Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Eighteen: The Big Uneasy

This episode begins with Klaus painting Genevieve after a night of sex.  He offers her the painting as a way to seal a deal with him, though Elijah has already worked so hard the various groups sign a treaty.  Klaus suggests what the witches really need is the protection that he can provide in exchange for the promise of their allegiance.

The young witches who completed the reaping do a spell. Monique channels the ancestors, who apparently tell her that it is time to complete the reaping. Monique says that the harvest girl must be resurrected and for that to happen Genevieve has to die.

Genevieve and Klaus find Elijah supervising a makeover of the compound. Genevieve takes the opportunity to bring up feast days and how the witches were denied the ability to celebrate while Marcel was in charge. Genevieve wants to celebrate La bénédiction de la Fête, where members of the community offer gifts in exchange for blessings from the witches.  Genevieve sees this as an opportunity to introduce the harvest witches to the community. Elijah is not impressed, given the recent history between the coven and the Originals but Genevieve points out that she made her amends with Klaus and asks Elijah to think it over. Klaus suggests its a way to show solidarity with a one time enemy. Elijah suggests that Klaus should spend his time thinking about how to accommodate Hayley. Klaus points out that Hayley is werewolf royalty and is much safer with the pack than she would be here.  Klaus does however promise to bring Hayley home before the birth because he doesn't want his child born in a swamp.

Haylay finds herself surrounded by a group of people waiting to see her.  Oliver explains that due to the role her parents had in pack hierarchy, they may well believe that Hayley is going to be the messiah. Oliver excuses himself when he gets a call from Klaus.  It seems that Klaus has assigned him the task of finding Cary - a distant relative from Klaus's werewolf clan. Klaus informs Olivier that the wolves are to attend the witch feast so that Elijah will stay out of his way.

Klaus heads to see Cami to say that he has formed an alliance with someone to help Kiernan.  Cami points out that the resurrected witches are the ones who cursed her uncle in the first place. Cami tells Klaus to do whatever he can to help Kiernan.

Thierry reports to Marcel that Klaus is fawning all over Cami but Marcel is concerned for Cami's safety.  I am sure that this will last for a New York minute given how quickly he got over Rebekah. Marcel is concerned with how Klaus would react if he learned that Marcel and Tami slept together. Theirry is unimpressed and believes that they need to worry about what Klaus is up to. Marcel wants to find out what Klaus is planning with the witches and then rat him out to Elijah.  Yep, divide and conquer again.  Didn't we just have that story line?

Monique reports to Genevieve that after communing with the elders, Genevieve must sacrifice herself. Genevieve believes that it is not her time yet but Monique argues that they need Genevieve to die so they can have the full power of the harvest. Genevieve points out that she used to be one of those elders and that before she leaves, she is going to make sure that the witches have the power to control their own fate. Before Genevieve dies she plans on getting her hands on Esther's spell book.

Elijah informs Diego and the vampires that they are to go to the feast and give the witches a gift.  When Diego says no, Elijah makes it clear that this is not a request. Elijah points out that it's a declaration of strength to acknowledge a lesser faction.  Elijah then heads to see Francesca, to order the human faction to attend the witch feast and Francesca says that he will owe the humans a favor.  Elijah then heads to see Hayley, who says that the werewolves are not attending. Oliver and Jackson obviously both agree they need to send a representative with a gift. Privately, Elijah tells Hayley that Oliver and Jackson agreed too easily and that she shouldn't trust either of them.

Oliver drags Carey into St. Anne's to meet with Klaus and Klaus is not impressed that Carey has been manhandled.  Klaus point out that the lack union between the various werewolf packs is what lead to the downfall of the werewolves. Klaus shows Carey the moonlight ring and asks him to find out what stone it housed.

