Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Originals Season One, Episode Fourteen: Long Way Back from Hell

Rebekah is hooked up to an IV and when she wakes, she finds herself in abandoned hospital.  She is clearly hallucinating, as she watches humans being dumped on beds bleeding.  Rebekah manages to get to her feet and starts stumbling through the hospital towards a door  She makes it outside and we see that she is actually in a sanatorium. Before Rebekah can go far, she is stabbed through the back by Genevieve .

Sabine/Celeste is standing over top of a barely conscious Klaus.

The witches are gathered to consecrate Sophie, when Elijah appears demanding to know where his siblings are. Elijah asks what happened and Monique calls Sophie a casualty of war.  Elijah threatens to level the cemetery if his siblings are not returned and Monique tells him that she she has a message from Celeste. Names appear on Elijah's body and Monique tells him that to find what he is looking for, he has to follow the path Celeste left behind.

Rebekah is lying on the ground with a metal stake in her heart, as Genevieve creates some sort of potion. Genevieve  tells Rebekah that she should relax because she has a ton of werewolf venom in her system. Rebekah tells Genevieve that if she weren't so bloody sick, she would rip her head off. Genevieve tells Rebekah not to worry because she takes care of her friends.

We get a flashback to 1919 and Rebekah is working as a nurse in the sanitarium. When a man starts coughing up blood, Rebekah calls over Genevieve.  Rebekah confronts Genevieve about being a practicing witch when Genevieve manages to calm the man down.  Genevieve says that it's odd that a vampire is serving as a nurse and Rebekah answers that it is her duty as an Original because her city is under attack. Rebekah then invites Genevieve to join her at a jazz club.  

Back in the present, Rebekah again manages to get back to her feet.

Elijah heads to see Marcel, who assures him that they are searching the city and have put the word out about the missing siblings. Elijah asks for a pen and paper and Marcel questions if they are in this together, or if he is taking orders from Elijah now.  Elijah again demands pen and paper and Marcel affirms he wants Klaus and Rebekah back just as much as Elijah.  Elijah then calls for Hayley and strips off his shirt to show her the names on his chest.  Elijah asks Hayley to make a list of the names.  Elijah says that he believes the names represent the women Celeste inhabited for the last two centuries.  Marcel says that this is an an old school riddle which witches use to teach their families and if they can solve it, the riddle will disappear.  Elijah tells Hayley and Marcel that Celeste made him choose between Hayley and his family and now she means to mock the choice to make Klaus and Rebekah suffer.  Marcel notices the name Annie La Fleur and states that she is a witch who was shunned from her coven a year ago and adds that he will find out why. 

Klaus is still strapped to a bed when Genevieve walks in. Genevieve picks up a scalpel and slices the wound open again saying that she is there to help.  Klaus wakes up screaming.

Elijah and Klaus go to see a man who tells him that the witches shunned Annie, because they believed that she was doing dark magic. The man says that they had proof and so Annie just quit.  Elijah calls Hayley to report that Annie drowned herself in the Mississippi and adds that Celeste was clearly tired of the body and was ready for Selene's.  Elijah says that they have no choice but to follow the lives.  Hayley asks Elijah to check into Brinn Deveraux because Sophie said that it was her line that put the spell on the crescent wolves.  Hayley wonders if Celeste might be able to break the spell because she might have been Brinn when she actually cast the spell. Elijah promises to see what Marcel knows.  Hayley then tells Elijah that she is sorry he in this predicament and Elijah makes it clear that Haley was going to die in the fire along with Klaus's child. After all of this, it seems that he still cannot admit his feelings for Hayley. 

Klaus has been dressed by Genevieve and he points out that his wound isn't healing. Genevieve says that there was a lot of dark magic in the blade and that it will take awhile.  Klaus asks why Genevieve is showing him kindness because he believes her to be one of the witches back from the dead looking for revenge. Genevieve says that Klaus never did anything to her and Klaus asks her to betray the others and stand with him.  Genevieve says that she should be flattered by the offer and adds that they need to have a talk about Rebekah.  Klaus says that Rebekah is of no concern to Genevieve and Genevieve calls it a shame that his loyalty is not reciprocated. Genevieve says that she is no stranger to Rebekah's treachery - something they have in common. Genevieve then offers Klaus a drink and adds that she is trying to get Klaus to see the truth that has been in front of him for almost a century.  Klaus drinks and starts to cough, so Genevieve puts her hand over his mouth forcing him to consume the wolf's venom she fed him in the blood. Genevieve adds that this is the only way she will be able to show him what he needs to see.

