Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Being Human U.K Season Three, Episode 5: The Longest Day

This episode beings with George in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  He watches confused a man crawls on the ground. That man is Herrick. The staff is talking about taking Herrick's picture to see if they can find any relatives or at the very least find someone who can explain what happened to him.  This of course upsets George immediately.

Nina and Annie are in the bathroom mooning with excitement over Nina's ultrasound - happy to have discovered that a baby can survive a transformation. Just as Annie pops out, George calls Nina to tell her that Herrick is in the psych ward.  Nina hurries and George tells her that he has no reflection and that he is sure the man in question is Herrick.  George is worried that the staff will find out what he is. Nina walks into the ward with a wheelchair and asks Herrick if he knows her.  She tells him her name and asks if he wants to get out of there.  On the camera, because Herrick has no reflection, it looks like Nina is pushing an empty wheelchair. A man puts his door in the elevator stopping Nina and George from escaping with Herrick.  When confronted, Nina claims that Herrick is her uncle Billy.

Back at the house, Mitchell is looking over clippings from the train massacre. Sally calls him and he comes downstairs to find Herrick standing in the living room. George says that they had to take him, because the police where there and were going to take his photo.  George asks Mitchell if it is indeed Herrick and what they should do.  Mitchell says stake him and he runs into the kitchen and breaks a chair leg.  Mitchell begins to attack Herrick, who struggles to get away as Annie begs him to wait and to stop.  Mitchell raises his hand to strike, just as Nina pulls him off Herrick.

The doorbell begins to ring and it turns out that there is a social service worker. Nina says that she believes that they are there to find out why uncle Billy from Bristol ended up in a psych ward.  Nina rushes Herrick upstairs, and tells George to get the door. George begins to ramble with nerves

As the carewoker chats on the phone, George continues to freak out and demands to know how Herrick ended up there considering that he killed him.  Mitchell suggests waiting until the worker is done and staking Herrick. Annie says that Herrick doesn't know them, and he doesn't even remember that he hates werewolves.  Mitchell insists that he is faking it and is shocked that no one can see this, but Annie counters stating that Herrick was really scared and it was horrible to watch. Annie suggests giving him some clothes and some money and settin him free.  Mitchell gets George to agree with him about staking Herrick, though George says that he cannot do it.

Upstairs, Herrick notices that he has no reflection and he starts to scream. He starts running around the house naked screaming.  Nina tells Herrick that it was a trick mirror.  She explains to him that there is a lady downstairs waiting to see him.

The doorbell rings and since no one is around, Wendy the care worker gets it. Proving that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, at the door is Cara.  Cara asks to speak to Mitchell and Wendy invites her in as Annie scurries off to find him. When Wendy asks about Cara, Mitchell claims that she is a hard core raver and will be fine with a hot shower.

Nina and George come down the stairs and Nina stops partway to tell George that she is  shocked that he agreed to murder.  Nina says that in 7 months time they are going to have a baby, and she doesn't want him to have a father who sticks his finger in his ears and agrees to murder.  George counters by suggesting that Nina does not understand because she wasn't there.  What they don't know is that Herrick is listening at the top of the stairs. 

Cara says that she needs Mitchell's help with Herrick.  Apparently, she brought him back and he ran away from the hospital. It seems that Herrick told Cara how to do this, and she followed through to the letter. She says that Mitchell is the only way to bring him back.  Mitchell says he wants to know how it was done, because of the prophecy.  Cara agrees to tell Mitchell, just as soon as he makes Herrick right.  Annie pops in and says that Wendy is calling and so Mitchell leaves, instructing Cara to stay in the room.

Wendy says she needs to look around the house and check on the suitability of the environment. Wendy goes on to say that during the intake, Herrick kept talking about a woman bleeding on him, trying to make him drink her blood.  Mitchell tries to pass it off as movies that Herrick has been watching.

