Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Witches of East End, Season Two, Episode Two: The Son Also Rises

Joanna is worried about Ingrid and asks Freya what time Ingrid came home from the bar the night before. As Joanna is leaving a message for Ingrid, Freya looks out the window and sees a comatose Ingrid on the ground outside. The women rush to Ingrid and discover  that no only is she unconscious but has marks on her body.  I suppose tentacle sex will do that to you.

In the meantime, Dash is occupied trying to marshal his powers. Phantom Killian appears long enough to taunt Dash about shooting blanks.Yeah, that was a less than subtle and unsurprisingly unfunny double entendre.  Dash then gets a call from his blackmailer asking if he wants to the tape of him killing Killian sent to the police. The blackmailer demands fifty thousand dollars and Dash balks because it's a public holiday and the banks are closed but he is told to figure it out.Killian again taunts his brother warning that he needs to get a hold of this before he kills someone else.

Ingrid comes back to consciousness and Joanna suggests that Ingrid was sleep walking again.  Freya suggests that Ingrid could have simply passed out because she was pretty drunk the night before. Joanna says that they are going to need to find a spell to deal with the sleepwalking and Ingrid says that last night was the best nights sleep she has had in years. I suppose this means that tentacle sex works for her. When the women head into the house, Joanna tells the girls about Frederick and how leaving him behind was one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make. Wendy is quick to point out that Frederick chose to stay. Joanna goes on to explain that Frederick has been through a lot and barely escaped with his life. Anyone else wonder how Joanna knows this given that he hasn't been particularly forth coming about what happened in Asgard?  Joanna then tells the girls that it was Frederick who cured her. They then discuss Frederick coming through the portal and a trusting Joanna suggests that someone else came through the portal with Frederick. Frederic comes downstairs and has a conversation with the girls about the things they used to do together as siblings and we learn that Frederick and Freya are twins.

Joanna is outside working on the garden and a concerned Wendy points out that Frederick is alone with the girls.  Joanna however is not just engaging in a hobby, she is pulling truth root to get to the bottom of what is going on with Dash. The big plan is to put the roots in a pie and then deliver it to Fair Haven. Wendy points out that because Dash is so angry and volatile that they have to approach the situation carefully. Wendy suggests giving Frederick a piece of the pie but Joanna claims that when he healed her, she felt his pain and regret. Wendy is still not convinced and suggests that Frederick only pretended to escape to play with Joanna's guilt and sympathy.

Wendy and Joanna return to the house to find the siblings still engaged in a chat.  It seems that they were all royalty in Asgard but Joanna says that this fact has zero relevance in this world. Wendy sneaks the truth root under Frederick's nose and asks how it's been for him in Asgard.  Frederick answers that not long after everyone left, he realised his mistake and tried to get his grandfather to change and that in the end, things got so bad, he almost wished for death.

Killian is still on his island paradise with his new love Eva and now his wound had completely healed. Killian tries to convince Eva to spend the day with him and she confesses that though they have only been together a short time, it feels like they have known each other forever. For his part, Killian says that landing on the island is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Wendy is getting dressed and ready to go out when she notices that one of her ear rings is missing.  It turns out that Frederick has the ear ring and he uses it for some sort of spell and then swallows it.

Wendy is in cat form and she heads to see the EMT from the last episode. When she looks in the window, she sees the EMT sitting down with what looks like a wife and child. When the EMT returns to the door with a treat for what he assumes to be a stray cat, Wendy is gone.

Ingrid has arrived at work and finds Dr. Foster already sorting through the materials. Ingrid says that he is doing her job but Dr. Foster tells Ingrid that he didn't really hire her.  Apparently, his supervisor ordered Ingrid hired over his objections. Foster claims that he is there to oversee because if something happens, it will fall squarely on him.  Ingrid assures Foster that she can do this and suggests that she just get started so that he can see how she works

Dash is packing up his blackmail money and he leaves the house followed by ghost Killian, who warns Dash that this isn't going to end here. Dash screams for Killian to leave him alone and when Dash turns around, he is confronted by Wendy and Joanna, who have a pie and wine.  Dash isn't interested in a peace offering though and asks if they are sorry because he was gilted at the alter, or that his mother committed suicide. Joanna tries again suggesting that since they all live in the small town, they are going to have to talk to each other eventually but Dash makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with either woman before walking away.

