Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Eight:Prisoner

Elena and Clay are cleaning up the blood from Antonio's death. Elena says that she doesn't know if she can handle anymore funerals and Clay assures her that nothing is going to happen until Nick gets back and Jeremy gets better. Elena says that she feels like they failed Antonio and Clay agrees, before leaving her to finish scrubbing.  Elena heads to see Jeremy, who is still in bed.  Jeremy's wound is healing normally but he has a terrible fever, causing him to surmise that there must be some sort of poison in his bloodstream. Elena asks about finding an antidote and Jeremy tells her that they have to figure out what toxin was used on the knife.  Elena rushes to see Clay to say that she is going to go after the mutts and Clay asks for more time to see if he can get it out of Cain. Elena tells Clay that he has to move fast and they both head down to the cage to find Cain in full wolf form.  This causes Elena to decide that she is going to follow through and find the mutts.  Clay tries to stop her but she is insistent.  Elena says that there was a woman with the mutts and her plan is to find her.  Elena promises to call at the first sign of the mutts.

Nick is at the bar and Amanda tells him that everyone has been sent home. Jorge enters and the two men embrace.  Nick tells Jorge that Antonio is dead.

Clay has gotten his torture tools together and he tells Cain he knows that his plan is to stay a wolf, so he cannot be questioned.  Clay sticks a piece of metal through the bars and injects Cain with something, causing him to collapse.

Back in Toronto, Sylvie and Philip are still working on the video for the advertisement.  Sylvie questions what Nate was up to when he shot the original video.  Off to the side, she finds that Nick filmed someone changing their clothes.  Philip says that he has to talk to Nate about this for fear that this will become the story and not the vodka. Sylvie tells Philip that they make a good team and Philip is quick to clarify and say that they did. Sylvie tells Philip to think about why he called her when he knows so many people who could have done this.  Sylvie asks why Philip put himself in this situation and Philip replies that he was hoping they would be mature.  Sylvie asks where Elena is and Philip looks down and so Sylvie leaves. Am I the only one bored with these segues? Can we just put Philip in the plotbox already?  We don't need to see him every week.

Elena pulls up to Cain's read truck but when she tries the door she finds it locked.  Elena wraps her jacket around her arm, breaks the window and enters the truck.  Elena searches through the glove department and finds a card with the number 138 it on it as well as a tampon and lipstick. Elena says that she has not really been thinking about that.  Philip brings up that Elena and Logan run together at Cherry beach but

At the bar, Nick tells Jorge about the mutt uprising and Jorge says that he wants to talk to Jeremy. Nick reminds Jorge that that he is not inner circle and that Jeremy only asked him to talk to Jorge. Nick says that they are still the pack and they plan to teach the mutts a lesson.  Jorge asks what Nick needs for him and Nick explains that they need to erase Antonio's presence in the human world, while allowing the other werewolves to believe that Jeremy allowed Antonio to retire.   Nick tells Jorge again that everything is under control.

Philip is moping and looking at pictures of Elena on the computer and pauses when he notices a necklace she is wearing.  Philip flips back to the wolf footage and notices the exact same necklace.

Cain awakes to find himself back in human form and in tight restraints.  Clay tells Cain that he just wants to talk and that if he moves, his arms will rip out of their sockets.

Elena arrives at an RV camp. When she puts her hand on the door of an RV, her phone goes off and it's Philip.  Elena tells Philip that everything is fine and so he asks if she has been running because her running gear is in Toronto.  What the hell do you need to run but loose clothing and a pair of shoes? Since when does it take gear? Elena says that she is not really thinking about that right now.  Philip then brings up the fact that she and Logan like to run at Cherry beach and Elena cuts him off saying that things will be back to normal soon. Philip then asks if she still has the necklace he gave her, so Elena asks what is going on.  Philip simply says that he wants things to be normal.  Elena goes back to the RV and breaks the lock on the door.

Back at Stonehaven, Clay asks Cain what was used to poison the blade.  Cain says that he doesn't know what Clay is talking about, then admits that Santos could have poisoned the blade.  Clay asks where Santos is so that he can find out what was used.  Cain tells Clay to shove it up his ass. Clay points out that it's in Cain's best interest to talk. Cain starts talking about his role in Pete's death and adds that Pete begged not to be hurt. Cain tells Clay that he is not afraid of him and tells him to bring it.  Cain taunts Clay but Clay syas that Cain is not going to get off that easy.

Elena is walking through the RV and she pauses to calls and updates Clay about the RV and her plan to sit tight in the RV until the girl returns. Elena suggests that she may be able to lead them to where the mutts are hiding. When Clay reminds Elena about their deal, she promises to call because she is not interested in taking the mutts on by herself.  Clay asks Cain who the girl is and Cain asks to be untied, so they can finish their disagreement the old fashioned way.  Far from being deterred, Clay again asks who the girl is and promises that they will find her. Cain claims that she is just some scag he stole from a biker and that she doesn't know anything.  Clay again asks about the girl, so Cain says he doesn't know and doesn't are.

