Friday, March 13, 2015

The 100, Season Two, Episode Sixteen: Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2

Jaha Moses and his three remaining followers are still paddling the boat.  Now that it's dark, they have no idea if they are headed in the same direction. Craig decides that he is done  rowing and wants to sleep but of course Jaha Moses demands he continue to row.  Suddenly, land becomes visible and they start to celebrate. The celebration does not last long because something in the water hits the boat, causing Craig to drop the oar. Richard falls into the water but instead of pulling him up, Jaha demands he grab the oar.  In the process, Murphy is hurt.  Jaha starts to tend to Murphy's wound but whatever is in the water is far from appeased and attacks again, causing the boat to spring a leak. Craig freezes in a panic and Jaha throws him over board, where Craig is eaten by some monster fish creature.  Jaha finally starts paddling and says that he threw Craig overboard so that they can live and because Murphy cannot row.   Nice to see that he is still such a generous, thoughtful leader. 

An alarm goes off in the tunnels and Octavia gets to her feet only to see Pox thrown down the waste shoot.  Clarke comes running in and is shocked to see that Octavia stayed.  The two bicker back and forth and Clarke explains the deal Lexa made with Mt. Weather. I am so not cool with this.  Octavia is not impressed with Clarke's leadership skills and brings up the fact that Clarke let a bomb drop on Tondeecee.  They don't get to argue for long because Bellamy and Maya make an appearance. They are followed by Monty and Jasper.  Maya's air suit starts to run out of air and they talk about the fact that the only tanks are on level five and that it's not safe.  Octavia, Jasper and Maya leave to get more air for Maya and Clarke, Bellamy and Monty decide to go and see Monty.

Lincoln is in the woods with the rest of the Grounders.  He is approached by Indra and the two bicker about Lexa's decision to make peace with Mt. Weather.  Indra points out that under the terms of the truce, the land surrounding the mountain is forbidden and if Lincoln violates this agreement, Lexa will never take him back.  Indra adds that Octavia made her choice and now it's time for Lincoln to make his.  Cue the useless suspense music because we all know already what Lincoln is going to do.

On level five, the Mt. Weather people are actually festive.  Cage is told that Emerson is back and that he is needed in the dorm. Emerson and Cage enter the dorm and all of the Arc people are restrained with their hands above their heads.  Emerson reports that he is the only cured member left but Cage is not concerned, stating that in 48 hours they will all be on the ground.  Kane is absolutely horrified and Abby questions what they have done with Clarke.  Cage apologizes, saying that he is sorry it had to come to this. In the background screaming can be heard.

Raven is chosen to go next and she puts up a valiant fight, as Craig begs that he be taken instead.  Raven resists screaming at first, as they begin to drill in her hip but eventually the pain becomes too much.

Dante sits alone in his cell when Clarke, Monty and Bellamy enter.  Bellamy begs for help but from the look on Dante's face, Clarke knows that Dante will not help.  Dante is angry that the power has been cut but Clarke is just as angry, pointing out that they cut the power knowing that level five would be a safe haven and destroyed the turbines in a way that they could be repaired. Dante questions what would have happened had they released the Arc people and Clarke doesn't answer.  Instead, Clarke asks Monty to get them into the command center so that they can see what is happening on level five.

Jaha Moses and Murphy have reached land.  In front of them is a lighthouse.  Jaha offers Murphy help but Murphy wants nothing to do with him, bringing up Craig.  Jaha pulls a Spock and says that he sacrificed the few to save the many.  Murphy struggles to his feet and declares that he is done following Jaha but he doesn't get far before collapsing to the ground.  Suddenly, the drone appears in the sky overhead and Jaha calls out that they need help.  Murphy tells Jaha to go ahead because he cannot make it.  Jaha takes off running, promising to come back for Murphy. 

Clarke, Bellamy, Monty and Dante make it to the control room.  Dante says that he is not with his people because deliverance comes with a cost. 

Jasper, Raven and Maya make it back into the mountain.  Jasper make it clear that they are not leaving Maya behind.  Jasper is determined to kill Cage. 

Monty gets the cameras working and they see Raven tied down and all of their people in the dorm.  Bellamy grabs a mic and demands that Dante tell his people to stop.  Dante refuses, so Clarke grabs the mic and contacts Emerson instead.  Emerson hands the radio to Cage and Clarke threatens to kill Dante if her people are not let go.  Dante however tells Cage to stay the course.  Clarke once again demands that her people are released but Dante says that it would mean the end of his people.  Clarke points her gun at Dante and asks him not to make her do this.  Cage looks up at the camera and promises his father to take care of their people.  Clarke then fires her gun and Dante listens as his father collapses and dies. With Dante dead, Clarke warns Cage that she will not stop until her people are free, even if it means irradiating level five.

Instead of ordering the drilling to stop, Cage gives Emerson the order to kill everyone in the control room.  Bellamy asks Monty to deactivate Emerson's key card and Monty quickly gets to work.  They watch on camera as Cage makes his way into the dorm again.  Monty confirms that he can indeed irradiate level five but Bellamy asks Clarke to stop and think because this will mean killing children and the people who helped them.  Clarke asks for a better idea.

Cage orders Raven removed from the table and replaced by Abby as Clarke watches.  Kane begs, saying that no one has to die for bone marrow and that he can arrange for it to be donated.  Abby is strapped in, as Cage tells Kane that this will never happen.  The drilling begins on Abby and she screams. In the control center, Bellamy again states that it they do this, there is no going back.

