Monday, March 9, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season Five, Episode Thirteen: Forget

Sasha heads to the armory to get a weapon, as Olivia natters away. Is it me or Olivia just the most irritating resident of Alexandria that we have met yet?  Outside the walls, Sasha takes target practice by shooting at the pictures of the family that were hung up in her home.  Clearly, this is Sasha attempting to break the illusion that she feels Alexandria to be.  Once finished, Sasha puts down her gun and says, "come and get me." For Sasha, the struggle is clearly not over, despite the normalcy that the people of Alexandria are trying to push down her throat.

Rick, Carol and Darryl are gathered outside of the wall.  They are forming a plan to get into the armory and it's Carol who suggests leaving the latch on the window open. Rick is insistent that they arm themselves quickly just in case, adding that the townspeople are lucky because he has arrived with his group.  Rick however suggests that they want the others of the group to try and that they should keep the plan to steal guns between them.  On their way back, they pause when they see a zombie with a W carved into its forehead.

Michonne is dressed in her sheriffs uniform and is joined by Rick, who questions if Deanna giving them authority is some kind of play.  Michonne however thinks that this is a smart play because when the people see them as an authority figure, there will no longer be a division between Rick's group and the citizens of Alexandria.  When Rick questions if this a smart play for before the apocalypse or now, Michonne is adamant that they are living in the now. 

Darryl is outside the walls hunting when he stops suddenly and orders the person following him to come out.  Aaron steps out with his hands up, asking if Darryl can tell the difference between walkers and humans by sound.  Aaron then asks if Darryl can tell the difference between a good person and a bad person, adding that Rick doesn't seem to be an expert at that.  Darryl replies that it doesn't make much of a difference anymore and demands to know why Aaron is following him.  Aaron replies that he is out to hunt rabbits and asks to join Darryl. 

Back inside the walls, Deanna explains to Michonne her new role as sheriff as Maggie and Rick listen in.  Deanna tells Michonne  that the people will listen to her because she is telling them to.  Deanna then adds that there will be a government in Alexandria one day and that this is why she wants Maggie working with her.  Deanna says that she sees a community at Alexandria with industry, commerce, and civilization.  Rick then asks to talk about security. Outside, Rick warns Deanna that people are the real threat now and asks for a 24 hour watch in the clock tower, to make sure no one scales the fence.  Sasha steps forward to request the position as main lookout and Deanna says that there hasn't been the need to keep someone up there permanently.  Deanna then questions why Sasha would want that role and Maggie tells Deanna that Sasha is one of their best shots.  Deanna agrees to consider giving Sasha that role, if she agrees to attend a party she is holding that evening to welcome Rick's group to Alexandria.

Carol is trading recipes with one Alexandria's women and excuses herself when she sees Rick.  As they walk down the street, they talk about the fact that the party will give them an excellent opportunity to gather some guns.  When Rick offers to back up Carol, she points out that people will wonder where he is, since he is the new constable.  Rick quickly removes Darryl from the equation, feeling that Darryl is being too closely watched.  Carol however says that what's great about Alexandria is that they all get to be invisible again.

Outside of the walls, Aaron and Darryl come across a horse grazing in the pasture.  Aaron reveals that he has been trying to catch the horse for months.  Aaron pulls out a rope and Darryl takes it, saying that the longer a horse has been free the wilder it becomes.  Darryl approaches the horse slowly, talking to it but before he can get the rope around its neck, walkers show up and spook it.  Darryl and Aaron kill the walkers and take off after the horse.

Carol is at armory looking for supplies to bake cookies, playing the charming housewife for all she is worth.  Tobin enters saying that they have to check something on the outside of the wall.  Carol grabs some chocolate from the freezer and heads to the back where the guns are kept.  In conversation, Carol actually feigns not being an expert with guns. Carol slaps the largest fake smile on her face and opens the window latch, flirting with Tobin for all she is worth.  Gotta say, I love this crafty side of Carol.  The people of Alexandria cannot imagine who they have in their midst.

