Saturday, January 31, 2015

The 100, Season Two, Episode Ten: Survivial of the Fittest

Lincoln and Bellamy are on their way to mount weather, and Lincoln pauses to cover himself in blood and white paint.  The plan is for Lincoln to head to the intake door and then slaughter everyone. As they walk to Mt. Weather, Bellamy declares that Lincoln is good for Olivia and makes her strong.  Bellamy then points out that Lincoln protected his sister before he even knew her and asks why. In response, Lincoln says that when he was a boy, he saw a ship fall from the sky and that the man inside was hurt.  Lincoln brought him food and water, though he could not understand his language and when he told his father about the man, his father made him kill the man.  Lincoln adds that the world has been trying to turn him into a monster for as long as he can remember.

Indra, and a group of warriors, arrive at Camp Jaha and are greeted by Cain, who says that they can start with a reception before moving on to training.  Cain then instructs the Grounders to drop their weapons.  I suppose, turn around is fair play.  After disarming, Indra makes it clear that she is here on Lexa's orders and did not agree to anything.

Jaha and Marcus meet in the hallway, where Cain instructs Jaha to be good because he convinced Abbey to have Jaha released.  Jaha however isn't quite contrite and believes that his people are in a losing situation. Jaha is convinced that they will either be slaughtered by Mt. Weather or win and then have the Grounders kill them off because at the end of the day, this land belongs to the Grounders. When Cain calls for faith, Jaha counters that Cain is proposing stupidity.  Cain finishes the conversation by saying that they just have to make the Grounders believe that it is in their interest to share. 

Cain brings the Grounders and the Arc people together and gives a speech about their common enemy and common goal.  A Grounder approaches Murphy, upset because Murphy watched while Finn slaughtered his village. In response, Murphy pushes the Grounder away. Cain brings the situation to a halt quickly by telling Murphy to apologise and giving him two days work detail as punishment, after Murphy claims the Grounder came at him. Murphy starts to leave without apologising and the Grounder tells Murphy that he should have burned just like Finn.  Murphy responds by throwing a punch and the fight is on.  Cain and Octavia dive into the mix trying to break up the fight and Jaha watches with a knowing look on his face. 

Clarke meets with Lexa and a group of warriors to formulate a plan to take on Mt. Weather.  The Grounders want to open the doors of Mt. Weather, forcing them to breathe the air because it will kill them.  Clarke however does not think that this will work because the Mt. Weather people have multiple containment systems.   Clarke adds that she believes that Bellamy can take down the system from the inside.  Lexa instead suggests taking down the damn from the outside, which will have the effect of cutting off the power to Mt. Weather. Clarke argues that the damn withstood a nuclear war and is going to be impossible to take out.  Quint slams his fist on the table in frustration saying that all Clarke offers is no.   Lexxa shoots Quint a look and he backs down but says that the biggest army they have ever  had is amassed and waiting for a mission and the longer it takes, the more of their people die in the mountain.  Clarke responds by saying that it is the same for all of them.  Quint points that they have lost thousands and asks how many Clarke has lost.  Quint again asserts his opinion that waiting for one man to get inside is not a very good one.  Another Grounder speaks up to agree with Quint.  Clarke says that it doesn't matter how many men they have because the cannot get through the acid fog.  Clarke adds that if you cannot get to your enemy, then you cannot win.  The Grounder tells Clarke that she is the enemy and Clarke asks if she has done something to offend him.  Quint tells Clarke that she burned his brother alive in a ring of fire.  Clarke gets right in Quint's face and says that he shouldn't have attacked her ship.  Quint calls Clarke brave but points out that she is after all under Lexa's protection.  In the Grounder language, Quint says that he doesn't need an alliance with the Sky People.  Lexa speaks up to agree that waiting for Bellamy is not a plan and is only a prayer. Clakre then excuses herself to get some air, as Lexa looks at the map.

Bellamy and Lincoln have paused and Lincoln warns that from here on in, everything must be authentic.  Bellamy is worried what will happen if they run into real reapers but Lincoln says that  the reapers will only see is the red.  Lincoln tells Bellamy that he remembers everything from when he was a reaper.

