Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Fifteen: Le Grand Guignol

This episode starts with yet another flashback to 1919. in a  jazz club filled werewolves, vampires, witches and dirty cops, Elijah, Klaus and the werewolf queen drink a toast to collaboration and prohibition. Elijah and Klaus are excited about the reunification of New Orleans.

In present day, Klaus is in bed with Elijah standing above him. Later, Cami heads to see Elijah hoping that he has found a cure for her uncle. Elijah promises to try but says that he needs her help. When Cami balks, Elijah points out that Klaus is sick and that Hayley, who he refers to as the mother of Klaus's child is missing. Heaven forbid Haley be more than a magical uterus for five minutes. Elijah takes Cami to see Klaus and explains that the dagger is buried inside of him  When Cami asks who stabbed him, Elijah admits to being the one and then adds that he is going to remove the dagger.  Elijah explains that Cami is there because Klaus speaks of her with a rare degree of respect. Elijah then goes on to add that Klaus will be weak as he recovers and so she asks Cami to watch over him and feed him slowly from her wrist. Cami's blood is mixed with vervain, which means that Klaus will recover more slowly, so Elijah asks Cami to use this time to make Klaus rethink his decision to murder Rebekah. Elijah leans over the bed and says that he will not see him hurt Rebekah and that he intends to find Sabine and end this.  Klaus tells Elijah that he will pay for this.

Hayley and Eve have Celeste/Sabine in werewolf territory and Sabine apologizes for tricking them.  Eve is not soothed and points out that Celeste almost burned Hayley and Jackson alive in the plantation fire. When Celeste moves against the ropes, Hayley fires a warning shot saying that she knows all about her. Hayley says that she won't allow Celeste to die so that she can leap into another body and adds that if Celeste tries to hex her that Eve will kneecap her. I love this tough Hayley. When Celeste asks what they want, Hayley brings up the curse Celeste cast as Brinn on the werewolves.  Hayley asks for Celeste to lift the curse.

At Klaus's bedside, Cami prepares to offer Klaus her wrist for feeding, saying that she never thought she would be doing something like this. Klaus takes a bite and Cami asks him to slow down. Klaus tells Cami that he is too weak for one of her talks right now and so Cami asks how he could hate his sister.  Klaus says that Rebekah has done what no one else has managed to do to him for a thousand years - rip his heart out.

We get a flashback to Rebekah entering the jazz club. From a distance, Elijah and Klaus watch Rebekah and Marcel. Klaus comments that Rebekah and Marcel are pretending to be apart but they're actually a pair. Klaus stands and Elijah asks why he must cause trouble.  Klaus gets the attention of the crowd and says that he would like to take the time to point out two people who have been sneaking behind his back together. He then makes a toast to Marcel and Rebekah and says that they should find joy in each other. Klaus tells Rebekah that he thwarted her love over the years knowing that her heart would be broken and adds that now she no longer has to run because they have found a home.  Klaus kisses Rebekah and tells her to be happy before leaving.

In the present, Klaus tells Cami that he let his guard down and gave into happiness.

In the past, Michael watches Marcel crossing the street.

Klaus tells Cami that Marcel and Rebekah betrayed him by  bringing Michael to town and that he had been running from his father for centuries.  Cami tells Klaus that he is consumed by revenge he will never receive and adds that Elijah said that Rebekah and Marcel could be anywhere in the world right now. Klaus replies that he is not sure about that.

In the present, Marcel and Rebekah are together and they come to a stop sign.  In the past, Rebekah expresses her shock at being able to sit openly with Marcel. Rebekah points out that it's been six months since Genevieve summoned Michael and she surmises that the spell must have failed. Marcel replies that they dodged a bullet and the two kiss.  Rebekah excuses herself to give a speech at a temperance meeting. What she does not know, is that Michael was sitting in the bar and heard every word she said.  In the present, Rebekah tells Marcel that Klaus will chase them to the ends of the earth. Rebekah adds that no one can hide forever and  Marcel says that they need to follow the plan because there is only one way someone can hide from Klaus forever.