Thierry and Diego meet about the current situation for the vampires. Marcel offers himself as leader of the rebellion but Diego points out that the last time he stood with Marcel against an Original, it didn't go so well. Marcel believes that if they make enough noise and prove they won't bow down, the Originals will leave. Diego says that he knows where he stands with Elijah, so Marcel informs him that Klaus has been having meetings with witches and werewolves and adds that Klaus cannot be trusted. Diego says that Marcel picked up Klaus's coin and calls him a coward. Marcel attacks Diego saying that a good leader knows when he has to fight another day and again asks Diego to fight with him. Diego says that he picked the winning side and if Marcel and Theirry want to start a war, they will be fighting against him.

Hayley finds Oliver and Jackson in conversation and when Olivier gives her attitude when she questions what is going on.  Hayley throws him against the wall and twists his arm back.  Hayley says that the last month of pregnancy is all hormones and mood swings and since this is her pack, she wants to know what is going on. Jackson tells Oliver that because Hayley is one of them, she deserves to know. Jackson reveals the alliance with Klaus and Hayley demands to know everything.

Klaus is now talking with Genevieve about Kiernan.  Genevieve says that there is no way to undo the hex but does point out that Esther was powerful and might have an answer in her grimoire. Klaus calls Genevieve crafty and she points out that with the grimoire she could solidify her place in the coven. Klaus says no and Genevieve calls it unfortunate for Kiernan.  Klaus grabs Genevieve saying that he won't be manipulated and Genevieve uses her power to cause Klaus pain, saying that she won't be threatened. Genevieve tells Klaus that they are at a stalemate and that he is not to call her again.

The feast is in full swing with the harvest girls being paraded in.  Genevieve sends a witch to the compound to look for the grimoire I assume. Klaus however confronts the man Genevieve sent saying that he has been expecting him. Elijah tries to talk to Davina but she isn't interested in small talk or pleasantries. Genevieve tells Davina to show respect because he has been their patron. Elijah points out that the party is for the coven because they needed a sign of respect to uphold the treaty. When they walk off, Hayley meets with Elijah.

Monique and  Genevieve talk about Davina.  It seems that Monique doesn't feel that Davina has done anything but stand against the witches - harvest girl or not. Genevieve says that Davina just needs a little lesson. Genevieve makes the announcement that people may deliver their offering and that no blessing will be denied. Genevieve then watches as gifts are placed in front of the harvest girls.  Cami presents an offering to Genevieve to honor what Elijah has built and what her uncle has worked for. Cami offers Genevieve a brooch (the tackiest thing you have ever seen) and Genevieve says that she may be able to help her.

Davina gets off the dais and runs into Josh. Of course being a great GBFF, Josh notices how very say Davina is and they agree to leave together.  Before they can escape however, Klaus calls out to Joshua that they have unfinished business together. Davina demands that Klaus leaves but he points out that she is not as powerful as she once was.  Klaus grabs Josh back the back of the neck and starts to drag him away as Davina follows. Klaus gets everyone's attention and tries to present Davina with a present but she refuses. Klaus then publicly pardons Josh for trying to kill him and offers Davina the present again and this time, she accepts. When Davina opens the box, she finds a ring and a spell to make daylight rings.

Klaus seeks out Hayley to talk about his plans for the werewolves and she makes it clear that there will be consequences if he is negotiating in bad faith.

A group of Black drummers make an appearance saying that they have a message from Marcel. They slice their wrists open and the sight of blood makes the vampires drop fang. Elijah steps forward and tells the vampires not to violate the treaty.  The lights go out and the vampires attack. When the lights come up on the wall in blood are the words, "there shall be no peace."  Elijah helps Hayley off the ground as Klaus watches. The floor is littered with bodies.

Theirry reports what happened at the feast and says that Josh made sure that Davina got out safe and he made sure the other harvest girls were safe as well. A pissed off Elijah makes his presence known by throwing Theirry around. Marcel is quick to point out that if Elijah kill him, he will never know about Klaus's secret meetings with the werewolves, or what he really has going on with Genevieve.  Elijah tells Marcel that he doesn't know him and for his violation, Elijah rips out Theirry's heart. As Theirry desiccates, Elijah tells Marcel that he lives and dies according to his will.

