Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lucifer, Season One, Episode Seven: Wingman

Last week, Amenadiel used Linda to try and get into Lucifer's head.  When Lucifer discovered that his wings were stolen to say that he was angry and distraught is an understatement. The wings are a connection to who he is - Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of hell.  After torturing questioning a bunch of suspects with help from Mazikeen, Lucifer decides that what they might need is a different approach.  Yes, this is where Chloe comes into the picture.

Chloe is informed by Dan (yes, he's still alive) that the dirty cop she has been investigating will probably die today because they are removing his life support.  This means that Chloe either has to solve the  Palmetto case, or let it go forever.  Chloe decides to get to work and has little patience for Lucifer when he arrives to request her help.  Chloe suggests that Lucifer have someone look at the case with new eyes and he promptly takes off before she can offer to work with him in exchange for him helping her.

Lucifer calls on none other than Amenadiel to find his missing wings.  Their interactions this episode were absolutely awesome and really cemented the idea that they are in fact brothers.  Amenadiel is concerned about the missing wings because it gives divinity to humanity.  Amendaiel determined that Lucifer return to hell, so that he doesn't have to spend his time guarding the gates to keep all the nasty demons and sinful souls inside.  Despite his anger and frustration, Amendaiel decides that since Lucifer wants free will, he can deal with the consequences and storms off in what I like to call an angel hissy fit.

Lucifer is forced to go back to Chloe and she is even less pleased to see him this time around After a bit of banter they decide on quid pro quo which means that Lucifer will help Chloe with her case and Chloe puts out an APB for angel's wings though she finds the whole thing ridiculous. Since Lucifer took off, he is now forced to team up with Dan (who remarkably is still alive) as well. They start off with Chloe, and it's Lucifer who points out that if the cop was actually on the take, he wouldn't have been murdered. They move onto Lucifer when Chloe is notified by the FBI that Lucifer's wings are for sale at an illegal auction. Even though the FBI are set to raid the auction, Lucifer sets his sights on attending and getting his wings back.

Thus begins the best part of the episode. Lucifer and Amendaiel team up to get the wings back and the chemistry between them is great. They even laugh about an artifact which supposedly once chained Paul being an obvious fake based on the size of St. Paul's hands.  Amendaiel, being an angel, simply wants to storm in and demand the wings but Lucifer, hyper aware of his mortality wants to take a more delicate approach.  When Amendaiel learns of Lucifer's predicament, he realises that if Lucifer dies, he heads straight back to hell. Lucifer and Amendaiel wait for the auction to start and Chloe shows up, forcing Lucifer to introduce Amendaiel as his brother. What struck  me as interesting, is just how quickly Chloe seemed to warm up to Amendaiel. Lucifer's charms may not work on her but apparently, Amendaiel's just might. I say why quibble Chloe, just take them both and make a sandwich. Chloe also makes no comment about the fact that Lucifer is White and Amendaiel is Black.  The FBI bursts in, ends the auction and Lucifer realises that the wings which were for sale at the auction were just really good fakes.

Chloe wants help with her case now but Lucifer is more interested in tracking down his wings. A pissed off Chloe leaves and heads back to the scene with Dan where she finds a secret tunnel and a key that could only have belonged to a cop.  Chloe realises that Palmetto was probably killed by a cop.  At the memorial, Chloe tells the other cops that Palmetto was a good cop and gives her condolences to everyone in attendance. Now that a cop has been implicated, Chloe decides to keep her cards close to her chest and keep investigating.

Lucifer manages to track down his wings.  It seems that they were never placed for auction because Carmen simply couldn't bare to part with them.  Lucifer gets his devil face on and demands to know who told Carmen about the wings in the first place.  When we next see Lucifer he is sitting on the beach having a cigarette.  Amendaiel arrives and Lucifer sets his wings on fire saying that he no longer wants a back up plan and that he has decided to stay on earth.  Lucifer then reveals that he knows that Amendaiel was responsible for the theft of his wings.  Amendaiel promptly looses his shit and punches Lucifer several times. Lucifer taunts Amendaiel about succumbing to the dark side. This scene was absolutely epic.  Lucifer wants his freedom at all costs.  He is tired of being humanity's avatar of evil and the great weight placed upon him by his father.  Being on earth means freedom and Lucifer will never give it up.  This means that Amendaiel will continue to be stuck guarding the gates of hell.

Lucifer heads home and tells Mazikeen that he isn't going anywhere and that he destroyed his wings. Lucifer begins to offer Mazikeen her freedom but she stops him claiming that she will be by his side forever.  Personally, I was surprised that Mazikeen didn't flip out given that in a previous episode, she was willing to collude with Amendaiel in order to get Lucifer back to hell.  It's only when we see Mazikenn hiding away a single feather that her calmness becomes understandable.  Lucifer may not have wanted an out, but Mazikeen has his back.

Chloe comes to visit Lucifer and they have a heart to heart about what happened.  Chloe apologises for not taking Lucifer's lost wings seriously and says that because they were important to him, they should have been important to her.  It's a sweet moment and it's clear that while Chloe isn't sure if she can trust Lucifer, she is beginning to develop some feelings for him.

Palmetto is taken off of life support and is surrounded by his family. Everyone expects him to die but instead, his life signs get stronger and he begins to breathe on his own.  It's an absolute miracle and it seems that it was caused by Amendaiel.  What is that angel up to now?