At the compound, Klaus tells Cami that Rebekah and Marcel will need a cloaking spell and for that they are going to need a witch.

In the car, Marcel says that Davina is their only shot but Rebekah argues that this is a suicide mission. Marcel believes that if they resurrect Davina and take her out of town, she can then hide them from Klaus.  Rebekah points out that they don't know the right witch to kill to bring her back and Marcel suggests that they should kill them all. Rebekah points out that it will be difficult to kill the three witches who brought Klaus to his knees. Marcel reminds Rebekah that unless she wants to spend eternity looking over her shoulder, then she has no other choice.  Marcel turns the car around.

Monique is doing a spell in the crypt and when she senses Elijah, she tells him  that when order has been restored, his kind will no longer will be allowed in there.  Elijah tells Monique that she needs to find Sabine because Sabine may have taken someone very important to him. Monique tells Elijah that Sabine is one of them and is committed to the rise of the witches.  Elijah argues back that the only thing Sabine is committed to is the destruction of the Mikaelsons.  Elijah goes on to add that like Monique's mother, his mother was also a very powerful witch and that her power now flows through Monique's veins.  Elijah suggests that when Sabine has accomplished her goals that she will jump into another body, leaving the witches powerless. Monique denies this saying that Sabine has the faith and will see their power restored.  Elijah hands Monique a spell saying that it is similar to the spell Celeste used to body jump. It seems that if Sabine was being honest, her power upon  death will flow into the earth and if not, it will arrive at a different destination.  Elijah asks Monique to locate Sabine.

Marcel and Rebekah have a meeting with Thierry.  Rebekah points out that since Papa Tunde is dead, the remaining three witches they must contend with are Sabine, Genevieve and Bastianna. Marcel reveals that their plans are to kill them all and Rebekah asks him to help.  Thierry points out that not many have gone up against those odds and lived to tell  about. Marcel points out that he has.

We get a flashback to Marcel having a drink next to Micheal, who says that Rebekah reminds him so much of his departed wife as a girl.  Marcel tells Micheal that he is sorry for his loss and the two toast.  Michael says that he had no idea that New Orleans could be so charming and adds that he has Marcel to thank for extending this invitation.  Marcel asks who he is talking to and Michael hands him a clipping from the newspaper and Michael compels him to sit.  Apparently, from watching Marcel, Michael has learned that Marcel chafes under the control of Klaus and that he would do just about anything to get rid of him.  Michael calls himself the one man on earth who hates Klaus more than Marcel.   Michael says that he couldn't understand what Marcel hoped to gain until he saw Marcel with Rebekah.  Marcel challenges Michael and tells him that he had better not hurt Rebekah.  Michael promises that he won't hurt Rebekah because she was always his favorite and that Marcel can have New Orleans, then demands to know where he can find his sons.

At the compound, a weak Klaus tries to get out of bed and Cami helps him back into bed. Klaus says that there is a fresh blood supply in the kitchen.  Cami points out that Klaus won't make it that far and tells him to be a good little boy and get back into bed.  Klaus quips about having a quid for every time a woman has tried that line on him.  Cami tells him that he would be broke and a smiling Klaus replies that some women find him quite charming.

We get a flashback to Klaus in bed with the werewolf queen and when Elijah enters the room, he comments that Klaus is now sleeping with the enemy.  The werewolf queen points out that she is an ally now.  Klaus sits up and shows Elijah opera tickets that the queen procured as a gesture of good faith. The queen offers to introduce Elijah to the soprano, if he promises not to eat her and Elijah responds that a good soprano is never dinner.  Klaus says that Elijah should feel free to tell Rebekah to bring Marcel and suggests that Elijah should tell her now. In other words, stop cock blocking me.

In the present, Cami snarks about Klaus liking opera.  Klaus gets to his feet again and says that  he liked the story and could almost appreciate the irony.

Sabine mixes a spell and hands it to Hayley saying that she should feed it to her people on the next full moon and that when they become human, the curse will be broken. Hayley comments that this is a good way for her to poison them all at once.  Sabine admits that Hayley has no reason to trust and says that she actually likes Hayley and that she was her, because she cared for Elijah, who cared more for Klaus.  Sabine points out that she ended up dead along with a lot of others.  Sabine says that this is a chance for Hayley to free herself from The Originals, while the wolves in the background growl and show fang.

