Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Ten: Tribunal

"May the God of Vengeance
now yield me His place
to punish the wicked."

This episode begins where the last left off, with Monroe standing in front of the Wesenrein who are chanting.  Riken, the grandmaster, gives the order for Monroe to be purified and lower ranking Wesenrein respond by punching Monroe.

At the station, Hank and Nick tell Renard what they learned at the prison about Riken. Renard then questions if Rosalie has been contacted with a ransom demand.  Nick says that this is not about money and is about making an example out of Monroe.  Hank points out that officer Ackers is the only connection they have left because he was the one watching Rosalie and Monroe's house and was the one funneling information to Riken in prison.  Nick surmises that if Ackers was working with the Wesenrein, then he must be Wesen. However did you make such a huge leap Nick?  Renard suggests getting Wu to take a shot at Ackers, adding that Hank and Nick have to make sure that Wu can handle a vogue. Nick promises to make sure that Wu is ready.  Wu enters the office and reports that the phone found in Riken's home was used to call Monroe's house, the spice shop and officer Acker.  Renard orders that Acker is brought in and adds that there is one thing Wu has to do first.

Rosalie and Juliette go over the list that Truble made but at this point, Rosalie doesn't recognize any of the names.  Juliette points out that at least one person at her wedding is connected to someone on the list.  Juliet suggests going over the wedding guest list and Rosalie compares it to Truble's list.  Juliette offers to call Monroe's parents and inform them of what is going and Rosalie declines, saying that they would be on the first plane here. Rosalie adds that she doesn't want to put them through that until they knows something one way or another.

A Wesenrein dressed in a white robe, uses a skull as a chalice and flicks blood at Monroe, saying that without the shedding of blood, there shall be no atonement.  When Monroe asks if the Wesenrein even know what atonement means, he is slugged for his trouble.  Riken stands and declares that it is time for the tribunal to begin. Riken calls for the scroll and orders Monroe to stand and have his shackles removed.  Monroe is then told to approach Riken and informed that he is charged with marrying outside of his bloodline and befriending a Grimm.  Of the two charges, befriending a Grimm makes sense to me given the Grimms history with the Wesen.

Hank leads Wu into an empty interrogation room and tells Wu that he has been exactly where Wu is now. Wu very rightfully snarks about Hank missing the trip to the mental hospital.  Wu asks why Nick didn't tell Hank and Hank responds that Nick was afraid that Hank would believe he was "crazy".  Hank adds that this is the same reason that Wu was not told. Okay, I call bullshit given that they knew what Wu saw and that he therefore had good reason to believe. Hank tells Wu to prepare himself because he has to be ready for this.  Hank also warns that it's different when it happens fast and another thing entirely when it's right in front of your face, giving you no place to go but the bin.  Hank adds that Wu needs to get to a place where this is the new normal, causing Wu to ask how they do this.

Rosalie expresses frustration about not being able to make the connections between the list and her wedding guests.  Juliet brings up the topic of Adalind and questions if one has to be born a hexinbeast to become one.  Even at a moment like this, trust Juliet to turn the conversation to herself.  Rosalie says that she thinks so and that the transformation is grueling and the ones who are made, are more deadly.  Rosalie tells Juliet to stop worrying about Adalind right now and focus on the list. Rosalie suggests they talk to Bud because he seems to be the only connection.

Bud is in the police station with Nick and expressing worry about revealing himself to Wu.  Nick assures Bud that he will be there and assures him that Wu has been told that not all Wesen are bad.  What they don't know is that Ackers has seen Bud in the station.  Bud is brought into the interrogation room with Wu and Ackers gets on the phone to report Bud's whereabouts. 

In the interrogation room Hank asks Wu to explain voguing.  Bud begins to explain and Wu looks even more confused.  Bud starts to panic and says that he can't vogue and suddenly he does, causing Wu  to stand up suddenly.  Nick assures Wu that Bud is a nice beaver and that there are two kinds of vogues: one, everyone can see and the other that only Nick can see because he is a Grimm.  Wu is fascinated and asks Bud to go it again.