Back at the park, Amber returns to the RV, so Elena hides out of sight.  Amber begins packing a bag as Elena watches.  Amber then heads outside and takes off in a cab.

At the club, Jorge has closed down Antonio's accounts, giving Nick sole access.  Apparently, Antonio was expected for a meeting next week, so Nick orders Antonio booked for a trip to Europe and a cover story created to explain is absence.   Nick says that anyone looking for him will think he had a midlife crises and that the rumor mill should take care of the rest.  Nick adds that he learned from the best and Jorge raises a glass in Antonio's memory.

Clay checks on Jeremy whose blood pressure is dangerously low. Jeremy asks about Elena and Clay informs him that Elena is tracking the woman who stabbed him.  Jeremy orders Clay to do what he has to do to Cain, including hurting him.  Clay responds that this isn't going to work because Cain seems to want him to finish him off.  Clay adds that Cain is strong even for a mutt.  Jeremy starts to talk about his first change and how his father wanted him to experience death.  Clay tells Jeremy that he would do anything to trade places with him and Jeremy responds that his father is the poison in his blood before drifting off.

Amber is in a diner eating when Elena walks in and takes a seat across from her.  Amber asks if Cain is still alive and if he has been hurt. Elena replies that Cain is still alive for now but she doesn't know if he has been hurt. Elena asks what Cain told her and Amber asks if she is talking about werewolves.  Amber threatens to shout about werewolves and Elena warns her that whether or not Cain stays alive depends on her..

Back in the basement, Clay offers Cain food which he readily accepts. Clay starts to read Cain's background file and says that because Cain's father was never pack, Cain must only know the drifter life. Cain asks what Clay would know about that and Clay admits to being bitten while he was seven, leaving him feral and alone. Cain says that his old man taught him how to stay alive and so Cain moves onto how Jeremy found him and gave him a home.  Clay suggests that they don't have to fight each other and that Cain could have a place there.  Cain brings up Pete and Clay says that Pete always put the pack above vengeance.

At the diner, Elena tells Amber that Cain put a death warrant on her head because humans aren't supposed to know about werewolves.  Elena says that the pack will not let her live and that she will be tracked and killed. Amber says that Cain would rather risk punishment than kill her because Cain loves her.  Amber reveals that Elena is living the life she wants and that she could be with Cain and no one would hunt her. Elena realises that Amber asked Cain to bite her and so Amber tells Elena that Cain refused to do it because he didn't want to risk losing her. Amber is sure that she could survive the bite and be just like Elena. Elena tells Amber that she doesn't want this.

At Stonehaven, Cain says that he was born a wolf child and doesn't owe anyone anything.  Cain taunts Clay about his experiences and says that the problem with pack is that they will let any junkie stink up the clubhouse.  Cain says that they all have to go somehow and Clay walks out in frustration.  Clay locks Cain in and heads to the front door, just as Sheriff Karen Morgan pulls in the driveway.  Clay is quick to tell Morgan that Jeremy isn't home and she replies that she is there to see him.  Morgan reveals that they are investigating Braxton's murder and she wants to scratch him off her list.  Morgan asks to be allowed in and Clay says that he will come with her to the station.

At the diner, Elena asks what Amber coated her knife with and Amber responds that any poison must have been LeBlanc's doing.   Elena tells Amber that LeBlanc is a serial killer.  Amber promises to lead Elena to LeBlanc if she releases Cain.  Elena counters offering to do what she can for Cain if Amber leads her to LeBlanc. Amber asks for assurances that neither she or Cain will die and Elena says that all she can do is talk to Jeremy and that is her only hope. Amber reveals that she was told that this is exactly what she warned Elena would say and that they (read: mutts) were right about a lot of things.  Amber looks up just as the mutts enter the diner and surround Elena.  Amber  leaves, as Marsten and LeBlanc sit down. Elena calls Marsten reckless for letting a human gain knowledge of the existence of werewolves and he of course denies responsibility. Marsten says that he is looking out for number one and that this is something Elena should be doing as well.  Marsten brings up Santos's offer and tells Elena that she does not want to end up on her own. Elena asks what the pack has ever done to Marsten and he replies that they have done nothing for him. LeBlanc crowds into Elena's personal space and talks about how easy it would be to kill Elena.  Marsten warns LeBlanc off and Elena swiftly breaks LeBlanc's hand and asks about the poison.  LeBlanc says that it is already to late but he gives her the name. Elena applies more pressure to LeBlanc's hand and orders him to stand so she can get out of the booth.

Elena returns to Stonehaven to find Clay gone and so she tells Jeremy the name of the poison.  Jeremy says that he needs a blood transfusion and so Elena hooks herself up and pumps her blood directly into Jeremy. When she lies down next to Jeremy, Elena is worried that they didn't check for compatibility but Jeremy assures her that they are the same.

Nick is still at the club and he pulls out a bottle for him and Amanda to share.  He talks about how he and Antonio roamed the hills where the grapes for this wine were grown. Amanda says that she has never heard Nick talk about his father before and Nick tells her that he taught him everything he knows.  Nick starts talking about how to chase prey and then kisses Amanda.  They end up making love on the floor. Points to Bitten for portraying cunnilingus as the media to often shows women servicing men, rather than the other way around.

