Sunday, March 8, 2015

Helix, Season 2, Episode 8: Vade in Peace

Aftermath time. And in Classic Helix style we have a horrendous juxtaposition of music and terrible scenes as Anne, Kyle and Peter see the aftermath of Michael’s massacre.

Day 8

Michael tells the remainder of his loyal flock – including Landry – to “purify” anyone left in the abbey. Including the CDC except for Sarah

Alan and Sarah are both arguing about the aftermath of Sarah losing her baby. Alan wants her off the island or at least not working while she not only wants to return to work but is sure that her baby is alive somewhere.

Michael goes to tell the imprisoned Amy that he has slaughtered everyone and how very hard it is, especially the children. Amy pretends to be sympathetic while her face (turned away from him) shows how little pity she has for him and his murders. She tells him he has a new goal, to be by his side as a partner, to be the best wife/daughter he’s ever had, to surpass all of her “sisters” who came before her.

She kisses him and he begins groping her and telling her how much he’s looked forward to having sex with her ever since she grew up which is immensely creepy on every level. Mid groping they’re interrupted by Landry and the minions who grab and outraged Michael; Amy snarks at them for taking their time.

He tries to intimidate Amy with his 500 year life span and immortality but she isn’t shaken. She drops him in the oubliette and snarks at him wonderfully – she’s very very good at it. He throws lots and lots of arrogance at her while she is so epicly unimpressed that I have to applaud. And, no, she’s not going to put any of the horrible things in the pit Michael imagines and dismisses – she’s just going to cement it closed and leave him in the Oubliette to be forgotten. It is an oubliette after all.

In the massacre room, Kyle can’t move from the dead while Peter reflects how much harder it is to deal with so many dead when it’s murder, compared to the diseased he is used to dealing with. He also tells Anne that Michael will pay for this – because he has associates on their way (Ilaria, we assume). Alan and Sarah join them and massacres are ignored while Peter attacks Alan. Kind of deservedly I admit. Kyle breaks it up – and a squad of armed and armoured troops enter the room.

It’s captain Winger from the boat – she’s been sent by the CDC because the pathogen has spread and there are now multiple quarantines. They tell her about Michael, the cult and his massacre. Either way, the captain wants to take Peter to help with the outbreak since he has more experience with it than anyone else on the planet; they also introduce Alan and, thankfully, she hasn’t heard about his terrorism past and is just happy to have another expert CDC doctor on the team. She’s also not asking – everyone is coming with her whether they like it or not. The island is going to be evacuated and quarantined – including the surviving cultists despite everyone’s protests.

Peter runs after Anne who is in shock from both the dead and the fact she is going to be forcibly removed from the island which is the only home most of them have known for generations. Peter helps her handle the many dead. While they do, Anne tells him about the past when Michael had slaughtered everyone and Peter confirms he knows all about the immortality thing and that he’s met a few – that originally there were 500 immortals. At least Anne is no longer a member of the Michael fanclub.

Kyle and Sarah have a moment and Kyle decides, randomly, that now is the time to show Sarah the family tree he found – and that it shows the same man as the father for every child born over the last 400 years. Sarah makes the clear leap that the father is Michael (or Michel Dubois) and that this may be related to the pathogen. Of course Kyle finds this rather dubious so Sarah decides to show off her eyes and tell him the full truth of the Immortals. She also shows off her impressive healing and when he still doubts it, she eats the infected honey.

Y’know, Sarah is just working on the assumption that an immortal cannot catch the disease, she has no idea if that’s true or not.

Revelations are interrupted by the sound of gunfire – some of Captain have killed Mycotic zombie that attacked them. But this Mycotic Sarah had seen before and shot him 5 days ago which is a feat considering the Mycotics usually die within 2 days, not 5 and that’s without bullets in them; the doctors insist they examine the body. Winger agrees to a quick autopsy

Sarah runs into Amy and asks to see Michael but Amy reveals she’s the new boss. Sarah wants to know what happened to her baby but Amy claims complete ignorance but she offers to help Sarah.

Meanwhile Kyle and Alan perform the autopsy while Alan fills Kyle in on immortality and Ilaria. The autopsy reveals that the Mycotic has been gnawing on some tree sap so they assume that is how he managed to live so long. Because why not? Kyle and Alan want to stay and investigate, Peter and Winder think this is a terribad idea and they need to leave the island not go wandering around outside the walls.

Alan storms off in a tantrum because he’s Alan and it’s what he does. Sarah moves to follow so Peter has his own tantrum.

Honestly, this show needs to kill off the Farraguts. Sarah goes to Alan and invokes their baby and her tears to convince him to get back on side.

Far more interestingly, Anne goes to Michael’s office and finds Amy redecorating. Amy is the new boss and, no, she’s not going to share that with Anne, the woman who tried to give her to Michael and was ok with him raping her. It’s rather glorious with an edge of evil as Amy declares she wants to be “more” than Michael. On the wall, in place of all the portraits of Michael’s wives is just one picture – of Michael.

Alan, Kyle, Winder and her team go outside the wall to find the sap – Peter having huffed off because everyone is agreeing with Alan and it’s just sooooo unfair, waaaaah!

Sarah has stayed behind to talk to Anne about her baby and learns that when they drugged her they didn’t kill the baby – they induced labour. Her foetus is now alive in a glass jar. She’s also happy to give the baby to Amy – if she will give her immortality.

Day 10958

Julia explores the ruins of the abbey while making very melodramatic notes. Until she hears the sound of metal ringing on metal. She follows the sound under the abbey, into the tunnels until she finds the oubliette – now sealed with a nicely embossed “Michael” headstone. The ringing comes from inside. She shatters the stone and finds a rather worse-for-wear Michael inside.

She let him go and we learn why she has come to the island. She’d heard that there was an immortal child on the island – one who will have immortal stem cells which may be the key to curing the disease. He agrees to show her where the child is

He leads her to the cliff edge where he claims there is a cave – and pushes Julia over the edge where she clings to as rocky outcrop. Michael straightens and stops pretending to be so weakened. He’d rather his presence not be revealed to the immortals. Then his head falls off

That was unexpected – it was cut off by Caleb with Julia’s sword that he stole. Beheading does kill an immortal

A pet hate of mine is when you can feel the plot being forced along without any real natural reason why it would. Here we have a classic example with Kyle deciding to read the old books, find Michael’s family tree, realise that it’s odd, keep the book and then share it with Sarah. Without knowing about the silver eyed immortals or anything else, surrounded by plague and cult leaders and a forced evacuation to say nothing of working with someone he considers to be a terrorist, yet he this book and its contents manage to claim even a sliver of his attention?

I kind of love Amy now. Yes, she’s ruthless, driven, cunning, ambitious and has maybe an edge of evil to it. But damn she’s so very very very very good at it. And I love the slap down she gave to Anne – Anne may have been abused herself but her own abusive past with Michael in no way requires Amy to forgive what Anne did to her and what Anne encouraged her to do. Michael getting his comeuppance was also most excellent

I’m glad we finally have a reason for Julia’s presence, it was well past time for that revelation.

I am really tired of the Farraguts. Their endless, childish squabbling and emotional temper tantrums are getting on my very last nerve.