The tribunal continues and a prosecutor of sorts gives an opening statement.  Monroe takes the opportunity to vogue, knocking the Wesenrein closest to him to the ground and taking off through the woods.  Riken gives the order for Monroe to be pursued.  Monroe is soon tackled and surrounded but he fights back by biting into the throat of his pursuer, killing him.  Jonah calls for Monroe to be killed for killing Phil and the other Wesenrein are quick to agree but Riken demands that Monroe be given a trial, adding that he can stand trial for killing Phil as well. Riken orders Monroe be taken away and that Jonah put his robe back on.  Riken is like a villain from  007 movie.  He knows damn well that Monroe is going to end up dead but drags it out, giving the hero enough time to escape.  This really is an overused writer's device.

Bud has vogued again and Wu says that he is okay.  Hank tells Wu that things are different when he is face to face with a Wesen who wants to kill you.  Wu again says that he is in and Bud tells Wu that it's a relief that he knows before leaving.  I concur with Bud on that statement.

Wu, Hank and Nick head into Renard's office, where Wu affirms that he has seen a vogue.  Nick explains that they only have one connection - Ackers. Wu says that he has known Ackers since the academy but once he is brought in, Ackers will become aware that his fellow officers are on to him.  Renard asks Wu to bring in Ackers and talk to him and Wu agrees to that.  The officers then leave Renard's office.

Bud gets a call from Juliet and agrees to head over to the house, promising to be there in fifteen minutes.  Bud hops in the car and drives off but he is followed by a grey pick up truck, as Ackers watches.

Back in the woods, Monroe is now gagged, as the prosecutor shows pictures from Monroe and Rosalie's wedding.  The prosecutor reveals that an eyewitness said that a Grimm was present at the wedding and that he intends to call the witness.

Ackers is back in the station and Wu asks for a moment with him.  Ackers lies and says that he feels bad about Monroe being taken.  Wu tells Ackers that he just wants to get a couple of things straight.

Bud shows up at Juliet's and tells Rosalie that she is sorry.  Rosalie brings up the fact that Bud said someone at the wedding told Shaw about Monroe and Rosalie.  Rosalie then shows Bud the list he made with Truble and the list of wedding attendees, explaining  that she cannot figure out the connection because she doesn't know the men on Bud and Truble's list.  Bud sits down and begins comparing names between the two lists.

In the interrogation room, Wu says that he is trying to cover for Ackers but cannot explain about Ackers leaving his car to check something out without calling it in.  Ackers claims that he thought he saw something and Wu asks what he saw.  Ackers says that he saw a guy in a hoodie and didn't call it in because he wasn't sure it was anything.  Ackers then says that he got out of his car and then got hit in the head before begin dragged into the bushes.  Wu tells Ackers that he knows he is lying and that he is Wesenrein.  Ackers then vogues and attacks but Wu punches him in response.  Nick and Hank rush into the room and Ackers' realises that Nick is a Grimm again.  Wu marches out of the room, and Nick and Hank demand to know where Monroe is.  Ackers continues to lie, so Nick grabs Ackers and Hank tells him to take a walk.  Ackers snarks that this makes Hank the good cop.  Nick heads outside and says tells Renard  that Ackers knows the game to well. Hank tells Ackers that he is tied to the kidnapping and that if Monroe dies, not to expect a fix at trial.  Renard and Nick enter the room and Ackers claims he is being harassed but Renard tells Ackers that this is his one chance to come clean.  Ackers is shocked by Renard's response, so Renard informs him that they are not playing by the rules.  Ackers demands a lawyer or to be released, adding that he is done talking. Renard grabs Ackers and tosses him across the room, ordering Ackers to be locked up with no calls.

