Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Falling Skies, Season 4, Episode 4: Evolve or Die

Tom, Hal and Weaver are free, ducking patrols and Weaver’s still hearing a growly thing he’s decided to tell no-one about. And a targeting light appears on Tom’s forehead

Falling Skies don’t tease me!

Alas, it’s only the Volm and they don’t kill them. Cochise shares supplies and help with the survivors from the ghetto and tells Tom about Matt. Tom and Weaver decide to go with Cochise (Weaver, in all his instability, is there to keep Tom reasonable. Hah), with Hal left behind.

The strange creature is still following Weaver and no-one else notices. Weaver goes hunting it and Cochise and Tom clearly think he’s becoming unstable and seeing things.

Meanwhile Hal and Tector discuss supplies and they have a lead on a new place to scrounge but it’s a bit far out so Hal decides it’s best to wait for Tom to come back (or, maybe, have someone other than Hal in command?) Pope, naturally, taunts Hal for needing Tom’s permission then decides to take the truck and go alone. Of course he does.

Why hasn’t something killed him yet?

Like the woman he finds with the big stash of fuel! She’s kind of awesome (and would be a lot more if she shot Pope) and objects to his attempted theft with a shotgun and cunning wit. She demands to talk to him over beer – reinforced with shotgun! See, this is how you kickstart your social life – shotguns!). They both bond over the fact they quite like the apocalypse since they hated their mundane jobs so much. She also drugs Pope so she can steal his truck which is how she lives in this world – doing whatever she wants. I suppose it’s too much to hope that she’s killed him?

Alas, he wakes up (much to her annoyance and mine) just as she’s planning to leave – but Mechs have found the truck. Pope convinces her, Sarah, to let him go to help fight the Mechs. They get in the truck (she insists on driving of course) and drive off. I don’t see why she needed Pope for this.

She doesn’t shoot him. Worse, he manages to disarm her along the way and (after establishing that she doesn’t know karate) kicks her out of his truck. So instead we get sexual tension and he invites her back.

Botha finds a radio signal offering peace and welcome – from Lexie’s creepy cult camp and plays it for Hal. Just in case that wasn’t enough, the Volm tell Tector that the Espheni are going to come in force so they have to move, which means even Hal, trying to follow his dad’s orders, knows they have to move. He has a big angst moment to Botha about how he doubts himself and doesn’t know if he can make a command decision since the last one he made got someone killed. Botha is there for reassurance and support.

Matt is in prison because Mira tried to escape  - and Kent, the team leader of his Espheni Youth is still very sure Matt will see the light and become a good little collaborator. Kent tries to sell the idea that the Espheni defended themselves from humanity…  I know propaganda can achieve a lot, but come on?! This is what they’re selling?

Cochise, Tom and Waver finally reach the Espheni Youth Camp and just in case you have missed the many many many many not subtle hints, Tom even calls it similar to a Hitler Youth Camp. The creature stalking Weaver finally attacks Cochise. They drive it off but we hardly get a glimpse of it (it bleeds black and looks ape-like) – worse, it has envenomed Cochise. Cochise has to go into a coma to regenerate the damage. Weaver and Tom briefly consider that the attacker was a human the Espheni had messed with before focusing on Matt again

They sneak into the camp, into one of the dorms and tell one of the kids they’re going to free him. The kid who has been successfully brainwashed (somehow) responds by blowing a whistle. This is the point when you realise that Tom, despite being historian enough to know about the Hitler Youth, is, apparently, no historian enough to remember the PURPOSE of the Hitler Youth. Because Falling Skies. All of the kids stand up with their warning whistles

While the alarms go off, Tom and Weaver run into Mira who takes them to Matt. Weaver stays back to hold an intersection, but actually to track down his invisible stalker – which leaps on him while invisible. Tom gets to Matt’s cell, hits Kent who is still playing the party line; Matt has to get through to Tom to stop him giving Kent the beating he so richly deserves.

They get out, without Weaver but tom is confident that Weaver can make his own way out. To help Tom and Matt get out, Mira decides to distract the Espheni since she’s not considered suspicious by the camp, she can stay. Self-sacrificing Mira charges out blowing her whistle.

Weaver wakes up on a big pile of mattresses with the big, 6 armed apey thing. Which he calls “Jeanie”, his daughter. A skitter appears and Jeanie-thing leaps on it – and loses. Weaver has to stab the Skitter to save her. Jeanie is badly injured and slowly dies in Weaver’s arms – up close we can see the creature does have a human face.

Pope and Sarah arrive back at Hal as he is preparing to move them and Sarah joins Pope on being an arsehole. Seriously, am I going to want both these people dead?

Hal leaves a message for Tom and he, and the Volm, head west.

At the Espheni Youth camp, Cochise is regenerated and Weaver joins Tom and Matt – Weaver tells them about Jeanie. But the Espheni plan to monsterise humanity is flawed because they can’t control them and Jeanie was still there

At the creepy cult base, Anne realises Lexi is being worshipped by her hippy followers. Lexis is outraged that she’s being “patronised” when Anne points out how many pacifists have been slaughtered by the Espheni. That’s not patronising, that’s truth – why are you backing down, Anne?

Anthony clashes with Lourdes because he’s not a big fan of the whole disarming thing. Anne decides to have the armed group camp outside the camp.

Anne is all dubious and upset about her daughter now being an adult over night and that’s when Ben and Maggie tell Anne about Lexie meeting up with the Espheni. Anne is all with Maggie – violence! Lots of violence! More violence! But Ben demands a more peaceful approach; Anne agrees so long as she gets to take point.

She goes to talk to Lexie, saying she’s worried. She asks to speak to the Esphenie and says she won’t hurt him – but Lexie calls it a lie and Maggie realises the Esphenie is there and talking to her. The Esphenie speaks through Ben’s spikes. The Esphenie says they do wish peaceful co-existence. Some of them anyway. The Esphenie emerges, wearing a long robe, and calls Anne mother. Anne recognises the Esphenie and the one that experimented on her on the ship. She calls Anthony who comes armed but Lexie protests, fearing losing the cult-camp. A storm rages as she calls Anne a liar. The Espheni speaks up to stop Anne and blames the humans for base aggression

Anne calms down, but Ben draws his gun on the Espheni, saying he’s lying he can feel it in his head.

Thankfully we end with something awesome – the way the Espheni communicate (very very awesome). Cult Espheni (Gemenus) and Ghetto Espheni communicate through glowing crystals to mock each other’s failures. And yes, Gemenus is lying and manipulating Lexie as a weapon. Gemenus is currently tied up – with Lexie looking on adoringly.

Why has everyone forgotten the genocide of the humans?! About 80% of the population at least is DEAD. But no-one raises that in the Espheni youth camp, no-one confronts Lexi with it. It’s like it never happened!

I still want to revisit the time line, because the Espheni Youth camp seems to have done a surprisingly effective job in very little time. Of course, this is a species that has mastered mind control. Apparently. Even though they don’t use it any more. For reasons.

Jeanie? Weaver knew this thing was Jeanie? How? Why? And this is the Espheni’s plan for humanity? It didn’t seem to do so well against a Skitter. Also they can’t control humanity. The species that was quite capable of harnessing and mind worming humanity into obedience before, who have enslaved the skitters, is unable to control their Human hybrids that can’t fight as well as skitters anyway

Damn right their plan is “flawed”.

I'm going to give this show 3 Fangs because Espheni communication is awesome.