Monday, April 7, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Thirteen: Ready

Clay is in the bath and Elena is washing his back.  Clay says that he has to get ready and Elena replies that they will be ready and that they (I am assuming here they mean the mutts) haven't moved yet. Clay says that he failed Elena because he couldn't protect her or Philip and Elena assures Clay that Philip is alive because he was there.  Elena adds that Philip is only involved in any of this because of her.  Elena reveals that she knows why she was bitten and all of the reasons Elena needed to trust Jeremy.  Elena tells Clay that he doesn't have to sacrifice anymore and puts a ring on his finger.  Clay kisses Elena's head.

Nick joins Jeremy in  unpacking wood.  It seems that the plan is to burn down Stonehaven if the battle starts to go in favor of the mutts.  Nick calls it a waste of history and says that the mutts know better than to turn this room over to humans because every name is accounted for.  Jeremy is worried about the mutts because there are secrets passed from alpha to alpha, which would be dangerous if they ended up in the wrong hands.

Santos goes to see Williamson and says that he has been thinking.  Williamson suggests the only good thing Santos's thinking achieved was torturing the fight out of Clay.  Santos replies that he should have killed Clay.  Williamson replies that the important thing is that they have the advantage and that it all starts now.

Rachel and Logan arrive at a cheap motel to wait until their flight.  Rachel is not impressed but Logan says that the three of them will be in Jamaica soon.  Rachel then thanks Logan for keeping her safe but wonders what is going to happen to Elena and the rest of the family.  Logan admits that he doesn't know and switches the conversation to food.  Logan tells Rachel to rest because he plans on waiting on her hand and foot, before leaving to get a pizza..

Elena heads downstairs and tells Nick that her phone is planted in Santos's car and thus far, the GPS shows no movement. Nick asks about Clay and Elena reveals that the mutts did a number on Clay.  Elena then brings up the fact that Nick is still angry over the death of Antonio and vows that the mutts will pay for what they did to everyone in her life.  Nick continues upstairs and Elena heads to see Jeremy.  Elena reports that Clay is resting but is going to need days to recover, not hours.  Jeremy tells Elena to say what she really means and Elena replies that neither of them can change the past but Clay did what he did to protect them from each other.  Elena vows to stand in the way of anything that comes at Clay, even Jeremy, before leaving the room and heading back upstairs. Well now that Elena knows the truth, it seems she is not above threatening Jeremy but it seems to me that there should be more on her mind than protecting Clay.

Marsten and LeBlanc are standing at a train wreck.  Marsten talks about having nothing at one point and learning how to influence people to part with their money.  Santos joins them and says that they are on the move.  Marsten calls this a suicide mission but Santos reveals that he put together an army.

Jorge calls and reports that everything is clean in Toronto and that Philip is on a flight to France.  Jeremy asks what Jorge was able to learn about Williamson and Jorge reveals he was only able to discover a website run by someone named Nate Parker, who has gone missing. Parker's last address was in Churchill and Jeremy notes that this is where his father Malcolm was killed. Jorge replies that Malcolm didn't go down lightly and that what they are up against requires a show of force  Jorge suggests that he and Joey should be on the next flight to Stonehaven but Jeremy says no because if things go sideways, he wants to know that there is another wave of pack members who will fight to get Elena back.  Jorge then suggests sending Elena to Vancouver to be with him but Jeremy replies that when Elena is separated from the pack, things fall apart. Jeremy believes that the pack is strongest when Elena is with them.

Elena is back with Clay and they talk about when they were first met.  Clay reveals the bet he had with Pete about him falling in love with her.  The two kiss.  On her laptop, Elena gets a signal that Santo's car is on the move.  Elena heads downstairs to Jeremy and Nick and shows them her laptop.  Elena reveals that the mutts are about thirty minutes away from Bear Valley.  Jeremy says that they will wait for the mutts at Stonehaven and fight them there.  Nick points out that they have the element of surprise if they leave now but Jeremy is convinced that their advantage is at Stonehaven.  Jeremy orders that the doors be barricaded and Elena points out that the mutts want the house and everything in it. Jeremy declares that they will either win or die at Stonehaven and reiterates that they are strongest there.

In the motel room, Rachel is not pleased with the loud sounds of the couple making love next door, so she texts Logan to see what is taking so long. Logan replies that he is having car trouble.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy unpacks a bunch of weapons and Elena announces that the mutts are twenty minutes out.  The rest of the werewolves batten down the hatches preparing for battle.  Jeremy takes Nick downstairs and shows him a secret exit, in case he has to torch the legacy.  Nick is shocked that he didn't know about this and Jeremy replies that they survive by keeping their secrets.  Jeremy then brings up Nick's mother and reveals that he met her once.  Jeremy says that Nick's mother was beautiful and talked a lot. Nick says that he asked Jorge to find her but Jeremy admits that he already knew this and that he even knows who Nick'smother is.

Rachel leaves a note saying that she is grabbing snacks and leaves the motel.

