Monday, June 9, 2014

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 8: Variable and Full of Perturbation

We open with some drama – a white van hurrying into a hideout and 2 figures getting out – one injured badly and being half carried by the other; who looks a lot like another of Sarah’s clones, a male clone called Tony. While he tries to help his wounded fellow we learn they’ve tried to pull off a robbery of some kind which went very badly indeed – with the intervention of serious men in expensive suits (sounds like Dyad – Proletheans go for cheap suits). The injured guy seems to have an idea what happened (looks like he’s Tony’s monitor). Dying guy tells Tony to find Beth Childs.

Ok, if he is a monitor he is very very very out of the loop. Tony goes to meet Beth – and meets Art instead.

Over to Sarah and she and Mrs. S are plotting, Mrs. S is confident she has everything under control on pain of death (Ethan is there and likes to think she’s bluffing. Everyone knows better than that). Felix briefly arrives to drop of Kira (Sarah does not want Ethan asking any questions about her), but then is called out by Art to deal with other “cloney” issues.

Tony and Art go to Felix’s (of course, it’s hotel des clones) and Felix joins them. Art is confused but when Felix and he take a moment they realise Tony is trans (and Felix corrects Art’s pronoun use).

They tell Tony that Beth is dead and try to figure out what Tony knows which is very little beyond that Beth called and claimed to be a relative back in the past (also a cop, so Tony hung up) and now Tony has a message. Before they can trust Tony with the big secret, Art goes to check out his story, leaving him with Felix. There follows lots of taunting back and forth (a lot of it dancing on the line – do the writers think it’s ok because both Tony and Felix are in the LGBT umbrella?). Art does confirm what we already know about Tony and the dead possibly-monitor, Sami – and Felix returns to try and get the message out of Tony.

At Dyad, things are not rosy between Delphine and Cosima after last week. Cosima has changed the locks on the lab. Making it very clear Delphine is not welcome (ouch…) Cosima and Scott work on Kira’s tooth that Sarah sent.

Delphine goes to see Leekie – only to find Rachel at his desk (who is, in turn, rather annoyed by Paul’s absence and silence). Leekie had a “heart attack,” how tragic – now to business, Rachel is Delphine’s new boss.

Back to Sarah spending some quality time with Kira – but she brushes off Kira’s concerns about Aunty Helena. It says so much about Kira’s life and how quickly she’s learned that when she hears a knock on the door she asks if she has to hide. The visitor is Delphine reporting that Leekie is dead (Delphine isn’t happy about that since she thought he was the lesser of two evils… I’m less convinced. I think the scientist Delphine can just identify more with the scientist Leekie – also Leekie is way better at playing nice guy). Rachel has a plan for a cure for Cosima (and maybe all of them) using Ethan’s information and knowledge rather than Kira’s stem cells – but they need Ethan at Dyad. Sarah wants to veto this – she doesn’t trust Rachel or Delphine, Ethan is leverage – but Mrs. S calls for a break to think about it.

In Cosima’s lab, Scott has pulled in his new-found Dyad friends for a game (is that Magic the Gathering with a Hexagram board?) and Cosima proves her credentials as the Supreme Queen of Geekdom, bow down before her. Alas, her supremacy is interrupted by both a coughing fit and Delphine. Delphine tells Cosima the terrible news that Dyad may have killed Leekie! Cosima is shocked! While she sits down, Delphine also tells her that Ethan may be her cure. Cosima decides it’s time to break up the geek fest and break out the cannabis.

And the helium balloons. And the lovey-dovey bonding again in which Delphine tells Cosima she loves her. Which is fine and great but Cosima won’t accept that as an excuse to betray her or the other clones on behalf of saving her. Threats out of the way, Cosima also loves Delphine

Cut back to Sarah and Ethan warns her that giving him to Dyad will give them the “keys to the kingdom” – but it will cure Cosima. Which leaves no question in Sarah’s mind, they have to do it. In the meantime, Ethan reads Kira a bed-time story – The Island of Dr. Moreau. That is just so wrong on so many levels it manages to be awesome (Sarah objects for obvious reasons).