Clakre makes her way through the forest and Quint taunts her about her bravery.  Quint fires an arrow at Clarke and she takes off running.

Back at Camp Jaha, Octavia and Cain watch as the Grounders train.  Indra calls out  for the next volunteer, so Octavia steps forward and is told only warriors fight here.  Octavia points out that she saved Indra's life but Indra feels that she is saving Octavia's life in return by denying her request.

In the forest, Clarke runs into Major Byrne, who is missing an arm.  Byrne tells Clarke to save herself, before collapsing to the ground.

Back at Camp Jaha, Murphy looks out a window, mop in hand, as the training continues.  When the Ark people take target practice, Murphy mumbles that the bullets should be saved for the Grounders. What Murphy doesn't know is that Jaha is standing behind him and heard what he had to say. Jaha asks Murphy if he approves and Murphy says that the Grounders can go to hell.  Jaha informs Murphy that he had him taken off work detail because he wants Murphy to take him to Wells' grave. Oh the ironies....Murphy is the one responsible for Wells' death.  Murphy asks why Jaha doesn't get someone else to show him but Jaha says that the graves are unmarked and Murphy can show him which grave is Wells'.  As a selling point, Jaha hands over a gun to Murphy.

Outside, the guards take target practice and Cain takes the gun away and offers it to a Grounder soldier, saying that the Mt. Weather people have guns and the Grounders should as well.  Before the Grounder can take the weapon, Indra calls out for him to stand down and tells Cain that they don't need his weapons. Indra orders her men back to training.  Cain does not understand and wonders if the Grounders are afraid of guns.  Octavia explains that Grounder legend states that if a Grounder picks up a gun, in order to shoot another Grounder, Mt. Weather will destroy their people.  Cain wonders if they can win and Octavia grabs a cutlass saying that they can.  Cain is now certain that they don't know enough about the Grounders.

Quint has caught up with Clarke and is about to stab her, when Lexa throws a spear, wounding Quint in the arm.  Lexa announces that harming Clarke, is harming her.  Clarke stands and thanks Lexa but Lexa wants to know where Clarke's guard is. Clarke informs Lexa that Byrne is dead and Quint calls her a liar, adding that his fight is only with Clarke.  Lexa pronounces Quints's fight over and tells Clarke that the kill his hers.  Clarke pulls out her gun but before she can fire, a roar comes from the forest.  Lexa slashes Quint in the leg, further wounding him, calling for everyone to run.  The group runs through the forest and Clarke leads them through a tunnel which leads to a feeding ground.  The roar in the forest is getting louder, so Lexa and her guard pull out their weapons.  A giant gorilla leaps out of the forest and kills Lexa's guard.  Clarke shoots the Gorilla but only manages to slow it down momentarily.  Both Clarke and Lexa jump from a high place but  Lexa twists her ankle.  The gorilla manages to get a hold of Lexa's leg, so Clarke shoots it several times and then re-enters the feeding area with Lexa, locking them in and the gorilla out.

Jaha follows Murphy through the forest, saying that while he doesn't know everything that happened before he landed on earth, he knows some of what Murphy is feeling, calling him son.  Murphy tells Jaha not to call him that because he is no one's son and that Jaha made sure of that.  Jaha replies that he remembers Murphy's father Alex, who was convicted for stealing rationed medicine because he was trying to take care of Murphy.

Lincoln and Bellamy arrive at the entrance to the tunnels and Bellamy who now has his wrists tied to a log around his shoulders, has to encourage Lincoln to move forward.

Jaha kneels at Wells' grave and asks how well Murphy knew him.  Murphy responds that he knew Wells well enough to be hung for his murder and that Clarke probably sugar coated what happened.  Jaha then asks what happened and Murphy explains that a 12 year old girl stabbed Wells in the neck with a knife that she took from him.  Jaha asks why the girl would do that and Murphy explains that it was because the girl couldn't kill Jaha, adding that Jaha has a lot of blood on his hands. Murphy says that every single person, including Wells, would still be alive if they hadn't been sent to earth.  Jaha argues that if The 100 hadn't been sent, they would have died on the Arc with everyone else, never knowing that the earth was survivable. Jaha adds that their sacrifice, is why everyone is here and that good can come out of even the darkest acts.  Jaha walks out of the graveyard and tells Murphy that they will rest at the drop ship for awhile.

