Friday, March 7, 2014

Revolution, Season Two, Episode Fifteen: Dreamcatcher

Aaron is still lost in in March of 2014.  Priscilla joins him in the kitchen and asks him if he is alright.  He says that something is off and that he is forgetting something.  The news talks about power outage payloads and when he looks at the television, he sees Dr. Calvin Horn. We get a flash to the proper timeline with Horn and Aaron says that he has seen that guy before.  When Priscilla asks who, Aaron points out Horn but admits that he doesn't know where he knows him from.  Priscilla encourages Aaron to eat breakfast.

We next see Priscilla and Aaron on the street.  Aaron pauses to pull a sandwich out of the garbage and Priscilla tells him to put it back.  When Aaron comments that food is hard to find, Priscilla tells him that food is everywhere and that he is not to eat garbage. They continue walking and enter a building together.  Once inside, people great him as boss and Aaron is clearly confused.  His employees call him into deal with an algorithm that they are having problems with.  Aaron gets a flash to the present timeline with himself working on the same algorithm; it's the same one he worked on for the nanos.  Aaron says that he doesn't feel like working on it now and turns up the volume on the television.  Rachel is giving a speech on nano technology and Aaron says that he knows her.  Aaron starts to get flashes of Priscilla and then his knees go weak. When Priscilla asks him what is wrong, Aaron replies that she is not sure that this is real.

Alone, Priscilla questions Aaron about the fact that he lives in a world with no electricity.  Priscilla asks for the last thing he remembers and Aaron says that Rachel, Priscilla and Horn were there and that he gets the crap beat out of him constantly.   Priscilla soothes him with a kiss and asks if he felt that and Aaron says yes. Aaron admits that if this were a dream, the kiss wouldn't feel real.  Priscilla says that she is going to take him home to rest and call the doctor.

Back at home, Aaron flips through the channels on television.  He heads to the fridge and grabs a beer savoring the taste. Later in bed, Aaron closes his eyes and says," let this be real please."  The next morning, Aaron is up, dressed, and even a touch eager.  He tells Priscilla that he is feeling much better and that the blackout was the dream.  He adds that they have a real house, cold beer, internet porn and that this is the real world.

Aaron shows up at work and seems in an excellent mood and Mike confirms that they are ready for their big presentation. Aaron heads back to the chalkboard and the code on the whiteboard.  Aaron quickly picks out the memory leak but pauses briefly and then starts to write on the board.  Charlie appears and uses a cross bow to put an arrow in the throat of Aaron's workers.  Charlie orders Aaron to come with her but he balks, so she grabs him forcefully. They run down the stairs together and Aaron refers to her as the belly shirt girl. Charlie tells Aaron that he has to remember everything. Charlie asks Aaron what her name is and after a few flashbacks from the alternate timeline, Aaron calls her Charlie.  Aaron realises that he is dreaming and Charlie tells him that they have to move because some mysterious "they" are coming for him. Outside, Charlie tells Aaron that the nanites are coming for him because they are dying and need him to fix the code. Charlie reveals that it's like the Matrix - a virtual reality program.  Charlie is actually a figment of Aaron's imagination - the part of him trying to fight off the nanite invasion. Charlie tells Aaron that he needs to find Rachel and make her help him.  Charlie stands to guide Aaron away but is shot by Horn.  When Aaron stands, Horn is surrounded by armed men and he calls out, "I'm going to need you to fix that code Pittman." Aaron takes off running and hops into a cab to escape.  He asks to be taken to Chicago.

Rachel is walking through a parking lot talking on the phone to Ben when Aaron approaches.  Rachel asks Aaron if she knows him and he tells her that they are both inside his head right now and following a nano program.  A scared Rachel uses a stun gun on Aaron and starts running.  Aaron catches up to her points a gun and says that he needs her help to get to Miles.  Hunt shows up again but Aaron and Rachel hop into Rachel's car and take off.

Rachel asks if cops are after Aaron and he says that it is hard to explain but if they catch him, it won't be good for anyone in here or out there.  Rachel asks what out there means and Aaron simply says that she has to help him because she is his friend.  Rachel asserts that he doesn't know anything about her and so Aaron talks about Miles, Danny and Gene.  Rachel starts to cry and says that she has never told anyone how she felt about Danny.  Aaron says that though he cannot explain it, Rachel is family and then tosses the gun out of the window. Aaron tells Rachel that she is not a soccer mom and is actually a little bit scary and that he needs her to be that.

On the television, Neville is staring in an advertisement about insurance. Rachel and Aaron walk into Miles's home. Miles asks if Rachel is crawling back and Rachel says that this is not what this is. When Miles and Rachel start to bicker, Aaron offers Miles a thousand dollars for ten minutes of his time.  In the kitchen, Miles asks Aaron if he is a spy.  Aaron denies this and tells Miles he needs him to do his thing with the sword if the nanites catch up to him.  Bass walks in with a pizza, and says that he came to town to stop Miles from stalking Rachel. When Bass asks who Aaron is, a frustrated Aaron says that this would be easier if everyone stopped following the program.  Aaron tells Miles that he is not a shady drunk and is actually a warrior and a leader of men. Aaron tells Bass that he ran an army who wore civil war uniforms.  Aaron snaps his fingers and tells them he needs them to be who they are.  Miles's home is starting to be surrounded by soldiers and Hunt is standing out front.  Aaron says that Hunt is someone from his worst nightmare and that is why he thinks the nanites are using his face.  The soldiers kick the door in and grab Aaron but Miles says that he is not getting involved.  Aaron starts to beg and suddenly, a sword appears in Miles's hand and then Bass's hand.  The two fight and kill the soldiers.  Bass, Miles, Rachel remember who Aaron is but they don't get to talk long, as the house is now being sprayed by gunfire.

