Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode Six: Of All the Gin Joints

This episode opens at a opera with only one attendee.  When her performance is finished, the diva is almost stopped from escape by a whistle but manages to get away.  Kenzi and Bo are at the Dahl and Kenzi reads a letter from Tamsin about the fact that she has struck out on her own.  Bo wonders if Tamsin can know herself because she has no memory.  The opera diva rushes into the Dahl and almost collapses.  When she sees Bo, the diva starts to speak excitedly about finding Bo and Kenzi translates because the diva is speaking in Russian.  Bo says that she has never seen the singer in her life and the singer protests that she was told to come to the Dahl by Bo.

The diva is now asleep with Trick looking over her.  When Bo enters the cellar to see how she is doing, Trick says that Ianka needs to rest. Bo says that she needs to speak to Ianka because apparently, Ianka said that Bo instructed her to come there.  Trick gets insistent because Ianka is some kind of bird fae and running in the cold might have strained her very delicate vocal chords.  Bo surmises that singing is how Ianka feeds.  Trick reveals that Ianka's song can even take life and evoke powerful memories.  Bo leaves asking to be informed when Ianka wakes up.

Lauren is getting her party on when she interrupted by The Morrigan.  It seems that The Morrigan is there to help her move and has brought beer and pizza.  The Morrigan asks to be called Ebony since they are going to be working together. Lauren has a bit of geek moment over her Star Trek collectibles and The Morrigan declares that she arrived in time.  The Morrigan then presents Lauren with several books.

Dyson is back at the Dahl after a ten day stretch. He reports that Lauren has gone with the Dark and Bo reveals that she is also Dark fae.  Bo says that her hand was forced by The Wanderer and Dyson promises to fix this.  The two exchange a kiss and Dyson says that it is forbidden for them to be together.  Bo grabs Dyson and takes him to the back and the two begin to engage in sex when Trick interrupts them.  Trick says that Light and Dark cannot fraternize and warns that the Onamenz are everywhere.  When Bo suggests Trick turn a blind eye, Trick makes it clear that they are to get their brains out of each others pants and get out of his bar.  Trick then reveals that Ianka is awake and asks Bo not to aggravate her.

Bo heads to see Ianka and Ianka embraces her as a hero.  Bo questions what she is talking about and Ianka reveals that Bo visited after she sang for her.  Ianka is a bit blank on the details of where they met but is sure that Bo encouraged her.  Ianka begins to sing and tells Bo to listen.  Bo flashes to herself running through a field and then she is back on the train.  Ianka asks if it was a good memory and Bo calls it a vague memory, then asks her to sing more. Ianka refuses and says that Bo promised to get her what she wants most in the world - freedom.  Bo demands that Ianka not hold her memories hostage and Ianka says that she only has the key.  When Bo asks for the key, Ianka claims that Bo is just like the others.  Ianka reveals that she is starving and cannot feed and needs to sing for an audience.  Ianka then reveals that Bo said she would not remember and asks her to look in the handle of her knife.  Bo pulls out a message which says, "Ianka you will sing for me and I will bring you freedom." Bo recognizes the hand writing as her own.

Suddenly, a man starts screaming for Ianka. Bo goes upstairs and says that Ianka is not a thing. Dambers replies that Ianka has been in his family for centuries.  Bo asks for Ianka to be let go but Dambers demands that Ianka be brought to him.  Bo tries to lie and say that Ianka is gone but Dambers has a GPS in the necklace around Ianka's throat.  Bo says that Ianka wants to sing her famous aria but Dambers counters that it is wasted on the masses.  Bo counters saying that when the public finds out that Dambers said no, they will see who he really is.  Dambers than starts making demands for a performance of Ianka.

The books Lauren was given by The Morrigan are the professional journals of Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Charles Mao. Lauren is blown away and the Morrigan explains she got Einstein's at a garage sale.  It seems that The Morrigan even got Faberg√© eggs at a garage sale. Lauren wonders if all the journals are from the fae and The Morrigan dumps more of them in front of them.  Lauren begins to read the journal and discovers that one was experimenting on humans.  Lauren says that she is a proud doctor but has not always been proud of the methods.  Lauren calls The Morrigan outdated and talks about computers and medical science. The Morrigan suggests cloning someone and experimenting on them but Lauren is adamant that she won't do this.  The Morrigan tells Lauren that she should feel free and that morals and ethics are overrated.  Lauren says that if she agrees to work with the Dark fae that it will have to be on her own terms.

