Friday, April 18, 2014

The 100, Season One, Episode Five: Twilight's Last Gleaming

Finn and Clarke are in the afterglow stage and Clarke says that last night wasn't just about needing someone and that she needed him and wanted it to be him.  For his part, Finn jokes about having his first earth sex.

Abigail is locked up and gets a visit from Jaha.  Instead of answering, Jaha tells her that the arc is at a critical stage and her husbands projections were wrong.  Abigail has been granted a medical release to look after the people pending the council's decision. Jaha offers her extra oxygen but Abigail says that she is not going to take more than her share. Abigail believes that if they start choosing who gets extra O2 that it's one step closer to choosing who lives and who dies.  Jaha then informs her that the council has approved Cain's plan for population reduction and that it will begin in 1 hour. Abigail begs for Raven to report back but Jaha argues that the longer they wait, more people will die.  Abigail points out that Raven risked her life but Jaha says that it's Abigail who risked her life by making Raven believe that loving a boy was worth risking her life in a 100 year old coffin. Jaha hands Abigail the oxygen again and says that she can help people's suffering. Abigail takes it but says that Raven will make it to earth.

Raven is on the pod and she does a system check.  It's clear that she is nervous, as she starts up the heat shield and starts her descent to earth.

Back to the afterglow, where Clarke suggests sharing the things they have found in the bunker.  Finn is against this because sharing will reveal that they have found something, leaving them no place to hide the next time someone goes ballistic.  Finn finally admits that he wanted it to be Clarke too.  They look up and see a shooting star and Finn suggests that they make a wish.  Clarke sees this as ridiculous because it's just a rock burning up in the atmosphere.  Clarke looks again and realises that what they are seeing is not a shooting star.

The survivors see the pod landing.  Clarke and Finn start blowing out candles and discussing what is being sent down.  Finn says that this is a good thing because they are not alone on the earth anymore and that they should take a minute to appreciate this.

The survivors start making plans to meet the pod and Bellamy makes it clear that they are not going to check it out till morning because it isn't safe.  Octavia argues that everyone for 100 miles saw the ship land and questions what happens if the grounders find the pod first, Octavia suggests that they should go now but Bellamy will not be deterred.

Abigail is looking over Reese and the other residents of the arc.  Jackson tries to comfort Abigail, who is upset that Reese is going blind.  Abigail demands to know why Jackson isn't monitoring the radio listening for Raven but he points to the long line of people waiting for medical help.  Abigail promises to take care of everyone because she believes making contact with the ground is the only way to help the people.

Raven is unconscious on the pod and Jackson transmits a message asking if she is receiving.

Octavia approaches Finn and Clarke to talk about the landing.  Octavia reports that Bellamy told everyone to stay until dawn.  Clarke of course barges into Bellamy's private area to discover him gone. Clarke quickly realises that Bellamy wants what ever is in the landing pod.  Clarke takes off saying that she should have known that Bellamy would go for the radio because Bellamy has spent every waking minute ensuring that no one from the arc realises that the survivors are alive. Clarke  adds that she screwed up and let herself get distracted.

Octavia catches up with Bellamy and calls him a selfish dick.  Bellamy says that he did this to protect Octavia, so Octavia asks what he did.  Bellamy admits that he shot Jaha in order to get on the drop ship.  Bellamy justifies his action by reminding Bellamy that Jaha floated their mother and locked Octavia up. Octavia responds that she didn't ask him to do that. Bellamy concedes that he made the choice and adds that he will deal with whatever has been sent down from the arc.

On the arc, Cain reports that the culling will be made to look like an accident so that order will be remained. Cain assures Jaha that it will be painless but Jaha is clearly troubled. Jaha tells Cain that in his capacity as chancellor, it  will be Cain who gives the order to do the culling.  It seems that Jaha plans to commit suicide and die with the people of section 17, leaving Cain in charage. Cain asks Jaha not to do this but Jaha is adamant and points out that Cain has a strength which isn't weakened by sentiment.

Bellamy has arrived at the pod and he rips the radio out and then throws it into the rive before taking off.. Clarke and Finn separate to look for the pod. Raven regains consciousness and takes off her helmet. Clarke reaches her first and Raven leaves the pod in wonder at being on earth.  Finn rushes over and the two embrace as Clarke watches.  Raven kisses Finn. Well, it's safe to assume that Finn now has woman problems and the love triangle has begun.

Raven says that she rebuilt the pod to get to earth and Finn calls her insane.  Raven says that she would do anything for Finn just like he would for her.  Raven has a moment of weakness, so Finn has her sit down. Finn apologizes to Clarke but Clarke says that they don't need to talk about it. Finn introduces Clarke to Raven, who then tells Clarke about Abigail's plan and the council's decision to float three hundred people because the arc is dying.  Raven rushes to the pod only to discover that the radio is gone and says that it must have gotten lose during re-entry.  Clarke says that it is her fault and that someone (meaning Bellamy) must have gotten there first.

Jaha is looking over Wells's things when Abigail barges to find out if he is going to go through with his plan to commit suicide. Jaha says that he cannot ask anyone to make a sacrifice that he is not willing to make himself. Abigail points out that Jaha is going to die peacefully and leave humanity in the hands of Cain. Jaha says that Cain won't hesitate to do what has to be done.  Abigail argues that there are things which can be done to buy them time but Jaha is not convinced. Jaha says that he is doing what is right but Abigail calls him a coward who is running away.  Abigail asks how Jaha would explain to Wells that the let the people die without doing everything in his power to save them before walking out.  Abigail heads back to her room and plays the tape Jake made to tell the people of the arc what is going on.

