Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hemlock Grove, Season 2, Episode 4: Bodily Fluids

Teenagers making out in the woods? Oh these are so dead.

Actually I was wrong, they just find a rotting corpse. Ripped into pieces – it looks like Charlottes remains after Shelley tore her wolfy head into pieces. Just in case we missed this, the police helpfully remind us (in between telling us how he’d like to be “balls deep in his wife” thanks for that TMI) about her grave being disturbed when Charlotte rose from the dead.

At the Godfrey institute, Johann continues to play his “don’t ask questions” game with Russian (or possibly Eastern European) doctor while revealing that she had been involved in some similar, unethical experiments of her own. Norman interrupts them to throw Johann against a wall – he thinks he’s responsible for Marie’s disappearance since she was suing him. Johann is not even slightly intimidated and throws his own rather awesome threats back.

Miranda is still a house guests of Roman’s (which is very very odd) and he makes it creepier y asking where she’d been all night. She thanks him for his hospitality while he desperately fights his evil hunger. He hurries away and ends up running into Norman who stops him to tell him about Christina’s body being missing  - and Shelley’s footprints by the grave.

At Destiny’s house, Peter gets a visit from the drug dealers he conned. As he should have predicted but for some unknown reason didn’t. They hit him a few times and he almost shifts and punches one of them in the nose. This is enough to cow them both and they run away. Peter fights the shift (another bad moon shift, it’s leaving wounds on him)

Roman goes to work and is still bothered by his hunger, treating his assistant like shit and frustrated that he can’t find plans to Johann’s secret basement lab. However having a massive childish tantrum, screaming insults and obscenities and breaking shit are not usual working practices and Human Resources, Gwen, drops by because she’s received a fair few complaints over his little outburst. By company policy, he has to get out the building – she also advises anger management. He gets creepily in her space, focusing on her pulse. He leaves but his hunger is now almost out of control to a point where he can barely talk to people

Olvia is sad and visited by Michael to ask about Marie (who Olivia killed). While there he also asks questions about Clementine. Olivia offers sympathy and ignorance.

Norman and Michael also talk about Marie going missing – and Norman again accuses Johann. Michael goes through the standard of checking the ex-husband and telling Norman that Marie actually visited Olivia, which is news to him.

Peter, in between fighting drug dealers, has spent his day looking for the next serial killer victims from his dreams and finally tracks down the mother and child who were being followed by the Masked killers last episode – and the kid on his bike he dreamed would be hit by a car. Peter manages to get the tow truck between the Masked man’s car and the kid just in time. Peter also tries to warn the boy’s mother. It doesn’t go well

In fact it gets him pulled over by the police for threatening her. Which is nearly impossible to explain but that’s ok because it’s Michael questioning him and he wants to know about Roman

To Miranda who considers snooping into Roman’s secret baby-cage room – and starts producing milk. As in her breasts leak milk, she is lactating. She doesn’t have kids and is quite shocked by this. She decides to go check out Roman’s secret room and finds the baby.

Inept drug dealers return to their boss, Mr. Beaumont, who is not impressed (and throws in some anti-roma sentiment as well) and decides to send a message by removing testicles – one each.

Over to Norman being all sad and emailing Shelley and Shelley and the kid bonding over Shelley giving him one of her fingers. Uh… nice and touching I guess. Norman goes to Olivia and the subject of Olivia not telling him about Marie comes up – Olivia claims the whole “I kept it secret to protect you” meme and that Marie said Norman was responsible for Letha’s death. Though he has his doubts.

Roman tracks down a homeless man he saw earlier that day and asks him if he has a family. Upon learning about the man’s daughter, he promises to take care of her. He then bites the man – another homeless man tries to help, hitting Roman with a pipe – Roman just holds him back one handed. But he’s soon surrounded by a large number of homeless men all shouting – Roman throws a large wadge of cash at them and runs. Michael sees him leave.

Michael had locked Peter up for the day – and while there Peter has another dream. Unfortunately he decides to scream “let me go or people are going to die” which… yeah…

Roman goes home, pulls himself together and goes to check his secret baby cage and finds Miranda. Feeding the baby

Ok, so Peter started out focused on getting his mother in prison (for about 10 minutes) now is randomly chasing dream fragments and fixing Miranda’s car. It feels… distracted? Wouldn’t his mother be an overwhelming focus? Or a focus even? I can see the dreams but Miranda?

Who is another character who doesn’t make sense to me. Miranda is a random character who is apparently important enough for us to follow around. She has been dropped in Roman and Peter’s lives at a time when both of them have so much more going on and they both… make room for her. Quite a lot in Roman’s case – it seems quite bizarre. And Miranda, house guest to a near stranger, decides to go snooping in his secret room? And then she decides to use her mysteriously lactating breasts to feed the baby? Who, for the first time, isn’t actually crying?

I also cannot imagine that Peter is so lacking in common sense as to think his warnings to that woman could be seen as anything but a threat. Or that screaming “let me go or more people will die” is a good idea. Or doing a drug deal con out of his own house is a good idea.

Roman’s struggle with feeding and trying to find a way round it, even a moral way to kill people (taking care of the homeless man’s daughter) would be more powerful and poignant if we saw more regret and struggle or if his rages were less like petulant tantrums. I can see what they’re trying for but it all feels very… tantrummy. I just… I can feel how powerful this struggle could be, I can see what they’re trying to do and I want to praise it but it isn’t working. There’s just too much “petulant rich kid” and not quite enough “tormented creature of the night”.

See my point on the last few episodes about atmosphere and long, drawn out scenes