Rebekah is running through the sanitarium.  Genevieve tells Klaus that in a weakened state, she will be able to guide him down memory lane and that is how she is going to get her revenge.  Rebekah continues to run and she gets a vision of Klaus, which quickly disappears.  Rebekah keeps moving and in each room, she sees a human in a horrific state.

In the past, Rebekah and Marcel kiss in a morgue surrounded by dead bodies. Rebekah tells Marcel that she will asks Genevieve about doing the spell when the time is right. Marcel points out that Rebekah has been hanging around with Genevieve for weeks and adds Genevieve wasn't supposed to become her sidekick.  Marcel asks what Rebekah is waiting for and Rebekah says that  Genevieve is a sweet girl and she feels badly for using her. Marcel suggests the possibility of finding another witch - one Rebekah won't have to fake a friendship with.  Rebekah assures Marcel that she wants to wake up with him in their home and unafraid of what Klaus will do to her for loving him.  They kiss again and are interrupted by Genevieve, who leaves quickly.

In the present, Klaus tells Genevieve that Marcel and Rebekah have been sneaking around for the better part of two centuries and Genevieve points out that this was against Klaus's warnings and something he specifically disciplined them for. Klaus says that he has his reasons and Genevieve tells Klaus that the only reason he needed was that it suited him. Klaus tells Genevieve that if this is her plan to turn him against Rebekah, then her plan won't work. Genevieve tells Klaus that this is not the sum total of their treachery. 

Marcel and Elijah burst into a pool club and Elijah tells the City Clerk that a few weeks ago, a group of humans slaughtered the companions of the vampires which are currently surrounding him.  Marcel asks about the former mayor's ledger of the death records of witches and vampires.  The city clerk denies knowledge and the vampires lean forward and hiss at him.  The city clerk then says that the records where moved to St. Anne's.  

Rebekah is still stumbling through the sanitarium and this time, comes across two twin boys who scream. Genevieve then appears before her and taunts Rebekah about how nasty her bites are looking. Rebekah says that they both know how this ends and Genevieve reveals that she linked Klaus's mind to Rebekah's and plans to show him everything. Rebekah begins to beg and Genevieve says that it's too late, calling Rebekah friend.  When Rebekah lunges forward, Genevieve uses her magic, forcing Rebekah to the ground.

Elijah and Marcel are at St. Anne's and Elijah finds a file belonging to Brinn.  Marcel tells Elijah that he and Brinn used to hang out together and that she cursed a pack of werewolves for him.  Marcel asks what Klaus is going to do, when he learns that Elijah left him to suffer while he saved Hayley. Elijah tells Marcel that they shouldn't be discussing things that are beyond his concern.  Marcel says that he knows about the wolf reunion at the plantation and asks what Hayley is doing with that bunch.  Elijah then threatens Marcel, saying that if he lays a finger on Hayley, it will be the last thing he does on this earth.  Marcel snarks that he must have hit a nerve. Elijah turns back to the records and says that every name on his chest, is the name of a witch who committed suicide; all but one - Clair Summerland.  Marcel asks how Claire died and Elijah says it was of influenza in 1919.  Elijah looks at his arms and notices that the names are now disappearing but says that he doesn't know what it means.

Genevieve puts on a phonograph and plays music and we get a flash to a jazz club. Rebekah quickly gets to her feet saying, "no please."  Geneieve heads back to see Klaus and tells him that the love between Marcel and Rebekah overshadowed their love for him. 

