Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sleepy Hollow, Season One, Episode Eight: Necromancer

Crane and Abbie have the headless horseman trapped in a cell and Abbie teaches Crane how to fist bump to celebrate their victory, though Crane feels fist bumping makes no sense. Frank says that he is tempted to call in NORAD, so Abbie and and Crane talk about the various ways that they have tried to kill the horseman. Frank asks if they should just let the horseman rot down there and Crane replies that the cell is secure. Abbie points out that witches, demons and sandman are coming because the war is just beginning.  Crane wants to interrogate the horseman to discover what evil is coming up but Frank believes that the horseman will not talk.  Abbie suggests that the horseman will talk to someone who is already dead.  Crane brings up Andy Brooks and how he delivered a message to the horseman before. Frank is shocked because he believed that Andy was dead, so Ichabod informs him that Brooks has been resurrected.  Abbie wonders how they can trust Brooks, so Ichabod  says that Andy has unrequited feelings for Abbie and reminds them that Brooks has already helped them once.  Abbie then suggests that Frank track down Jenny because she could be useful in this situation.

What appears two me who appear to be hunters come across the Horseman's horse in the woods.  They both look at the horse in amazement and one gets on the phone, speaks in German and asks what happened to the Horseman.  The man then hangs up the phone and kills his companion.

Abbie and Crane walk through the tunnels until they find where Brooks has been hanging out. Abbie says that Andy will come back here, if this is where he lives.

Jenny is brought into the station by a police officer and she is not impressed that she was being brought in by the cops.  They head into Frank's office, where he informs Jenny that Abbie is out on assignment.  Jenny is not impressed that Abbie has not answered her phone or returned her calls.  Frank points out that Jenny does not like authority and adds how the system failed her. When Jenny asks Frank if he really knows what is going on, Frank reveals that they have captured one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. Jenny says that she wants to see the Horseman and Frank tells Jenny that she has not given him reason to believe that she will be helpful.  They are interrupted by a officer who says that Adam's Jewellery has been robed. Jenny tells Frank that she used to work for the owner and did freelance acquisitions.  Frank asks what kind of acquisitions but Jenny refuses to answer causing him to suggest she stay there till he gets back.  Jenny follows Frank out of the office and he points out all of the innocent people in the office and how is new he is to this situation. Frank asks Jenny if she is in or out and Jenny declares herself in.

Crane is going through Andy's things and he finds an Egyptian tablet.  Andy returns and is not impressed to find them there. Abbie asks how to break  the Horseman and Andy tells her to leave him be.  Crane says that there is a way to communicate with the Horseman.  Crane then says that Andy is the Horseman's necromancer because the tablet contains Egyptian symbols for communicating with the dead.  Crane explains that Andy is the Horseman's voice and that is Andy's chance for redemption. Crane believes this to be a calculated risk but Andy begs Abbie not to make him do this.  Andy says that he cannot take back the decisions he made when he was alive and that his soul does not belong to him anymore.  It seems that when he is around the Horseman Andy has no choice but to obey the Horseman's commands.  Abbie asks how she can trust Brooks now and he informs her that she cannot. Andy tells Abbie that confronting death is a darkness that will hunt her forever but agrees to go with Crane and Abie.

Jenny and Frank have arrived at the crime scene and Jenny points out that the robbery was a sham because they broke the jewellery case and left all of the most expensive stuff. Jenny leads Frank to a hidden alcove in the store where they discover the owner Adams.  Adams immediately asks for Jenny to bring him a wooden box.  It turns out that the box is empty but the lid contains 16th century druid inscriptions. The relic was to break a hex spell and Frank surmises that the Hessians wanted it to free the Horseman.  Frank isn't worried at first because he remembers that the Horseman is under UV lights but Jenny points out that that power grid could be destroyed.  They decide to head out and call Abbie.

After patting Brooks down, Abbie and Crane take him into the cell with the Horseman.  Abbie handcuffs Brooks and indicates that he should start talking to the Horseman.  Andy tries but the Horseman does not contact him. Crane starts to taunt the Horseman and says that the Horseman is nothing but a prisoner and will remain there a failure for eternity.  When the Horseman shifts, he drops an emerald necklace that belonged to Crane's wife.  Andy's eyes go all black and he says that the necklace belonged to Katrina. 

Outside the cell, Crane is holding the necklace and Abbie reminds Crane that Brooks warned them that the Horseman would try to get under their skin.  Crane wonders how the Horseman would have Katrina's necklace. Crane reveals that the necklace was a gift to Katrina by his best friend Abraham Van Brunt - who was once engaged to Katrina.

We get a flash back to Abraham Van Brunt seeking to buy a necklace for Katrina.  The one he picks out is gaudy and it is Ichabod who suggest that Abraham get the emerald, stating that it is more suited to Katrina's nature. Later at a party, Abraham gives the necklace to Katrina as Crane watches. Katrina calls it perfect and says that it is exactly what she would have chosen.  Abraham leaves with his mother and Katrina heads over to Crane. Katrina then tells Crane that she knows that he picked the necklace because Abraham would have chosen something far more excessive.  Crane admits that he consulted and asks Katrina not to take offense. Katrina then reveals her plans to break off the engagement and Crane asks her not to, arguing that Abraham loves her and is from a good family. Katrina looks Crane in the eye and reveals that her heart belongs to another and that she will marry for love.  Crane tells her that he will not betray his friend.

Abbie tells Crane that he has got massive game.  Crane is not impressed and replies that he wasn't playing a game. Crane wants to know if the Horseman took the necklace and if he knows why Katrina is being held captive.  Abbie reminds Crane that they need to stay on point and that they are looking for the Horseman's weakness.

