Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Eleven: Brotherhood of the Damned

Klaus rushes frantically through the French Quarter talking to Marcel about how he cannot find Finn/Vincent and therefore cannot have the spell lifted.  Klaus says that Davina will help him to break Finn's spell whether she knows it or not and asks Marcel to keep Kol alive, at least until they find out where Rebekah is.  Marcel however is distracted because when he broke up a fight between a vampire and a werewolf, he was bitten by a werewolf.  This is a problem because Klaus is the only one who can heal him and Klaus is on the other side of the barrier. Marcel tells Klaus about the bite and Klaus promises to give Marcel his blood and get him out of the house, no matter what it takes. 

Can you guess what time it is? Why it's flashback time because the writers of The Originals are overly endeared with this device. Marcel is dressed in military gear, preparing to fight in the WWI.  Klaus wonders if Marcel is choosing this because he has been forbidden to be with Rebekah and becomes adamant that New Orleans is Marcel's home and that he is Marcel's family. Klaus adds that family are people who fight for you; however, what you don't do is abandon it. Marcel grabs his bag and leaves, as Klaus rages about the prodigal son.

In the present, Marcel looks down on the vampires, saying that home is the last place he wants to be. Kol makes his way to Marcel and learns that today is yet another celebration day in New Orleans. Since the ceremony is about waking the dead and guiding them to their eternal rest, Marcel snarks that no matter what happens today, Kol will be able to attend.  Kol snipes back that Marcel must remember that he is the only one who knows how to find Rebekah but Marcel suggests that Kol has underestimated how hungry he is. Kol questions what Davina would say about Marcel's threat but Marcel tells Kol to watch his mouth before leaving to join his vampires.

Marcel has yet another hallucination and this time, he sees a fellow soldier named Joe from the war.   In France in 1918, Joe tells Marcel that he is a bit of a mystery.  Joe reveals that he has been watching Marcel and has seen him take bullets to the gut, then pull men back to the trench like nothing happened. Marcel's Major informs the soldiers that they will not be receiving gas masks which is death sentence essentially.  The Major reminds the soldier that they are called "the brotherhood of the damned," but Marcel counters that they received that name for refusing to allow the enemy to break their line.  When the Major goes to confront Marcel, he is shot in the head.  Joe tells Marcel that it now his job to be the leader of the troops. Marcel gets yanked back into the present by Gia and blames blanking out on being hunry. 

Davina is working on a spell to locate Finn but Klaus won't stop pestering her to hurry up.  They argue about the fact that Kol is low on Klaus's list of priorities and Klaus cites that he has a sister whom he cares about more.  Klaus is adamant that until Kol says where Rebekah is, he can rot and adds that Finn is behind this current mess, so Davina should get her villains straight. Davina goes back to her spell and this time she gets a vision of Finn combining sacred objects in Lafayette number 1. Davina then informs Klaus that Finn is channeling his parents. Klaus moves to leave the church but doesn't make it far before he collapses.

Elijah sits down with Cami, who explains that her thesis is about how the suppression of past trauma can result in violent behviour. Elijah decides to name drop Freud, to imply he is more aware of the subject that Cami and so Cami puts him in check.  Elijah starts to talk about a memory/image from his past which keeps appearing to him.  Elijah admits that while he is no stranger to violence but adds that he is usually in control. Elijah says that his out of control deeds are behind the door because behind the door, is where he laid Tatia's body there.  Elijah is disturbed that Klaus believes that Esther is responsible for Tatia's death and that if Klaus knew who was really responsible that he would never forgive him.  Elijah suddenly collapses to the ground.

Josh and Gia talk about what is wrong with Marcel.  Kol makes his way downstairs and warns Josh and Gia that if they come anywhere near him, he will give them a monster headache. Gia takes a step towards Kol and he uses his magic to drive her to her knees. When Marcel arrives and asks what is happening, Kol explains that Josh and Gia, who were supposed to protect him, were contemplating eating him, so he decided to teach them a lesson.  Kol raises his arm to attack Josh but falls suddenly to his knees.

Klaus, Kol and Elijah arrive in the same room, surprised to see each other.  Kol explains that this is a place is where witches bring their prey for mental target practice.  Kol calls out for Finn to show himself and Finn arrives.  Klaus tries to strangle Finn but Finn explains that in here, he is untouchable. Finn tells his brothers to get comfortable because they are going to be here for awhile. 

Aidan, Jackson and Hayley gather together and place the moonlight rings into a drum.  Jackson points out that  he is now back to turning every full moon whether he wants to or not.  Aidan asks about the wedding and Jackson says it will happen in ten days and any wolf who wants in, has to be here to be witness to the wedding.  Jackson adds that he and Hayley are going to see an elder to perform the wedding.  Aidan wishes them luck and leaves. 

Davina slaps Klaus across the face trying to wake him up. Klaus' phone rings and it's Cami, calling to say that Elijah has passed out as well.  Davina realises that the spell Finn used was to trap his brother, meaning that Kol is in trouble as well.