At Camp Jaha, the training continues.  Indra tells her warriors that she hopes that they have saved their energy because their hosts cannot provide dinner.  Indra and her men start to leave the training area and Octavia confronts them, asking if they have time for one more.  Tired of blowing her off, Indra calls on Theo to fight Octavia, as Cain and a group of sky people watch.  In the first two interactions, Octavia is quickly overpowered. Octavia refuses to give up and just keeps getting up and so Indra has to call off Theo, saying even a fool knows when to give up.  After the Grounder warriors walk away, Cain pulls Octavia out of the mud and helps her up, asking what she is trying to prove.  Octavia answers anything that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Clarke tends to Lexa's wounds and is told that she should have left Lexa behind because now two people will die here instead of one. Clarke tells Lexa that when someone saves your life, the correct response is to say thank you.  Lexa simply informs Clarke that to lead well, one must make hard choices.  Clarke is incredulous that Lexa is talking to her about hard choices. Lexa acknowledges Clarke's strength but points out that she hesitated to kill Quint and didn't leave Lexa to die, making her weak.  Clarke informs Lexa that she was saved because she is a better option than another Grounder, even if she is heartless. Lexa informs Clarke that when she dies, her spirit will choose much more wisely, causing Clarke to realise that the Grounders believe in reincarnation.  The gorilla has found then and starts banging on the locked door.

Lexa tells Clarke that death is nothing to fear but Clarke says that death is nothing to embrace.  Clarke opens the door and when the Gorilla comes charging in, Clarke and Lexa run out and slam the door.

Octavia is licking her wounds, when Indra arrives to tell her that she fought like a child - always telegraphing her next move.  Octavia concedes that she got her ass kicked, adding that it should make Indra happy.  Indra says that it did because Octavia did not give up and that kind of spirit is rare and must be guided.  Indra offers to make Octavia a warrior if she is willing to do what it takes to become her second.  Octavia asks what is in it for Indra, and Indra responds, "first lesson, never question me."  Indra stands and is about to leave, when Octavia calls out that she is in.  Indra tells Octavia that they will start tomorrow.

At the drop ship, Jaha offers Murphy some of the food he brought along, saying everyone deserves a second chance, adding that this is why The 100 were sent to the earth in the first place.  Murphy is not buying it and says that Jaha didn't give a damn about them and still doesn't care, which is why he isn't fighting for the Mt. Weather kids. Jaha explains that he has to think of everyone and that means sacrificing the few to save the many. Murphy tells Jaha that no good has come from any of this and though the slate was supposed to be wiped clean, he is still being treated like dirt.  Jaha replies that Murphy made mistakes and so has he.  Murphy declares that he is nothing like Jaha and Jaha says that they both should have died many times, both have suffered at the hands of Grounders and both have been imprisoned by their own people. Murphy replies that there is no place for either of them but Jaha argues that there is a place for all of them - a place beyond the dead zone, where everyone is accepted - the City of Light.  Murphy calls it a fairytale but Jaha is adamant that it is real.  Murphy is still not convinced and he lies down.  Jaha declares that he is going to find it and once he does, he plans to return and lead his people home.

Lincoln and Bellamy make their way through the tunnels and Lincoln pauses when he sees a vile containing some of the drug he was addicted to.  Lincoln reveals that the plan is to make it looks like he escaped. They hear a raiding party in the tunnels and Lincoln grabs Bellamy and puts a knife to his throat.  Lincoln then tells the leader that Bellamy is his prisoner.  Bellamy is blindfolded by the Reapers.

