Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 14th June - 19th July

Another week! Another round of covers to analyse! (And snark)

I said it on the previous covers and it still applies - generic, because it doesn’t have to be more than generic. The only real difference with this one is the full face look means you could mistake it for a Paranormal Romance, since a hot-guy-staring is a staple of the genre (see every Black Dagger Brotherhood, and every Dark Hunter book). So it’s not only generic but also suggests hot, plot less sex. Instead we have cold, plotless info-dump.

Ok, what is this and who is this person? First of all - the leather and low cut top? Given she’s hanging around with sex demons she doesn’t trust (and doesn’t have a huge budget anyway), I doubt it.

And this character looks… perky. Happy, even mischievous. The series is called “Miss Misery” for a reason. She isn’t perky. This character is actually empowered by her own angst. She is fueled by bitterness and regret. She is not perky

She also doesn’t spend much of the book flashing weapons around. Sure, she has a knife, but showing her brandishing one implies a level of combat badassery that isn’t really her thing.

I love the covers for these series. They’re pretty, swashbuckling and combine elements of seafaring and Steampunk beautifully together -and yes they are beautiful.

But who is this man? Because that doesn’t look like Ariq to me? Isn’t that rather… pale to be Ariq?

The Secret Dead by S.W. Fairbrother