Klaus questions why they are here and says that he didn't force Esther to drink the blood.  Finn declares that this isn't Esther and that he wants Klaus to know how it feels to be powerless and to that end, he plans to take the thing which matter most to Klaus - New Orleans. Elijah demands to be released and Finn agrees to do so after sundown because his barrier spell will drop and Marcel and his vampires will be unleashed to eat their way through the Quarter.  Kol states that Finn's fight is with Klaus and Elijah and that his fragile body is vulnerable.  Finn argues back that all Kol cares about is his mortality and questions what would happen if Kol were made vulnerable.  Finn waves his hand, and Kol starts to bleed from his nose, both in the dream world and the real world. Finn's body is in a room with Josh and Gia, who react to the blood but Marcel stops them, saying that they have to fight the hunger together.

Marcel gets another vision of Joe and thus, another flashback.  Joe offers his hand for Marcel to feed but Marcel declines, saying never one of them, only a German.  Marcel is informed that he is needed back at headquarters.  Once there, he sees Klaus, who is surrounded by food and even two women.  The women move forward and bare their necks for Marcel, who struggles to resist temptation. Klaus encourages him to have his fill and then return to New Orleans.  Marcel says that he has to get back to his men.  Klaus again tells Marcel that his place is with his family but Marcel argues back that he is with family.

In the present, Gia and Josh see Marcel's werewolf bite for the first time.  Marcel instructs them to keep their mouth shut about this.The people have begun to make their way through the French Quarter ringing bells.  Gia tells Marcel that it is the sound of food that they cannot even get near.  Gia tells Marcel that they are all looking to him for help and he didn't even tell them that he is dying, adding that Marcel sucks as a leader.  Marcel checks on the vampires and it's clear that they are becoming more and more unhinged.  Ghost Joe tells Marcel that they don't all get to get out of this alive.

In the dream world, Elijah hands Kol his handkerchief saying that he likes seeing him twist in the wind after what he did to Rebekah.  Finn asks what Kol did to Rebekah and Kol brings up the fact that Rebekah crossed him, so he crossed her back.  Kol promises to tell everyone what they need to know, if he is returned to his body.  Finn silences Kol's pleas, telling Elijah and Klaus that the only thing standing between them and Rebekah is this mortal fool.  Finn then sends Kol back, telling him to enjoy what is left of his mortal life. 

Kol awakes and finds himself surrounded by vampires.  Gia moves in to attack and Kol is saved by Marcel.  Kol asks Marcel to hold it together for a little while longer because Finn plans to release them at sundown. Marcel realises that the vampires will feed their way through the crowd, ending vampires living off the fat of New Orleans.  Marcel swears that they are all getting out of this alive.

Jackson and Hayley are hiking through the woods to see his grandmother. Mary approaches and Jackson introduces Hayley.  Hayley learns that she must reveal her secrets to link her heart and mind with Jackson.  Mary says that the ceremony won't take if Hayley doesn't come clean.  Hayley tells Jackson that she is not doing that and walks away. 

Finn brings up their parents and Klaus snarks about Michael being used as a focus, congratulating Finn.  However, Finn wants to talk about Klaus's father and why Klaus murdered him.  Klaus says severing parental ties allows one to recognize one's potential.  Finn is now sure that something else now occupies Klaus's top affection and it's not Rebekah or Elijah.  Finn questions if Klaus is hiding something from him.  Klaus reminds Finn that when blood relations let him down, he doesn't reason, he removes them.  Finn is not convinced and says that he has all the time in the world to figure out what Klaus is hiding.

Jackson catches up with Hayley, saying that she is not the only one with secrets but Hayley replies that some of her secrets, are not hers to tell.  Jackson argues that honesty is a good thing but Hayley points out that she lives with the Original family and that in that family, honesty can get you killed. Jackson argues that everyone has things they don't want to see the light of day and suggests that Hayley won't like what he has to say, anymore than he will like what she has to say.  Hayley is still not convinced but Jackson says that they can take it one step at a time, adding that when it comes time to open up, he will go first.  Jackson asserts that Hayley's secrets and demons are his secrets and demons, promising that she will never have to fight alone.

Marcel checks on his vampires and Gia tells Marcel that he lied to them and betrayed everything he taught them. Gia even questions Marcel's leadership.

Yes, flashback time and this time, Joe is injured in trenches.  Joe suggests making the company vampires like Marcel.  The men are all suffering from mustard gas poisoning.  Marcel bites into his arm and feeds Joe.

Marcel apologises for letting the vampires down and says that he has been through this despair and hunger before.  Marcel then tells the vampires about the barrier dropping at sundown, leaving them surrounded by innocent people.  At this point however, Gia doesn't care if the people are innocent and insists that the vampires have to feed. Marcel points out that vampires have only survived three hundred years in the city but sticking with the rule that locals are not to be fed upon and that is why they get to call New Orleans home.  Gia then reveals to the rest of the vampires that Marcel is dying of a werewolf bite.  Marcel yells that he has a vial of Klaus's blood at his place, along with enough blood to feed all of the vamps. Marcel tells the vamps that he is fighting for their home but if they feed out there, they will lose their home. The bells ring, indicating that the barrier is down and Marcel reaches his hand outside.  The vampires walk out of Klaus's place behind Marcel, as Kol watches.

