Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grimm, Season 1, Episode 22: Woman in Black

“It shall not be death, but a sleep of a hundred years, into which the princess shall fall.”

Season finale of Grimm! Let us see some plot developed and tied off and see what we have to pull us in for season 2.

Hank has been affected by the Grimmy things he has seen – he’s been having nightmares and Nick is talking to Eddie about how he has changed. They’re worried that Hank may break trying to assimilate what he’s seen – that he’s seen the impossible and won’t be able to fit that into his head without breaking his sanity or believing he is insane.

But while having this conversation, someone else is photographing them. And contacting someone ominous to bring them in to Portland and see the many many photos he has in a collage around his room. Maybe they’re a nation-wide scrap booking club?

Meanwhile Nick is also checking up on Akira Kamora who killed his parents, finding that he has killed other coin dealers and that he has a Viking tattoo on his face. Last seen in Lisbon – but of course he’s here! Yes, he’s the ominous scrapbooker and looking for Marquesa (one of the 3 Fuschbau who died for those Greek megalomania coins). Scrapbooker #1 (yes, I am keeping that name) has been following Eddie, Renard, Nick and Hank looking for the Megalomania Coins. Akira goes all Wesen-y and kills the Scrabooker since he doesn’t need him any more (see, told you it wasn’t worth me looking up a name). And murders in expensive hotels are just such a bad idea – daily visits from cleaning staff, CCTV, credit card trails – just not sensible.

A hooded woman comes in later and finds the scrapbooker’s corpse. And later Nick and his sidekicks – Hank and Wu check out the body and find that the body’s been moved (by Hooded Woman) and a key to his rental car full of camera equipment – which shows he’s been watching them which is more than a little creepy.

Renard comes home to find the flat wrecked, Patty (his housekeeper) dead – and an angry Akira leaping on him in full Wesen mode – before Nick and Hank have time to contact him. Renard is captured and not-so-politely asked about the coins – awww, I expected him to put up more of a fight. C’mon Renard, you can’t have a full season of crafty awesome to be taken down so easily. Akira leaves when Wu arrives with a disposable extra who is disposed of (followed by Hank and Nick, all watched by the totally-not-suspicious hooded woman in black). Renard Renard, I expected better. But Renard gets to tell them that the baddy is Akira Kimora

Time to warn Eddie and hit the books for some Wesen knock out drugs to allow some alone time with Kimura. Which of course they have in stock in the Grimm Trailer (and Eddie and Nick still bounce off each other well it always has to be said).

Hooded lady is still following Akira – and finally gets spotted being uber-suspicious by Wu. Y’know if you’re going to do something clandestine, the spooky hooded cloak is not actually the most subtle way to do it. Still she beats up the police and runs – more suspicious.

Hank returns home to find his house has also been destroyed (really, is there even any point ripping a house apart looking for something as tiny as 3 coins? They could be anywhere) like Renard’s with the Hooded Woman being all ominous and stealthy in the background. There’s no-one else there but Hank arms up and looks like he’s seriously losing it to paranoia and fear.

Meanwhile, the now disempowered ex-Hexenbiest, Adalind has a kitty. With ominous music. And it is an ominous kitty indeed, for she takes it to see Juliette (who, if you can bare to remember anything about this extremely hollow character, is a vet) to treat – but Ominous Kitty claws Juliette and then her kitty eyes go black. With even More Ominous Music. (Sorry, pet hate of mine is to take a scene that is utterly mundane and try to use music to ratchet up the tension. If the scene doesn’t carry tension then that’s a problem with the scene, melodramatic music is a clumsy plug).

Nick comes home to find the scratch and freaks Juliette out by over-reacting on an epic scale to the vet having a minor cat scratch from Adalind’s kitty. Of course Juliette won’t go to the doctor and wants some answers from Nick as to why he is being so ridiculous. Time for a damn reveal already! Yes, he takes her to Aunt Marie’s scary Grimm Trailer and explaining that he is a Grimm, the Wesen and how this explains the things she’s seen. And shows her all his weapons and poisons as well. Juliette spends a while giving him a patented “oh shit” look before leaving and advising he see a therapist.

Now, why not just get Eddie to Wolga at her? He finally comes to this conclusion and takes Juliette to see Eddie – this may have been a better thing to do before freaking her out with your secret weapons trailer and disturbing rantings, I’m just saying. While they do the full build up, Juliette passes out before she even has chance to see the Wolga trick. Adalind’s spell has caught up with her (and yes, this is why we have the Sleeping Beauty reference). She’s rushed to the hospital and everyone leaves to try and find a cure. But later her eyes open – and they’re Ominous Evil Cat Black Eyes

Eddie and Nick collect the Ominous Cat and take it to see Rosalie (Grimmopedia #2 I wonder what happened to her) at her herbal shop to begin some animal testing

Nick goes home to find and confront Akira Kimura – his crossbow misses and we have a fight scene (and, of course, Akira Kimura, as an Asian man, knows martial arts – it’s virtually compulsory on TV) but Nick grows 3 extra levels of badass from somewhere,  in  fury about his dead parents and knocks him back with almost ease (it’s quite a good fight but has lots of pointless grabbing people and throwing them/sliding them along the floor). Then  Hooded Woman shows up – knocks Nick aside then it’s her turn to beat up Akira a little as well! Tag team action. When does Eddie get a go?

Hooded woman stabs Akira, turns to Nick and it’s “Grimm, I am your mother!” DRAMA!

And then it ends…




After episode after episode of pointless monster of the weak, you end the season finale with FOUR cliffhangers! Nick’s mother, Juliette in a coma with the evil eyes, Hank discovering Wesen, Juliette discovering Wesen – you just END THE SEASON THERE!

And what about the plot lines? The key Nick carries around? The Verrat? Renard and the Reapers doing whatever the hell they’re doing. Adalind’s mother, Adalind apparently having magic again despite being disempowered… None of its been touched! NONE of it! Every fragment of meta plot this series has ever ever dragged up is still just hanging!

Y’know this could have been an awesome season finale – it was several kinds of awesome- but no plot lines have been tied up, nothing has been resolved and nothing has been developed. Not in this episode, not in the last 22 episodes!

Ok, there's plenty of hooks for season 2 - but it's also incredibly annoying that season 1 hasn't lead to anything at all!