Outside the wall, Aaron and Darryl talk about the fact that Darryl rides motorcycles.  Aaron tells Darryl that he knows that Darryl feels like an outsider and that it isn't his fault.  Aaron adds that he and Eric are also looked at like outsiders and that they've heard a lot of offensive things from well meaning people.  Aaron says that with each day, the people of Alexandria are less and less afraid of them and that is because they have gotten to know them. Aaron suggests that Darryl should let the people get to know him and go to Deanna's party tonight.  Darryl however states that he has nothing to prove and isn't afraid of anything.

Rick, Carol and Carl arrive at the party.  Deanna is the first to greet them and says that she envies Judith because the baby will get to see what Alexandria will become.  Rosita and Abraham arrive next and after learning there is beer, Abraham states that he is going to try.  Rick meets Reg, Deanna's husband, who calls Rick a remarkable guy for everything he did for his people. They go back and forth over who is the bigger savior, with Reg expressing hero worship.  Reg offers Rick a drink and Rick declines at first, until Reg assures him that things are fine.  Rick looks up to see Erin and her family enter the party.

Outside the walls,  Darryl and Aaron come across the horse and this time it is penned in with a bunch of walkers.  Aaron and Darryl move to kill the walkers but Aaron trips and Darryl is forced to come to the rescue.  Aaron however quickly returns the favor when a zombie approaches Darryl from behind.  By the time they catch up to the horse, it has become walker food.  Darryl and Aaron take turns killing the walkers who are feeding on the horse and then Aaron shoots the horse in the head to end its suffering. Aaron is upset saying that the horse always ran and it's clear that he blames himself.  Darryl simply replies that Aaron was trying to help the horse.

Noah is hiding against a wall at the party, when he is approached by Maggie and Glenn.  Noah wants to leave because he doesn't feel comfortable but Maggie assures Noah that he is here with family now and Glenn encourages him to join the party.

It's night now and Darryl is back in Alexandria.  He walks by Aaron's house and when Aaron steps outside, Darryl is surprised to see him.  Aaron says that he was never going to go to the party because of Eric's ankle.  Aaron then invites Darryl in for dinner. 

When Olivia arrives at the party, Carol tells Rick that this is her cue to leave.  When Rick offers to go with her, Carol says that she is invisible now.  Carol leaves and Erin introduces Rick to her husband and town doctor Pete.  Pete leaves to get them all a drink and Erin and Rick make small talk. Clearly, there is chemistry between Erin and Rick, as they look at the people socializing.  Erin points out that life inside Alexandria is better because though everyone has been through something terrible and a lot of things have disappeared, a lot of B.S. went with it.  Erin adds that everyone is from different places, with different backgrounds and now because of the apocalypse, they have become a community. Rick looks over his shoulder to see Carl talking with boys his age and smiles.  They are interrupted by Sam, who reports that there are no cookies left. Rick offers to get Carol to make him a whole batch just for himself and in return, Sam stamps Rick's hand with an A, marking him as part of the group.  Erin then leaves to chase after Sam, as Rick looks down at his hand.

Sasha arrives at the door and is greeted by Spencer, Deanna's son.  Spencer tries to make small talk, suggesting that Sasha hang out with him, if she doesn't want to spend the evening cornered by Mrs. Neudermeyer, while said woman drones on about the need for a pasta maker but Sasha is quick to excuse herself.

At Aaron's, Eric lets it slip that they are looking for a pasta maker and asks Darryl to pick one up on his travels. Once again, the infamous Mrs. Neudermeyer is brought up and her ridiculous desire for a pasta maker when the community has plenty of dry pasta.  Aaron gives Eric the eye, and quickly become clear that Aaron has a question to ask Darryl.  Aaron and Darryl head out to the garage where Aaron shows Darryl the motorcycle parts that he has been collecting. Aaron suggests that Darryl would know what to do with all of the parts and adds that he is going to need a motorcycle.  Aaron admits that he told Deanna not to give Darryl a job because he wants Darryl to be Alexandria's other recruiter because he doesn't want Eric risking his life anymore.  Aaron adds that Darryl is good out there but that he doesn't belong out there and that right now, Darryl needs to be out there sometimes.  Aaron tells Darryl that the main reason he is asking him is because Darryl knows the difference between a good person and a bad person. Darryl says that he has nothing else to do and thanks Aaron, promising to get him some rabbits.

