Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wayward Pines, Season One, Episode Nine: A Reckoning

This episode starts off with Ethan dragging Kate for a reckoning before the bloodthirsty citizens of Wayward Pines. Except for Ethan, the only ones who know the truth are the scary first generation and the people living in the mountain.  These reckonings have been used to control the people of Wayward Pines, reminding them that if they step out of line, this is the penalty. More than their anger at Kate for breaking the rules, what we are seeing is actually their fear at their own predicament. Ethan is not a murderer, so I knew that no matter what it looked like, he wasn't going to kill Kate and in fact, their former relationship made Kate's reckoning even more unlikely.

From Kate's reckoning, Wayward Pines looks back at those who managed to get outside of the fence in episode eight.  They had a few moments to celebrate being on the other side of the wall before becoming a snack for the aberrations.  What I find interesting is that it seems that aberrations still remain human enough to have curiosity. The aberrations noticed the lights on the truck and starts crawling under it making it's way into Wayward Pines. Ethan pulls up and runs over the curious aberration and then shoots the tires of the truck, causing it to crash down on ta second aberration. Though the situation is dire and these aberrations are capable of moving swiftly, Ethan remains calm and in control, showing us exactly who is, a former secret service agent.

Back at the jail, Franklin is losing his ever loving mind, demanding to know where Ethan is and why he hasn't been fed. Franklin is certain that they are all dead and this makes sense given that Pope, the former sheriff, simply killed anyone who stepped out of line.  It's Kate who gets Franklin to hush up claiming that Ethan isn't going to kill anyone.

Back at the mountain, Ethan talks to Pilcher, who demands that Kate be reckoned. Pilcher feels that the only way forward is to cut off the head of the snake.  At no point does David take even a little bit of responsibility for what is going on.  He is so caught up in the idea that he is the saviour of humanity that he doesn't believe that he has to answer to anyone.  Ethan however thinks that there's another way to deal with this without having more violence.  Given that he woke Ethan purposely to deal with what he felt were escalating problems, you'd think that he'd be a little more willing to try something different.

Ethan heads to the jail to have a little chat with Howard, who of course believes that since Ethan is working for Pilcher, that he cannot be trust and is working an agenda.  Ethan makes it clear that he has no intention of killing Howard and shows him pictures of what is left of  the two men who managed to get over the wall  Howard actually says that this is Ethan's fault, until Ethan points out that these men were eaten and that if he was going to kill someone, he would simply shoot them. Howard then gives up the names of the fourteen people who were in on the mission to escape Wayward Pines.

Back at the hospital, Pam is looking at some photos and you can actually see her countenance change but I still don't like her.  At any rate, Pam goes chasing after Theresa, who is leaving after her visit with her son and slips Theresa her access pass, suggesting that she take a different way home.  I suppose this means that Pam is suddenly no longer team Pilcher.

With Theresa gone, Hope uses the opportunity to enter Ben's room.  It makes me think that Pilcher got it wrong and that the real snake in Wayward Pines is actually Hope. At any rate, Hope has brought the kids from the school who stand outside slamming their fists into their palms.  Hope tells Ben that the kids want to hear from him and that what he thinks matters because Wayward Pines is all about the first generation. Hope makes it clear that Ethan cannot handle the situation.  Ben goes out to talk to the kids. Ben updates the kids on the situation, thanks them for coming and says that his father isn't going to reckon anyone. Three of the kids march off in anger.  Fortunately, Ethan has been watching the whole thing on the CCTV.

Theresa heads to the house she has been so curious about. Theresa breaks a camera and uses Pam's pass to enter the house.  Once inside, she finds a secret tunnel.

The three angry teens make their way into the police station where only Arlene stands between them and the prisoners.  I gotta say, I never thought Arlene had it in her to be so damn tough. I guess she was hiding her courage underneath that horrible hair.  Arlene tries to call for help but the phone is ripped out of her hands and then when Arlene tries to run, she is grabbed, thrown over a desk and then handcuffed to a filing cabinet by the first generation.  Even that name  - the first generation - is spooky as all get out. Seeing which way the wind is blowing, Kate tries to talk the kids down but its all to no avail and the kids end up shooting everyone except for Kate who screams in horror when Howard is killed in front of her.  Before his death, Howard whispers, "I love you," to Kate.  I think this is a great moment particularly because Howard and Kate acted more like partners in crime than two people who care about each other but his death put that to rest. Yes, they were thrown together but clearly over the years they had come to love each other.  Before the three kids can shoot Kate, Ethan storms in and shoots the ringleader of the first generation.

Ethan cleans up the mess and Arlene, the bravest secretary in the world, sits at her desk holding her cards, hands shaking.  Ethan then tries to talk to Kate and she suggests that Ethan should reckon her otherwise there will be more violence. This would be the perfect moment for Ethan to just tell Kate the damn truth since that's all she has been looking for from the beginning.  Kate actually says that she is going to die anyway and so she would prefer Ethan to do this.  It's not said, but it feels like this is grief talking.  Theresa bursts into the station and tells Ethan and Kate that there's something they have to see.

Theresa takes Ethan and Kate to the tunnels where they see a video of Adam Hassler outside of the walls. In the background of the video, the remains of the Golden Gate bridge can be seen.  Hassler says the year and that nothing is left. Theresa explains that there are many more videos showing major cities across the U.S. and that there's nothing left.  Kate is somehow relieved by this information. Ummm yeah, you know what's outside of Wayward Pines but the news that there's nothing left has no effect on you? Yeah, that makes no sense.

Ethan decides that what they need to do is a reckoning. We see him sitting down with Pilcher explaining that though he doesn't want to, he will reckon Kate for the good of the town. Ethan however vows that this is the last time he is going to do this.  After the people are all assembled and calling for Kate's blood, Ethan starts to tell them the truth about what is going on.  The people start to call him a liar and so Kate steps up to say that it's the truth.  Hope gets angry, as she obviously sees this as betrayal and starts screaming about how Pilcher is a hero and they should be worshiping him because none of them would be there right now were it not for David.  Theresa slaps Hope to silence her. I gotta say, I was cheering at this one and Theresa was long over due for a moment like.  Slowly, one by one, the people of Wayward Pines start to admit that they know what is outside the walls as well.  Watching this on CCTV, Pilcher calmly starts turning off the power.  Outside the walls. an aberration notices that the lights have gone out and starts to make its way over the fence.