr.  Her brief portrayal is both sexist and racist.

Finally, I think it is interesting to note that Klaus is jealous of all of his siblings love affairs.  It reads almost as an incestuous desire to be their lovers - their everything.  This is the first time we have seen this sort of emotion being aimed at Elijah, as in the past, Klaus had reserved these feelings for Rebekah.  Even in his victory, Klaus said that Rebekah had one against chosen the wrong man.  Is there a person that either of his siblings could be involved with that Klaus would not find problematic?