On earth, Octavia is walking through the jungle when she gets a sense that she is not alone.  Octavia starts to run but ends up falling ass over tea kettle down a hill and passing out.

Bellamy is making his way through the woods, when Clarke catches up with him to inform him that the arc is getting ready to kill 300 people to save oxygen. Clarke says that it will be working people like him. Finn arrives and pushes Bellamy, demanding to know where the radio is.  Bellamy says that he has no idea what Finn is talking about.  Raven reveals that the people of the arc are looking everywhere for Bellamy because he shot Jaha.  Clarke realises that this is why Bellamy took the wrist bands and Finn throws in that Bellamy only cares about saving himself.  Bellamy tries to walk away but Raven confronts him about the radio. Raven holds a knife to Bellamy and he says that Jaha deserved to die.  Raven reports that Jaha survived the shooting and Clarke says that this means that Bellamy is nor a murderer.  Clarke again asks for the radio but Bellamy says that it's too late.

Jake's message is now playing to the population of the arc. Commander Shumway brings a tablet with the message that is playing and reports that tech is trying to shut it down to Cain  Cain says that they never should have let Abigail down. Soldiers go rushing through the arc, as Abigail interrupts the message to say that Jake was floated for trying to inform the arc residents about the condition of the arc and that in 12 hours, 320 people will be killed to extend the oxygen supply, unless they take action.  Cain bursts in and cuts off the transmission.

The survivors are wading through the water and Finn tells Clarke that he should have told her about Raven and adds that he didn't think he would see Raven again.  Clarke points out that Finn didn't take off his wristband, which is proof that he had hope and adds that it's okay.  Clarke says that it's over and that she was around and passably cute.  The survivors have found the radio and Raven says that it will take half the day to dry it out to find out what is broken.  Bellamy says that it's too late and Clarke asks if he has any idea of what he did and if he even cares.  Bellamy points out that he helped, just as he was asked.  Clarke yells that 320 people will die because of him.  Raven says that they don't have to talk to the arc, they just have to let them know they are alive.

Abigail has been dragged to the council's chambers where Jaha tells her that she has taken an impossible situation and made it worse. Cain is worried that the information about the death of the arc will cause a riot because the people are gathering.  Jaha feels that they have to turn to their best options now.  The people send in a representative to talk and he volunteers to be a part of section 17.  One by one the people walk in and volunteer to die to give their loved ones a chance to live.  Jaha says that Jake was right and that this is bringing out the best in people.

Raven supervises the survivors as they prepare to launch flares. Clarke wonders if the people will see the rockets from the arc.

Cain hands Jaha the list of volunteers and he notes that there are more than enough. Cain says that they rejected more than 100 essential personnel, as well as minors. Jaha is still stepping down and says that he knows what he is doing is right for his people..  Cain tells Jaha again that he doesn't have to do this and that the people volunteered because he inspired them. Jaha says that it wasn't him but Jake and that he executed his friend.  Cain replies that one decision doe not define a man and that the people need someone who can inspire people to sacrifice.  Cain points out that Jaha is that man and not him.

Reese's father says goodbye to his daughter.  She isn't aware that this this could be the lat time she sees her father.

Abigail asks Cain if they have heard from Raven, as on earth, the survivors rush to get the flares ready. Abigail asks what changed Jaha's mind about joining the suicide volunteers when he witnesses Jaha saying goodbye to the volunteers and Cain replies the truth -  the people cannot afford anymore upheaval. Cain reports that he gave clear orders to let him know if there is any word from Raven.  When Jaha tries to thank Reese's father he is told that the man is sacrificing himself for his child and not for Jaha.

The people on earth rush to get the flares ready, as section 17 fills with people.  On the bridge, Jackson lets Jaha know that all vents to 17 are closed and that they are awaiting the order.  Jaha pauses with his hand over the button for the gas . The people on earth send off the flares, as the people in section 17 close their eyes. Jaha gives a little memorial, as the rockets leave earth.

Abigail makes her way into section 17 and sees the pile of dead bodies.  The medics of the arc begin to carry the bodies out. On earth, Bellamy wonders if the people of the arc can see the flares.  Clarke looks at Raven, who is cuddled up with Finn.

Octavia regains consciousness to find herself face to face with a grounder.

Jaha goes to see Abigail and they share a drink.  Jaha says that they make the best choices that they can. Together, they both see the flare.

This was a very emotional episode.  The 100 has always been good at letting us know the privations the people of the arc have lived under and this episode it was particularly strong.  The people who died were the working class, just as Clarke said they would be.  They choose to give up life for the sake of their loved ones and that illustrates a strength of will.  It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch and even as Jaha pushed the button, I found myself hoping that the gas wouldn't work.

What we didn't need this episode was the angst between Raven, Clarke and Finn.  Why oh why must there always be angst and love triangles on CW shows? Yes, the 100 is for a younger audience but it also has some very strong adult themes running through it.  Based on the nasty look Clarke gave Raven and Finn, this love triangle is going to settle in for some major angst.

I don't know about you but I am tired of being teased about the grounders.  At least with one now confronting Octavia, they will be forced to do something about this story line. It's long overdo if you ask me.