Back at Juliet's Bud reveals that Suzanne came with John and is a real estate agent.  Bud however adds that he doesn't know how Suzanne would know Shaw.  Bud calls John but gets no answer and so leaves a message.  Bud turns to leave, saying that as soon as he talks to John, he will contact them.  Bud heads outside and hops into his truck, only to find Big John waiting for him.  John punches Bud, knocking him unconscious, then hops in the truck and drives away.

The prosecutor continues with his case and Monroe refuses to enter a plea.  The prosecutor says that an eye witness will be brought in and Big John drags in a handcuffed Bud.  Bud immediately recognizes Monroe and is shocked to find himself at the tribunal.  Bud is told that he must testify or die.  Bud starts to ramble and is punched in the face by the prosecutor.

Rosalie and Juliet arrive at the real estate office and meet Suzanne.  Rosalie explains that Monroe has been kidnapped and asks if Suzanne knows any of the names on the list.  Suzanne says that she doesn't but thinks her brother might know Shaw.  Suzanne reveals that her brother is a police officer in Portland.

At the station, Nick is adamant that locking Ackers up will not get him to talk.  Nick slams his badge on Renard's desk, saying that it is getting in the way. Nick gets a call from Juliet and Rosalie, who tell him about officer Ackers, who is Suzanne's brother. Nick tells the women that Wu is coming to pick up Suzanne and they are shocked that Wu knows.  Nick simply replies, "he's in."

Later that evening, the Wesenrein light the wolf symbol, as Bud is asked if Monroe has helped Nick hunt down Wesen. Bud says no and then admits that he has helped Nick.  Bud tells the council that his only regret is his inability to help Nick now, because Nick would have a field day here.  Ricken declares enough and orders Monroe brought forward to have his say.  Monroe tells the tribunal that they don't know the difference between right and wrong and no matter what happens, their actions will never be right. Monroe adds that what is right is his love for Rosalie and her love for him.

Nick approaches Ackers cell saying that he wants him to talk to someone.  Ackers declares that he is not talking to anyone unless it's a lawyer. Nick then offers Ackers the chance to watch them question a real estate agent.  Ackers is quick to join Nick and together they watch through the one way mirror, as Rosalie questions Suzanne about the Wesenrein.  Rosalie asserts that Shaw is involved and so is Ackers.  Ackers tells Nick that he cannot arrest Suzanne because she is not involved and Nick explains that he has no plans to arrest Suzanne but whatever happens to Monroe, will happen to her.  Ackers vogues and tries to attack Nick but Nick gets the upper hand quickly.  Nick chokes Ackers, saying that if he doesn't say where Monroe is, Ackers will watch his sister die.  Renard enters asking if Ackers has talked yet and Nick says no.

Nick makes his way into the interrogation room, as Ackers watches through the window.  Renard asks Ackers if knows what Grimms do and Ackers says yes.  Ackers begs Renard not to let Nick do this, as nick leaves the interrogation room with Suzanne.

Back in the woods, Monroe argues that nothing in life is pure because it's not supposed to be.  Monroe again asserts that he loves his wife, adding that he feels sorry for the Wesenrein because it is something none of them will ever know.  Ricken calls for a vote, stating that a removal of the mask is a sentence of guilt.  One by one, the Wesenrein begin removing their masks.  Monroe is unanimously found guilty by the tribunal and ordered put to death.  Monroe is dragged away, as Bud begs for them to stop.

Nick, Hank, Rosalie, Wu, Juliet and Suzanne sit in the station drinking coffee discussing what is going on.  Renard joins the group and tells Suzanne that Ackers confessed when he learned that she was brought down to the station.  Renard then reveals the location of where Monroe has been taken.

Team epic, (Monroe, Nick, Hank, Wu, Rosalie and Juliet) make their way to the park, where Monroe is being held.  When team epic arrives, they grab weapons out of the back of an SUV and the cops toss their badges inside, as Renard warns that the Wesenrein will attack, even unprovoked.