Killian sits at the poker table and he is reading the mind of his opponent.  When Killisan calls a hand with an obvious low pair, his opponent suspects that something is up because no one can be that lucky.  His opponent draws a weapon and demands his money back and Killian's power activates forcing his opponent to drop the weapon, as people in the room call Killian a Brujería and back away closely.

Wendy and Joanna are setting a table at a fourth of July picnic, when Wendy pauses because she feels a supposedly ominous cool breeze. Wendy then looks wistfully over at the EMT who is setting up with his family. Yep, with Killian away on the island the EMT longing just had to happen because otherwise, there wouldn't be love angst on the show and we cannot possibly have that.  When Joanna notices that she is missing the bottle opener, Frederick uses his magic.  Joanna tries to explain that they don't do magic in public and then thanks him for saving her life.  Freya and Frederick talk about the adjustment that Frederick has had to deal with. Freya then smoothly asks if Frederick can use astro projection to find someone.

Back at the library, Ingrid is hard at work with Foster, when she comes across a book which has drawings and notes of the family.  Under Ingrid is the word key.

Back at his room, Killian is trying to drink away his worries.  When Eva asks what happened, he tells her about being able to read his opponents hand and then asks what a Brujería is. Eva explains that Brujería means witch and that Killian's opponent thought that Killian was an obeah - someone who has magic.  Eva points out that Killian has won a lot at poker and that he said that he knew what the cards were, even though he didn't see them. Eva offers to do a ceremony to find out if Killian is closely attuned to the spirit world.

Frederick and Freya have begun the spell to find Killian. Together, they arrive on the island and decide to look around to see if they can figure out where they are.  Frederick tells Freya that no matter what she does, she is not to let go of his hand. They find an ashtray with the name of the hotel and take note of it. When they open another door, an owl flies towards them and a startled Freya lets go of Frederick's hand, which forces them to transport home.  Frederick says that owl can either be a symbol of fortune or doom. Now that Freya knows where Killian is, she decides that it is time to go and find him.

Later, at the bar, Freya tries to book a direct flight to Santo Domingo but is disappointed to learn that there are no flights for the next two days.  Frederick sits at the bar trying to charm a young Asian woman. Freya comments on how amazing the spell was that they did and Frederick says that it's all about twins (come on, you know you wanted to say, "wonder twin powers activate") before excusing himself and promising to meet Freya for fireworks. Freya warns Frederick about doing spells and he promises to follow the rules.

Ingrid is doing research about herself in the archive she found and learns that she has four arcane abilities. Suddenly, Ingrid sits up when she gets the sense that someone is watching her. Ingrid looks around but doesn't see anyone and is startled when Dr. Foster appears, wondering what she is up to. Foster notices that Freya is looking through the oldest book in the collection and is upset that she is not handling it properly. A disagreement quickly ensues and Foster declares that he is taking the book. When Foster tries to pick up the book, he cannot lift it, so Freya snarks that he wasn't handling it properly. Foster warns that if anything happens to the book between now and Monday, he is holding her responsible.

Frederick approaches Wendy at the picnic saying that he was just looking for his mother.  Frederick then shows Wendy the supposedly lost ear ring claiming that he found it on the porch.  Frederick leaves and the EMT approaches and introduces himself as Tommy.  Wendy is quick to say that she is not interested because she knows he has someone in his life.  Tommy calls his daughter over and says that her mother just dropped her off for the weekend. Tommy says that he is separated from his wife but is headed for divorce and asks if that is a deal breaker. Wendy responds that she is not used to baggage and Tommy argues that people always have baggage and suggests they get together sometime.

Dash makes his way through a crowd at the carnival and drops the bag under an empty bench.

Wendy returns to the table to find Joanna by herself and wonders where Frederick is. Joanna says that she has not seen Fredrick and Wendy gets another one of her chills.

Foster storms through the carnival and suddenly grabbed from behind by a shadow.