Philip is at Nate's place and it's empty.  The superintendent shows up and says that the person who used to live in the apartment was an elderly shut-in woman .  Philip asks what the super is talking about because he was there yesterday.  The super asks Philip to leave saying that he is probably remembering it wrong, or has the wrong address.

In the kitchen at Stonehaven, Clay approaches Elena  to ask how Jeremy is doing. Elena reveals that she found out what the poison was and gave Jeremy a transfusion.  Elena asks where Clay was and he responds that he went to see Morgan who had questions about Braxton.  Elena says that Morgan thinks that Clay did it but Clay says that the police don't have anything.  Clay asks how Elena found out what the poison is and she explains her encounter with LeBlanc and that he left with a broken wrist. Clay slams a  bottle against a wall and says that every time they get close to the mutts they slip away.  Elena argues that saving Jeremy was more important. Clay reminds Elena of her promise to call and that he is angry that Elena fights him on everything he asks her to do.  Elena snarks that she is sorry for not following his orders.  Clay says that he is trying to protect her and so Elena asks where that attitude was four years ago. Elena reveals her discussion with Amber and her knowledge of werewolves.  Clay is not impressed that Elena let Amber go and Elena tells Clay that Cain fell in love with Amber told her truth and trusted her.  Clay says that Amber has to die and Elena yells back that no matter how much Amber asked to be bitten, Cain refused because he didn't want to risk losing her.  Elena says that Cain won't risk Amber and that is what love is.  Clay storms out of the room in response..

Clay heads down to see Cain and immobilizes him with a drug again.  When Cain wakes, he finds himself naked tied to a chair. Clay tells Cain that there is no point in pretending anymore because he knows about Amber. Cain starts to beg and says that Amber won't say  anything.  Clay asks where Amber is and Cain refuses, saying that Clay will kill her.  Clay replies that he has to anyway and that he might even give Amber her wish and bite her. Cain starts talking about Santos's back up plan and begs for Amber.  Clay asks Cain if he loves Amber and Cain says more than anything.  Clay realises that Cain joined with Santos to keep Amber safe.  Clay asks if Cain sees himself and Amber growing old together and Cain admits that he sees this.  Clay brings up Cain having children - the family he never had and Cain calls Amber his soul mate,. Clay tells Cain that he was right and that for killing Pete, Cain will never be forgiven.  Clay then slices off Cain's genitals

Nick is back at Stonehaven and Jeremy asks about Logan.  Nick admits to calling and texting Logan a few time but not getting a response.  Jeremy orders Nick to find out what is going on with Logan.  Jeremy tells Nick that he wants his opinion and Nick says they will hear from Logan because Logan knows his place.  Nick suggests that they focus on finding the mutts and he promises to kill them himself. Clay enters and says that Cain is dead. When Nick offers to help with the body, Clay says that this is his responsibility and that he will deal with it.  Clay reveals that Santos hired Jimmy Conneg and that he is coming for them.  Jeremy says that Jimmy was the pack enforcer before he became alpha.  Nick adds that the files about dead mutts are all Jimmy's responsibility and that Antonio referred to him as the killing machine. Jeremy says that they will plan for Jimmy in the morning.

Clay heads into the kitchen and Elena follows.  Clay tells Elena that she was right about Cain loving Amber more than life.  He adds that she can hate him for biting her but how they got there doesn't matter. Clay says that they are who they are and what they have between them is either the real thing or it's not.  Clay leaves putting the tool he used to remove Cain's genitals on the counter.

They can put Logan into the plotbox for a week but not Philip, whose storyline is week at best.  Every time the scene switches to Toronto and Philip's work on the ridiculous commercial, I find myself rolling my eyes. Obviously the video is a plant but do they have to beat us over the head with it? Move on already.  What is happening with Logan and Rachel is far more relevant as far as I am concerned. Jeremy's comments about Logan worry me to be quite honest.  Jeremy is clearly ruthless.

I really like that once again we saw Elena taking care of business and dealing with the mutts on her own.  It irks me that Clay is constantly trying to protect her and guard her when she is clearly so capable.

The scene with Cain this week was brutal.  It's clear that Cain didn't die to avenge Pete but because he showed Elena that Clay really did have a choice about biting her.  He doesn't want to admit that what he did was wrong and he justifies all of his stalking, controlling behaviour as love.  I am glad that Elena is pushing back but unfortunately as readers of the book, we all know what is going to happen in the end.

Nick seems to evolved since Antonio died. I loved that he now will no longer accept being called Nicky and demands to be called Nick.  I didn't like the scene between Nick and Amanda because it suggests that women are prey rather than equals.  Nick wasn't looking to share a sexual experience with Amanda but to conquer her.  That whole alpha male bullshit approach to gender interactions irks me. It's not sexy; it's sexist. I will however give points where points are due for the simulation of cunnilingus because as I said earlier, that is not something the media normally portrays.