Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Resurrection, Season One, Episode Six: Home

Fred repeatedly watches the video of Caleb disappearing.  At the moment of disappearance, the video turns to snow.  Clearly, Fred is looking for something.

Bellamy reports to Lucille and Henry that Caleb is missing now.  They are greatly concerned and Henry asks about looking for Caleb but Martin says that he doesn't believe there is any point.  Their conversation is interrupted by Jacob saying that he is ready for bed.  Lucille gets up to follow but suggests to Henry that they should sleep in Jacob's room that night.  Henry then talks to Martin about Lucille's grief after the first Jacob died and how at the time he feared that he has lost her for good.

Fred is now looking through the cell where Caleb was kept.  Carl interrupts Fred's search to say that there's nothing there but Frank is adamant that a good cop doesn't stop looking for clues. Carl tries to distract Fred by inviting him to play cards but is rebuffed and leaves.

Next, Fred heads to see Elaine to talk about her father's disappearance.  Elaine says that its no stranger than anything else that happened. Fred heads for the door but pauses to say that he has always thought of Elaine as a daughter and never meant to hurt her by the events of the past week. Elaine answers that she thinks that it's all for the best and Frank leaves with a smile.  Elaine turns to look at Caleb's urn and Ray enters the room. Rays that the man who returned wasn't Caleb and Elaine agrees.

Bellamy is now sitting down with Maggie and Rachel.  Rachel says that the moment she woke up, all she wanted to do was return home and this was strange because before she died, all she and Tom could talk about was getting out of Arcadia.  Martin hands over his card and he and Maggie leave. Martin is not pleased that he still doesn't have answers about what is going on. Maggie reveals that she called Eric Ward, an old professor of hers who works for the NIH.  Bellamy is shocked but Maggie suggests that the government might not be the enemy here.

Fred heads to the local watering hole and runs into Gary.  Fred suggests that Gary head home because he is upset. Gary will not be pacified and says that Caleb is the same as Jacob - a freak. Gary starts to yell and wants to know why Fred isn't searching for Caleb.   Fred again tells Gary that he needs to leave. Gary heads to the door and asks Frank if he is going to do his job, or let other people do it for him.

Bellamy and Maggie return to her office to find Eric Ward waiting for them bursting with excitement. Eric's idea is that the returned are cloned from a parallel universe.  Maggie questions the fact that they all have their memories and share the same symptoms. When Bellamy shows concern about how much Eric knows, Eric assures him that he is not there on behalf of the NIH and is there as a guest and a colleague. Eric explains that he has figured out that one can predict the latitude a Disappeared person will appear at based on how long they have been dead and asks to meet Jacob.

Tom heads to see Rachel to drop off groceries and tell her about Caleb's disappearance. When Tom looks up, he notices that Rachel is shaking.  Rachel tells Tom that when she drove off the bridge she didn't know and then extrapolates to admit that she is pregnant.

Tom is now sitting with Janine and tells her about Rachel's pregnancy.  Janine asks if Rachel is keeping the baby and Tom is shocked that Janine would advocate abortion.  Janine assures him that she is not suggesting anything and points out that Rachel was depressed.  Tom assures Janine that he didn't want this but Janine did point out that they both wanted a baby. Janine is upset that they have been trying to have a baby for three years and now Rachel, a woman who committed suicide is pregnant.  Tom assures Janine that he is committed to their marriage but has told Rachel that he will do what's right for the baby.  Janine tells Tom that he has turned her into an obligation and leaves the room.

Eric interviews Jacob, Henry and Lucille, as Bellamy and Maggie listen in.  He keeps it lighthearted until Jacob leaves the room to get a snack and asks the Langstons to go to  Bethesda with him. Eric says that right now, they only have the standard medical exams and that Bethesda has the best equipment in the country. Bellamy interjects that Eric wants to turn Jacob into a lab rat. Eric replies that this is about Jacob's health and well being and points out that things didn't end well for Caleb and that he wants to figure out what happened so that he can stop it.

Andrew heads into the local bar and sees Elaine, so he takes the opportunity to apologise for the mess the cops made of her home.  Before leaving, Andrew assures Elaine that Caleb couldn't have been all that bad if he raised her. Elaine turns and notices a help wanted sign for a waitress on the bar.

Janine is in the church painting and is approached by Helen, who apologises for the strain between her and Tom recently.  Janine assures Helen that Tom is fine. Helen then asks how Janine is doing and when Janine doesn't answer, Helen tells Janine that mother didn't feel she could confide in anyone either because her father was a pastor. Janine starts to cry.

Jacob gets into bed and he and Henry chat about basketball briefly.  Jacob tells Henry that he missed him and Henry admits to missing Jacob as well.  Henry gets a look of pure tenderness and reaches down and hugs and kisses Jacob. Back in his own room, Henry confesses his fear of losing Jacob a second time to Lucille.  Lucille and Henry talk about whether they should go to Bethesda.

Fred shows up at the poker game and Paul asks him to head to the basement with him to stock the fridge. Paul opens the door to a locked room which is filled with guns and of course brings up the right to bear arms. Fred asks if Paul wants to start a militia and Paul answers that he just wants Fred to know that he has him covered. Fred reminds Paul that they have a protocol and adds that he can handle anything that comes his way. Paul brings up how well Caleb was handled and adds that if Fred ever needs to sidestep protocol, he knows where to head.