On the island, Eva starts the spell and instructs Killian to call to the spirits. When Killian complies, he is overtaken by a force which forces all of the windows open and surrounds him in a golden light. When Kilian collapses in Eva's arms she tells him that they now have proof that he is a Brujería. A confused Killian wonders how he could go his entire life without ever realising it. Killian says that he sense magic in Eva who then suggests that they are the same and meant to be together.

The bar is still very busy and Freya is having trouble keeping up.  A customer gets belligerent and grabs her arm demanding a beer when Frederick walks in. Frederick jumps on the man and begins to strangle him, Freya begs for him to stop.

Ingrid finally makes her appearance at the picnic and is quickly approached by Dash who brings up his story about weird brain anomalies and the fact that she is the only other match. Dash questions if Freya had strange symptoms before or after the accident and Freya says no. Dash pushes for more information saying that it is extremely important that Ingrid report any strange symptoms and that he is not trying to pry. Their conversation is interrupted when a clearly bloodied Foster stumbles out of the woods yelling that someone is carving the ancient symbol of the king and that this is a warning to them all. Foster falls to his knees grabbing his chest. Foster falls on his back and opens his shit reveal the same symbol that Frederick has carved into his shoulder.

 Foster is now loaded into an ambulance and Tommy closes the door as Wendy rushes over wanting to know what is going on. Tommy  reveals that he brought a guy into the ER two days ago with similar wounds and ranting. Tommy adds that the shape carved in the chest looks satanic, so Wendy asks what the man was ranting about. Tommy asks to continue the conversation over drinks and Wendy says that she will think about it.

Joanna walks into the bar to find Freya watching over Frederick.  They tell her what happened with the man who grabbed Freya and Frederick apologises saying that he has spent so much time fighting for his life that he loses control.

Later, a storm is raging and the family is sitting around by candle light.  Freya calls for attention to announces that she is ready to figure out what it means to be the key and that she is not the same person that she was in other lives. Freya adds that she is moving out because it is time for her to stand on her own, thus giving Frederick a place to sleep. Freya and Ingrid say a spell and the ceiling parts and fireworks go off.  Joanna is not happy that now that she finally has everyone together, Ingrid is moving out. Wendy the brings up what she learned from her conversation with Tommy but Joanna points out that Frederick didn't attack anyone. Wendy brings up the guy at the bar Frederick attacked and Joanna is quick to say that the man was messing with Freya.  Wendy then says that Ingrid's boss died and he was messing with her so there must be some sort of pattern. Ingrid is adamant that Frederick is not a killer.

Joanna leaves to cuddle with girls and Wendy has another one of her shivers.  Frederick approaches Wendy and tells her that he know what she suspects him of but that he is not like that at all. Frederick assures Wendy that she does not know him at all and asks her to rejoin the party.

Dash is looking at the images from the MRI when he gets a call from his blackmailer this time asking for one hundred thousand dollars before hanging up. In frustration, Dash slams down his phone and when grabs his computer as flashes of electricity shoot out of his hands. Ghost Killean appears and tells Dash that he knows what he has to do next.

Are you bored yet by this season? Well I am.  There is still far too much going on and I find that it gives me no real place to focus.  Why does each character have to have their own special story line going on?  Why should I care about Wendy and Tommy?  It doesn't fit into the larger narrative of what is going on and seems to only exist to give Wendy her own story line.

If that were not enough, we still have the mystery of Asgard.  We have now learned that the family used to be royalty but still have no idea how largely the series is going to delve into Norse mythology.  It feels like the storyline is stalled.  We know that Frederick did some bad things to survive but exactly what is still a mystery.  We know that some sort of creature has broken through the portal but know nothing about it.

I know that this is episode two but I already feel that we should have some answers The Witches of East End is proposing because the mystery began last season. Now they are randomly throwing around words like voodoo and of course using Latin words for witch.  It feels very much like they are going to head down the road of raiding the cultures of people of colour for woo.  As it is, The Witches of East End does not have a strong record when it comes to race.

In a final point, this show needs desperately to decide what it is going to be.  At times it clearly takes itself seriously and other it descends into pure camp. Unfortunately the writing on the show does not blend the two very well leaving The Witches of East End feeling incredibly disjointed. I cannot say that I am disappointed but that is only because I didn't expect much.