Clay and  Elena make their way down the stairs and Clay struggles.  Elena tells him that he is not ready. Logan makes his way into Stonehaven and is greeted by Clay and Elena.  In the main room, the mutts continue to watch the GPS.  Jeremy asks how Logan's injuries are and says that he gave them quite a scare. Logan asks if Jeremy means the fact that he left or the fact that he came back.  Jeremy replies that bringing Rachel to Stonehaven complicated things  for all of them.  Logan tells Jeremy that he cannot adhere to the rules and will not bring his son back for Jeremy to raise.  Jeremy asks why he came back and Logan replies that he came back because the pack is his family and not because Jeremy is the pack alpha.  The conversation ends when Elena says that the mutts are right outside.

The pack heads outside and looks around but doesn't see anyone.  Suddenly, a gagged and bound Rachel comes out of the woods and  Logan races towards her.  Logan grabs Rachel and brings her inside and is quickly followed by the pack. Logan heads upstairs to hide Rachel and Elena says that they have to fight as humans and don't have time to change.

Upstairs, Rachel tells Logan that they blindfolded her and put her in the car but she heard them (read: mutts) say that they aren't going to stop until everyone is dead. Logan cuts the tape off and Rachel realises that Logan left her knowing that it wasn't over. Logan replies that he couldn't leave his family.  Logan shows Rachel a place to hide and she asks if he plans on choking another guy until he passes out. Logan replies this time he will choke the bad guy until he is dead.  Logan closes Rachel in and leaves.

Outside of Stonehaven, Marsten asks why they don't just burn it down and Santos explains that the house is his but then notices Marsten's face and says ours. Santos tells LeBlanc and Marsten that they are free to go now.  Marsten points out that a true king leads the way first, when he doesn't see Santos move towards Stonehaven.  Santos points out that he doesn't see Marsten fighting.  Marsten replies that he is not the heir apparent, or a piece of disposable meat.  Santos calls Marsten a pain in his ass and orders Marsten to go with LeBlanc to ensure that LeBlanc keeps his hands off Elena.  Marsten offers Santos his handing saying that Santos is going to get everything that is coming to him.  They shake hands and Marsten heads onto the Stonehaven property

An explosive of some sort is thrown through a window and Nick and Jeremy leave to investigate it.  Another wolf jumps through a window and Clay throws a bear trap at the wolf,.then quickly snaps his neck.  Two more wolves jump in and Elena and Clay start fighting.

Upstairs, a frightened Rachel listens to the sound of the battle.  A mutt almost discovers her hiding spot but Nick attacks him.  Jeremy kills a mutt in the bathtub.

Downstairs, Marsten and LeBlanc break in.  Marsten tells LeBlanc that he is not allowed to kill Elena and that if he wants to kill someone, he should find Jeremy.  Clay and Elena continue to fight in the main room. A terrified Rachel watches Nick kill her would be assailant and Nick opens the door and tells Rachel to stay there and that he will return for her.

Williamson is at Stonehaven and is greeted by Santos who is waiting outside.  Williamson is not impressed to see Santos outside because he wants Stonehaven stormed.  Santo's claims that he is playing general from afar. Williamson points out that Santos cannot win Elena this way and that he should go in and show her that he is a real alpha.  Santos asks about what Williamson has planned and Williamson offers to show Santos one of the secrets of the house that is about to be his.

Inside, Elena continues to fight off the mutt and a fully changed Logan appears and attacks the mutt.  Once down, Elena starts to kill the mutt and Logan takes off after another one.  LeBlanc then grabs Elena from behind but Marsten grabs her away.  LeBlanc says that he is not one for prizes and moves to strike Elena but Marsten throws LeBlanc across the room, giving Elena a chance to finish LeBlanc. off, saying that Elena is a lady.  Marsten tells Elena that though she has no reason to trust him, he is interested in switching sides.

Just as Clay knocks out a mutt, Marsten and Elena walk into the room.  Clay moves to attack Marsten but Elena stops him saying that Marsten is changing sides.  Clay believes it's a trick and that they should kill Marsten.  Elena  suggests that they let Jeremy decide what to do with Marsten and adds that they need to worry about Santos.

Nick and Jeremy meet up and Nick says that Santos is probably hiding, letting his minions do all of the dirty work.  Jeremy replies that when they find Santos, they have to kill him.  Logan heads to the place where he stashed Rachel and finds it empty.  Logan runs outside and tells Jeremy and Nick that Rachel is gone and that she shouldn't be alone because she is pregnant.  Logan takes off running and Nick is quick to follow. Jeremy returns to the house.

