Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 17: Synchonicity

“In all the chaos there is a cosmos,
In all the disorder, a secret order.”

Nick and Hank talk about the big, dangerous mission he has coming up – being Monroe’s best man – and the risk of there being a slaughter at the reception when Hank finally asks the question we’ve all wanted to know since season 1 – how do Wesen even know Nick is a Grimm?

Hank, thank you thank you thank you.

Nick goes to speak to Monroe who is in heavy wedding plan mode with Rosalie. Nick explains his problem and his worry that someone will Woge at the ceremony, recognise that Nick is a Grimm and then lose it – just like his parents did. Monroe suggests sunglasses – still confusing to Nick, but apparently that’s how Wesen recognise Grimm: when Grimms see a woge, their eyes turn black (well, infinite darkness). Creepy – I kind of want to see Nick with Grimm eyes now. Especially since wesen see their “true wesen selves” reflected in that darkness which is extra extra creepy and unsettling. Y’know, all Wesen being terrified of Grimm seems even more understandable now. Rosalie and Monroe are kind of shocked that Nick didn’t know (not that it’s a late inserted retcon or anything, honest). They do a sunglasses test and neither of them see the uber spooky Grimm eyes. Problem solved!

Nick just looks kind of freaked out that he has demonic eyes. When he goes home Juliette still sees flaws in the plan (a night wedding with the best man in sunglasses) but they’re distracted by Nick finding the engagement ring he bought still in its old hiding place.

In Switzerland, Adalind and Meisner are ambushed on their way to the rendezvous point that is supposed to get Adalind to safety. Meisener is awesome and takes on 2 of Viktor’s people but he’s away from Adalind and she is taken. And rescued – all 4 of her guards being killed almost too fast to see – by Kelly. Mummy Grimm

MUMMY GRIMM IS BACK! Happy dance time! And I REALLY want to see Kelly with Grimm eyes!

She is here to escort Adalind and be scathing at the lousy planning since the Verrat have been there for 3 hours (well they arrived 3 hours ago – Kelly has been there longer so the Verrat BODIES have been there for 3 hours). Adalind demands to know where she’s going but Kelly isn’t playing – she can escape with her or she can stay and play with the Verrat, Adalind’s choice. She gets on the plane telling the pilot the Verrat were here (“now?” “I said were!” I love this character) while Adalind makes brief goodbyes to Meisner. Meisener rings Renard to tell him how lucky it was the killing machine is on their side, though neither of them know who she is since she’s the Resistance’s contact. He also learns of Sebastien’s death. On the plane Kelly chooses to maintain anonymity for mutual safety and Adalind tries to demand at least some conversation. Not happening – Kelly said no. It’s a no. Because Kelly is awesome.

She goes to talk to the pilots who try to play the same anonymity game. Kelly’s not having that and they tell her they’re heading for Sao Paolo. Since the Verrat knew they were leaving, she guesses their secret destination is now known. She won’t let them radio anyone else for instruction because she doesn’t trust anybody she’s not close enough to kill. Direct quote. Did I mention how awesome she is? She gets to choose the destination. I am willing to overlook the difficulties of airtraffic control and entering foreign air space unannounced because Kelly is awesome.

Kelly does give Adalind tips on how to help a baby upset by the ear pressure at high altitude – but Kelly denies having children, she says her sister (Aunt Marie, who raised Nick) did. She does ask if Adalind will keep the child – since Viktor will keep hunting her otherwise. Adalind is adamant that she won’t be separated from her child which Kelly respects but must be awfully bitter. Kelly holds the baby while Adalind tries to sleep – and the baby shows off her super-creepy purple eyes and telekinesis skills when playing with her locket that has Nick’s picture inside. We have a flashback of when Kelly first sent Nick away with Aunt Marie – clearly forced and highly reluctant.

Back in Austria, Viktor is Not Amused. He has Danilov, the Verrat leader killed. Marcus Rispoli is now the new leader of the Verrat with the mission to find Adalind and the baby… or else. Yay promotion?

Adalind and Kelly land… outside Portland (Viktor and Rispoli hurriedly explain the airspace thing with skilled pilots and, apparently, the Resistance having gained a lot of influence) where Kelly quickly acquires them transport. Adalind assumes Kelly is working for Renard – why else Portland but Kelly has no idea who that is.  Ah the joys of lack of communications – of course Viktor suspects where they’ve fled to because Portland is Adalind’s home.

They arrive at Nick’s house – just as he’s about to ask Juliette to marry him. Nick, it is a supernatural ability of all mothers to have the worst possible timing, It Is Known. Introductions are made – of course, Kelley doesn’t realise that Adalind and Nick have history, as do Adalind and Juliette. Even Kelly hesitates when she learns Adalind tried to kill Aunt Marie.

Kelly, being awesome, quickly cuts through everyone’s “hell NO!” reactions to say the baby is special – which the baby proves by causing a small earthquake. Juliette reacts to help the baby – who is wet and cold (shockingly, it’s raining in Portland). She doesn’t like Adalind but she won’t let the baby suffer for it. As Juliette takes Adalind away, Nick reminds Kelly that she did kill Adalind’s mother (“I’d forgotten about that.” Did I mention how awesome Kelly is?)

Kelly tells Nick and Juliette that Adalind has her powers back – and that ritual, while she was pregnant, is what made her baby so incredibly strong. The baby is destined for amazing super things – good or bad depends on the side she’s on. But to ensure she turns out good, Kelly thinks the child needs to have a normal childhood free from the Royals and the Resistance (Juliette also thinks the child was destined to come to them because of Jung).

Unfortunately, Adalind has done a runner and jumped in the stolen truck and driven off. So Nick tells Kelly about Renard, Royal, Zauberbiest, a police captain and possible father for Adalind’s baby. Oh and Renard tried to kill Aunt Marie and found the Special Key of Specialness that he then returned (much to Kelly’s shock). She’s still not eager to trust Renard, Resistance Royal or not.

Adalind arrives at Renard’s flat to explain the many many surprises everyone just had. Outside Nick tries to convince his mother to let him talk to Renard rather than her go up there and stabbing people. But stabbing people is so much fun.

Adalind is a mother who won’t tolerate anything happening to her child… I’m assuming this was a change that happened after birth and some belated maternal instincts kicked in? Except she ran away with Meisner before that so it must have been mid-pregnancy. Before that Adalind was quite gung-ho about selling her kid to the highest bidder.

MUMMY GRIMM IS BACK! Kelly is an awesome character who improves the entire show just by being present and threatening to stab everything in the face. She has been sorely missed

And all the plot lines are coming together, all the secrets are falling in place and everything is lining up towards something epic and awesome.

I still think the Grimm-y-eyes are a retcon, I’m sure there are Wesen who have seen Nick see them woge and haven’t reacted.