Felix calls Sarah then flirting and kissing happens between him and Tony. Which means Felix is kissing his sister’s clone, but at least Tony reminded us all that Sarah’s his foster-sister. Which may be why Felix pulls back. Tony pulls out one of Felix’s paintings of Sarah and is both angry and worried at Felix having a painting with his face on it – Tony storms out

And runs into Sarah. Clone explanation follows and Tony adapts pretty well. Sarah calls it their usual identity crisis but Tony declares he’s already handled all that work. Tony reveals Sammy (her monitor) was ex-military delivers the message which basically boils down to “Paul is like me, he’s on it, a ghost”.

Which brings us to Dyad and Rachel still annoyed at Paul being missing. Ethan arrive and Rachel tries to keep it all professional (with wonderful restrained emotion reminding us, yet again, that Tatiana Malany is an acting goddess) and Ethan not at all. She pokes him on that – just because she had a totally-uncharacteristic breakdown once doesn’t mean he can treat her like a daughter. They discuss what Ethan will need for his cure and Ethan (for his own interest or Sarah’s) probes Rachel’s interest in Kira – but Rachel wants to know why Sarah (the unmonitored “tramp”) was the one singled out to be fertile. Turns out Sarah wasn’t chosen, she’s a mistake – all the clones were supposed to be infertile. Rachel realises the logic of this, even as she remembers her own past enraged rampage around the Dyad office – that’s a whole lot of suppressed rage. Very very very scary suppressed rage (did I mention “acting goddess”?)

Allison returns home… to Donnie. And, because she’s Allison, she’s displeased by the mess, him not picking her up and… has she gone back to expecting everything to be normal? Hah, of course she has, it’s Allison! Except Donnie has taken to his bed after the shock of killing Leekie and cleaning up his spattered brains. She’s ready and happy to help him through the whole clone revelation – only to find Donnie has taken to drink as well – Allison is blazing, she’s just got out of rehab and Donnie is drinking. She pummels him with pillows and empties booze on him before she sees her kids watching and hurries over to shuffle them off to school.

In the middle of the night, Allison finds Donnie trying to leave her and she questions if he ever loved her. He collapses in tears and apologises for so many random things (including hating her mother, which she responds with “everyone hates my mother”). He and Allison sit and talk out the whole clone issue and Allison confesses the watching Aynsley die thing. Donnie totally steals her thunder by confessing to murdering Leekie.

Also he has a body that totally needs disposing of – Allison is totally unimpressed with Donnie’s failure to properly dispose of bodies or weapons or general murder cover up.

At Felix’s loft, Tony is given a clone-phone, makes his goodbyes and heads to the hills before Dyad tracks him down. We have a moment where it’s expositioned there’s no need to worry about Tony because his past and life mean he can handle himself

At the Dyad lab, Cosima tells Scott that she is the clone then Delphine introduces Ethan (Cosima calls him “my maker” which is beyond creepy)

Mid conversation Cosima collapses and begins seizing

Elsehwere Kira wakes up to read more of Ethan’s Dr. Moreau book – it’s filled with scientific stuff (this is the extent of my knowledge).

Orphan Black kill Cosima and We Have Issues.

I did find Cosima and Delphine’s shock over Leekie’s death illuminating – it reminds us just how much Cosima and Delphine has been insulated from Dyad’s shenanigans.

Allison and Donnie disposing of Leekie’s body is just such perfection.

And Tony – a trans character which is so beyond rare I can’t even describe it. I want to see so much more of him, see him fit in with the clines, the storyline – but he’s just been put on a bus. I want more… but suspect this may be it? Maybe another cameo but they actually put him on a bus, not just the trope name, but actually on a bus. I’d really want to see him appear again so he’s more than just “look at all the different versions of the clone there are!”

More Tony!