Williamson and Santos enter through the secret entrance and find a very dead LeBlanc.  Williamson heads up stairs with Santos following on his heels. Santos quickly finds himself alone and seesMarsten alone in a room.  Santos says that he is relived to see Marsten because if Marsten is alive, the pack must be dead. Marsten reports that everything has gone to hell..  Santos questions why Marsten is standing there and Marsten replies that he is facing the music.  Santos realises that this is a trap and tries to run but is surrounded by the pack.  Jeremy asks if Marsten had a change of heart and Marsten confirms this is the case and adds that he has a history of recent wrong doing.  Santos reveals that Marsten killed three people, including Scott the little boy.  Jeremy asks how he is to know that Marsten's sudden attack of conscience is just a temporary lapse.  Marsten points out that he never choice sides prior to this and lived a solitary life, never pledging allegiance to anything other than the long con.  Santos pipes up to say that this is just another long con by Marsten. Marsten is quick to deny this and asks for a swift death, if that is to be his judgement. Jeremy replies that Marsten would be more useful alive.  Marsten gets emotional and replies that he is at Jeremy's beck and call.

Santos is outraged that Marsten could be deemed useful and points out that he created an empire of mayhem. Santos concedes that the mutts are dead now and yells at Jeremy that he never saw it coming. Jeremy replies that he sees how it is going to end and Clay grabs Santos from behind.  Clay tells Santos that he isn't going to kill him and turns Santos to face Elena.  Elena tells Santos that he wanted her - her life future and children and that neither belong to him.  Santos replies that their children were going to be pure.  Elena then puts her fist through Santo's chest.

Upstairs, a dead wolf is in the tub.  There are dead bodies all over the house.  Logan and Nick are rushing over the property looking for Rachel.  Nick tells Logan to stop because he doesn't smell anything and adds that he has to return in case there are more mutts.  Logan replies that he cannot stop looking for Rachel. Nick asks if Logan still plans on going off the grid.  Logan nods and the two men hug. The two men go their separate ways.

Back in the house, Jeremy is carrying Santos's body when he comes across Williamson.  Jeremy says that he had hoped the rumors of his death were true. Williamson says that hope is for high school girls with crushes. Williamson  says that Jeremy turned his bedroom in to a craft space and that he never wanted a son like Jeremy.  Williamson admits that he is responsible for all of this and that he is only just begun.  Jeremy asks if Williamson wants to challenge him for alpha and Williamson reveals that he doesn't want Stonehaven.  It seems that Williamson wants Elena and believes that Jeremy's folly is that he cares about Elena. Williamson believes that Jeremy has not used Elena to her full potential.  Jeremy declares that if Williamson wants Elena, he has to come through him.  Williamson answers that his best is yet to come and leaves.

Williamson is in the back of a car with a recaptured Rachel and introduces himself as Malcolm Danvers.

At Stonehaven, the bodies of the dead mutts have been amassed.  Elena suggests notifying the family of the mutts.  Elena believes that this all happened because they stopped tracking mutts.  Clay tells Elena not to blame herself and Elena promises that she and Clay are going to start tracking again.  Elena excuses herself saying that there is one more thing she needs to fix.

Elena heads to her room and pulls out a box containing a ring.  Elena slides the ring onto her finger and smiles.  Elena then looks at herself in the mirror and sees a body in the reflection.  When Elena steps forward she sees Philip's head on her bed and screams.

Okay, that was the season finale of Bitten.  The story did not stick completely to the book which spawned it and gave viewers something new.  That said, the critical problem that I see thus far is Jeremy.  I don't understand why he inspires such devotion in the other wolves. All this time, he not only knew who Nick's mother is but how to find her and didn't share the information with Nick.  He even kept Antonio, Nick's father from telling his own son who his mother is.  There there is Logan, who is forced to go out on his own because he doesn't want to hand his son over to Jeremy.  Finally, we have Elena.  Jeremy literally forced Clay to risk turning her or see her murdered.  This is a supposed loving leader?  A leader who cares?  Suddenly, now that Elena is one of a kind, we are to believe he cares about her?  Elena is a prize; that's what she represents to Jeremy and the pack.

We had the big reveal that Williamson is actually Malcolm, Jeremy's father. I suspect this is about rehabilitating Jeremy's character. By showing that Williamson was a horrible alpha they can juxtapose Jeremy to him and redeem his leadership.  They are going to have to do a lot more than that to prove Jeremy is a good person to me.

There were a few female characters in this season but Bitten still managed to cast Elena as the exceptional female surrounded by men.  No one seemed to be able to compare to her and judging from what happened to Cain's girlfriend, Bitten is not at all anxious to create an equal for her.  The character which bothered me the most is Rachel.  We know that she is a chef but what most characterizes her is her child. Rachel is a walking womb who lives to be kidnapped and saved.  Logan makes all of the decisions for Logan and Rachel is literally incapable of defending herself.  Now place Rachel next to Elena and ask which one of them is more valued?  Once again, we have a White woman representing what is most desired about femininity and on top of it all,  Elena is able to act in her own defense.

In the second season of  Bitten, the writers are going to have to break new ground because they are no longer going to have the book as a guide.  I can only hope that they move away from the tropes and create something new and innovative.  As it is, there is nothing about Bitten which makes it stand out.