Elijah appears and tells Hayley that whatever Sabine has promised her is a lie.  Hayley says that she is okay but Elijah points out that Sabine cannot be trusted.  Hayley argues back that Sabine is the only one who can break the spell. Elijah asks if Hayley has any idea what Sabine has done to his family.  Hayley acknowledges that Elijah wants revenge but adds that come the next full moon, when she is sure the potion works then he can have Sabine. Elijah questions the sense of holding Sabine captive for an entire month suggesting that it would take an army.  The wolves howl loudly and Hayley points out that she has an army.  Hayley demands that Elijah help her or get out of her way. Elijah grabs the potion and Sabine and takes off quickly.

Elijah pushes Sabine against a tree and says, "you tricked her," to Sabine.  Sabine assures Elijah that this is no trick and that he is holding the cure for the clan in his hand  Elijah questions why Sabine would do this after condemning  Hayley's people to decades of agony. Sabine says that it's the best thing that she could do for Hayley and the worst possible thing she could do to Elijah.  Sabine adds that no matter what happens now, Hayley will hate him for snatching her family from her. Sabine then points out that if Elijah hands over the jar, Hayley will leave him in the end to be with her family.  As long as Hayley is alive and happy, then Sabine will get her revenge.

Thierry sits down with Bastianna and Genevieve and asks where Sabine is.  The women point out that he is lucky they agreed to meet with him at all.  Theirry tells them Rebekah and Marcel are back and that they believe that if they kill the witches, they will be able to get Davina back.  Thierry promises to lead them straight to Rebekah and Marcel and adds that he wants something in return.  When Bastianna asks what, Thierry stands and says their lives.  Bastianna casts a spell which forces Theirry to his knees in pain.  Marcel and Rebekah burst in and manage to kill Bastianna but Genevieve escapes.  Marcel tells Rebekah that they can get Genevieve later but Rebekah points out that all they have is the element of surprise. Marcel says  that he has already failed Davina once and adds that he is not leaving her behind.

Klaus is pours himself a drink and Cami points out that he is self medicating. When Cami brings up Elijah, Klaus gets angry, so Cami reminds Klaus that Elijah loves him. Klaus concedes that this is true.

Elijah is dressed and ready for the opera and is completely surprised when Michael enters his room. Michael says that he just wants to talk and Elijah reminds Micheal that he hunted them mercilessly for centuries and laid waste to half of Europe.  Michael points out that it was Klaus he hunted, never Elijah because Elijah is his blood. Michael says that he came to give Elijah the chance to help him put down Klaus for good.  Elijah attacks Micheal but is thrown across the room.  Elijah says that he cannot believe in anything he says and will not betray his own brother. Micheal tells Elijah that he will forgive him for the sentimental affections for the thing he calls brother.  Michael adds that when he learned that Esther had lain with a werewolf, he realised that Klaus is an abomination who has to be erased.

Cami is confused and asks why Klaus keeps saying kill when Klaus is immortal.  Klaus admits that he can die and that his father was the only one with the means to do it. Micheal had in his possession a white oak stake.

Michael shows Elijah the stake and attacks saying, "stand with me, or fall with him; choose son." Elijah struggles, as Micheal tries to pierce him with the dagger. Elijah manages to push Micheal away and answers, "I will always choose him."  Michael simply replies, "fine," and stabs Elijah with the dagger.

In the present, Klaus says that Elijah has always blamed himself for not stopping Michael that night.  Klaus adds that he told Elijah that "when your father wants to kill you, there's nothing you can do about it." Klaus gets a text saying that Rebekah and Marcel have been spotted in town. Klaus brakes a bust revealing a white oak stake and he tells Cami that unlike Michael's, this stake cannot be destroyed.  Klaus races out of the room before Cami can stop him.