Klaus approaches Genevieve and says that what happened wasn't his doing and that he owed Davina some consolation after killing Davina's first love.  Klaus then  hands Genevieve a present, which he claims to have picked up earlier tonight. The box contains the hands of the man who tried to steal the grimoire. Genevieve tells Klaus that he should be afraid of her.  When Klaus snipes that he will miss the sex, Genevieve says that Cami showed up at the feast and that though she gave her hope of lifting the hex, there is no hope now. Klaus promises that if Kiernan dies, Genevieve will be next. Genevieve says that it would be foolish to kill a powerful ally over a human who is sleeping with Marcel.

In the swamp, Hayley tells Jackson that after seeing all of the deaths at the party, she believes that there will never be a peace and that they will always be at the mercy of whomever is calling the shots. Jackson calls it survival of the fittest.  Hayley suggests that they need to use Klaus's help while he is still willing to give it and that no matter what, they are not to trust Klaus.

Elijah confronts Klaus about conspiring with wolves but Klaus says that the wolves are his family, as much as any Mikaelson. The brothers quickly turn to bickering about Hayley because we cannot have a Plec show where two brothers aren't fighting over a woman. Elijah makes it clear that if he wants something, he's going take it and that nothing will stop him. Isn't it nice to Hayley reduced to a possession?

Klaus heads to see Cami and mentions that he knows she went to see Genevieve, who was moved by her plight. Klaus then adds that because he insulted Genevieve she is now going to let Kiernan die a painful death.  Cami asks why he is telling her and Klaus replies that secrets are a poison. Of course he then brings up Cami's affair with Marcel. Cami points out that Klaus at one point compelled her to date Marcel and that maybe Klaus is mad because he didn't get to control the coupling. Klaus tells Cami that the next time he sees Marcel, he will kill him.

From a distance, Elijah watches as Haley hangs out with the werewolves. A werewolf approaches and tells Elijah that he doesn't need to keep checking on Hayley because Hayley is not only doing okay but has a natural gift for leading.  Elijah asks that Hayley remain ignorant of his visit.

Marcel stands over Thierry's body saying that he will take back their city, even if he has to burn it down. Diego and the other vampires make an appearance and Marcel promises he is going up against the original with no backing down.

Monique tells Genevieve that she failed in her duty and the vampires attacked them leaving them and that they are without the ability to retaliate because they are not at their full strength. Monique picks up a knife saying that Genevieve's sacrifice is the final step.  Monique starts the ceremony but stops when she channels the elders, who send the message that they want Klaus's child dead.

Can we please just stop all the male characters controlling or attempting to control the female characters?  For some reason, Klaus feels that any woman he has laid claim to is not to have sex with anyone else. It is further troubling that he has so fixated on what has happened between Marcel and Cami because once again, Marcel is the uppity Black man who soils precious White female bodies.  There is also the issue of Marcel as protagonist.  Marcel may be smart but he is clearly no match for the Originals.  This again has Marcel as the Black men who simply will not accept that he is inferior to the far superior White man.

This is further complicated because we then see all the Black men who are sacrificed in the band.  Sure Marcel is responsible for that but we need to put it into context.  Plec has a habit of callously killing off characters of colour to provide angst or growth for White characters.  Anyone remember Caroline's feeding frenzy on Black people on TVD?  This is really no different.  Black people are disposable and certainly not worthy of any respect and both The Originals and TVD have made this more than evident.

I am glad to see Hayley framed as a natural leader but there is still the issue that both Oliver and Jackson felt comfortable going behind her back and making an alliance with Klaus.  A leader inspires loyalty in the people who follow them and at this point and the loyalty of the people around Hayley is sketchy at best.  Then we have Hayley justifying her attack on Oliver on hormones.  Really?  Add that to the fact that she is still very much the walking womb, it means that for every step forward with Hayley's character, we get three steps backward.