Back in the past, Genevieve tells Rebekah that she is nothing like she thought she would be when they first met.  Genevieve reveals that she was brought up to believe that vampires were evil. Genevieve reveals that if she had to choose between Klaus and Elijah that she would choose Klaus.  Rebekah declares that they were destined to be friends.  At the bar, another patron spills his drink on Clair and Elijah appears to offer her his handkerchief before disappearing into the crowd. Rebekah tells Genevieve that if she likes bad boys, she would love her brother Kol. Genevieve asks where Kol is and Rebekah says that it's complicated and that as siblings, they have had their ups and downs. Rebekah then adds that she has been thinking of reaching out to someone they haven't seen in a long time and asks if Genevieve could help her find him.  A ghost Klaus watches, as Genevieve questions if she is to find Kol. Rebekah reveals that she wants Michael to be found.

In the present, Klaus tells Genevieve that he has had enough of her lies.  Genevieve points out that Klaus must have suspected and points out that Michael came to New Orleans in 1919 to kill him. Genevieve points out that as the city burned, he almost succeeded in killing Klaus. Klaus says that he and his family have done terrible things to each other over the years but Rebekah would not call Michael, no matter how angry she was.  Genevieve says that it is sweet of Klaus to believe in Rebekah and adds that by the time they are done, Klaus will learn how wrong he is. 

Elijah finds Hayley working on the computer and he tells her that she was right about the curse. Marcel enters and asks if Hayley has found anymore information about the Devereaux witch and Hayley reveals that she was a nurse at the sanitarium. Hayley pulls up a picture and Elijah says that he does not recognize her and Marcel moves away from the computer.  Elijah reminds Marcel  that Klaus and Rebekah are somewhere suffering horribly and demands that Marcel share what he knows.  Marcel says that Klaus and Rebekah will be at the sanatorium and adds that he and Rebekah did something which the witches must be trying to use against her. 

Genevieve asks Klaus if he is ready to see more proof and we are again transported into the past. Marcel, Rebekah and Genevieve are now in the cemetery and are using a picture from a magazine and Michael's knife.  Klaus reveals that he was beaten almost to death by Michael as a child because Micheal thought he stole the knife and that after the beating, Rebekah was nice to him for weeks. Genevieve begins the spell, as Marcel and Rebekah join hands.

In the present, Rebekah screams no.  Klaus has tears in his eyes as he screams Rebekah's name.

Back at the house, Elijah admits that for more than a century, he wondered how Michael had found them, in the one place that they could finally call home.  Elijah admits that at one point he even blamed himself.  Elijah holds Marcel up to the wall by his neck and tells Marcel that Klaus treated him like a son and Marcel says that he loved Rebekah and still does. Marcel adds that all he and Rebekah ever wanted was to be together and that as long as Klaus was around, that was never going to happen. Marcel snarks about Elijah knowing what this feels like.  Elijah tells Marcel that when Klaus finds out, there will be no end to his rage and that he will not let Rebekah suffer.  Marcel says that they need to get to them before Klaus learns the truth.

Rebekah is still stumbling through the sanitarium and Celeste appears and tells her to give it up. Celeste calls all of the Originals liars and Rebekah says that Elijah is a good man.  Celeste says that she is counting on the familial love to ruin all of them.  Celeste adds that now that Klaus is aware of what Rebekah and Marcel have done that Klaus will kill Marcel and do something horrible to Rebekah, which Elijah will be unable to forgive.  It seems that Celeste believes that Rebekah's betrayal will pit brother against brother. Rebekah threatens to kill Celeste and Celeste said that she already did.

In another flash back, Rebekah goes to see Genevieve who is working on a patient with Clara.  We get a flash of Celeste inhabiting Clara. Rebekah tells Celeste that she should have minded her own business and Celeste says that it was her business because her friend was being used.

In the past, Rebekah begs Genevieve to stop the spell saying that she was stupid and impulsive. Rebekah adds that she risked tearing her family apart for her own selfish happiness and begs again to stop Micheal from coming.  Genevieve realizes that Klaus will kill her and her family and says that she cannot stop the spell. Genevieve suggests that their only hope now is to tell Klaus the truth. Rebekah says that it is not an option because Klaus will put her in a box for centuries and demands that Genevieve keep silent. Genevieve realises that Rebekah used her and says that she will not suffer because she was foolish enough to trust her. Genevieve tells Rebekah that she brought this on herself and Rebekah starts to suffocateher but is interrupted by Clair.  Rebekah infects both Clair and Genevieve with the influenza and then has them quarantined until they die.