Michonne stands outside holding a plastic hors d'oeuvres sword.  Abraham snarks about Michonne packing a different kind of steal, adding that the katanna is with her, even when it is off her back.  The two laugh about how much Abraham has had to drink.  Abraham concedes that things have worked out well for him and asks Michonne what she has done. Michonne points out the dress she is wearing but Abraham tells her to try again.

Carol has snuck into the armory and the first things she steals is extra chocolate.  Carol then opens the freezer and starts grabbing guns, when Sam appears and asks Carol what she is doing.  Sam admits that he followed Carol hoping that she was going to make more cookies. Carol offers to make more cookies if Sam promises to keep the secret that she saw him there.  Sam however says that he tells his mother everything.  Carol then gets in Sam's face and says that if he tells, one morning he will wake and find himself outside of the walls tied to a tree.  Carol adds that this will cause Sam to scream because he is so afraid and that this will draw in the zombies who will eat him alive. Damn Carol is the thing of kids nightmares.

Rick is getting his drink on when is approached by Erin who is holding Judith.  Rick says that Judith and Carl are the reason the is still alive.  Rick then confirms that the view isn't that bad.  When Judith gets fussy, Erin hands her back to Rick and in the exchange, Rick places a kiss on Erin's cheek.  Erin smiles and then steps back.

Deanna approaches Sasha and asks her to come and join the party.  Sasha wades in but is clearly getting overwhelmed by the conversation and laughter.  Sasha starts to have flashbacks to the things she has seen.  Sasha is then approached by a woman asking what her favourite meal is because she is making a meal for all of the new arrivals.  When the woman talks about the fact that she is worried about making Sasha something she won't like, Sasha flips and yells about the fact that this is what the woman is worried about and storms out of the party.

The next morning, Sasha stands at the gate and is joined by Deanna, who brings her a gun.  Deanna says that she is trying to figure out what is going on with Sasha.  Sasha tells Deanna that what is happening at Alexandria isn't real but Deanna calls that bullshit and opens the gate to let Sasha out.

Outside the walls, Carol is handing out guns to Rick and Darryl.  Darryl questions if they really needs the guns because if things go bad, they don't need guns to do what they need to do.  Darryl then points out that they wanted him to try and that he is good.  Carol then offers a gun to Rick, who hesitates briefly before taking it and tucking it into his waistband.

Michonne hangs her Katana over the mantlepiece and stares at it.

Rick, Darryl and Carol reenter Alexandria and go their separate ways. Rick passes by Erin and her husband and she holds up her fist showing the stamp.  Rick stops, returns the salute, then watches them walk by.  Rick then hears a sound and rushes over to the wall. On the other side of the wall is a lone zombie.  Rick places his hand on the wall as on the other side, the zombie bangs on the wall.

Rick seems not to have learned a lesson from what happened between him, Lori and Shane.  Already he is looking at Erin like she is some kind of possession and it is not at all sexy.  Nothing good can happen in this situation and he is coming on way too hard.  This situation is not going to end well. It's also interesting that Erin is what is making Rick want to become part of the community and feel normal again.

Am I the only one that is totally in love with Carol?  I love her doting housewife routine and how it masks how deadly she really is.  It made me wonder once more why Rick is the leader of this group, when it should so clearly be Carol.  At this point, Sam is so lucky that Carol didn't tell him to look at the flowers because when she got close to that kid I thought he was done for.  Carol is absolutely ruthless and I love her for it.

I was happy to hear that zombie apocalypse has not brought and end to homophobia the way it supposedly brought and end to racism.  These isms shouldn't just disappear because of a zombie apocalypse. The one thing I didn't like was the equation of the homophobia that Aaron and Eric negotiate with Darryl's outsider status.  Of all people to team up with Aaron however, I didn't suspect that it would Darryl.  It will be interesting to see how this relationship turns out.

I liked seeing Michonne putting away her katana.  It means that she is ready accept what is being offered unlike the rest of her group.  Michonne is also not willing to let Rick and his doubts effect her decisions. 

Then we have Sasha who is clearly suffering from PTSD.  It will be interesting to see if she will be allowed to get the break Rick did when he became a farmer.  After everything that Sasha has seen and been through it makes sense.  The only thing that doesn't make sense is that she is the only one who is showing symptoms of PTSD.