Annie and Cara start chatting and Cara tells her how Herrick made her a vampire.  Annie immediately sees a relationship between what Cara became and the fact that she was murdered by her abusive ex boyfriend.  Cara of course disagrees and claims that Herrick loves her and made her "a part of the master race". I really hated the use of this term and all of it implies.  Annie counters with the fact that Herrick doesn't know her and that it is over. She slips and lets Cara know that Herrick is upstairs, which causes Cara to go rushing upstairs.  Cara crashes into Herrick's room, begs him to go with her and not to be scared.  Herrick approaches slowly and calls her an obscene bitch.  She says that she is nothing without him, and he says, "then you are nothing and you look ugly when you are crying".  Mitchell tries to usher her out of the room, but Cara turns back and stakes herself. After seeing Herrick's reaction to Cara, I don't understand how Nina can think that there isn't more going on with him.

Wendy walks in and asks if they are smoking.  That evening, Annie approaches Mitchell asking why he was so upset when Cara killed herself. Mitchell tells her that she wants every square of inch of him and that he was only in love with the idea of being a hero.  He tells Annie that he was not in love with her and that it's for the best.  Annie runs into the house and sits in a corner crying.

Upstairs, George thanks Herrick for being quiet.  Herrick says he didn't want anyone to get into trouble, but that they should watch Mitchell.  Herrick asks George if he did something to him, but George tells him to forget it and to stop pretending like he doesn't know.  George pulls out his star of David, and Herrick asks if he is a Jew.  Herrick simply says that he is not an antisemite.

Downstairs, Wendy looks through her computer files and says that she cannot find Herrick's records.  Nina counters by threatening to call Wendy's manager.  Nina tells Wendy that she is going to do her a favour and keep Herrick' missing files between them.

After Wendy leaves, Nina confronts Mitchell and tells him that she does not want Herrick dead.  Mitchell points out that Herrick is at the height of his power and is getting stronger everyday.  He reminds Nina that Herrick can't hurt him or Annie, but that he will annihilate her, George and the baby.  Nina is not convinced with Mitchell's selfless routine and tells him that there is a darkness in him that has nothing to do with being a vampire. Mitchell tell her that he knows that she is the bullet, leaving Nina confused.  George meets Mitchell at the stop of the stairs with a stake in his hand. Mitchell points out that George's hand is shaking and that he does not believe he has it in him.

Mitchell says that he isn't doing this on a whim and that it is costing him.  George says that he cannot look away because he has looked away too many times with Mitchell.  George compares the killing of Herrick to Mitchell being a drug addict seeking one more high. He says that he is going to be a father and that he has to teach his child about forgiveness.  George says that he will wipe Mitchell from his memory and will never say his name again.  In the end, he leaves it up to Mitchell to make a choice.

Sally is upstairs with Herrick and he tells her that nice is not working for her and that she is a bit peripheral.  He asks her how it is she invisible to others and Annie tells him to guess.  Sally tells Herrick that she is on to him and slowly backs out of the room. Annie bursts into Mitchell's room and s he tells her that George said that if he staked Herrick, he won't be his friend about anymore. Could it get anymore playground than this.  Annie grabs the stake and says that she will do it.  Mitchell grabs her and says that he doesn't want her to do it and he doesn't want George or Nina to go near him either.  Annie screams that Herrick is evil, but Mitchell says that he will handle it and that they have to make sure that Herrick does not feed.

Annie asks him to let go of her hand.  Mitchell says that he said those things to her because he was scared and that he is a typical useless man.  Mitchell tells her that he does not want to live without her. After all that Annie has been through with men, I cannot believe that she cannot see that she is being emotionally manipulated.

Nina takes food upstairs to Herrick and he tells her that he has found something he thinks that she should see.  He gives Nina all of Mitchell's clippings, and she figures out that this is why he didn't want anyone going up there.  Nina says it's not proof, but Herrick responds that they must be careful and that the others don't realize the type of man that Mitchell is.  Herrick says that they must keep this a secret.  Nina comes downstairs and sees Mitchell and starts to back away with fear.  As George and Annie move to take care of Nina, Michell tells George that he chooses him.Can it get anymore romantic between these two?  Nina leaves the house and uses her cell phone to make a call.

Mitchell climbs the stairs and confronts Herrick, telling him that he believes he is no longer faking.  Michell says that he wants to know exactly how Herrick managed to come back from the dead.  In the background we hear a tip hotline. It seems that on her little jaunt, Nina called the police.