Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Fifteen: They All Asked for You

Rebekah is walking through the quarter talking to Elijah and Klaus on the phone, playing referee to the brothers, who are arguing about the best approach to protect Hope.  A frustrated Rebekah has to remind them both that they are on the same team before hanging up in frustration.  Rebekah notices that she is being watched and starts to push her way through a crowd.  Unfortunately Rebekah quickly finds herself at a dead end and only manages to escape due to the intervention of Marcel, after her magic fails to work.  Rebekah is shocked to learn that though she had concealed her identity from Marcel, he knew who she was.

Freya talks with a now resurrected Finn. Freya wants to talk with Michael despite Finn's protestations that Michael is a monster.  Freya however is insistent and Finn concedes after Freya makes it clear that Esther means nothing to her because Esther gave Freya away to Dahlia.

At the vampire compound, Klaus tries to order Jackson to use the wolves to track Finn.  Jackson however believes that Klaus should compel humans to track his enemies and that the wolves are better off at the compound protecting Hope.  The two men argue, until Hayley intervenes to say that Klaus is right and that the disappearance of Finn's body from the morgue means that Finn is either powerful enough to heal himself, or Freya healed Finn.  Jackson tells Klaus that he is giving the order to the wolves to find Finn because Hayley asked, making it clear that he will not take orders from Klaus.

Later, back at his place, Marcel admits that he had been following Rebekah because he knew that she was up to something.  Rebekah admits that she was looking for a way to boost her magic, having promised Kol that she would bring him back. Elijah rushes in and Rebekah explains that the attackers knew the woman whose body she is currently inhabiting.  Marcel suggests talking to Josephine LaRue, who is the matriarch of the covens outside of the quarter about why the witches want the owner of Rebekah's new body dead.  Elijah immediately agrees to take on this task but is warned by Marcel that not only is Josephine eccentric, she does not like vampires. 

At the burial area, Finn covers Esther's body with a shroud and removes Esther, reminding Freya that Michael is not the man she remembers.  Slicing her hand with a knife, Freya wakes the sleeping Michael. 

Elijah is now chatting with Gia, as she puts her violin in a case.  Elijah believes that if Gia plays for Josephine that it will soften Josephine's heart.  Gia however wants Elijah to compel someone from the symphony but Elijah believes that Gia is a true artist and can show Josephine that vampires have a wide culture.  Gia is not pleased about being forced into a dress and snarks about Elijah needing his life messed up by a woman, forgetting that Hayley has married another man.  Gia apologises and adds that at one time, she thought that she would have a thing with Marcel.

Hayden and Jackson argue about the best way to deal with Finn.  Jackson wants Finn hunted down as a pack but Hayden is worried that they are going to lose good men. Jackson makes it clear that it is his job to worry about the pack.  The moment Jackson leaves, Klaus appears and points out that it was Hayden who ran the pack while Jackson went on a self imposed sabbatical.  Klaus then suggests that Hayden should not use a group as Jackson suggested but a few men working in stealth.

Marcel has contacted a witch to tell them whose body that Rebekah has been inhabiting.  Rebekah admits that the reason she didn't tell Marcel about the change in her identity is because she didn't want to him to see her this way and didn't feel comfortable kissing him while in the body of another.  The conversation is cut short when Reuben Marks enters.  Marcel lies and says that he found Rebekah on the streets with her memory wiped clean. 

At the crypt, Michael stumbles to his feet and Freya explains that she is someone he once loved deeply.  Michael follows his natural instincts and attacks, even as Freya explains that she is the daughter he lost so long ago.  When Michael accuses her of lying, Freya lists facts that only she would know.  Freya explains that she was taken by Dahlia and Michael falls to his knees with tears in his eyes.  The two embrace in tears.

Hayley has just put Hope down for a nap when Jackson walks in with a sandwich, offering to help with Hope.  Hayley however feels that since she has missed so much of Hope's life that she needs to do this.  Hayley brings up the fact that she hasn't seen much of Jackson and he makes it clear that he didn't want to feel like an obligation to Hayley.  Hayley realises that Jackson has been avoiding the issue of sex and suggests that they just put on some Marvin Gaye and get to it.  They don't get to act on Hayley's suggestion because Hope starts to cry.

Reuben offers both Marcel and Rebekah some tea and then reads the leafs. Reuben tells Rebekah that the leafs say that she has a dark side and that a witch named Eva St. Claire was stealing children to channel their power.  Rebekah starts to struggle to breathe, as Reuben reveals to Rebekah that she is Eva.  Both Rebekah and Marcel collapse to the ground, as Marcel struggles to assure Reuben that Rebekah isn't who he thinks she is. Reuben uses magic to snap Marcel's neck and reveals to Rebekah that as a parent of a young child who could be her next victim, that he is no intention of letting her go.

