Thursday, October 8, 2015

From Dusk Till Dawn, Season 2, Episode 7: Bring me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium

Seth has found another of Malvado’s properties (he does enjoy less than salubrious locales) and decides to pass on a threat through a Calebros waitress, which gets him an introduction with the big man himself after being patted down by a man who apparently has 4 arms. After much back and forth, Seth offers a deal.

All is not going well with Richie and Santanico because of her ruining their little dinner with Seth – he accuses her of making everything harder because she’s so revenge focused she doesn’t stop and think. She has a more direct way to get uncle Eddie’s info though it offends Richie’s honour – she has not very flattering opinions of that honour

While Seth, while not Santanico’s biggest fan, isn’t discounting her vampy instincts and demands to know what secret Sonja is keeping – Sonja tells him about an abusive ex partner (lover and in crime) who she had take the fall for one of her crimes – I rather suspect there’s more to it but since Seth isn’t exactly forth coming about the Calebras or why he is now insisting both they and Eddie drop the idea of stealing from Malvado, he isn’t exactly in a place to throw stones.

Seth absolutely fails to convince Eddie to drop the job (and Eddie is both misogynist and dismissive of Santanico and Sonja hating each other being a problem) and all he manages to do is completely offend the older man because Seth has completely forgotten all his people skills.

Discarding the code, Santanico and Richie go to steal Eddie’s info only to be found out by Eddie and to have Sonja turn up to reveal Seth has already stole them – and she’ll show them if she still gets to be in on the deal (and Santanico has another “I want to kill Malvado more than anything so trust me” speech).

Richie catches up with Seth trying to hire new minions and after a very easy kill and a quick slap down, Richie leaves with the info and Seth hissing slurs against Santanico

Which brings us back to the beginning and Seth making a deal with Malvado. Again, aimed at his hatred for Santanico.

So new gang, Richie, Eddie, Sonja and Santanico – and Seth drops in to try and kill Santanico until Eddie calls time. This is his job and even though he has no idea what’s really going on he doesn’t want the Geckos to ruin his last score. After his rant, Santanico insists that Richie tell Eddie the truth

And then the Regulator crashes the party. In the ensuing fight, Eddie gets to see what Richie was trying to say. The Regulator seems to be a match for both Richie and Santanico and Eddie gets himself killed  in the fight but the Regulator dies (was this from the shot Seth fired?). Eddie dies after the obligatory “you two take care of each other” speech.

There follows a funeral with lots of powerful emotion – and apparently a now united purpose. And step 1 is letting Sonja in on the big secret. Santanico also has a moment where she blames herself for Eddie’s death and leading the Regulator to them – something Richard forgets

But something Seth seems to have embraced in his meeting with Malvado. I still think there’s more to this – because one of the men Seth has working for him appears to be the man Richie bit.  Seth proves he has Santanico by handing over some cloth that smells of her which Malvado is seriously creepy over.

They leave and, yes, the bitten guy was Richie and it’s all a set up. Told you.

Over to Freddie and Kate and the aftermath of Malvado’s attack on Celestino – the one survivor wants them to team up with the Geckos to stop Malvado. They’re also joined by Carlos who tries to do the Calebros trick of pretending to be Freddie’s boss without knowing enough to pull it off. Of course, to do that he needs to have killed said boss so time for a fight scene – Carlos & Scott vs Freddie and Kate (and, yes, Kate does shoot her brother with a crossbow). Kate and Freddie manages to lock themselves in a room while Carlos keeps demanding the bonds (the missing pieces to the ma mentioned in this oh-so-special prophecy).

Carlos also has a good reason why they should let them fulfil the prophecy – a source of blood that doesn’t involve killing people means the Calebros will stop preying on humans and have less risk of exposure (which is bound to resonate with Kate who has all the guilt weasels over her brother). She tries to raise the point with Freddie but he’s not having it.

They leave, Scott chasing (while Carlos notes Celestino’s stash of super special blood). But Kate pulls a gun – she wants the bonds, she wants the prophecy. She takes the bonds and he says she’s making a huge mistake. Her response “No, I’m making up for one.”

She goes back to Scott and, despite him hitting her, offers him a deal. He gets the bonds and his non-killy blood (brushing over whether he likes to kill), Freddie is left alone and she gets to go with Scott and help him. She trusts Scott to keep her safe from Carlos… nice but is there any indication that he CAN?

Carlos is really loving the special blood and drinks the cask dry, leaving Scott the wooden barrel to lick (while Kate looks on trying not to be horrified).

The plot is moving on but I’m starting to get a little annoyed by the whole Gecko focus. Yes, the show has improve in its treatment of women since the first season – but this season opened with Santanico’s story. It was her revenge, her quest, her power, her life, her history that was important. The Geckos were a couple of criminals who stumbled on something above them. The Fuller family was another family out of their depth and Freddie may be the “peacemaker” but he was still a little lost and had a rather mundane history

But Santanico? She has history. It was she who drove the plot with her consuming need for revenge, with her complicated view of Paloma with her being held up by some as a god. Santanico was – should be – the protagonist. And then we had episode after episode of Gecko family drama and then stealing from Malvado seemed to reach the same level as killing him. And now? Now it’s “for Eddie”?

Sorry, no offense Eddie, but screw uncle Eddie. Yes his whole aging and wanting one last score to prove he’s still got it and to retire on et al are not bad storylines per se – but Santanico’s receding plot is increasingly being pushed into the background and we didn’t need another motive with lots of “for Eddie” going on there.