Trick approaches Kenzi and says that she needs to leave because Ianka's song could hurt humans. Kenzi says that she can handle it.  Hale walks into the bar but walks right by Kenzi and heads straight to Ianka, as Kenzi and Dyson look on. Kenzi sees Bo to complain about Ianka and actually calls her a whore.  Bo tells Kenzi that Ianka is the key to her memories.  Ianka begins to sing and Bo closes her eyes and is once again on the train.  Bo finds a crown with the name Isabeau written on it.  The performance is cut short by a fae who says that Ianka is wired to blow up.  It seems that Marcus has come for Ianka. Marcus asks if Dambers wishes to start another war over Ianka but Dambers points out that it is Marcus who wishes to fight. Dambers reveals that for Marcus's people, Ianka's song bolsters their armies.  Trick intervenes and says that unrest will cause unwanted attention from the Unamenz. Ianka begins to collapse, so Bo suggests that the aria has weakened her and that Ianka needs to rest.

Ianka is back to resting with Trick working on her and Bo says that this will give them a chance to look at the crystals.  Bo asks how they stop this and Trick reveals they need liquid volcanic argon. Bo suggests sending Kenzi on a mission.

Lauren and The Morrigan are actually having a good time.  Lauren realises that the beer she is drinking is 25% alcohol.  Kenzi shows up saying that she would like to talk to the real Lauren.

Back at the bar, Hale is sitting with Ianka who says that it is good to see a face from the past.  She reminisces about pranks they used to play. Ianka kisses Hale and thanks him for the visit saying she must lie down.

Lauren hands off the aragon to Kenzi but does not buy the cover story that Kenzi gave her.  Kenzi asks what is going on and Lauren reveals that since her apartment belongs to the Light that The Morrigan helped her to find a great new place in the city. Kenzi is shocked to learn that Lauren is on a first name basis with The Morrigan now. Lauren asks about Bo and Kenzi says that Bo misses her and turns to leave.

Bo heads to see Ianka and finds Marcus standing over her.  Bo asks what Marcus wants and he replies that he cannot say but if achieving it means blowing up Ianka then he will. Bo tells him that a weak man keeps hostages.  Marcus demands that Bo leave and shows her the trigger when she tries to refuse.  Bo heads back upstairs leaving Marcus and Ianka alone.  Marcus sits with Ianka but what he does not know is that Hale is watching.

Bo returns upstairs with Dambers transmitter and she and Dyson listen in but are quickly caught. Marcus says that it is over and apologizes as Ianka begs.  Dyson and Bo realise that Marcus has pushed the detonator. Bo tells everyone to get down and Kenzi appears and asks what's happening. Bo realises that there has been no detonation and Kenzi says that there is no fire in it anymore. It seems that Lauren said that it was a dud.  Kenzi then asks about Hale and Bo says that Hale is around probably. Kenzi leaves in search of Hale and Dyson reveals that both Marcus and Ianka are gone. Dyson asks what Ianka and Marcus were doing behind the curtain. Bo approaches Dambers declaring that Ianka has the answers that she needs and therefore, someone had better start talking.  Bo's eyes go neon blue and she feeds on Dambers, who reveals that there was a new light when he stole Ianka from Marcus. Bo realises that Ianka was never afraid of Marcus.  Dambers says that Marcus is a radical bent on hatred for all Brackians before sitting weakly.

Dyson calls Bo over and shows her that with Tricks rare transmitter, Marcus could broadcast anything from anywhere. Bo realises that Marcus and Ianka are in love and  Dyson wonders what this has to do with the transmitter. Bo reminds Dyson that Dambers would never let them be together and Bo points out that Ianka can sing death notes.  Bo realises that they are going to kill all of Dambers's people.  Dyson leaves to warn Dambers's people and Kenzi enters saying that Hale is gone.   Bo reveals that the bird women can hurt fae with their voices and Kenzi demands to come with her.