Maya returns with a soldier and learns that Cage is in the dorm with the Arc people.  Octavia hands Jasper a knife and tells him to slash Cage, not stab, adding that he is to make the cut deep.  Maya assures Jasper that has got this.  Jasper tells Maya that he loves her and follows the ally soldier Maya brought back with her to Cage.

Murphy gets to his feet and begins to make his way to the lighthouse in front of him.  Along the way, he stumbles across a solar panel, so he pauses long enough to dust the sand off.  Murphy then forces the doors of the lighthouse open and is greeted by music playing.  He follows the sound into a beautifully decorated room.  Murphy discovers MREs and booze. 

Left behind together, Maya talks  to Octavia about wanting to see outside. Octavia brings up the airlock they held Emerson in.  A couple making out stumbles into the hallway and when they see Octavia, they take off screaming.  Maya tries to stop her but Octavia charges after the couple and in what is the most bad ass move, kills several of the Mountain's soldiers. Octavia however is forced to take off running as more soldiers appear.

Emerson starts banging on the door of the control room, as they watch on camera, Jasper is brought into the dorm. 

Octavia and Maya are surrounded by soldiers on level five and ordered to stop with their hands in the air.

In the control room, Monty reports that they are now ready to irradiate the level. Outside, Emerson prepares to blow the door.  In the dorm. Jasper is tied up with the rest of the Arc people.  Bellamy watches on camera as Octavia is forced to her knees, calling her his responsibility. Together, Bellamy and Clarke pull the switch to irradiate the mountain.  Outside, the turbines reverse, bringing air from outside into the mountain.

In the dorm, Jasper frees himself and brandishes a knife at Cage.  Before Jasper can act, all of the soldiers in the room start to collapse.  Cage takes off running and Jasper rushes to Maya's side to find her badly burned and dying.  Maya's last words are, "none of us is innocent," before dying in Jasper's arms.

Emerson gives up his bid to get into the control room and takes off running. In the control room, Clarke announces that it's time to go and get their people.

Octavia rushes into the dorm, grabs the keys from the dorm and frees Kane first. Kane rushes to Abby's side as Octavia continues to free people.

Clarke, Monty and Bellamy make their way to level five and see all of the dead bodies.  When they find Jasper, he is still holding Maya and enraged.  Jasper says that he only need one more minute to kill Cage and asks Monty how he could have left this happen

Now in the dorm, Clarke embraces her crying mother.  Clarke says that she tried to be the good guy and is told that there are no good guys. One by one the people are released.  Kane even tells Bellamy that he did a good job. It's Clarke who realises that Cage is missing.

Cage is now making his way through the woods when he hears a sound.  Lincoln comes charging towards him but Cage pulls out the disrupter, causing Lincoln to fall to his knees in pain. Cage then pulls out a syringe holding the drug Lincoln was addicted to as a reaper, causing Lincoln to use his sword to cut off Cage's hand.  Lincoln then injects Cage with drug, echoing Cage's own words back at him, "the first dose is the worst." Cage appears to die, as Lincoln stands over him.

Later, everyone returns to Camp Jaha.  There is a celebration atmosphere but Clarke is pensive.  After everything that Clarke has done, she doesn't want to stay in camp.  Clarke feels that she will be continually reminded of all of the deaths when she looks into the faces of her people.  Bellamy tries to share the blame and even tells Clarke that he forgives her, but she will have not of it. Bellamy and Clarke embrace and Clarke says, "may we meet again," before turning and walking away from the camp.

At the lighthouse, Murphy plays a video of a man lamenting about how someone got the launch codes and that everything is his fault.  The man reaches for a gun, saying that he is sorry before blowing his own head off.

Jaha follows the drone to a house where he is greeted by the hologram of a woman.  The woman knows exactly who Jaha is already and even calls him by name.  Allie tells Jaha that she has been waiting for him for a long time.  It's clear that Allie is completely sentient.  Allie asks Jaha to follow her, saying that she realised Jaha was meant to come here when she received his gift.  Allie leads Jaha to a room where a bomb sits, saying that they have work to do. 

Okay that was the season finale of The 100.  My greatest disappointment is that Jaha didn't die.  Why is this character still alive?  What purpose does he serve.  All Jaha does is disrupt the plot and he has proved to be a horrible leader.  The only enjoyable scene he was in was at the end of this episode when he was bicker with Murphy and that was largely because Murphy was telling him off.

I am not at all pleased that they chose not to fix Lexa's deal with Mt. Weather.  I was so hoping that something would be done about that.  I don't think I will ever make sense of that decision because it was so out of character for her.

So once again, Clarke commits mass murder.  How many deaths is she going to be the cause of while the audience is expected to root for her?  There is always something to justify her actions.  Now she has gone off to sulk which will probably lead her straight to Murphy and Jaha.

I was really disappointed that after the big build up with Mt. Weather that it just ended so abruptly.  We know that Emerson escaped so I wonder if we will see him pop up at some point?  I didn't expected Cage to be so easily dispatched.  The wrap up of this storyline just seemed to neat and far too pat.  It almost felt anticlimactic.

The greatest character growth this season is clearly Olivia.  She has grown from wild entitled child to a strong capable young woman. Watching her take on those soldiers was absolutely awesome and easily the best part of this episode.  I found myself cheering for her.  The only problem with this growth however is that at times it doesn't feel authentic and feels like she is simply channeling Indra. 

Now that everyone is back at camp Jaha, does this mean that the adults are going to be back in charge? Unfortunately I don't think we have seen a fit adult yet.  Abby is too wrapped up in her guilt and playing mommy and Kane as we have seen has no morality though he has grown somewhat.  It will be interested to see the fallout from what has happened and if this group can get it together.