Monday, February 24, 2014

Bitten Season One, Episode Seven: Stalking

Episode seven begins where six ended with the pack in the basement discussing Santos's gift to Jeremy. Elena get a phone call and it's Santos, so Elena puts it on speaker.  Santos asks how Jeremy liked his gift and denies killing Dennis Sitwell. Clay of course threatens to rip out Santo's throat.  Santos says  that all he really wants is to get out from under the pack's oppressive rules.  Antonio reminds Santos that the rules have been established for centuries.  Elena asks about Joey Sitewell and says that he is safe with all of his parts for now.  Santos then suggests that they get together for a meeting to straighten things out.  Jeremy suggests they meet at Stonehaven but Santos refuses, so they agree on an abandoned camp ground the next day at noon. When Santos disconnects, Jeremy says that they have to find a way to turn the meeting to their advantage and sends Elena and Clay to find stake out positions at the campground. 

Alone, Elena asks Clay if he is alright and Clay says that he called her because he was having trouble with the mutt discipline.  Elena says that she came because of Denis and Santos, not Clay when he says that he is better because she is there.  Clay and Elena are at the campground scouting a spot but they don't know that they are being watched from a distance by Cain.  

In Toronto, Philip calls Sylvie for help finding the person who posted the video.  Sylvie offers to come over and Philip tries to say no, but Sylvie is insistent.  He checks his phone and still has not gotten a text from Elena.

At Stonehaven, Antonio is on the phone making plans under the name Stillwill. Nick brings up how sad it is to bring a close to someone's life by planning a fake trip.  As pack fixer, it's Antonio's job to keep the families from becoming alarmed at the deaths.  Antonio and Nick talk about Nick taking on his role later and Nick says that he doesn't think he could do it.  They end up joking about whether or not Nick has fathered any children.

In Toronto, Rachel and Logan have returned home after a trip to the hospital where Rachel was told she needs bed rest.  Rachel admits that this is not her first time being pregnant.  Apparently the father of that child left and a few weeks later she had a miscarriage.  Rachel says that she is scared that her being pregnant is going to drive Logan away.  Logan tells Rachel that there is nothing for her to be scared of because he is not leaving.  When they hug however; the look on his face says otherwise.

Clay and Elena watch as a woman pulls up and puts a box by the picnic table.  When she hops in the truck to leave, Elena reports the situation to Jeremy and he orders her not to touch it. At Stonehaven, Jeremy decides to check it out with Antonio and leaving Nick behind to watch the property.

Just a distance from the campground, Cain has changed into wolf form.

Sylvie shows up at Philip's door with coffee and she kisses him on the cheek.  Philip and Sylvie look at the video and she quickly gets an email address associated with the video.  Sylvie notices a pair of shoes and a asks if Philip has a new girlfriend and if she lives with him.  Philip tries to change the subject but  Sylvie won't be distracted and so he finally says yes. Sylvie has broken through the firewalls and discovers  that the video was posted by someone named Parker who is a conspiracy theorist.  Philip says that he has to buy the rights to the video and Sylvie offers to go with him because he will scream corporate suit to Parker.

Jeremy and Antonio find a car accident and a woman passed out in the road.  Antonio argues that they should keep going but Jeremy believes that the woman needs their help. Antonio calls Clay to tell him about the accident, as from the bushes, Elena spots Cain in wolf form. Elena tries to call Jeremy but gets a message that the circuits are busy.  Jeremy checks on the woman and when he lets down his guard, she stabs him with a knife.  Santos comes out and stabs Antonio when he tries to take care of Jeremy.  

At the campground, Cain moves to charge and Elena, jumps on him before he can get to Clay.  Clay tells Elena about the attack and she runs off.   Cain takes off quickly on Elena's heels.  When Clay arrives, Antonio is on the ground after being greatly wounded by Santos. 

Philip and Sylvie have gone to see Parker and she explains how she found him.  He assumes that they are from the government and Philip explains that his employer would like to purchase the rights to the video. Philip offers Parker two grand but Parker is not impressed, so Sylvie argues that the quality of the video isn't great.  Philip brings up the fact that the video would be on television and they haggle over price until settling on five thousand. 

The wolves rush back to Stonehaven with a wounded Nick in the back. Elena is already back at the house. They take Antonio into the basement where Jeremy begins to work on saving Antonio with the help of everyone.  Antonio assures his son that everything will be okay and when Jeremy confirms this, Antonio tells Jeremy not to lie to him.  

In Toronto, Logan brings Rachel some tea and they talk about the gender of the baby.  Logan declares that the baby is a girl.  They are interrupted by a phone call but Logan chooses not to answer. Elena reports to Clay that Logan is not answering.  Antonio tells Jeremy that they have to stop the mutts.  Jeremy takes two steps and collapses to the ground.  Nick checks on Jeremy's wounds and Jeremy says that he is going to be fine. 

Sylvie and Philip are back to looking at the video and Sylvie tells him about a program to improve the quality.  When Sylvie suggests that Philip come back to her place, he says that he will send a file instead. Sylvie assures Philip that she wasn't hitting on him and Philip replies that he knows and has a lot of work to do. Sylvie asks if she is making him uncomfortable and says that it shouldn't be awkward after all of the time they have spent together.  Philip answers that though they make a good team, they don't make a good couple. Sylvie suggests that Philip never really give it a chance and asks why. Philip says that what they had was great but what he has now is better for him. Sylvie takes the hint and leaves. 

At a trailer park, Cain is having sex with the woman who was used as a decoy  on the road.  Cain tells the woman that she can hold her own for a human and that she didn't have to cut herself to act as a decoy. 