Bo and Kenzi find Ianka and Marcus and says that Dambers's people are being warned of her death note.  Ianka denies that she has any such plans and says that she and Marcus only want to be together.  Bo asks about the transmitter and Ianka claims it's to tell his family about their love. Marcus tells Ianka that some things are bigger than love. Ianka refuses to kill Dambers's people and Marcus makes it clear that he is not asking and then blows a sharp whistle causing Ianka pain. Ianka falls to the ground and Marcus continues to blow, until Hale uses his siren powers to attack. Marcus points a weapon at Hale and Kenzi jumps in front of him.  Hale tells Kenzi to leave but she says that she is there to rescue him. Bo then jumps in front of Kenzi causing Ianka to jump in front of Bo and plead with Marcus to stop because the anger isn't him. Marcus demands Ianka sing the death note and calls her a bitch.  Ianka begins to sing and Marcus falls to the ground and Kenzi grabs her ears screaming.  Bo instructs Hale to get Kenzi out of there, as Ianka continues to sing and Marcus writhes in pain.  Marcus finally dies a few feet away and Ianka collapses.  Bo promises Ianka that she will be free and Ianka explains that she is going to die because she took life in a weakened state.  Ianka says that someone would have always tried to own her.  Bo promises to call Trick and Ianka says that she heard stories about Bo and that Bo is what made her believe she could be free.  Ianka dies in Bo's arms.

Hale is watching over Kenzi who is complaining of a hangover. Kenzi asks what happened and Hale says that Ianka sang her death note and that Marcus is dead.  Hale says that it killed Ianka as well and adds that Ianka is finally free.  Hale and Kenzi kiss and Kenzi asks if Hale is hurt from the death note. Kenzi puts her back to Hale to cuddle and does not see when he puts his finger in his ear and it gets covered with blood.

Back at the Dahl, Bo opens Ianka's parting gift which is a recording of her voice.  Bo is transported back to the train and starts to react in horror.  Bo closes the device and Dyson enters the room to find her distraught.

The Morrigan and Lauren are still chatting and The Morrigan says that she is surrounded by sycophants and assassins. The Morrigan tells Lauren that she can call her a friend and hands Lauren the key to the Dark science and medical testing facility with full access. Lauren declares that she won't sign anything and The Morrigan points out that she is not asking.  Lauren tells The Morrigan that she will never trust her. The Morrigan then hands over the keys to Lauren's new condo and declares that this was fun.  Lauren then kisses The Morrigan and declares that the pizza is their secret. The Morrigan says that this might the beginning of a beautiful something and Lauren reminds Ebony that she still doesn't trust her.   Ebony leaves and Lauren starts to unpack. Lauren sits and pulls off the cover she had on lips and places it in a petri dish.

Bo and Dson are having sex but Bo refuses to look at Dyson.  Bo puts her hand over Dyson's mouth and tells him not to tell her what to do.  Bo immediately apologizes and Dyson tells her that no one owns her. Bo is worried that she will become like Marcus and says that another Bo inspired Ianka to be free. Bo is upset that she joined the Dark willingly and Dyson argues that she must have a good reason.  Dyson goes on to say that Dark and Light are just labels which don't define them.  Bo suddenly doubles over in pain and realises that she has been marked by The Wanderer. The Onamenz show up saying that the laws have been infringed upon.  When Bo points out that their laws don't apply to her the Onamenz say they apply to Dyson.  Dyson steps in front of Bo wolfing out but the Onamanez wolf out right back. 

Alright for years now I have believed there to be no distinction between the Light and Dark fae.  It's only in these last few episodes that we have characters actively acknowledging this.  The only one who isn't is Bo and gets more tiresome each time she does so.  The only barrier that I can see is that she cannot freely have sex with Dyson. Oh boo hoo.

The meta is continuing to build and we know now that Bo has lost her memory of her time on the train. It makes perfect sense considering that while she was gone, everyone else lost their memories as well.  My question is why I am supposed to care about this?  I know there is some mystery to figure out but I cannot seem to get even remotely invested.

Then we have Lauren doing beer and pizza with The Morrigan.  I actually think that these two have more chemistry together than Lauren and Bo ever did.  I am really curious to see where this is going.  I like the fact that Lauren is thinking things through and acting in her own best interest for a change.

There is also Kenzi and Hale.  They finally kissed without magic influence and are open about how they feel about each other.  The problem is that these two have zero chemistry.  The hardly feel like friends, let alone potential lovers.