Cami catches up with Klaus just after he has fed from someone to increase his strength. Cami says that when Davina showed her all of the things that Klaus had done to her, she thought about burying the blade in him but didn't because she saw good in him.  Cami warns that Klaus will be filled with terrible regret if he kills his sister and adds that as a person who has lost a sibling that she knows he won't survive the pain if he is the one who kills Rebkeah.  Klaus says that he almost didn't survive Micheal and Cami argues that by terrorizing Marcel and Rebekah  he will become his father. Klaus says that he has been called many things and adds that Micheal was the monster.  Klaus grabs Cami by the arm saying that he has something to show her.

Elijah returns Sabine to Hayley and hands over the potion.  Hayley smiles and says that she has to round up as many of her people as she can before hugging Elijah.  Elijah kisses Hayley and asks if her people know how lucky they are to have her.  Hayley just smiles and walks away with the potion, with a wolf as a guard. Sabine snarks about how touching the scene between Hayley and Elijah was.  Elijah asks what Sabine's end game is and Sabine reveals that there is no end game and that they are both immortal.  Elijah asks what the point is if Sabine cannot possibly win and Sabine says that she has because Elijah just lost the girl he never made a move on because he was so desperate to save his family, which now lies in ruins.  Elijah
says that his family will heal in time and Sabine replies that he doesn't have time because she doesn't believe that Rebekah ran far and fast.  Elijah says that Rebekah is long gone and Sabine points out Rebekah is with Marcel who loves Davina.  Sabine tells Elijah that if he hadn't been so worried about Hayley, he might have figured it out sooner but Klaus did have the time to think about it.  Elijah grabs Sabine and feeds off of her.

In the quarter, Klaus takes Cami to the place where Micheal burned down saying that night, Michael was at his worst. We get a flashback in time to the opera house. Klaus and Rebekah are sitting together and Klaus snarks about the fact that Marcel is missing.  Rebekah stands saying that she is going to check the lobby. Micheal sits down behind Micheal and puts the stake to his back. Klaus calls Micheal father and Micheal snarks about Klaus clinging to this word after all of these years though he is a bastard. Micheal asks if Klaus's real father would be as embarrassed as he was of him before he discovered that Klaus was not his son.  Klaus sits forward and Micheal tells him to take it easy and that death will come after they have a little chat. Klaus answers that any words they have for each other have spoken long ago.  Klaus tells Micheal that he is no longer looking for his affection and will die knowing that his hatred of Micheal was just. Klaus tells Micheal that he should get on it but Michael says that there are some things unsaid.  Micheal tells him that every where he turned, people spoke well of Klaus and so after he kills him, Micheal plans to remain in New Orleans until everyone who had a good opinion of Klaus is dead to ensure he is remembered by no one. The lights dim and Micheal says that he made alterations to the show in Klaus's honour. When the curtain rises, Marcel, the werewolf queen and Elijah are grossly hanging from the stage as the audience, compelled by Micheal, laughs and applauds. Elijah hops on stage trying to save Marcel but Micheal throws him across the stage.  Rebekah tries to intervene next but Micheal stabs her in the stomach. In the present, Klaus tells Cami that for all of these years, he believed that Rebekah was trying to help him.  Elijah then arrives next to Klaus and tells him that they cannot help Marcel and must run. Distracted, Micheal didn't notices his children leaving, so he burns the theater to the ground.

In the present, Klaus says that Micheal took from the last shred that was human that night. Klaus promises Cami that he will not terrorize Rebekah and Marcel for centuries or humiliate, torment or dehumanize them because he will end them.  Klaus then disappears.

Sabine wakes up and finds herself tied up in the cemetery.  Sabine tells Elijah that he didn't have to bite her to get her there because she wants to see the myth of the Mikaelsons come crashing down around them. Sabine tells Elijah that there will always be another pretty young woman she can jump into and adds that anytime Elijah feels a connection to a woman, he will be forced to wonder if it is her. Sabine adds that Elijah will be able to trust no one and be forced to spend the rest of eternity alone.  When Elijah tries to attack, he finds that he cannot because Sabine has cast a boundary spell forcing him stay in the cemetery.