Helen shows up at Rachel's door.

Lucille and Jacob are dressed and ready to head for church but Henry is concerned and suggests that they should be careful because the news has been reporting about Caleb. Lucille points out that this has nothing to do with Jacob and that they are going to a church where their pastor supports them.  Henry says that the called Eric and told him that they are going to go to Bethesda and asks what to tell Jacob.  Lucille suggests that they just have a nice day. When Jacob is shocked that his father is not intending to go to church, so Henry agrees to accompany them.

Helen tells Rachel that she is there to help Tom and that Rachel is destroying his marriage, as well as Tom's position within the church. Rachel is shocked and asks who told Helen about her pregnancy.  Helen is only too happy to reveal her informant as Janine. Helen calls Rachel the snake in the garden who is trying to drag Tom into the pit. Helen tells Rachel to go back to where she came from but Rachel points out that this is her home. Helen leaves saying that the church has the right to know the truth about its pastor.  Rachel frantically tries to call Tom but he misses the call. Rachel calls Bellamy next and tells him about Helen's threat.

The Langstons take their place in a pew and Tom walks out to the pulpit to begin ministering.  Tom brings up the Returned and opens the floor to the congregation to talk about their concerns and thoughts.  Mrs. O'Donnell asks if Jacob is a miracle and so Tom talks about his fear when he first met Jacob and advises them not to succumb to their fear because he knows in his heart, the Langston boy is Jacob. Gary then stands and brings up Caleb and how he came back to commit murder, just as Bellamy enters the church.  Tom asks Bellamy to fill the people in on what he knows. Bellamy admits that there are now three Returned and that he doesn't know where Caleb is.  The congregation is still very upset and calls the Returned demons suggesting that the town deal with them through violence.  Bellamy makes it clear that if the town becomes violent with the Returned, they will have to deal with him. A small skirmish breaks out and Tom is forced to call for calm.  Rachel enter the church, as Tom says that this is not who they are as a community.  Tom assures them that they will survive by standing together as one.  Helen then stands and demands that Tom tell the people what he is hiding.  Tom says that he is not hiding anything and has been steadfast about no one being turned away from the church.  Helen asks Tom in front of everyone if Rachel is pregnant with his child. When Tom admits that this is true, Helen brings up the example that Tom has set. Helen declares that Tom is not her pastor and when she turns to leave, many follow applauding loudly.

By  the time Fred gets to the church, it's just the Langston's and a few parishioners.  Bellamy assures Fred that everything is alright now.

Eric and Maggie sit down for a meal discussing his theories and his surprise that Maggie decided to return to Arcadia. Eric says that he thought he could have made her happier and asks her to come to Bethesda with him and the Langstons.  Eric argues that this could be the single greatest discovery in the history of mankind when Maggie hesitates. Maggie says that she is not like Eric and doesn't need the accolades and is not a researcher. Eric promises to keep bothering Maggie until he changes her mind.

Tom checks and there is still no word from Rachel.  Janine tells Tom that she knows he wants her to apologise but she cannot because she isn't sorry.  Tom asks how Janine could betray him like that. Rachel brings up that Tom lied about Rachel leaving town.  Janine accuses Tom of still being in love with Rachel and when Tom does not answer, Rachel says that she is going to spend the night with her sister.

Rachel has returned to her hotel room and is met by cop who claims that Fred would like to meet her. Rachel agrees to go with him down to the station. She gets into the car and Gary immediately gets into the backseat.

Lucille and Jacob are outside drawing on the sidewalk, as Bellamy and Henry watch from a distance. Henry says that he is grateful that Bellamy was in the church today and reveals that they have decided not to go with Eric.  Bellamy now wonders if this is the right decision but Henry says that this is their home and that Martin should just keep doing what he is doing.  Martin brings up what happened with Caleb but Henry says that they have never had a guarantee about what happens in life. Henry replies that if he loses Jacob tomorrow, at least he will have had these last days with him.

Fred returns home and pulls out his wife's wedding ring and puts it on his bedside table.

Rachel is taken to the lake and ordered out of the car by Gary.  Rachel is forced into a cabin.

One of the things that draws me in about Resurrection is how character driven it is.  Yes, we all want to know the big mystery with the Returned but the story is really about how their return effects this small community.  We have watched Fred struggle to accept Jacob and his pain that by doing so, he is rejecting the son who died.  It's been painful and yet so beautifully acted, one cannot help but be drawn in.

Then we have Tom who is a deeply conflicted man.  First he had a crises of faith and now we have him in conflict with his wife over his unborn child.  It's a situation in which no matter what Tom does, he simply cannot win.  When he married Janine, Rachel was dead buried and gone.  He has not been unfaithful to her but I understand why Janine feels that way.

Then we have the towns people.  Their reaction is not shocking and absolutely predictable.  People get scared by things that they don't understand and often lash out violently. The authority figures have no answers for them.  I must admit however that I find Helen to be particularly nasty.

As for Maggie, thus far they have painted her to be an intelligent woman.  What I don't understand is how she could be naive enough to contact a person with links to the government.  Just because Martin puts people first doesn't mean that the government won't see the Returned as something to capture and experiment on.  Yes, she like everyone else wants answers but where did her caution go? This is not going to end well and I predict a season finale of the government invading the town.