Ricken orders Monroe put on the stake, as Bud begs for Monore's life.  Ricken gives the order for Bud's throat to be cut but before the order can be followed,  team epic rushes on the scene, weapons pointed.  Ricken looks at Nick and reaslies that he is a Burkhardt.  Ricken tells Nick that he may be a Grimm again, but he won't be able to arrest all of them.  Nick agrees, adding that some of the Wesenrein will be taken.  Ricken gives the order to attack team epic and a brief battle ensues.  Big John uses the distraction to escape but is stopped by Wu.  John pleads for mercy and then vogues and attacks but Wu shoots him.  Hank confronts Jonah, who turns on his heel and starts running away. Unfortunately for Jonah, he runs into a vogued Renard, who picks Jonah up by the throat and kills him off camera, as Hank watches.  Juliet confronts another Wesenrein and in the struggle has the gun knocked out of her hands.  Juliet vogues and then screams, which causes the back of her assailants head to melt.  Nick releases Bud and another Wesenrein comes out of the bushes to attack.  Nick makes short work of him.  In the bushes, Ricken and Monroe fight it out.  Ricken manages to grab the upper hand but Rosalie jumps out of the bushes and onto Ricken's back.  Monroe and Rosalie make a feast out of Ricken.

Monore and Rosalie join the other members of team epic. Wu asks what is in store for the Wesenrein who have been arrested.

The next day, Renard gives a press conference about the murder suicide cult which was arrested the previous night, adding that the leader of the vile racist hate group is a police officer.  Ackers is in his cell.

Monroe and Rosalie are back home and team awesome gather together to toast Monroe's safe return.  Monroe starts to thank everyone but cannot finish because he is overwhelmed with emotion.  Rosalie thanks them all for being willing to risk their own lives for them.  Renard suggests they drink to Monroe and Rosalie's honeymoon.

Later that night, under police guard, Monroe and Rosalie are head to the airport.  Monroe makes a joke to Hank and Nick about coming on the honeymoon with them and Nick says that they won't even know he is there and Hank promises to blend right in.

Wu is studying the Grimopedia

Renard has a drink in his apartment.  When the doorbell rings, Renard opens the door to find Juliet standing there.  Renard asks Juliet what she wants to talk about and instead of answering, Juliet vogues into a Hexinbeast.

TEAM EPIC!!!!! Woot! Okay I loved the scene with them all walking in the police station on the way to confront the Wesenrein.  They all had one purpose and they were a team for the first time ever.  I love that there was emphasis on how important Wu was to the team.  Team epic is not to be messed with so bad Wesen beware.

Speaking of Wu, I love that he has not let go of the fact that he was in a mental institution.  I just wish that for once, it wasn't delivered with snark.  What Hank and Nick allowed him to go through his serious.  He thought he was mentally ill and therefore took drugs with harmful side effects that he didn't need.  I would love to see him seriously confront Hank, Nick and Renard in fact about this because he more than deserves an apology.

Once again, Juliet pissed me off.  Is she even remotely capable about not making a situation all about her.  Even with Monroe facing death, there she was mining Rosalie for answers for her own problems.  When Nick was raped, Juliet made it all about her and when Monroe has been kidnapped and facing death, Juliet once again makes it all about her.  I know it must be upsetting to suddenly find oneself a hexinbeast but for heaven sake.  Juliet continues to irritate me and I almost prefer it when she was a background character. It's clear from the fact that Juliet went to see Renard, that the show will now shift to deal with her change.  I suppose I should be thankful that she didn't try and involve Rosalie and Monroe again.

Despite the epic that this episode that this brought I am not at all pleased with the Wesenrein being called a racist hate group.  Really Grimm? Wesen are not a race.  It disgusts me that they invoked the KKK to tell this story even as Grimm resolutely refuses to deal with race beyond the mining of culture's of colour for weekly monsters.  It's beyond insensitive and outright appropriation.  It further reduces the harm people of colour face from racism and racist hategroups to a fairytale which can be easily wrapped it.  Having Nick hunting down the supposed hate group ignores the historical complicity policing has had with hate groups in the past.  To some degree one has to suspend belief to watch a show like Grimm but I refuse to take this journey with them.