At the Sleepy Hollow Power Grid, Frank and Jenny watch men dressed as electrical workers carrying firearms. Frank and Jenny split up and a man holds a gun to the back of Franks's head.  Frank quickly disarms the man and continues to move.  He watches as Jenny tries to handcuff two men and is quickly surrounded by more people.  Frank steps out along with other officers and the fake electric workers surrender.

 Crane asks the Horseman to tell him about Katrina and the Horseman says that Ichabod will learn before he dies.  Crane reminds the Horseman that he took his head.  The Horseman predictably loses it and tells Ichabod that he slew him on the battle field and that the whole time Crane was looking for him, he was looking for Crane. The Horseman yells that he will kill Ichabod.  Crane asks why this has become personal and why he so desperately wants Crane.   The Horseman says that he is there to finish what he started and that all of the bloodshed which follows, will be on Crane's hands.

At the powerplant, Jenny looks through a bag and says that whatever was in it, is gone now.

Back at the cell, the Horseman asks if Ichabod has forgotten about Abraham already and if Abbie knows that Ichabod betrayed and killed his former friend. Abbie runs into the cell.

Jenny shows Frank that she found the makings of a bomb around the perimeter, seconds before the power plant explodes.

The power in the cell goes out and Andy reminds Crane and Abbie that he warned them that this wouldn't go well.  Outside the cell, Abbie reveals that Frank arrested six people at the department of water and power and that it will be two hours before they can get the power back on.  Crane says that every minute the Horseman grows stronger and that they (The Hessians) will attempt to free the Horseman. Crane wants to return his interrogation and tells Abbie that he didn't kill Abraham.

Crane reveals that Abraham was devastated when Katrina broke it off with him. Apparently, the next day, Crane and Abraham were chosen to deliver a declaration of resolves to the congress.  We get a flashback with Abraham and Crane walking in the woods.   Abraham says that Katrina does not want to marry him and questions if he mistreated her. Crane says that Katrina is motivated by the heart and  Abraham is upset because this will make him look like he is not good enough for Katrina.  Ichabod reveals that Katrina told him that she loves him and this sends Abraham over the edge. Crane tells Abraham that he wants his blessings, which causes Abraham to grab his sword.  Crane tries to get out of the fight but Abraham is not having it.  The two men fight it out and Abraham takes Crane to the ground but Abraham is shot by Hessians before he can kill Crane.  Ichabod fights off two Hessians and tries to get Abraham to move but Abraham tells Crane to leave him behind.  Crane flees into the woods, as more Hessians arrive and surround Abraham.

In the present, Crane says that the Hessians killed Abraham. Crane  is determined to learn the Horseman's secrets and suggests that he is making progress.  Abbie tells Crane that one shouldn't face their adversary when one has lost control.  Their argument is interrupted by Frank and Jenny. Jenny stares at the Horseman and Crane wonders where the Thracian filing is. Jenny says that someone would have to break into the cell to break the spell.  They all agree that they don't know who is onside with the Horseman and agree to handle this themselves. Ichabod says that he is not leaving the Horseman unguarded. Abbie leaves instructing Crane to take Brooks head, if he becomes a problem.

Brooks pulls some sort of medallion out of his skin. Abbie and Jenny search the tunnels for intruders while in the cell, Brooks starts to say a spell.  Abbie and Jenny continue forward but stop suddenly because they hear voices.  Two demons appear and Abbie shoots them, causing them to break apart. A demon then tries to sneak up on Frank, but he takes that demon out as well.

Ichabod goes back into the cell and brings up that the Horseman risked eternal imprisonment to try and kill Crane. Crane notices the medallion in Andy's hands as the Horseman breaks his chains.  The Horseman grabs two swords and throws one of them at Crane.  The two begin to sword fight and we get flashbacks to Crane fighting with Abraham.  Crane realizes that the Horseman has been Abraham all this time.  In a flashback, we see a demon approach a near dead Abraham. The Hessians put a red coat on Abraham, shave his head and put a mask on him. It seems that Abraham made a deal with the devil and his prize is Katrina. The Horseman says that Katrina's soul will be his once more.  The Horseman gets the upper hand in the fight and Andy jumps up shouting, "no you can't kill him, the master forbids it." A demon appears and takes Andy and the Horseman away.

Abbie and Crane sit together and she tells him that he didn't cause Abraham to become the Horseman. Crane argues that the created his own nemesis but admits that he always found Abraham arrogant.  The lights come back on and Crane says that he prefers candlelight. Crane says that Brooks and Molox's minions saved him.  Crane wonders if he is not meant for the Horseman of death then who.  Abbie says that they are dealing with forces beyond their control and points out that if Katrina is being held as a prize, then Katrina is the horseman's weakness.  Ichabod pronounces that they need Katrina more than ever.

This week we learned the identity of the Horseman.  It all felt sort of anticlimactic and that is probably because it was reduced to the tired trope of a love triangle.  It's a device that writers rely on a lot and screams a lack of imagination.  Cheap jealousy causes a man to sell his soul?  I know that jealousy is a strong motivator but it didn't ring true to me whatsoever.

I like seeing Frank and Jenny team up a lot.  It brings them more central the story thus shifting away from the typical narrative of White men save the world that we tend to see far too much of today.  If the writers follow through with this pattern,  three characters of note in Sleepy Hollow, will be people of colour and I don't even need to say how very rare this is.

This is now episode eight, and I cannot say that I am sold on Sleepy Hollow.  I can't quite articulate why but it would be dishonest of me to admit that I don't get very much enjoyment from it.