Elijah and Gia arrive at Josephine's house and Gia plays for Josephine.  Josephine calls Elijah calculating for having Gia play a piece that she used to perform.  Josephine however asks Elijah and Gia to leave, adding that since the Mikaelsons have returned to New Orleans, not only have their elders been murdered but promising young witches have been inhabited against their will.  Elijah promises to bring an end to all of this but Josephine is not convinced, adding that beneath Elijah's polite manner and genteel attire, he is a monster wearing the skin of a human.

Reuben tells Rebekah that he has given her jepsen weed and that she will hallucinate and feel great pain.  Rebekah struggles to her feet, announces her identity and then knocks Reuben unconscious, saying that she knows the antidote to the poison he has just fed her.

Eva is not impressed with Josephine's response and declares that Josephine is not the queen of the witches.  Eva reveals that she hates Beethoven and plays a piece by Eddie South, causing Josephine to declare Eva a true jazz girl.  Josephine begins to thaw to Eva and compliments Eva on her candor.  Eva declares that Elijah is a man who can be trusted, causing Josephine to agree to hear what Elijah has to say.

At the crypt, Michael, dripping in blood tosses Hayden the heart of the werewolf he had chosen to take on his search for Finn.  Hayden promises Michael that Klaus will kill him, as Michael begins to close in for the kill.  Michael however does not get to act because Freya shows up and tells him that Hayden is nothing more than a distraction.  Freya uses her magic and Hayden falls to his knees in pain.  When Hayden stands up again, both Michael and Freya are gone.

At Josephine's, Elijah explains that one of the witches who escaped the house is important to his family. Elijah asks for the witch to be left to him and promises that the witch in question will cause no further problems.  Josephine says that if she is going to relinquish Eva St. Clair that the coven will want Vincent Griffith the body which Finn is inhabiting in return.  Elijah is quick to agree to Josephine's demands.

Klaus is at the crypt calling out for Finn.  Finn makes his appearance and snarks about Klaus's hubris. Finn sends a bolt of fire at Klaus but Klaus is easily able to evade it.  Finn then throws part of an iron gate at Klaus and this time, he hits his mark.  Klaus yells at Finn for killing Kol and seeking to kill Hope.  Klaus then frees himself and stabs Kol with an iron rod from the fence.  Klaus then lifts his arm to deliver the death blow but is stopped by Elijah.  Klaus believes that Elijah's intervention is yet another example of his soft hearted sympathies and demands that Elijah step aside.

Rebekah and Marcel both awake and Rebekah explains how she counteracted the poison.  Marcel moves to attack Reuben but is stopped by Rebekah, who says that Reuben was only trying to protect his son.  Rebekah adds that while she was only a parent for a few months, she felt the same instinct.  Marcel says that he smiled when he found out that Rebekah was the one who was protecting Hope, because it meant Rebekah had everything she ever wanted.  Rebekah replies that she was happy and relieved while she was gone because she knew that Klaus and Marcel had made peace.  Rebekah then thanks Marcel for caring about her. 

Elijah explains to Klaus that the witches want Finn's body back unharmed but Klaus suggests that this is just the beginning of the witches demands.  Freya appears with a smile on her face, saying that witch allies can prove valuable.  Freya then uses her necklace to heal Finn, who is shocked by the power she displayed.  Freya then puts Finn to sleep and explains to Klaus that not only is Finn safe from harm, Finn's hatred of Klaus can no longer do damage to their cause.  Freya then reveals that she has a deal to offer her brothers. Freya explains that the brother she knew would never have threatened a child, adding that Esther destroyed Finn.  When Klaus says that they don't know anything about Freya, Freya uses her magic to show Klaus the day she was separated from the family.  Klaus however is still not convinced and so Freya reveals that if she has woken from her slumber, then Dahlia has as well.  Freya adds that once Dahlia's senses Hope's magic that she will come for Hope and that Dahlia has the power to kill anyone who stands in her way.  Freya then reveals that she sent Michael to gather materials to stop Dahlia.  Klaus stalks off because Michael is now involved but Elijah makes it clear that they should listen to what Freya has to stay.  Elijah however makes it clear that while he accepts Freya's identity, he doesn't trust her.