At Camp Jaha, Indra carves some meat off of a roast and tells Cain to eat and get strong, so they can win the war.  Cain thanks Indra and eats, making his way over to Octavia, telling her that she did this. Octavia tells Cain that he is welcome but instructs him not to blow it. Theo brings some meat to Octavia, saying that the boar put up a better fight than her. Cain snarks that Octavia is making friends.  Octavia asks Cain what he wants but Cain wonders what will happen once Mt. Weather is defeated, adding that they only have a common goal for now. Cain says that they know so little about the Grounders and that Octavia has earned their respect. Cain asks Octavia to be his eyes and ears and Octavia asks if what Cain really means is to be his spy.  Cain answers that he is asking Octavia to to look out for her people.  Octavia replies that she is and walks away.  Octavia makes her way to Indra, and sits next to her.

At the drop ship, Murphy and Jaha awake, to be joined by several people from the Arc.  Jaha announces that they are going to the City of Light, so Murphy points out that there are millions of ways to die out there. Jaha explains that it is not your time until it's your time.  Jaha doesn't even have a map of where he is going but apparently, he refuses to be ruled by fear and tells Murphy that if he wants to stop being treated like a criminal, he has to stop acting like it.  Jaha asks Murphy to take a leap of faith, so he can learn that there is so much more than this, before walking away with the group. Murphy pauses for a moment and decides to follow.

Clarke and Lexa are lying by a fire and Clarke sits up suddenly when she hears a noise.  Lexa tells Clarke that they are safe but Clarke believes they should go because the cage won't hold forever.  Lexa tells Clarke that she was wrong about her and that her heart shows no sign of weakness. Clarke announces that she thinks that since Lexa's army is already there and locked in cages, the solution is to have someone on the inside let them out. Lexa realises that Bellamy can do that but says that this only works if  faith in Bellamy is well placed.

Bellamy is untied and lined up with a group of other men.  The Mt. Weather people enter in their protective suits and one by one, inject the Reapers with the drug.  Bellamy and Lincoln make eye contact when it is Lincoln's turn for the drug. Bellamy shakes his head no, but Lincoln falls to his knees and allows himself to be injected, as Bellamy watches.  The Mt. Weather people order Bellamy and the men he is with taken away.  Bellamy tries to struggle but is hit in the back of his head and dragged away as Lincoln watches. 

This very much felt like a place holder episode because not much happened.  It existed simply for the relationships to develop a little bit but the plot remained stagnate, except hopefully for the blessed plot boxing of Jaha.   Is there a more useless character on The 100, and yet he keep cropping up.  So far he has proved himself to be a feckless leader and now this ass is just going to March into the unknown, pretending that it is noble to sacrifice more people because he couldn't lead a dog parade with any kind of skill.  Please, please, writers, put this man in the plot box and let him stay there.

The foreshadowing of drug addiction was pretty strong with the vial placed just so on the ground.  There was never any chance that at the first opportunity that Lincoln wouldn't seek to get his drug on.  He might have been disgusted by the things he did while he was a Reaper but that doesn't mean the craving suddenly went away.  I know that there was a lot of shock on discussion pages that Lincoln took the drug but to me, it made perfect sense.  I do however wonder if The 100 is capable of pulling off a good storyline about addiction and how difficult it is to free oneself?

Okay, Lexa and Clarke seem to be becoming at the very least friendly.  We know that Lexa is at the very least bisexual and though we have only seen Clarke in heterosexual interactions, it does make me wonder if The 100 is going to go there?  No, I am no shipping the two, just pointing out that we have not seen a GLBT couple on The 100 and this is the second season.  We have one GLBT character whose partner of course experienced the oft occurrence of gay death off camera. If it were to happen however, it would be nice as there aren't a lot of GLBT protagonists on television period, let alone this genre. 

At this point, I am still calling for more characterization for Indra.  So far, she's simply the Angry Black woman with no nuance whatsoever.  It irks me because Adina Porter is capable of so much more and she is being severely underused to buttress this nasty trope laden character. Thus far, WOC had not done well on The 100 and that really needs to change.  Raven loved Finn and he threw her over after a hot minute on earth and being around Clarke's precious blondness.  Dr. Tsing while clearly intelligent, seems only to take orders from Cage and we know nothing about her.  Yes, The 100 does happen to have one of the most diverse casts on television but we should ask ourselves what they are doing with them.