Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 18: The Law of Sacrifice

“The Queen was terrified and offered
The little man all the riches of the
Kingdom, if only he would leave the
Newborn child alone.”

Adalind is still at Renard and he clearly expects her to stay – she does acknowledge that Kelly was nice enough but she’s a Grimm, Adalind is a Hexenbiest. That doesn’t usually end well. Which is when the intercom buzzes – Nick is here and Renard lets him up (much to Adalind’s horror). But Renard does take a gun – and Adalind tells him to kill Nick if he tries to take the baby.

Over in Austria, Prince Viktor isn’t thrilled about Adalind’s escape or his dead Verrat. Marcus, the new Verrat leader can at least confirm that Adalind is in Portland so they contact their agent there, a guy call Mr. Steward, to hunt them down and bring the baby back as of yesterday. Steward is apparently Agent Steward of the FBI.

Nick meets Renard and both have guns close to hand. There’s a very tense stand off and Nick and Adalind exchange barbs but Nick insists he and Kelly want to protect the child, not take it. He further points out how much Viktor is going to know exactly where Adalind is since they know where she lived given that she used to work for them. He offers his help, which they need, and turns to leave so they can make the next move. Of course Nick’s very sensible speech reminds Renard that Adalind worked for his evil brother and didn’t exactly go to Austria unwillingly. But they make peace and while they have issues (“you slept with my brother!” “you slept with my mother!” which, yeah, they’re usually relationship roadblocks. At least they kept it in the family?), they’re back together again.

Downstairs Kelly observes Steward arrive (not-subtly-checking his gun) and ask after Adalind. He sends up a couple of Verrat Red Shirts right before Kerry assaults an FBI agent and knocks him out. Nick is worried about the FBI involved since agents died last time (Kelly denies responsibility – which is amusing that her first reaction to a murder is “hey, that’s not one of mine!” Also he’s totally not dead.) Since she saw the 2 disposable Verrat head upstairs, Nick and Kelly hurry back, Nick calling ahead to get Renard to evacuate.

The Verrat attack. 2 Verrat vs 2 Grimm. It is not a fair fight.

And Nick calls Monroe, interrupting him and Rosalie in the middle of the night. Poor Monroe and Rosalie. Nick brings them up to date (and it’s hilarious – and I should be taking a record of the number of times Kelly defends one of her killings). And they want Monroe and Rosalie to put up Adalind and the baby

Adalind isn’t eager to be shipped off to unknown safe houses but the whole point is that if she doesn’t know where she is then nor do the people hunting her and the baby reminds us all how creepy it is.

Nick finishes his explanation of everything to Monroe who is not exactly overjoyed to have all of this brought into his home. Kelly and Renard find their own kind of truce but she’s not exactly a polite houseguest (poor Rosalie) while Renard tries to be appreciative. While they head out Kelly tells Renard that as long as he has his child both he and she will be vulnerable – and Adalind made a mistake coming to him

Not one to sugarcoat, isn’t Kelly. Renard is able to find where Steward lives though and they pay a visit and quickly capture him. Time for some punchy questioning from Renard. Nick looks a tiny bit uncomfortable – Kelly doesn’t, she looks judgy (I think that’s her “that’s how you question a suspect? Bah, more knuckles!” look) and Renard actually woges. Steward tells them that Marcus and Viktor are heading to Portland. They give Steward a message to deliver to his bosses and tell him all the many ways he’s screwed if he doesn’t.

Now it’s time to do the big reveal of everything to Hank (who also has reasons to dislike Adalind).

At Monroe’s, the baby keeps crying, being creepy, making the clocks go weird, being creepy and more being creepy until Kelly arrives (Monroe: “How did you get in?” Kelly: “You’re kidding, right?” Did I mention I love her?) and she instantly calms down. Did I mention the baby is creepy? Because the baby is creepy.

Viktor and co arrive – observed and photographed by Hank. Vik and Marcus aren’t very sympathetic about poor Steward’s situation. They decide, rather than going to the location Nick passed on, to go visit Renard. They talk dead relatives and the Creepy Child – and Viktor threatens to have him, Adalind and Renard’s mother killed if he doesn’t get Creepy Child within 2 hours. And does Renard really want to put the child first – or subject it to a life on the run? Renard looks more than troubled but he assures Nick he can do whatever it is they’re planning

The first stage of which involves arresting Kelly for Adalind’s mother’s death (that must be fake – not one police officer was beaten to a bloody pulp). Adalind is confused and Renard calls her to bring her in to make a statement. She arrives, Renard reassures her – and creepy baby gets a name! Diana. I prefer Creepy baby, but she leaves Diana with Renard to go make a statement

Which involves being in a room, alone, with Kelly. Kelly explains why she killed Catherine (Adalind’s mother) to save Juliette from the coma Adalind had put her in. She talks about how Adalind must have killed someone to get her powers back – and her own painful history of having to give up her own son to protect him (Nick is looking on through the one way glass). Adalind doesn’t understand why Kelly’s telling her all that – and she explains that it’s so Adalind understands. As Renard leaves the building with Diana.

Adalind realises what is happening and runs, looking for Renard; who is outside, giving the baby to Viktor. She finds him on the corridor but won’t listen to his explanation. She runs outside but Diana is long gone – she Woges and screams, destroying the cars around her.

In the car, Viktor and Markus think they’ve won – but don’t realise how very creepy Diana is a she uses her magic to make nasty death threats with coffee. If that were me? That car would have been stopped – hell no, I’d have punted the child out the window and burned rubber to the airport.

They arrive at the airport where they are ambushed by men in masks with big guns speaking German. They’re the Resistance and they take the baby. They drive away in their own getaway vehicles – take off their masks and reveal Kelly, Renard, Hank, Monroe and Nick. Nice.

Kelly tells Renard “it has to be done” and she takes the baby out of the city – alone. And she’s amazing sweet when amused by the child’s creepiness (she’s creepy as well. It’s a match made in creepy heaven).

So it appears, much to Wu’s amusement, that the Royals are actual Royals in the human world, with titles and all. Austrian royals – so I’m guessing that Viktor, Renard et al are supposed to be modern/fictionalised Hapsburgs? With all these complications and plottings and conniving? It’s FAR to simple to be Hapsburg!

I wish Adalind had been able to keep her child – between her, Kelly and Renard’s mother there’s a history on Grimm of mother’s who have had to give up their children for their own safety; in some ways it does add texture to the very dangerous world these women live in and in each case it is made really clear that it’s a terrible choice they have to make.

I would have loved to have seen Kelly and Adalind on the creepy baby road trip – c’mon that would have been a really epic spin off series.

This just shows that when all the disparate plot lines and random characters of Grimm actually come together it really works.

And Renard is a master planner – more of that!