Hope is screaming up a storm, as Hayley begs her to stop crying.  Jackson takes the baby and tells Hayley that they lost a wolf in the pursuit of Finn.  Jackson however says that because Hayden didn't do as he was ordered, they only lost one wolf.  Hope suddenly stops crying, so Jackson lays her down in the crib.  Hayley and Jackson kiss and then rush out of the nursery.  The two end up in bed and begin making love. 

Rebekah looks through the papers Reuben left behind detailing all of the things Eva St. Clair has done.  Marcel suggests that it's a good thing that Rebekah has taken over Eva's body but Rebekah still believes it's wrong that she has appropriated Eva's body without her consent.  Marcel however says that its complicated and it makes sense that Rebekah won't kiss him.  Rebekah however tells Marcel that she doesn't want to kiss him but Marcel isn't convinced. 

Klaus plays with Hope, as Hayley enters the nursery.  Klaus and Hayley head out onto the balcony, where Klaus reveals that Finn is not a problem, though they have other problems because Michael is on the loose. Klaus asks Hayley to use the wolves to find Michael because he represents a threat to Hope; however, having lost one wolf today, Hayley is insistent that she won't risk losing anyone else. Hayley feels that Michael is a threat to Klaus and refuses to let Klaus use the pack to settle an old score. Klaus reiterates his point, adding that if the wolves aren't fighting on his side, then the wolves won't remain alive to fight at all. Klaus moves to leave but is stopped by Hayley, who encourages him to do what he needs to do to keep Hope safe; however, she adds that if Klaus uses Hope to manipulate her again, that it will be the last time that Klaus sees either of them. 

Elijah reports to Gia that Vincent Griffith is free of Finn and once he has been questioned, Vincent will be returned to the witches.  Gia comments that Elijah has not once said that she did a good job and that he appreciates her help.  Elijah grabs a beer, thanking Gia for her help.  Gia realises that Elijah knew before hand that Josephine would like Gia and her candor. Gia undoes Elijah's tie, reminding him that she said he needed a woman to mess things up for him.  Gia then stands and comments that Elijah never said if he liked her in the dress. Gia then asks Elijah to help her with her zipper, offering him her back.  Elijah undoes the dress and starts to kiss Gia's neck.  When Gia faces Elijah, the two start to kiss.

Hope, Jackson and Hayley are lying in bed together.  In the crypt, Freya caresses her pendant. Marcel tucks in a sleeping Rebekah.

Klaus sits at the bar talking to Hayden about how much has changed for the wolves, all the while, running down Jackson.  Klaus suggests that the wolves need a new leader like Hayden, who can guide them into a new future.  Klaus offers to turn Hayden into the leader his pack deserves.  Hayden questions what is in it for Klaus. Klaus reveals that all  he asks is that Hayden and his pack swear to protect Hope because that is all that matters to him.  Klaus however warns Hayden that he doesn't have much time to decide.

Rebekah wakes from her sleep and sees two teenagers making out.  Rebekah tells the kids that it's not safe being out this late.  Rebekah introduces herself as Eva St. Clair, slashing the throat of the boy and carving a symbol on the girls head to steal her magical power.

One of the things I really liked about this episode was Rebekah's insistence that regardless of what Eva may have done, she didn't deserve to have her body taken over.  Too often when we have seen cases of possession in this genre, it is seen as a minor thing.  I am further pleased by the fact that Rebekah refused to engage in anything sexual with Marcel, recognizing that she didn't have the ability to consent while in Eva's body.  I have yet to see an example of this kind recognition of affirmative consent in these situations in speculative fiction.  Bravo Originals.

I really like the chemistry between Elijah and Eva and am curious to see where this relationship is going. Even though Eva takes on the role of sassy person of colour, which is in and of itself a trope, I want to see more prominent people of colour on this show. 

As much as I don't like Hayden being manipulated by Klaus, it's my hope that this will make him a far more prominent character.  Hayden simply exists as Jackson's second at this point and given that he is one of the two GLBT characters on the show, I would love to see his profile raised.  It is worth noting that this approach puts his life at risk and I don't want to see Hayden killed off, as I am just beginning to enjoy his relationship with Josh.

I find Freya to be a very interesting character.  I like that she has not been disempowered the way that Rebekah has historically been.  I hope that as Freya gets brought into the family fold that she does not lose her strength.  I want to see Freya be the equal of her younger brothers and take on the role of matriarch of the family.  I also wonder if Freya's appearance will bring peace between Michael and Klaus?  If Dahlia is as powerful as the writers are making her out to be, a reunion between these two might be necessary.