In the present, Celeste says that she took another body but Genevieve wasn't so lucky. Celeste adds that now that Genevieve is back, Rebekah's luck has run out.

Genevieve tells Klaus that she is sorry but he needed to see it and now he can take their revenge. Genevieve offers Klaus her blood saying he will need his strength for what comes next.  Klaus starts to drink and when he is done, she unshackles him and gives him Micheal's blade. Klaus gets up and leaves the room screaming for Rebekah.

Marcel and Elijah arrive at the sanitarium and he suggests that they divide the building. Rebekah stumbles through the halls and when she sees Klaus, she says that it isn't true.  Klaus tells Rebekah that he wants to believe her but her face tells a different story. Rebekah takes off running, as Klaus follows yelling that this ends now and that she cannot hide from him.

A smug Celeste exists the building and is bashed in the head by Hayley, who says they are going to have a chat.  Rebekah continues to run as Klaus follows.  Rebekah finally stops, telling Klaus that she is tired of running.  Holding the dagger, Klaus says that he is not going to put her in a box and that she will beg for what the dagger offered.  Rebekah tells Klaus that he doesn't have to do this. Klaus says that after he stabs her that she will be in a living hell.  Rebekah tells him to do it if this is what he really wants.  Klaus asks if they are skipping the part where she begs for forgiveness and mercy.  Rebekah replies that she knows it won't do her any good. Rebekah tries to attack but Klaus quickly puts her on her back.  Rebekah manages to reach for a pipe and she hits Klaus several times but is quickly once again put on her back.  Marcel attacks from behind but Klaus throws him to the ground. Klaus says that Rebekah's punishment won't be complete until she watches Marcel die. Rebekah calls out that it was her idea to summon Michael and says that she should be the one hurt.  Klaus makes his way to Rebekah and says that if she had offered him a fraction of the loyalty she gave Marcel, he wouldn't have to do this.  Klaus lifts the dagger to strike and Elijah appears behind him and forces the dagger into Klaus's chest.  Elijah tells Marcel and Rebekah to run as far and as fast as they can, as Elijah cradles Klaus in his arms. 

This entire situation was completely of Klaus's doing. If he didn't have such an incestuous infatuation with his sister, demanding to control every aspect of her love life, Rebekah would not have felt the need to call on her father.  At some point The Originals needs to make it clear that Klaus's controlling behaviour is problematic. He most certainly was not the one wronged in this situation.

It is further disturbing that Marcel is being punished.  Klaus has said repeatedly that he is not good enough for his little sister.  I acknowledge that there isn't a man who Klaus would find acceptable; however, the racial dynamics at play here are problematic. It screams of wanting to keep his sister pure from the lustful Black man.  The whole plot reeks of Black men coveting White women and being willing to do anything to possess them.  Yes, there is such a thing as a positive inter-racial relationship but the way Klaus's disapproval has been written and the fact that Marcel has continually been made to play the role of the uppity negro makes this entire storyline rife with negative racial implications. 

It is also worth mentioning that this is another instance in which Rebekah was weak and unable to defend herself.  Yes, Klaus was in the same predicament however of the three remaining Originals, Rebekah seems to find herself in this situation frequently.  She should at the very least be the equal of Elijah and yet we rarely see her in a powerful position.

I am really enjoying seeing the witches be powerful antagonists.  All in all, The Originals seem to deserve all of the revenge that is coming there way.  It is impossible not to root for them.  I know in the end that they must be defeated but I am hoping for a stalemate  of sorts to draw out this storyline.

Things are progressing for Hayley.  I like that she won't be deterred from lifting the spell no matter what is going on with anyone else.  I further like that The Originals has gone to pains not to reduce Hayley to helpless pregnant lady. I am very interested in seeing what she does to Celeste and I hope that she gets the spell broken without the intervention of Elijah, Klaus or Rebekah.