They escape in a car and Rachel confirms that Aaron is trapped in a dream and says that he has to think about what would wake him from a dream.  Aaron says that falling makes him wake up, so Miles and Bass suggest throwing him off a really tall building.  Aaron worries about what happens if he doesn't wake up before he hits the pavement.  Rachel says that either way, the nanos won't get the code.  The group pulls up in front of the skyscraper that Aaron owns and Bass comments that the blackout must really suck for him. Up on the roof, Rachel encourages Aaron, saying that he is the bravest person she knows.  Aaron gets up on the ledge and looks down but before he can jump, Priscilla appears begging him not to jump. Aaron asks where his friends are and she says that she sent them away.  Priscilla tells him that he needs to fix the code and that if he fixes it, he can stay in the alternate world.  Aaron says that it's not real. Priscilla tells him that everything he lost out there, he can have in here like power, hot food, and cold beer.  Priscilla says that he doesn't have to be scared anymore and that they can even have kids. Aaron replies that he wants to stay because he hates it out there and then he jumps..

Aaron then finds himself tied to a chair with Hunt standing over him.  Hunt tells him that this isn't his brain anymore.  Hunt is polishing tools to torture Aaron with and then says that Aaron needs to fix the code.  The nanite tells him that they can make his life hell literally. Aaron hears Rachel's voice telling him that if he concentrates he can control it.  Aaron grabs Hunts hand and tells the nanos that they cannot do anything to him because this is his mind.  Aaron stands and tells the nanos that it is dying and losing control every moment. Aaron tells the nanos that he is not afraid and suddenly, Hunt disappears.

Aaron wakes up and finds Priscilla and Peter passed out in the room with him. Priscilla gets up and Aaron points a knife at Peter and promises to cut his throat if he or any of his men come anywhere near him or Priscilla.  Outside, Aaron cleans Priscilla's wounds and she asks if he thought about staying.  Aaron says that it wasn't real and that the nano wasn't Priscilla.  Nanos begin to show up around Aaron and Priscilla. Aaron says that the nanos are absorbing the power.

Priscilla and Aaron make their way back to Willoughby.  They are greeted by Rachel and Miles. Aaron introduces Priscilla to Miles.  Rachel tells Aaron that there is something he needs to see.  The patriots are stockpiling electronics because the power has been flickering off and on since last Sunday. Rachel asks about the nano tech but before she can answer, a lightening storm attacks the patriots.  The four take off running and head into a building for cover.  Aaron says that the nanos are really dying and that this must be its death throes. Rachel gets struck and is unable to breathe and Miles begs Aaron to do something.  Aaron heads to the computer to fix the code, as Priscilla begs him not to. Hunt suddenly appears behind Aaron and thanks him for fixing the nanos.  Aaron realises that this was all just in his mind and that he was tricked.  The nanos asks if they are just machines now.  Aaron asks what is going to happen to him and the nano replies that it is moving onto other things.

Aaron wakes for real this time and finds Priscilla lying next to him. Priscilla says that she is okay and Peter smiles at him from across the room.  Peter says that the nanos are happy now and calls it a miracle. Peter tells Priscilla and Aaron that they are free to go. Priscilla and Aaron are leaving Lubbock and Aaron says that he doesn't know what the nanos are going to do now.  Priscilla asks what they are going to do now and Aaron replies that he wants to go home.  The two start walking.

Wow that was some massive product placement this episode.  We're supposed to believe that a millionaire, which Aaron was before the power turned out would stock their fridge with Bud Light?  Really?  In what world is Bud Light a good beer?

This episode was supposed to move things along for the fans and actually happened earlier than the writers had planned.  It seems like an effort to save Revolution which the cancellation bear says is on the bubble.  I cannot imagine drawing this already slow story out even further. If anything, this episode serves as further proof that Revolution is extremely disconnected.  It feels like it's just grasping at straws desperate to find some sort of relevance and cohesion.

We still have not gotten answers to any of the questions that Revolution has raised this season an that's a scary thing as the season is winding down.  What's the deal with the Patriot induced plague?  What is their over arching mission.  Why should I care?  What's the real deal with the nanos and are the Patriorts aware of their existence?  Clearly the nanos are AI and we have some idea how they came into existence  but beyond that and their role in turning the power off, we know next to nothing about them.

I just want Revolution to tell me a story that is cohesive.  I want clear lines and some coherent interaction between the characters.  Something more than what we have been offered so far. I worry that it is already to late for Revolution and that after creating an interesting dystopian world with clearly outlined goals in the first season that the writers had now idea what to do with the characters and the plot. This is make or break time for Revolution and I fear that if something doesn't change soon, there will not be a third season.