Sunday, December 15, 2013

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 7: Cold Blooded

“But for the pit confounders, let them go, and find as little mercy as they show!”

We see someone loading up lots of shiny loot in some place underground.  He has quite a horde. We see him go to add to his collection, breaking into a house and taking, well, everything and anything of value (especially shiny silver). He’s interrupted by the son of the home owners and attacks him – wogeing into a whole new ugly wesen to kill the guy.

Nick and Hank to the crime scene and the guy has had his arm ripped off, it’s very very messy. And had size 15+ footprints – Nick thinks they’re dealing with another Siegbast. At the police station they confirm there has been a whole string of burglaries but never before with someone home. The medical examiner – who has been too long absent from this show – confirms that something big and strong shook the man to death and broke his neck.

Elsewhere in the city a worker is clearing blockages in the tunnels under the city – and runs into the Wesen. They other workers pull his mangled body back out of the hole.

Nick, Hank and Wu to the crime scene – the deputy ME calls the injuries similar to a bear attack (Wu goes with alligators, they being tunnels underground and all). The city worker leads the three underground to where the man was attacked (Wu doesn’t like the close spaces). They find blood where the man was attacked and a backpack, leaving a very nervous Wu with the backpack while they follow the blood trail. Nick tries to use his Grimmy senses but the subway trains are too loud to hear anything past. They leave after Wu finds the ripped off leg.

At the station they connect the various items found to several robberies and plotting them on the map, forming definite patterns in the city. The burglar hits the same neighbourhood several times in rapid succession before moving on. They do get a call from the ME on the bite mark on the victims – it’s alligator like

Time to talk to Monroe the Grimmopedia. It’s not a gator – and no, not a Siegbast either since they don’t’ like close spaces. It’s a Gelumcaedus  - Hank and Nick are very cute playing helpless and not knowing how to even spell the creature until Monroe invites them – and Juliette – to dinner and research.

Research party! Gelumcaedus are ancient Wesen (known in Roman times) who often go dormant and “live off their plunder” with an inescapable grip which caused one of Nick’s ancestors to make a shiny vambrace to fight one again. They need to confront him in the tunnels as a Grimm

Nick and Hank speak to someone about the storm tunnel outlets and she gives them a map – but warns them how hard it is to find anyone along the long tunnels but Nick and Hank track the intersections with the burglaries to see the likely source of the lair.

They go to the Trailer and Nick picks up his ancestor’s nifty vambrace – and has a flashback to his zombie time while looking at the blade. After snapping out of it, Nick and Hank enter the tunnels and track their way to the Gelumcaedus. Tracking it by sound is near impossible with the echo, but by several clocks ticking Nick finds a semi-hidden door leading them to a new chamber with the Gelumcaedus’s haul. While they look at the loot, the Gelumcaedus attacks, Hank’s thrown aside and it bites Nick’s arm – his teeth getting stuck on the vambrace and not ripping the limb off. Nick throws him aside and Hank holds a gun on him. The Gelumcaedus calls Nick “decapitare”.

To the police station and they question the man, Gregori, about burglaries both in Portland and in other cities. He’s not impressed or intimidated and seems pretty confident of getting away with his crimes. He calls Rosalie and Monroe who tell him “decapitare” means “one who decapitates” an old term for a Grimm.

Very belatedly, Nick calls Hank as he’s going home to tell him he’s cross referenced all the burglaries and found that some of them happen at the same time. There are 2 Gelumcaedus. Shouldn’t they have checked that a little sooner? That second one? Is at Hank’s house. Hank hangs up, is knocked out and dragged away to the tunnels.

Nick gets a ransom call – release Gregori or Hank is torn into itty bitty pieces. Nick collects Gregori with a warning, anything happens to Hank and they deal with a Grimm, not a cop. They got to the location and Nick puts away his gun as Gregori advises, but he’s wearing the vambrace under his jacket.

They meet in the tunnels (Gregori mocking Nick that he doesn’t look as scary as decapitare in the stories) and they have a prisoner exchange: Nick uncuffs Gregori at his brother’s demand and he stands next to Hank where he’s tied up.

And the they attack – all 3 of them. Yes a third brother. Nifty fight scene in which Nick uses the vambrace to kill 2 of the brothers. The third one pins him and Hanks smacks him with a metal bar that has been conveniently left lying around; the survivor is Gregori.

Also, Nick kind of likes “decapitare” which is slightly ominous when he says it looking at his weapons

In Austria, the new prince explains to Adalind that he’s Eric’s second cousin and he’s so very upset that Eric is dead. He is looking for the killer and thinks there are threads back to Portland. He wants Adalind’s help (though that implies a request) - or possibly he suspects her. Possibly both. He knows about Nick and Renard and he wants Adalind to write a list of anyone who could have been involved.

Renard, Sebastien and Meisner are still in hiding and on edge after the Verrat tried to kill them last week. The new Prince is called Victor and Renard only knows Eric never trusted him – whether that’s a good or bad thing is up in the air. Tavishan – another relative – is meeting Eric at midnight and he wants to meet Renard.

The three go to the meeting where they are greeted in German and told it has been delayed by a “trial”. This trial involves a man screaming. They go to the barn where there are a gazillion guards with guns and a man called Constantine being questioned for giving up the resistance (and, presumably, revealing Renard’s safehouse). He gives the name of the woman he was working for (sounding like a fool who fell for a woman rather than a wilful betrayal) and he’s taken out by Meisner with a gun. That dealt with, the questioner, Claude, greets Sebastien and Renard; apparently Claude saved Renard’s mother’s life.

Back to Adalind, she examines her pregnant stomach in the mirror, smearing a nasty red paste on herself which is absorbed in a very very creepy fashion. Watched by Victor on a hidden camera.

More Austria! Everything is happening in Austria but there’s so little explanation of it all that I’m kind of lost in the wave of names and organisations. More Austria! Less Wesen of the week!