In the dream world, Finn brings up the things that Klaus has lost, including Hope.  Elijah tells Finn that representational magic is touchy and if the victims of it are misrepresented, then the illusion falls apart.  Elijah tells Kol that the noble Elijah is nothing more than a fa├žade because he has withheld a vile secret from Klaus.  Elijah then reveals that not only did he kill Tatia, he hunted her down.  Finn's illusion begins to waver with the admission.  Elijah adds that he feasted upon Tatia's flesh and that Esther took the blame. Elijah explains that he felt that if Klaus knew, he would never be forgiven.  Kol argues that the fact that Elijah has admitted to this reprehensible act, proves Elijah to be the man he thought he was.  Elijah lowers his head, tears running down his face, as Klaus pronounces Elijah to be more depraved than he is.  Klaus stands and declares that Elijah is the noble stag no longer.  Klaus tells Kol that he failed in his representation of him because he is capable of forgiveness, laying a hand on Elijah.  Klaus tells Finn that while he has remained a boar for centuries, Finn has not learned that the bonds of family far out weigh anything else.  The animal symbols on the walls burst into flames and Klaus announces that Finn's magic is just as flawed as his perception of his own siblings.  Klaus then questions just how untouchable Finn really is. Elijah and Klaus both move to attack Finn and he thrusts them back into their bodies.

When Klaus returns, he asks Davina to come with him, adding that his friends in the Quarter are in danger.  The vampires follow Marcel, as he marches through the Quarter.  Marcel remembers  lecturing the new vampires he created in the war about family and not giving up.  Marcel tells the troops that they will feed on the blood of their enemies tonight because they are the brotherhood of the damned.  The men charge out of the trench and feast on the Germans, as in the present, the vampires struggle through the Quarter with Gia and Josh taking turns supporting Marcel, until Marcel collapses to the ground.

When Davina and Klaus hit the Quarter everything is calm.  They separate to look for the vampires and Davina comes across Kol instead. Davina and Kol kiss.

Marcel awakes in his own home, after Gia fed him some of Klaus's blood.  Gia explains that the vampires are all drinking Marcel's blood bags downstairs and apologises for being a pain in the ass. Marcel brushes it off, saying that only the weak don't challenge authority.  Finn arrives, applauding them for their strength of character, as he did to the vampires downstairs.  Finn asks what Klaus and Elijah are hiding from him, adding that he is sure he can make Marcel talk. 

Elijah is back with Cami and Hope and on the phone with Klaus says that he will return if Klaus needs him.  Klaus tells Elijah that Marcel and all of his vampires have disappeared, Finn and Kol are  in the wind and Rebekah is still missing.  Klaus says that Finn is suspicious of the secret that they are keeping but reminds Elijah that he meant what he said when he forgave him.  Klaus ends the conversation when Aidan arrives.

Klaus snarks about Aidan's eagerness to save Josh.  Aidan asks what Klaus needs and Klaus tells him to question the wolves and find out what Finn has done with Marcel and all of the vampires. Aidan replies that he would but most of the wolves are in the Bayou, waiting for Haley and Jackson to finish the wedding trials.  Klaus asks about the trials and Aidan reveals that they will have to drink something made of a particular plant. Klaus realises that Hayley is going to have to drink a truth serum.  Klaus questions where Hayley has been taken and Aidan says the back country in the deep Bayou.  Klaus leaves to talk to Hayley because some secrets need to stay buried.

Okay, this was yet another family drama emotion filled angst ridden episode of The Originals. There are times when I seriously have to wonder if they expect us to believe that these being are over 1,000 years old.  The bickering, and backstabbing makes me want to yet let it go, followed by go stand in the corner until you can prove that you the sense God gave cabbage.  I do however understand that being locked in a coffin by Klaus does give Finn some legitimate areas for grief but still, it's enough already. 

With Klaus' forgiveness of Elijah, I am worried that we are done exploring Elijah's character.  I loved learning why Elijah is so insistent on being the honorable one, the one always in a suit and clean.  The fact that he is now talking with Cami however does give hope that we will learn more about what drives this character, though I find the very idea of counseling for someone of Elijah's advantage age and let's face it vampire nature a tad ridiculous.  Elijah no matter what, will always be a mass murderer and a violent being.  Even if he eventually becomes comfortable with the killings he regrets, it doesn't change what he is. I also don't want to see Cami and Elijah develop into anything at all. 

For the first time, we are finally given the opportunity to see Marcel as a strong capable leader. It is worth noting however, that this is only ever possible when Klaus is not around, otherwise, Marcel becomes the uppity Negro. It was nice to see Marcel standing straight and being able to care for the vampires he has created.

Things are going down in the Bayou.  I cannot believe that Hayley is letting Jackson talk her into revealing the existence of Hope considering that she just got her daughter back.  WTH? No, seriously, WTH?  On one hand, it's good to see Hayley doing something on her own without waiting for Klaus's approval but why does it have to be so tremendously ridiculous?