Jeremy tells the wolves that Antonio is bleeding internally and has lost too much blood.  Nick suggests that they take Antonio to a hospital, if Jeremy cannot do anything else for him. Jeremy tells Nick that they cannot do this but Nick argues that he is not going to let his father die.  Antonio wakes and tells Nick that they cannot fight this fight, then calls Elena over to tell her that the boys need her.  With tears in her eyes, Elena admits that she knows.  Antonio then tells Clay to find it in his heart to forgive. Antonio then tells Jeremy that he shouldn't take anymore half measures.  Antonio then turns to Nick and whispers to Nick and Nick says thank you. Antonio then dies as the wolves cry notably, Elena's eyes seem dry.

Upstairs, Jeremy, Clay, and Elena, sit together talking about what to do. Elena says that there should be no mercy for the mutts because they killed Pete and Antonio.  Nick enters saying that they need to go on the offensive and find out who else is involved. Elena replies that they need to find the woman from the ambush and Nick adds that the mutts must be getting nervous, if they are using  to humans to do their dirty work. Jeremy brings up Cain, as the mutts weakest link and suggests that Elena and Clay find him.  Elena says that they cannot bring Antonio back but they can make this right.

Clay and Elena are on the trail and Elena vows that they aren't going to lose anymore family.  At Stonehaven, Jeremy asks if Nick knows where Antonio wanted his ashes spread.  Nick replies neither of them wanted to face the reality that one day he would die. Nick continues to stitch up Jeremy when he hears a knock on the door.  Nick answers and it's the sheriff looking for Clay and when Nick says that Clay isn't there, the sheriff asks for Jeremy.  It seems that they have found Braxton's body. Jeremy appears and invites the sheriff in.

Cain gets a phone call and it seems that Santos is headed for Manhattan.  The woman calls Santos a coward and she suggests that they start their own pack because she could be his werewolf queen. Cain is worried that she won't live through the transition.  She argues that back that she is a fighter but Cain is not convinced. 

Elena and Clay continue to track Cain and Elena says that Cain went west.

At Stonehaven, the sheriff compliments Jeremy's paintings.  It seems that Braxton's throat was cut and so the sheriff says that this is now a murder investigation.  Jeremy asks what this has to do with Clay and the sheriff reminds Jeremy that Braxton planned on confronting Clay.  Jeremy reminds the sheriff that Braxton was drunk when he made those statements and assures her that the last time anyone at Stonehaven saw Braxton was the day they found the body of the little boy.  

Clay an Elena pull into a gas station and see Cain's truck.  When Cain exists he sniffs the air and finds Elena at his truck.   Cain questions if Elena can take him one on one and the two begins to fight. Cain is so distracted by Elena, he doesn't notice Clay sneaking up behind him.  Elena has to tell Clay not to kill Cain.

Jeremy walks the sheriff to the door and immediately shows the pain he was hiding.  Nick leaves to get the medkit and so Jeremy calls Logan. When Rachel tells Logan that Jeremy is on the phone, Logan says that he will call him back but Rachel insists he take the call.  Logan answers and Jeremy tells Logan about Antonio dying. Jeremy asks for Logan to return and Logan says that he will come as soon as he can.  Jeremy tells Logan he wants the family back as a pack and Logan replies that he has things there he needs to take care of.  Rachel asks what's wrong and Logan says that there are more family issues but he is not going anywhere this time.

Cain and Elena escort Cain into Stonehaven. Clay takes Cain downstairs and Elena goes to see Jeremy. Jeremy tells Elena that he may have lost a little more blood than he thought.  They are interrupted by a phone call from Philip and Elena rejects the call saying that now is not the time.  Jeremy tells Elena to call Philip back and assure him that she is alright, otherwise he might get on the next train.  Elena says that she is more worried about Jeremy and Jeremy tells her not to be.  

Clay tosses Cain into to the cell and tells him that he wants to know where the warehouse is.  Cain of course refuses to answer.

Upstairs, Elena calls Philip and apologizes for leaving him like that. Elena says that she hasn't had to deal with a death in her family since her parents and being with Philip's family at the wedding hit her hard.  Philip says that it's okay and that he hopes she will let him help her work through this.  Elena says that she back in Bear Valley with some of the cousins and they are dealing with this together.  Elena asks Philip to stay with her through this and Philip promises to.  Elena disconnects when she hears a thud.  Jeremy has passed out on the floor unconscious and Elena calls Nick.  Elena tells Nick that this cannot just be blood loss. 

Things are heating up quickly on Bitten.  I suppose that big scene between Nick and Antonio was foreboding of Antonio's impending death.  I am actually sad to see Antonio go as I quite liked his character.  It makes sense that Antonio's character died however as shows are often loathed to have that many alpha males in the same program. 

I am very interested in what is going on with Logan.  It seems the pack first philosophy only goes so far.  He is desperate for the child to be a girl because apparently the werewolf gene skips women and that means he can stay with Rachel.  Given Jeremy's brutality, when he finds out about the pregnancy, it's clear that things aren't going to go well for Rachel.

Did anyone else think it was convenient that Elena suddenly couldn't call and warn Jeremy.  Yes she was in a secluded area but she had just used her phone to call out.  How is it that the signal just disappeared.  I hate convenient writing like that to serve a plot.  It's a cheap device and it's irritating.  

I think they need to drop Philip into the plot box if the story doesn't directly relate to Elena.  I know we are supposed to see him working on the wolf video as significant but I think that it pulls us away from the real story.  The wolf commercial link with vodka makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.  It's almost as if the writers are afraid that we will forget that Elena has a boyfriend while she is with Clay. It's a cheap device to keep the love triangle alive.  Speaking of romance, am I the only one who picked up on a little something between the sheriff and Jeremy?  Hmmmm I don't think it's going anywhere but those two do have some chemistry.