Rebekah and Marcel have dug up Davina but when Rebekah tries to leave, she finds that she is trapped by the boundary spell.  Rebekah tells Marcel to go but he says that he is not leaving her behind.  Rebekah promises to join Marcel and adds that he must get Davina someplace safe.

Sabine tells Elijah that he will be free by the next moonrise but adds that it is her guess that Rebekah won't last that long. Sabine says that her body has been a lot of fun and then she stabs herself with broken glass. Monique approaches Elijah and when she sees Sabine's dead body, admits that he was right, then points behind him.We get a flash to Monique performing a spell on a skeleton and the skeleton suddenly becoming a body and taking a deep breath.  Elijah makes his way into the the tomb, as Celeste awakes and finds herself in her original body.  Elijah tells Celeste that she was so consumed with his downfall that she lost the trust of one of her own.  Celeste starts to beg and Elijah stabs her in the stomach killing her.

Marcel lays Davina's body on a bed and she suddenly comes back to life in a panic. Marcel promises Davina that she is safe now and that he won't allow anyone to hurt her.

Klaus is making his way to the cemetery screaming Rebekah's name.

We get a flashback to the past with Micheal walking through the streets calling out for his children.  Klaus offers his blood to Rebekah to drink and Elijah tells her that Marcel is gone.  Elijah orders Rebekah and Klaus to flee the city and promises to hold Micheal off.  Klaus says that they should fight him together. Elijah says that they cannot fight him and must resort to deceiving Micheal and leading him astray. Once again, Elijah tells Klaus that he must take Rebekah far away from here. Elijah promises to find his siblings as Rebekah cries saying that this is her fault.  Klaus says that it is his fault and he cries saying that he thought that they had found a home there.  Elijah kisses Rebekah then screams for Klaus to leave.

In the present, Elijah finds Rebekah and says that she should be at the other end of the world by now. Rebekah tells Elijah that even the end of the world would never be far enough. Klaus arrives and screams for Elijah to get away from Rebekah.  Klaus holds the dagger in his hands and snarls and in response, Elijah snarls back.

When The Originals chooses to bring the epic, it's awesome.  I loved the scenes between Micheal and Klaus.  All of that pain both men have.  For Micheal it's not so much that Klaus is evil but that he is living proof that Micheal was cuckolded by someone he deems inferior.

I thought that Celeste would make an interesting antagonist but she certainly didn't last long.  It seems to me that part of the problem with creating creatures as strong as the Originals, is that it is difficult to create something which is a legitimate threat to them.  This means that for much of this first season, they seem to float from challenger to challenger with no one really existing as a true threat. This sometimes gives The Originals a lack of focus.  I am also disappointed with the way that Celeste's character ended up being betrayed.  She was written like she was simply a nasty ex who couldn't let go.  The fact that she could continually come back to life means that she didn't really die, thus weakening her cause of revenge.  Did we really the need the portrayal of a bitter angry Black woman, who is of course brought to her knees?

I like the scenes when we see Hayley acting autonomously. I like that she has kept her eye on the prize regardless of the Original drama swarming around her.  It would be far to easy to reduce her solely to the magical womb.  I particularly like that she has remained true to herself.

Okay, so the big battle looks like it is going to come down to brother against brother and I have a huge problem with that.  Rebekah is just as old as Elijah and should be as strong as him but it looks like we are going to see Elijah defending Rebekah.  While I enjoy the fact that she didn't run can we please, just for once have Rebekah act like the thousand year old vampire she is and kicks some damn ass?  Why does she always seem to be standing behind someone? Between this and Klaus's incestuous obsession with his sister, Rebekah's character could use some empowerment.

Also, can we avoid the whole redemption train for Klaus? A lot of people have shitty childhood's but they don't turn into mass murderers which btw is exactly what Klaus is.  What good could Cami possibly see in him?  What good could out weigh his horrendous body count?  Klaus is not the complex character that The Originals is attempting to make him out to be.  He is a sociopath plan and simple. Speaking of Klaus how magnanimous (snark) of to give permission for the uppity negro to fuck his sister. Thanks but I will pass on that as a sign of how Klaus had embraced goodness.